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When you do certain actions do you want to police, your family, your society, yourself, or you want to please Allah

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to actions are only accepted when people intend to please Allah subhanaw taala is it clear to you praying for a cause or a father near the focus

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is still not be accepted, unless you make very clear to your mind that you want to please Allah subhanaw taala

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the focal intention is one step. But this one is beyond that. After that they need to make this intention aware from the heart that I'm praying only for Allah to please Allah, I couldn't be possible. I praise her for Raka propagation Africa with my mind, but my intention is to people think I'm very pious person,

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then I don't follow the Saudis. I will get no directly Augustine

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is clear. You know, the thing is, or die by that.

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It is not only that, you know, you need to have good intention. Actually, if you don't have good intention, but sin.

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In the prayer prayer must be done for the sake of Allah.

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And if people pray, but not to present in another day are not going to get anything after they're going to get sin

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or die by that. Either you get reward or you get sin, you get reward. When you pray when you do to praise Allah. If you don't do to praise Allah, then you get sin. Other actions. If you do to please Allah, you get reward. If you don't make an intention, not to please anybody don't need don't sell it. We're gonna sin. Like for Napa, I'm meeting with the right hand. If our intention is to please Allah, I get remote. If the no intention, maybe I don't get any sin. If it is only patient I get some sin. But I buy that if you don't have an intention, you got sin, calibers that must be done for the sake of Allah. People must do to please Allah subhanaw taala is it clear to this Hi this

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basically Hadees of Ella's near miss FL as a philosophy on the law subhanho wa Taala people must make an intention. They want to please Allah Allah, nobody else