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Salam aleikum, everyone and welcome back to our q&a with Chaka Khan they're doing this q&a Is every Thursday 6pm BC inshallah hope you're all doing well and have had a good week and Sharla we're excited to hear your varying subjects of questions that you have for us in Sharla.

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Chef, thank you for always giving us your time and Sharla. Let's, let's get started. So, Chef, we have our first question, which is interesting. I've never I've never heard this question before. But

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this question is, is it considered backbiting and three complaints? Allah mentioning names of those who have hurt us?

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My Rahim, Allah knows everything, you know, no doubt, you know, nothing is hidden from him. So if you complain to Allah alone, and nobody hears, then not by biting because telling the same to Allah is not backbiting, to select to tell him for the people with backbiting.

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If you complain to Allah subhanaw taala and nobody else hears, that's fine. That's absolutely fine. There's no harm in there, not a backbiting

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to our

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next question. I. So, Chef, we have a question. I have a feeling we've maybe we might have addressed this question before, but I'll ask it and maybe you can let me know if this has been answered before. Mohammed Shakira is asking can you please explain what is meant by the Hadith no fitna has been created for men of my own, then the fit and out of women. How should we put this hadith into practice? And what is the lesson in this hadith?

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You know,

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in order because it means something which attracts you notice so beautiful, so good, that attracts, you know, somehow it has a great place in your heart. So in Arabic language, Gemma rule 1414 is the Minister of beauty, which attractive attracts everybody. So similarly, Marley for the money, property, they attract people, you know, the people's heart inside there, they love the money. Those among the thing that people love, men love a lot, is also the women, they love. Women, they love.

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You know, the money, they love the house, they love this world, they love so many things. They love their children.

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Even the professor Latham has said they allege him in the New York Manisa you know even from your world in things that women have been made beloved to me.

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But this level should not exceed the limit at the level of the women not a problem problem with very people because of the love that women women.

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You know, they become extreme. You know, sometimes they it's too much extreme in the lab. So that disobey Allah subhanaw taala because they love them so much. And sometimes they start hating them. And they don't you know, they don't do this rightly. So then again that fitna to fitna concept, when you left someone to either in the lover exceeded the limit or some time actually becomes less than what you need to do. That by the Quran, Allah will two schools.

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One is to to Tala and one is to to Nyssa. Sutala is after the explaining to the people that women and children all they can be fit and they can attract you. So to telecom data when you love your wife, and you married them or you have family. So if something goes wrong, you know, a lie, the best solution, you can have separation, but don't hit them don't exceed the limit. So when people love they also hit your understand hatred comes after the love. So people who love the women, they marry them, they have family and then after that something goes wrong, they start hitting them to Allah said You know, when you defer from them something goes wrong, then don't hit them, then it leaves

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them proper leave within a fear of Allah subhanaw taala they're sort of the Hareem cancer. When people love their wives too much energy increases and then the disobey Allah subhanaw taala you know, the example is given in sort of the remit of the prophets, Allah Allah Salam that his voice in a set to him that we smell, ma fear is something very special from your mouth. I'm sure he did not eat anything wrong anyway, he will lead here to honey, but they said so the prophets are not gonna go to eat honey. So just in love of his wives, he made honey in Ohara upon himself a forbidden to Allah did not like it did not like that. You know you just you want to please you

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wife and you make something haram. So fitna is not a bad thing fitna basically simply means there's something you love too much. You know too when love too much comes either people after being disappointed, they hit too much. Our the love becomes so extreme that the people neglect other duties to that why, you know, the women, the wealth, the property, the children, all of them are called fitna for the people. Because their love, their attraction to these things are so much so extreme. So it can, like you consider many people really, because they love the women, they leave the prayer, the Mr. Prayer, they neglect that duty, sometimes they respect their mothers. So many

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things happened because too much love. And sometimes people you know, start hating their wives, then again, they have so many problems. So that what Fitna means if it means that men become under trial, because of the love of the women. Is it clear?

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Yes, that's correct. Is that?

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Okay, for our next question. I'm thinking, brother I'm on I can see your questions. However, some of them do seem quite heavy and maybe kind of not for the nature of this q&a, which we can't spend too much time answering questions, but I will take one of them in Sharla.

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So chef, one of his questions is in this day of nation states, how can we unite behind one email more America?

