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I said I want to come walking with a lawyer Verka to everyone. Welcome back to our q&a. This q&a is again hosted by SLM Institute for the benefit of anyone who has any questions has. It's just curious about any specific topics and they want to ask you How come about in sha Allah? It's only 30 minutes, but we'll try our best to as always go through the questions one at a time and answer what we can sha Allah.

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Hopefully in your life, if it's not, maybe a subject or topic, that topic there needs more time.

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Okay, Inshallah, without any further ado, let's go. I did have a look. Last week, we did have some questions that were asked right at the end of the session, but I think are quite important and some that haven't had been addressed before. So let's go to the questions that we have. And then maybe Inshallah, we'll go back to some questions from last week.

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Okay, in sha Allah, I can't remember if we've had this question last week before I know we discussed the zero but Rheas is asking Islam on a culture how authentic is the zero of our soul? And what purpose does zero serve? And which books and zero do you recommend we read?

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Okay, we

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could have taught a few courses and see that I discuss these matters in detail, but maybe people don't remember I'll just summarize that.

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So, you know, just understand this thing. The guide is basically the Quran to the Quran is the book that Allah has revealed to the people to guide them. And the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is an application of the Quran. So people have to learn from the prophets, Allah, Allah Salam, how to apply the Quran to their lives.

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But the truth of the matter really is alive of the people. Oliver differ from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we cannot go back to his time. We can't go to him, you know, he's a different person. His parents are different. He's, you know, where he lived in a space and time both were different. Actually, even Abu Cassidy could not copy him. You know, and Omar Fatah could not copy him because everybody's different. So what to whatever is specific to somebody his time and space and he doesn't doubt that he called Sierra to study of Syrah is important to know the context in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did his sunnah. I did apply the Quran to via Quran the guidance, the Sunnah, the

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application, and the Syrah the context in which Sunova applied. So see read the country if you don't understand the context, you will fail to apply the Sunnah. You will follow blindly.

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Like for example, the prophet Aisha the law said the prophets Allah Allah Salam never urinated while standing in if somebody said he said she said he's either like the Prophet, Naver. You relate to Palestine and the story, the professor Larson used to urinate while sitting on some RFCs to call it the sea he units like the women, because men in those days they used to unit while standing but the prophets Allah doesn't always sitting because that is better in purity and everything. But there are these are some companies for the FM Jamar that loves Rondo, the professor Larson came to a place where people used to throw the rubbish

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and there he urinated while standing. Why did he do this because they had no space to sit all dirty. So if you you can see really that once you know they spaced properly, you can adjust yourself so that how we learn many people that say the Prophet did did we must follow him, but they don't understand that you have not only to see what the Prophet did, you have to also learn what was his context? What was his time what was best why he did this? In for example,

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when the prophets Allah Allah Salam, Medina, Medina Hegira or Marfa 1000 la Tron who asked the personnel listen love, shouldn't we go on fire or ash? Take mcob back so the profit and loss of said no we can't do this the Annapolis we are a small number that you see he consider for a small number, you know far good number. So in his life, you can find all this consideration. Sometimes somebody comes to the parcel, listen and ask him, What is the best option? He says a prayer of the time somebody else comes and ask what is the best action he said, looking after your parent. Somebody else came and asked him the same question.

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He said you have to interpret the formula to same question but different answer why? Because people's conditions are different countries are different to that what the Sierra Sierra is to study the context of the prophets Allah alayhi salam a properly, but this contest has not been transmitted to Muslim community in same way I just should not interest me

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because people do not know that this person is going to become so important and a prophet and messenger so in the beginning they were nobodies record these things. And later on when the people started realizing to preserve in his life, a decent young people that didn't see any postings. So, the collector from here and there are some sources are good, some are not good. So and some are connected some are this country so many problems are there. So we have to keep that in mind that this euro books are not as strong as the Hadith book. But Syrah is also preserved in the Hadith book is the most important part of Sierra they are in the Quran, you can find you can find Syrah in

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Bukhari Muslim, what tide all these books so though there are no books of Sierra but they contain a lot of information about the Sierra the books which are written just purely are Sierra, maybe the CDF even Hashem is the best one they still have got many many weak Hadith muda Salah and you know not connected properly that why Muhammad the thing I used to say to Eros era books are weak book, but among all the weak book, see reference, Sham is better. In modern times, there has been an effort to write the secret language like a story, you know, to fill all the gaps. In the past people used to write only the report that they got peace and peace. Somebody will read that he saw the

