As with all digital projects, things can be unpredictable but this is more or less what we looking at going forward and intend updating this post insha’Allah, so be sure to follow it to stay updated.


Quick overview of our projects

CODE: DescriptionNotes
ORG: Anything related to our organsiation as a whole
MC: Muslim CentralWebsite
Podcast Integrations
Android Apps
MC Malay
MC Filipino
QC: Quran CentralWebsite
Podcast Integrations
Android App
SOG: Seeds of GuidanceWebsite
DC: Dua ConnectWebsite
PWA: Refers to all Progressive Web Apps
99Names: 99 Names of AllahPWA
EQ: English QuranPWA
AC: Alif CentralPWA
PC: Pilgrim CentralPWA
MQ: Memorize QuranPWA
SM: Social Media & MessagingFacebook
VIDEO: Video Production on various platformsYouTube Channel
Audio Book
Third Party Tools and Platforms
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
User Knowledge Base
User Support Ticketing System

Donation Platforms:


2021 we mainly focusing on the backlog of work, maintenance, promotion of our projects as too many people are not aware but those who benefit are aware have positive feedback, Insha’Allah.

These are high level plans, some may be in research and others a WIP but it gives you an idea what we are working on.

  • ORG
    • Maintenance
    • Enhancements
    • Promotion of current projects – users appreciate our work but so many do not know about our projects
    • User Support
  • MC
    • Android App: – v4.1 – Add Series, Topics and Search All features to MC App
  • QC
    • Backlog of Content including Translation
  • SOG
    • Course on Anxiety & Mental Health


This is merely a few points regarding what our micro team has to manage:

  • Content Management on all platforms
  • User Support Tickets
  • Knowledge Base Maintenance
  • Platform Reviews/Comments
  • Software Development and Testing
  • Content Production
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • PR & Promotion
  • Digital Marketing


The purpose of this list is to maintain transparency of our work.

