Akram Nadwi – Barrier between People and Truth

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the barrier between people and culture, stating that everyone needs to come out from everything in their culture to make reasoning. They stress the importance of understanding the difference between culture and nature, as culture is the main thing people are focused on.
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What is tough says the major barrier between people and between the guidance is the culture that has been developed by the people. That culture is the major barrier between the people and between the truth.

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People need to come out from not necessarily everything in the culture run not as easily. But what hype is a culture it stops you from thinking, the first thing that culture does, it stops you from thinking, to make reasoning to you, for every single thing that you have gotten, you know, when a Khurana says that these people, whenever you ask them to follow the messenger, they say no, we follow what we have got our ancestors that the Quran said, even if they don't understand, I think what it means, it simply means that everything that you got from your father and your culture, you need to examine it, whether it makes sense or not that like Quranic argument carvaka Quran says,

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even if that makes sense, meaning, you have to make effort really, whether it makes sense or not everything that you learn from your father, and from your mother, from your culture, from your tradition, you need to question it

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is not always wrong, but when you question it, you get the fresh understanding of thinking, then you know what to do just like a hybrid, you do unknowingly, and some of them will will run to you leave them some of them will you know really, it was part of you know, time now, time has changed. Now, we have to change our way like in many meetings, you keep changing the way anyway. So this is important to try to understand the difference between the culture of the people and nature that now the culture has taken the place of the nature

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