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process of praying, somebody loved it, he saw the Prophet walking to easy parts, but they don't make a story. But in our time, the pot you know, because of the influence of Europe. European history is like a story. You make holy story. So if there are gaps, you fill them. So Muslims have been influenced by that and people started writing books of Syrah like a story. The best book in our time had been returned actually our Sierra is by Allah Masha Normani he was a historian and a very critic and he knew the Hadith altered the hidden very nicely, but he was only able to write one part of the vulnerable human part of second version, then his to Natal Lama says he completed the whole project

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and it became seven modules Sera. So, but it also can test a lot of sunnah as well. A lot of discussion about America Line modules art and philosophy submitted by to the very completed book of sera seven volumes by Allah. She was an Omani

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artist sister, Amalia, and both are People literally people. So they know how to write at the writing very, very good in order to those who know how to they know really to hide yes language of or do you know that they have used and very powerful it's very difficult to translate that in any language, perhaps people don't have that skill. Then there have been efforts by other people in India there have been so many books written by more and more do the more honorable sign that we analyse the Arab world there have been some efforts to rush sera books. Among the shorter one, I will recommend the book written by Abu Dhabi, Sister Libya, salatu salam doubted the best one among

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all the boats that I know

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okay, just follow her and show. Let's go on to our next question from Facebook forum sister Fatiha she's asking what is the right to meaning of the word invest to have certain Modesta unfriended? Is it arise for Dawa or arise for tahajjud and do we need to preach to others as a major part of our life?

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What Mercury is simply means to

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your home oh he's standing on when you come on someone or a customer stand up. There are two means to live further up on the Kurata you had a Muslim Bureau Call me later Illa Lila so it also addresses the parcela listen to what Allah said to the Prophet, homie Leila is trained in the night except little bit to her standing men stand and pray standing for the prayer to display Ahmed not just standing by on for the Alibaba crayon for the prayer. The other side Yaga muda filament demand you refer yah yah Mudassir. For under, so here is in all prophets, Allah Allah Salam is stand up and all the people meaning if you know, basically, you know leave your house go out. When you say stand

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up. If you people are sitting there finally they stand up. But sometimes you said this and you mean REALLY get ready and work hard to see for the hour. So the first one is the other one

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Come me later and the second one there is a diver in a warning go and you know ask people to come to the path of Allah subhanaw taala to data on literally music stand up, but it could mean to you know to prepare to work hard to be active

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Okay, let's move on to our next question from Sharia, who is asking what is the meaning of raw Heba translators fair? Well, I think

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that would be used as well.

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What about this word? I mean, I just had a note i There's a thing so I couldn't find why but I did see in sort of hashtag there's land dementia drama 10 P. Satori mean Hola. And that's translated as fear from what I've seen.

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Inferior Baba, I don't know why but could it mean you know, the monk female you know, the, the woman who lives in a cave or somewhere you know, retreated to worship Allah like live. It afar, the minister I'm a monk. And further female you consider Heba. So maybe the word is this undefeated rubber as you say, your identity meaning the fear, or you know, fear, too much fear this rubber.

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Okay, just talking to her and

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we have a question from the scene. I think this is a good question. SNL Alec Rahmatullah Ziya. May Allah increase you in all good? Can you provide some guidelines in what you feel are the most important matters to instill within our children? And if possible, what matters are most important to instill At what age in their the stage in their development? I know, this is a big question. I mean, Shahla, we can try and answer.

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And somebody asked me to come to write a book in English, that is no like, you know, was written or you heard a word, you know, asking the, you know, what people do? So to address it to our Thai people of our time, in English, there are two word in the same thing that what is the most important thing that people need to do? You know, I feel really all the time that people are, we are lost people. We don't know really, who are we, I was just coming from London, I could see, somebody was on the train, and it looks like a man, but he has changed himself, he became an old man. And you know, it neither a woman or a man, and

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this thing really is very disturbing. And our America, and people said that changing the gender is so common in America, many men become women, women become men, and then that, again, combined with basically all that life, they feel they are not good enough into the Overlord to change. So this is a really big problem that when people don't know who they are, they are not contented with themselves. They don't realize really what they can change, what cannot change. And if they change those things, which they cannot change, what will effect will be there to realize the limits. People have been given the limits. It's not that, you know, I don't like to see with my eyes, and I want to

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force my ears to see, oh, I don't want to hear with the ears. I want my nose to hear. Yeah, you could want something like that. But you don't have you can't do this. You know, this is beyond your limits. I don't want mine to think I want my finger to think. So in all these desires, they use the lesson of people have to understand the limits to their certainties, Allah they may that you have to work productionize there, you can't do more than that.