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In this day of nation states, how can we all unite behind one email or a mirror

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you know, this is a very unnecessary thing. Anyway, if we can unite in one house, or one city, and that is big, big thing. You know, don't worry about the whole world just unite in one one country. Most of us have no unity anywhere in one another aside some more than others. So many problem one a mosque so many fighting. So Allah Samantha never asked you to do something which you don't have the capacity to do. Muslims have no capacity to run the whole world really they can't have one Imam anyway. But at least where you can manage like your masjid, your mattress or your house there you should have one leader but you can see every mattress I had problem fighting then the fight then

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they start a new madrasa a new school the most has fighting then you know, then they start a new mosque. Keep going on that no ut in the same city you have either two days or around starting Ramadan at different depths. In every single matter. People give different, they never have unity. So you know to have a one imam for the whole Muslim nation is just a dream. I don't think it's going to happen. Before I start Islam comes. But before that, at least we should have no tea. You know, where we can have in our house in our area in our mosque in our madrasa is cool. But we don't have

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the chef regardless of how realistic it is, in today's time isn't is this not something that we should all be working towards and aspiring towards? Yeah, no, people should not worry about the whole world, people should start from the well the preference is always to start from small. If you start from a small you grow, but if you start from the top, you never go grow anywhere you just go down. So the way the start date, in your area, look in your locality in your mosque, just say okay, let's have unity in our mosque, then few mosques together, then you grow. But if you start from the whole world, it's never going to happen.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's have a look for our next question. You give me one moment.

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Okay. Interesting. We've got a question from Abdullah, I had some people raise a question that's eloquence is an art meaning that is relative. So whether or not or an is the most eloquent form of speech is relative? And there's no way of I think his question continued objectively comparing it with something else to arrive at that conclusion.

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No, certainly, you know, a currency speech being effective and very, you know, influencing these things you cannot measure with the external measurements, you know, you're lacking meter reading, anybody can read the same meter, how how far you know, London is from Oxford, anybody can have same conclusion, you know, but these are not real knowledge, not interest is not a real knowledge in the world is always subjective, where the human mind makes a decision. So whether curata eloquent or not, yeah, certainly not everybody will come to the simple reason is because everybody thinks differently, but when people think seriously understood, take time. Yeah, most people will agree on

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that even Muslims and non Muslims. When the Quran revealed, you know, it's easy to accept no, I would not agree with the Quran.

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You can sell it

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Yeah, but if you read the Quran and you can see how the Quran moves you, you know, you understand this. But certainly there's no way we can convince you, because it's not objective knowledge, it is subjective knowledge. Or then testing not in the world is subjective, where you depend on the human judgment, on human judgment needs a lot of things, not a one or two things. When all those things are proper then judgment can be right. Even to judge that, you know, your father right or wrong. All the brothers sister they disagree about you or their father. They disagree. You know, your you disagree your teacher, how is good in teaching or not. people disagree about every single matter,

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not because of what they're discussing, not right. Because the way they discuss it, they don't ever they don't pay attention for attention and thinking. So this can happen. So Quran is eloquent, but it needs people who are really in a frequency and adoption literature. And think clearly what they say not everybody, you know who the people who are the field, or have read what they said or written, no single actually said that the Quran rang in the challenge. None of them said all of them either believe or not believe. They accepted that the really amazing scripture, even now, Christian Earth, they have been writing that we don't believe in the book of Allah. But certainly we believe

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it is an amazing book. It is very, very powerful book, they don't deny the power of the Quran, they don't deny the concept of Quran. So, you know, it seems to me that they needed deep understanding and thinking, you know, it's not easy, you know, anybody can deny any beauty. But when you go deeply, you couldn't quite understand a simple matter is that a concept of Quran not something to be measured externally, it is something internal to your mind to decide. And this judgment of the mind depends on many, many things to be around.

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Definitely shift yourself. And Jeff just sorry, just out of curiosity, questions like this, about, you know, being measuring the eloquence of the Koran, or how scientifically

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reasonable it is, and its objectivity and everything, we're, we're now living in an age where this is we're in an age of science and

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being able to measure and test things and rationality and objectivity. And like during the time of the province, a lot of sort of like they were selling when the client was being rewarded with these one kind of questions that were being asked where they

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were, they don't think I tell you, you know, how you judge about the Quran with the book of Allah or not. There could be many made if so many different ways really. In our time, the best thing that Quran or with have been challenging, really easy. Look into the teachings of the Quran.

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Do they make sense or not?

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We know things that Quran makes haram What do you think aren't the harmful to your your nature now the Quran whatever Quran commerce, the Quran is so strict about riba usually look really what riba had done to the society. Quran is so much against the killing, a dishonor the people backbiting and you know, drinking and gambling and all those things. Look at what Harbhajan take teaches the Quran and think with if we follow the teachings of the Quran, it will improve our condition it improve the world. You know, and if we don't follow what will happen. Look at that that was a Quran Alinsky saying that you know there is a consistent to book.