MC: Muslim Central
Released Updated Single Speaker Apps
Released 4.1 Multi Speaker app including new Speaker
Automatically Transcribed Lectures – Human reviews required
Transcription system integration to ensure new lectures are automatically transcribed
Added a New Speaker: Dr Akram Nadwi
App updated to version 4.1.2 with new speaker Dr Akram Nadwi
Working on App updates
Apple podcast channel created
App updated to version 4.2 with new speaker Haifaa Younis
QC: Quran Central
Translated Website into Multiple Languages
Working on App updates
Apple podcast channel created
New Reciters:
Muhammad Ghazali
Muhammad Sulaiman Patel
Muhammad Khaleel
Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi – Mujawwad
Al Husayni Al Azazi – Children
Salah Ba-Uthman
Hussam Siddiq Khoja
Abdul Basit – English Translation – Pickthall – Naeem Sultan
Abdul Basit – English Translation – Saheeh – Ibrahim Walk
Muhammad Ayyub – English Translation – Muhsin Khan – Mikaal Waters
Mishary Rashid Alafasy – English Translation – [Muhsin Khan] – Saabir
Mishary Rashid Alafasy – English Translation – [Saheeh] – Ibrahim Walk
Sudais and Shuraym – English Translation – [Pickthall] – Aslam Athar
Sudais and Shuraym – Urdu Translation
Abdur Rasheed Sufi – [Abi al-Haarith an al-Kasaaee]
Abdur Rasheed Sufi – [ad-Doori an Abi Amr]
Abdur Rasheed Sufi – [Shubah an Asim]
Abdur Rasheed Sufi – [Soosi]
Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify – [Qaloon]
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary – [Doori]
Shawqy Hamed
Mahmood Khaleel Al Qari
Yunus Aswailis [Warsh]
Ahmad Alnufais
Mahmood Khaleel Al Qari
Usaamah Khayyat
Saleh bin Humaid
Muhammad Al Subayyil
Faisal Al Ghazzawi
Ahmad Taleb Hameed
Abdullah Khulaifi
Islam Sobhi
Ahmad Sulaiman
Badr Al Ali
Anas Almiman
Mansour Al Salimi
Abdel Kawi Abdul Majid
Abdul Azeez Ar Rawdhaan
Abdul Majid Rahman
Bahauddin Tualbh
Bandar Al Yousr
Aaar Al Hudhoudi
Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Hamri
Abdul Latif Ismail Abdul Rahman
Badawi Al Kahlawi
Bilal Yousef
Cheikhna Ould Sayed El Hajj
Ahmed Al Qattani
Fahd Al Ghurab
Fahad Wasel Almutairi
Fadl Hassan Abbas
Ezzeddine Amarneh
Ezzat Sabri
Ezzat Al Enani – Mujawwad
Esmail Hafez
Darwish Faraj Darwish Al Attar
Ibrahim Alhagory
Ibrahim Al Zayat
Ibrahim Al Mansouri
Faisal Al Humayd
Faisal Al Rashood
Fahd Saqr Al Hilal
Fahd bin Ali Qahl
Fahd Al Ghurab
Fahd Al Jarboo
Ibraheem Al Marzuqi
Ibraheem Kaddaaf
Ibraheem Borahiq
Ibraheem Al Bedaiwi
Ibrahim Alhagory
Ibraheem Al Thuwaini
Ibrahim Abdel Moneim
Ibrahim Abdullah Almas
Khaalid Abdul Lateef
Kamil Jaballah Alshani
Kamel Ali Al Alala
Kamal Al Marzouqi
Kamal Almroch
Jumah Subhi Faraj
Joseph Aldgosh
Shady Sayed
Jalibib Muhammad
Ibrahim Kishidan
Khaldoon Ath Theeb
Khaalid Salaah Ajlaan
Khaalid Ash Shuraydah
Khaalid Ar Rumayh
Khaalid An Nahaari
Khaalid Al Hammoodi
Khaalid Abdul Lateef
Khaled Aalghembashawi
Khaled Alzenbaa
Khaled Barakat
Khaled Mohammed Bakri
Khaled Hassan Asalaawi
Khalid Al Saeedi
Khalid Al Hosni
Khalid Abu Bakr Bawazeer
Khaleel Al Ansi
Khaled Youssef Aljahim
Khaled Nvadi Azhari
SOG: Seeds of Guidance
Released FREE Course: Purification of the Soul
Videos are now accessible in Indonesia and all over the World
Released Free Course: The History and Virtues of Al-Aqsa
DC: Dua Connect
New Website: Duas from the Quran recited by Mufti Menk
FREE eBook Released
PWA: Progressive Web Apps
English Quran v3.0.9
– Search Surah Feature
– Improved UI/UX
– Updated underlying code base
– Improved UI Player
– Changed Reciter to Husary (slower recitation) and 128kbps
– Users can now go back/forth between Surahs
– Popular Surah Quick Links
– Persist Volume
Memorize Quran v1.4.7
– Updated underlying code base
– Minor Fixes
– Changed default reciter to Husary 128kbps quality
– Removed unnecessary code
Alif Central v1.8.0
– Removed unnecessary code
– Updated underlying code base
99 Names of Allah
– Removed unnecessary code
– Updated underlying code base
Pilgrim Central
– Removed unnecessary code
– Updated underlying code base
Enabled Channel Ads – WHY!?
1. YouTube is said to be placing Ads on Channels that are not monetized regardless
2. We thought to monetized and at least get paid for it and help our NPO with income
Produced some Quran Videos and may continue to do so
Translation of YouTube Videos in 4 Different languages
SMM: Social Media and Messaging
5000+ Telegram Subscribers
Producing new content for our Social Media Channels
Upgraded our Backend Web Servers
Kids Video Storybook
Exclusive Nasheed Video


ProjectDescriptionDate / Period
MC: Muslim Central
Android App v4.0 – Released (bug fixes, performance and new speakers)December 2020
SEM/SEO SponsorshipQ4 December
Malay Pilot Project StartedQ3 2020
Reached over 25 000 Audio LecturesQ3 2020
Filipino Pilot Project StartedQ3 2020
Automated Solution to ensure daily content is extracted from third-party sources on behalf of speakersQ3 2020
Average Downloads per month now nearing 3 MillionQ2/Q3 2020
New Speakers x15 (Last updated: 3rd December 2020)2020
Massive Improvement to our Audio Download SpeedsQ2/Q3
Version 2.0
We had many complaints and technical issues with our previous solution, including users with physical challenges such as blindness.

We changed the site to a more standardized implementation focusing on:
Performance &

It needed to work for everyone and not only those with high end devices,
it needed to load fast as possible and be compatible with as many users.
The background player is the most notable feature lost,
however you can use the ‘Play in Window’ feature to have something closer to it.