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You know that we need to realize that what are our limits, what our abilities what we need to develop, what we never can develop? You know, these things people have to understand how they can understand a lot smarter has given people three things if they understand that the three then they always will be better you know, you can't be 100% Correct anyway, because Allah has made people to do mistakes to then they repent to Him and then He forgives him. Two mistakes will keep happening since will keep happening. But generally people will save their life purpose forget what you need to

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teach yourself and also children to the first thing is to realize what your nature is

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to there is something built in you can't change it that allows a filter Allah Hilty Fatah NASA Alia last updated the pillar you can't change it. I have to see yours have to hear. You know you can't change this to to water the food that you can eat. You know, what are the foods you cannot eat? Or what are the foods going to harm you how much you can eat, how much you cannot eat? You know, it's not that you eat eyes you desire. Know it all in fitrah is all there. People have to realize what the fitrah is. We have to teach them. You know how Allah mirrored the world and the best thing

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With the sea around, go see the mountains, water, you know, a rain, the plants in Israel can say you know animals. So when you look on those things, then you realize what nature means to fasting to have to teach you the need that nature, that word fit right? What exactly is tell them that you know you're bad limits, you know you have to see, with eyes you can't see with ears, you have to think with your mind and whatever abilities you have given the given, you have to must use them too fast enough to teach people nature. Second thing, the reasoning.

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The gym that always use reasoning, meaning is whatever you learn from your senses, you'll see you hear, you test you smell, you touch it so many times people do you get the knowledge, but that knowledge not enough mere information, you have to analyze this information, test them, develop them think of further that reason. So people have to learn nature and reason very strongly if people learn a distance, they never can misguide it, nobody can guide you really, nobody people want to tell you something or do something. So no, I can't do it. People want to listen, Make effort to see with my ears, to know, it impossible to just say, you know, you will regret that never want to

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happen. So nature reason is very, very important. And the third thing is to support the nature reason, Allah has sent the messenger and give them revelation to Revelations, I really don't teach you something new revelation, what they do, they guide you to what should be naturally known. If you're, if I understand your nature, reason, to wherever you read the Quran, Revelation, you throw that, that I used to believe thing anyway. So it's all natural, to do three things and make a strong person. If people have got a good nature, good reasoning, and good understanding as the revelation, people generally will be safe, and the life will be very good. And nobody can guide them. Nobody can

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influence them.

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Most probably the world is not thinking, you know, when people spend so much money on many things. They don't think that they're spending money used for useless purpose. You know, unnecessarily beautify them system. You know, when you've got to go beyond certain limits. If you're only you're old, you never can become younger, to do whatever like rarely people do all those things. But you can't change the whole nature. So it's spending so much money, all the thinking and being taught dogs in that time with that money, you can do something that's much better for your life. But people don't think though we have to teach people to learn nature. And reason that way, Brahim Islam is

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calling the Quran by the Rashid. When the naira, humorous the human copy.

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Same thing Allah used for people at the cave, they have Russia, same thing but Musa alayhis salam that he has rushed. So it was this that when people understand the nature and the use of reason, even before revelation, they are great people in our time is very people use these two things. Nobody can discard them. Nobody can influence them. People are infamous because they don't use their own reasoning. So this is a summary of what I want to say and go and reflect Inshallah, you know, you'll find this is the most important thing that we need to learn and teach people.

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Perfect is that no furniture? I think many of us benefit from that home dinner.

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Okay, let's see.

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We have a lot of questions. Let's see if we can take

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Okay, we have a question from Sharon on YouTube. She's asking is a one who doesn't pray regularly a curfew. My father doesn't pray about me regularly. Can I consume his income? And can he be my volley for my marriage?