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So I will say really write down in your diary somewhere, all the good things that you think in the life and all the bad things and then look in the Quran, you will find really, and all the good things already Quran makes good and all the bad things. But if you look from your nature, Quranic teachings are not the teachings of tribal people, or people of a time it is not teaching in any society. These things are important and relevant, and they reform any society to I would say to the people really if you want to understand the Quran, or how if activities, look the people who have been produced by the Quran, is there any book in the world who can which can make people like Uncle

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Sadiq, Aisha Khadija Omar. Never happen. People read the Quran difficult, so pious, God fearing the way the Quran has done, even when they're alone, they still fear Allah subhanaw taala. So that word, the real thing was the Quran, everything else really, it's eloquence in all those things, that only few people can understand. Not everybody, but this thing everybody can know that teach the Quran how good they are, anybody who has to nature and reason did you think they can understand that I will say to people that you know you are not allowed to live with this judging whether Quran is a quote or not, but if a human being a look at the teachings of the Quran, you know that will convince you

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The Disability never can be for anyone other than it was all Tada

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to we have a question from Naheed my local Imam, preacher, sectarianism and bigotry, is it sinful for me to pray at home as I feel depressed not being able to do anything about it?

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Yeah, no, this is one of the printers somebody will ask a question that how we can be likely behind the one that you want in the whole world you know, this actually were happening with the mosque as they were the teachers sectarianism still remain a Walmart when I taught tell them this no, we don't want to night with random people in VIP to be group, even if you decide this, this new thing with truth is better than unity with all these different sects. So people are happy with the sectarianism and Imams keep teaching this thing and the love that really and they want to have their groups win all the way but we don't want at this disunity to continue one dense sector will Tyler rise you

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know, mixed with the people who go to the mosque either the says something's wrong and hurting you do sobre you know, at least it did one step from you towards unity at least you people can see even if you don't like all the speech it is you make effort to be with the believers with the Muslims. So don't argue with them. Don't fight with them

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come their prey and make a fight that unite with the people in those causes. which you think are good, they're good, it the prayer is good, fasting is good, you can fast with them you can all these things, but when they do things which are harmful, then leave them

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okay, and Shama let's move on to the other question from tuba.

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Listener while they come I heard that in the Hanafi madhhab. There is no extra reward for for women praying together in congregation for example, in a woman only gathering versus woman praying alone, Is this accurate?

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Nothing new that had been misunderstood by the people. In a prayer all the ways in is far the prayer for the pre orders in JAMA in JAMA people get reward 25 times 27 times more than they're alone. The reason why is allowed did not make a we miss it congregation because if the women hear the prayer, their men cannot pray behind them. So it will additionally pajama so that of it then pray that in the masjid everywhere. The Imam should be men to men and women are both going to pray behind them. But for some reason

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you know, there's no man or messenger Ma has been missed by the women and they're having a circuit of summer and now the prey behind the woman because there's no male delegates. Ref same reward is the Jamar because they made effort. So but if they leave a masjid and do on their own terms, that will be wrong, but the disunity but if the women make effort to attend Gemma in the masjid but sometimes they missed it and they do their own test for like many many Miss until they make their own Dima to second Gemma by the women is a fine if they had made effort. But any other Gemma you know while this paucity of one one GMR together of all the men and women does not like that that

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dislike that's actually my crew. That should never happen. So if women for you know, do prayer Gemma in the masjid, they get 25 Times reporter more or 27 if they miss for some reason, and they make their own Gemma is still the guy 25 times more to the seven. But if they don't have Mr. Ma but out of laziness out of convenience, they do Jamar separately the women then did not get reward, it will be sinful. It's not only for them you will find the men. If the men out of laziness don't return Gemma and they must do and they make their own demo, it will not be good to progress in further

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Okay, does that kind of friendship that that makes a lot of sense. And sorry, just one more question that came to my mind.

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Not not in this specific topic but if you follow the Hanafi madhhab and you pray in the second the later sort of time, but you're in the masjid and the masjid is following the early ask for time.

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Should you still be you I'm assuming men and woman should still be praying and congregation and just praying earlier right?

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Yeah, finally, the Imam of the masjid not your own thinking too. If the mom follows in earlier times, follow Him and pray when lacking venue Haram Sharif and the prayer earlier to just follow them. You have to follow the timing of the Imam not your own time. When you do on your own that's fine but when you deal with the Imam always follow the timing of the month.

