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This is more or less what we looking at doing going forward and intend updating this post insha’Allah, so be sure to follow it to stay updated.


These are merely a few points regarding what our micro team has to manage on a daily basis:

  • Content Management on all platforms
  • User Support Tickets
  • Knowledge Base
  • Platform Reviews/Comments
  • Software Development and Testing
  • Content Production
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • PR & Promotion
  • Digital Marketing
    • SEO
    • SEM
  • Networking and Collaborating

Roadmap 2022

As it stands, with the exception of Project Muhammad, we do not intend launching any new projects. Instead we want to improve what we have, both the quality and content.

  • Muslim Central: TV Video Promo (2022)
  • Muslim Central: Transcripts Volunteering System (Q1 2023)
  • Muslim Central: SEO
  • Muslim Central: Articles v2
  • Quran Central: Android App V3 – Major Rework
  • Muslim Radio: v1.1 (Global Stations)


  • Muslim Central: Podcasts > Thikr/Athkaar
  • Muslim Central: Podcast > Nasheed
  • Alif Central: Audio by Mufti Menk > V2 Official Re-Release
  • 99 Names of Allah: Audio by Mufti Menk > V2 Official Re-Release
  • PWAs – Upgrade to React18 and Chakra V2

Chakra v2


JanuaryCLOSED: TikTok Account (we are NOT on this platform officially)
Phase 1 of new project Muhammad (South Africa) completed
FebruaryCLOSED: Removed our Mailchimp Sign-up due to low open and CTR
CLOSED: Muslim Central Filipino Project

Muslim Central:
Updated Single Speaker Apps
Update Multi-Speaker Apps 4.2
Built an internal statistics tracking system for Speakers

MUHAMMAD: Phase 2 – Translations into Xhosa, Afrikaans and Zulu
MarchCLOSED: WhatsApp Groups – we hoped WA would have a Channel Feature like Telegram by now
CLOSED: Removed Single Speaker Apps and redirected users to Multi Speaker App
AprilENHANCEMENT: Massive issue with download speeds across Audio projects fixed
MayMuslim Central: Removed the Jingle on Lectures and replace with shorter jingle
Muslim Central: Implemented a STICKY podcast with a CTA for Donation Appeals
Muslim Central: Removing Jingle from ALL the Lectures, both new and old!!!
Quran Central: Reached 500+ Reciters by Ramadan
JuneLaunched Muhammad Project

Progressive Web Apps:
Changelogs now inside of each App.
End of May 2022, all Apps would have undergone a major releases and be on Version 2.x.

Official Relased (others will be in Q3 or Q4)
In-house automated solution, saving on costs and ensuring consistent output

Refined the UI/UX and fixed some related bugs
Implemented the a Donation Appeal Post on all Reciters. We did not want to put a Jingle like we did on MC.

Video Production on various platforms
– Reduction in content
– Arabic, Urdu, Bangla, French subtitles

Shaykh Abdul Saleem working with an external video creator to provide free content for our YouTube Channel

Quran Central > V2.1
Muslim Central > New Release v4.5.2

Muslim Radio (South Africa) launched
New Course Released – Islamic Psychology in Modern Life

Networking & Promotion

SEO: (via external provider)
Nigeria Promotions
SeptemberFor the next few months we will be focusing on the following:

– Internal training
– Maintenance
– Android Development
– Marketing – We don’t know how many times people who discover our Apps/Platforms etc., wish they knew about it sooner. In this spirit, we are focussing on this for next couple of months.
– Transcripts Editing Platform (Research)
OctoberStarted the Articles Project on this website.
Note the topics page has been removed and replaced by this new project. We hope to have it all bulk of the content
written by Ramadan 2023.

NovemberSponsor and Assistance to the Marriage Conference 2022, Cape Town, South Africa

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