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Offer by delta let people become confident by denying, you know, Allah, you know, my center or the book, if people don't pray, but they know the play is important. You know, people think that Muslims are Muslim, you know, don't go deeper than that. If people think they are Muslims, and they behave like Muslim, to maybe they don't pray, don't fast, don't pay the car, don't go for Hajj, or you know, don't do all the Islamic thing but they think they're Muslims, to their Muslims. They know there's people of Allah but there are bad Muslims. There could be good instances. And they're pretty bad useless. People who are bad Muslims, they're hoping one day maybe they repent and ALLAH forgive

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them even the day of judgment or love and forgive them. So in the comments, your father is all huddart Anessa if he did he, he then bills or something like that? Yeah, then that's fine. Otherwise, you know, is the human being, you know, even actually colorful people that didn't come in. Hello. So what about a Muslim? So in Canada, you can take you can use it and

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Yeah, he can be your guardian for the marriage.

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Actually in some mother who you don't know what he ended up in 100 Female people don't worry most but you can still make your bed or to be with you to support you to marry without really actually just right opinion it can happen. But anyway don't be so wrong in this matter. Don't declare powerful people cover because they don't pray that that's a very weak opinion. The right thing is that people are still a believer even if they don't pay and you're not doing very bad sin not something I'm not saying that do not listen to very sinful act one of them major sin made the most serious sin that a Muslim do if they don't play by still without declaring kufra.

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Okay in sha Allah we the question from Naheed who is asking did the for Imams follow the methodology of consent contextualizing the Quran and Hadith? I see most of the scholars of our time don't do so they just mentioned Hadith and give a ruling based on it.

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You know understanding the text underline the loading from that is very, very complex, complicated, it is submitted very sophisticated thing is not so easy as people think really, it eludes a lot of training and more than that is piety, fear of loss of mortality, you don't change things because of desire because the people's pressure, society's pressure or stress pressure, you know, you first think about your accountability to a loss of mattala that you're accountable to him to you want to understand the Quran, sunnah i This could be the loss of Hautala to worship Him to obey him not to avoid obedience and worship in Abu Hanifa and Malika Shafi these people are very pious people with

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the different small things, but it was the fear of Allah, the piety, honesty, pure life, indoor distance at the very, very good, really, the top people, that what we need to do really, even if you minor things, you differ from each other. It doesn't matter what matters is that whoever you follow, that they bring to Allah nearer to Allah, does it make you more pious? Does it make you more God fearing that it improves your Eman? Your faith in Africa? Does it make you a better human being Do you agree are tight enough to the people? If you have this quality they are the fundamentals are the Legion, kindness to the people not hurting them not harming them, being nice to the people? What if

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we just keep deferring everybody cough refer sick of using the people new thing you're the best person is very bad, really.

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You're not a people should be humbled, people should be strict about themselves and softer with other believers. So understanding the text and driving the ruling from that is really needs a lot of effort and not our understanding. There are solar thermal and distant and darting. In our time I've seen really how ugly the whole thing has become people who don't know anything just read one book or two books of Hadith. And this we follow the Hadith they don't really they don't understand it is not so easy. I think

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you know, posting really is people should make effort planaria language, do the environment media where you study you know perfect hadith of zero soul, you know Kalam and all these things properly then after that, you know, really how deep it is. You're not every Arlen can come off Tfrp it takes time.

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Okay, and shoulder let's share Hi, I actually have a question. So I'm going to kind of try and slide mine in and hopefully other people maybe benefit from this too.

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And this is in terms of connecting with the Quran and how we can connect with it.

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Chef there, there are many, like passages in the Quran are sometimes many, many parts of certain sorrows that are quite hard to connect with. Maybe they're very focused on specific rulings, they're focused on let's say, for example,

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a man is reciting the Quran and he's coming to the verses about menstruation or verses about divorce or very specific situations and compared to other parts of the Quran, for example, if your questions are very focused on Yama, pm or spirituality, and then you compare them to these kind of ruling based verses, how would you say an average layman who is maybe just reading the translation and trying to understand and connect with it, how can they connect to these kinds of SS?

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You know, thing is really you know, Quran is for the whole life and for every individual on for every condition, Quran, God for everything, for all the time until the day FBM and for all sorts of the people men, women, children, young people, old people, poor people, rich people, you know, people who are victorious people are defeated. People who are oppressed people who oppress anybody, any conditioning evasion.