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Okay, that makes sense. Did Allah okay we have a question from what I had here. How can we balance time studying the religion which includes preaching and teaching but also why

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To obtain an income, I think this is probably something that many people experience at some point in their life shift. They want to pursue Islamic studies they want to,

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again, maybe it's $1 work and other things, but they also realistically they do need to be working

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a lot we don't have this idea balance, you know, we have a Islam idea per priority, you know, what is your priority to put things like lucky if we have further wajib soon enough to similarly if men are married to their father is that to earn enough money to sustain themselves and their family wives, the data first priority they should have, so that they should go after that if they have some time, either to make more money or to study to either say no daughter Make effort to make more money, your family's fine, not to spend time on studying and preaching and teaching, whatever you can do. So but first priority should be your family, for the women because women are not responsible

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to look after the family. So their property could probably do to could be an ally bada I know learning and teaching and all those things. I did not harm the family to always understand your priority properly. Think really, that what Allah wants me for this moment, because it's not good that you leave your family abundant, either depend on someone else, when you agree are the man or the family. If you're married, now you have to look after the family. You can't just leave them and go study somewhere. That's not right. First thing is look after them properly, provide them all the news. And then after that, if you have time, then you can spend that time in learning or teaching,

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but your family must have parity.

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Okay, in Shaba, let's move on to I think we have a question

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from SN here.

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How does one get rid of the feeling that Allah has cut off Hidayat? hedaya and baraka from one's life, especially if one knows that they deserve the punishment, but at the same time, they don't want to suffer?

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I'm trying to see how can sorry, his question continues later, it just gets lost? How do we find a solution to get rid of the situation?

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Really, either daughter or daughter?

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Constantly about the feeling feelings or nothing? You know, always based in everything on the knowledge? No, do you know really that Allah has cut out the header and Baraka? No, you don't know you're just making up a story. You know that these feelings have no importance, no value, they are from Schatten you know, a lot of water never cut off hedaya Or from anybody really. He is so keen to guide people until the day before the debt if they repent is still he going to forgive them. If somebody kills 100 People still they can't be forgiven. If somebody carfare America does, all the evils in the world is still able to forgive he's Rahmani Raheem. So it's a shutdown, who making all

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these things that you know you don't have any hope to sit, never a best any of your action and belief and thinking and feeling. Feelings are very often run and feelings are the one which are influenced by shaitan shaytan is very good in creating all these feelings. Feelings are not knowledge. Allah never said you know, feed and don't worship me. No, no and worship me. Whether you feel or don't feel doesn't matter anything really. Your favorites have no importance at all. As long as you do right things. You know, your time come for the prayer. Go and pray. Whether you feel or don't feel you like don't like it doesn't matter at all. You know, don't know reward or sin in this

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sin Ellerbee if you don't go for the prayer, so similarly, you know if any good deeds come charity, sadaqa teaching learning, being nice to the people kindness, repenting, do these things. Whether you feel or don't feel whether you have any liking or not like it doesn't matter at all, really what matters is doing the right thing. So always understand that if properly, that, get the right analogy, and then follow it. Don't worry about any feeling about any emotion, without any desire. A liking and disliking doesn't matter at all. Really, you are not important this matter what important law when a luck, obey the commands of Allah simple to the Fornasetti Allah, what your attitude. When

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you see Allah says something, do it. It doesn't matter whether you like or don't like how you feel. These things are of no importance at all. Just make your regular wanting obedience of Allah subhanaw taala don't listen to shatter feelings are coming from Schatten in the shaitaan gift testing people in these matters. He whispers he makes he makes you lazy. He puts a bad feeling but shaitan cannot influence you if you get knowledge to get the right knowledge and make effort to obey or force yourself. Short answer don't do but do it. And Allah subhanaw taala loves you Allah never disliked anybody. No level. Allah never hurts anybody.

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So, last people with the repent

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Okay, so panda live, I've just seen that we've had quite a lot of questions being coming through. And we've just been taking the ones from maybe 20 minutes ago. So we unfortunately, we can't get to all of them. But they we did have a recent question. I think

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she I don't think we've ever discussed this before, but it is something that's been happening the past few weeks, and it's been in the media a lot. I don't know if you're familiar, but this

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questioner is asking, how should we react to the recent controversial film lady in heaven? Chef, I don't know if you're familiar, but this this film was recently released, I think maybe an odd three to three weeks ago. And it depicts the Prophet sallallahu Sallam different companions of Prophet sallallahu Sallam 14 Fatima radula and

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it makes them they depicted the story completely wrong and rightly so they've been there's been a lot of outrage and these forms have been in cinemas probably in everyone's are all around the UK. I don't know if it's around the world.

00:26:08--> 00:26:46

And there has been an outro and there have been protests happening and share what what should what should our reaction to this be? Nothing. If Muslim is a start on minding every single thing in the world really? Then the have not nothing to do in the life really, somebody will do this thing somebody will have make a YouTube video. You can't control all the evils in the world. Actually, the thing is, every film has things which actually are against Islam. You know all the films if you think we're living Fatima concert in certain you know, there are films which and maybe I don't know this film, I don't know. But there will be filming inserting Jesus Christ. There'll be filming

00:26:46--> 00:27:25

something you know, lots of mourtada. There'll be a film which will be involved many haram drinking wine and women thing and this thing a dirty nearly every film has all the Haram and something disliked and also many people make YouTube videos. If we start just reacting to every single thing Don't worry, I don't think you have time. Why don't you make one thing in mind? Don't watch this. Why Muslims actually don't care to make up their mind don't watch just just do this right? In worship Allah learn good things to be good and teach good things with the people you know why you want to stop you know, Pantone everything in the world you can't control anyway impossible events

00:27:25--> 00:27:53

always will remain it will happen the time the prophets Allah Islam the companions in all the time the events will remain in that society magic will go on sugar good will go on idle ship either was going to go on the whole indeed full of either worshipping towards when I went to protest march asked them to bind this in all these things going on in eliciting to Allah subhanaw taala people say sentences which are in sexual assault Allah we can't just protest the way obey Allah so Hautala have a right to believe

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and detritus that these people are things that just

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instead of watching the films, and correcting all the words, which you cannot do anyway, the best thing is correct yourself.

00:28:20--> 00:29:02

daughter was different that I have no idea what's going on. I never thought I never read anywhere. Nobody said to me, so I don't understand why everything makes you so upset. Just make yourself narrow don't go fight like honey. Honey Bee goes in order to good fruits and take it it doesn't complain about all the ducks in the world. The world is full of dirt. But you know honey bee next honey day Thursday, do you also go around take good things and don't complain about the evils in the world either avoid you Muslims or Korea since I have grown up or with I filed Musa already protest this filmer that thing and this thing somebody who started the Prophet, somebody who started the

00:29:02--> 00:29:07

salam all the life I want so many could have been killed, and so many people inserted

00:29:08--> 00:29:20

unnecessarily I think the best thing is just you know, be away from distance. And to write this article one thing really many people do this tend to annoy you and to hurt you. And if you don't react to it, nothing will happen.

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Okay, I think we'll leave it there in sha Allah does Oklahoma insure for your time again, and everyone else for all of your questions in sha Allah? I know we weren't able to take all of the questions. Unfortunately.

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I think Subhan Allah sometimes I sometimes we have a larger audience and other times and yeah, this this week, we just seem to have quite our questions come through but do keep them in mind, inshallah. Maybe we can. We can come back to the next week. I just want to remind you all that and I have reminded you maybe two or three times but this is your law.

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chance to join Shahrukh Khan short course that is starting this Sunday. For those who don't know shall come I will try and put scroll at the bottom Sharla.

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For those who don't know, Chef Hakeem is holding a short course on s forbidden azole which is a Quranic concepts, concepts. This Sunday 26th of June is a one day short course there'll be from 10am to 5pm. In sha Allah, this short course is 35 pounds, you will get access to recording for a limited amount of days if you can't attend live. But we've had a good turnout, we do have a limited amount of seats and Sharla. But it would be really good to have our

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regular q&a viewers to join us in sha Allah maybe outside of this Thursday, live stream and to join us on Sunday. And maybe you can familiarize yourself more with SLM Institute and the kind of work that we do. But yeah, it'd be good to have you all as our as our students in sha Allah for this Sunday. So anyone who is interested, please do do head on to our [email protected] and maybe we will see you there inshallah. And again, anyone who's interested in the programs that we run, we do run Islamic Islamic scholarship programs.

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And our applications are closing soon, very, very soon in about a month's time. So if you do want to enroll on to our next the next academic year SLM Institute's, and to study under the likes of Chef, Ned, we and his students,

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you are more than welcome to go onto our social media and our website and find out more. Ask us questions, inquire about us. Do let us know what what you want to find out and what you're interested in and what you're maybe not sure about. And inshallah we will see you next week. Same day, same time, a cinematic or everyone