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boron has guided for that. Certainly not all these things will be applied to you. So when you pass through certain conditions and you've read that in the Quran, you understand much better you know it is for you. But there will be many things in the Quran that you're not passing through. But still you can learn because Quran also has something around that which is useful for everybody to Quran very wonderful. When the Quran teacher they were the marriage and divorce, not simple marriage, divorce, Quran peace, reminding people fear Allah, you know, fear Allah, dude, I declined. You can learn from that, that in the human relation to marriage relation. You know, there are some laws,

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maybe I don't understand what what's important in from those laws is that people should be kind, nice to each other. Even when people divorce or leave their wives. It should be done with the kindness nicely. The Quran always keep bringing the verse about fear of Allah Taqwa. You know Hassan be nice all the time.

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And at some sometimes there will be some taste in the Quran. You know, you can think oh, it is to my mother, to my sister to my brother and my daughter, my society, you can learn from that but always there is something to learn for you.

00:26:14--> 00:26:18

You know, not everybody can understand the legal reversal so clearly

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because they are more specialized, generally what I notice besides book, but it does matter for everything, too. There are some some details of the law that went to Quran and they're very much summarized. So not everybody can understand the details so clearly you need to know the Hadith about that. And you need to guidance other folk AHA and jurist who can help you like inheritance inheritances, Quranic inheritance into for every condition, but only three verses in three verses Kurata summarize all the details of the inheritance.

00:26:47--> 00:27:26

Most people do not understand really all the details, but they don't understand something they don't understand something to, you know, don't worry about the few verses where you cannot understand it, you buy most of Quran actually is intelligible for anybody people can understand people can act upon it, even those which are not really so clear for you. Still, you can find things there, which can be helpful to you. So you know, that people should make effort and also, you know, be strong enough. Maybe you don't understand first time, second time, third time, even those who are versus which are above the law. They're not so complicated. Actually, the thing if people use their mind properly,

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they can understand that it's not very difficult. You know, it is a steal people call manager

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does not know how to check that it's actually very, very helpful handler. Okay, we have a few minutes left. Let's see. I know. So we have some questions that I know we've discussed before. I don't want to have to kind of cover the same topic topic again and again, but maybe even if it's a quick answer in sha Allah mythos is asking, it's an hourly culture. Can women travel alone in this day and age?

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So this question so many times, I said, you know, if women live in a place, whatever is safe, and whether traveling is safe, and the law protect them, and the family can trust them that they are trusted, you know, sometimes we may not be trustworthy someday. If you're trustworthy, yeah, that they can let you know, mostly mostly European country, the Western countries, the lows are in the favor of the women, you know, and the cricket poor girl production, people generally rested the women, the people traveled her there's no harm in that, when some countries like India and all these things, they always provenance or to be careful about traveling in those countries. It depends on

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whether the people are really in all time age, there have a big problem when people see the women they find an easy target, they harm them, they oppress them dishonor them. So we should be careful and tell guardians also should be careful about we must traveling alone.

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Okay, just to clarify, and chef, I think we will leave it there normally, I have seen your question and it looks, it looks good. But I think it will require maybe five minutes. So I'm going to keep this for next week in sha Allah, and we will leave it there she did just informed me that he will be away next week in sha Allah. So we will have a small break. I'm not sure when we'll be back. Hopefully, Inshallah, we will be back next in two weeks time. And for those of you who aren't in the UK in about two weeks time, my time will be changing it. So just keep up with our Facebook and our YouTube

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and other social media platforms. If we do have a time change, we will let you know the time should be moving one hour back if I'm not mistaken. But thank you again for everyone. Everyone's questions are really benefited. I hope you guys all did too in sha Allah. For those of you who aren't familiar, this q&a normally goes on every Thursday 6pm until 630. It's not a lot of time, but for those of you who maybe don't have access to a scholar, or to a teacher and you have some questions that you want to

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Ask you can come and ask your question. And if it doesn't get answered, please do try and join for the next session and try and ask your question from the beginning. Some questions do require more time, which means chef just can't speak through every single question, but we try our best.

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As you can see on the screen this is our institute. This is what we are known for our Islamic scholarship programs that are part time run by

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many of our teachers that are former students of SLM Institute and students of chef I come there duration, how can they do it is a principle of SLM Institute in the co founder as well. We started in 2006. It was started by Sherlock Holmes daughter and him and handler we've grown since then. I was planning scholarship programs for this year, started a few weeks ago, if anyone's interested. But for now, keep an eye out for any future events that we're holding in sha Allah and we look forward to you joining us in sha Allah provisionally in two weeks time but so inshallah just keep an eye on our Facebook and YouTube and we'll let you know when we're back in sha Allah so now my legal

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