Improve Speed of the Site
Improve the Search
Improve the Website Player

NEW: Filter Searching on Topics page
NEW: Filter Searching on Series page
FIX: Share Button Fix
FIX: Color issues
FIX: Social Media Sharing Images (OG)
Audio Downloads March – 1.8M [Muslim Central]
Audio Downloads March – 1.4M [Quran Central]

Assisted Shaykha Zohra Sarwari with her new website
Implemented the SA Muslim Covid Website on behalf of AWQAF South Africa
Q1SEO and SEM to increase the awareness of our work
Alhumdullilah we have seen increased traffic across all our websites and web apps.
QC: Quran Central
More Content Loading – many new reciters (more coming iA)Dec 2020
Update Website Theme (Bug fixes and UI/UX improvements)Dec 2020
Complete Quran by Noreen Muhammad SiddiqueDec 2020
Massively Improved New Custom Theme (speed, UI/UX)Q4 2020
QC – Complete Quran Audio by Mufti Menk2020
QC – Completed Audio Translation with English Only2020
QC – Complete Quran Audio by Qari Ziyaad Patel2020
Improved the Reciters Page
Improved Surahs Page
Improved the Player Pages
Oct 2020
SOG: Soft Launch Q2 2020
Course Released – 33 Lessons for every Muslim Course
Course Released – Women around the Prophet SAW (Course 1)
Course Released – Productivity Course
Course Released – The Gift of Ramadan
At the time of writing this project is still in Beta Testing with over 2700 students
Q2 2020
Released Character and Manners CourseQ3 2020
Reached over 10 000 StudentsQ3 2020
Official Promotional Video Released
Q4 2020
PWA: Stabilized Progressive Web Apps [Latest versions of React]Q3 2020
Updated all Web Apps to streamline user support interaction
Remove Contact Form
Link the contact form to this help center
add “Subscribe” to newsletter
set version numbering to be automated
June 2020
ACSaw a spike in traffic increasing our bandwidth costsQ2 2020
PCMinor Code ChangesOct 2020
99NamesMinor Code ChangesOct 2020
MQUpgrade base codeOct 2020
Lowered speed increment/decrement from 0.5 to 0.25
fixed bug that caused audio to stop playing when speed out of range
the increase and decrease speed button only renders now when possible
added some spacing between buttons so its easier to click
changed the speed icons to be buttons
added extra button colors instead of just red
June 2020
v1.3.5 Remove FAQ
Remove Contact Form
Link the contact form to this help center
add “Subscribe” to newsletter
set version numbering to be automated
June 2020
The issue of the playback speed not becoming faster/slower has now been fixed.
Some optimizations were added as well
May 2020
EQVersion: 2.0.8
Updated Codebase
Re-brand and include other languages
Fix Arabic Font issues
Fix Performance Issues
scroll to top fixed
Performance Issues Fixed
May 2020
v2.0.4 Remove FAQ
Remove Contact Form
Link the contact form to this help center
add “Subscribe” to newsletter
June 2020
Fixed an issue that caused a surah’s/juz’s  last verse’s translation to be hidden (2.0.2)
Added an automated way to display the version number in the app (2.0.3)
YT175K SubscribersQ1 2020
250KQ3 2020
One of latest videos had over 375K viewsQ3 2020
Modified our Videos to have subtitles for the hearing impairedQ3 2020
SMFacebook Page also doing really well, one of our videos had 2.3M viewsQ3 2020
GEN2x Successful Donation Campaigns in Ramadan and October 2020Q3 2020
Patreon – Reached over 250 PatronsQ4 2020
Agreement reached with Digital Agency to handle SEO/SEMQ4 2020
Support Ticketing System SetupQ2 2020
Knowledge Base for FAQ and End-User support SetupQ2 2020
Ramadan Video Campaigns

SERIES: Ibrahim Menk ran a daily Ramadan – Nightly Reminders

SERIES: Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem – 30 Verses 30 Days

Video on Muslim Central Facebook, we then reworked the Videos and published on IGTV and YouTube
Ad-hoc Quran Recitation Videos

Donation Campaign – Mufti Menk (co-director) created a promotional video and
we shared it across social media platforms, just before the start of Ramadan

Advertising Campaign
We had an advertising deal to help with sustainability of our organization.
We allowed 5 banners to be placed on Muslim Central and Qur’an Central websites.
We may do more this on an invitational basis in the future on an ad-hoc basis.
Ramadan 2020
KIDSFREE Kids eBook GiveawayQ2 2020

Pre 2020

Prior to 2020, we do not have detailed notes, but as we recall we can update this post accordingly.


  • 1st December relaunched the website with a simpler interface, resulting in approximately 100% page speed increase
  • Relaunched Pilgrim Central 2.0 with Audio Lectures and making it work entirely offline barring the audio to keep the size down
  • Launched English Quran
  • Launched Memorize Quran




  • Officially Registered Muslim Central as a NPO in South Africa


  • Started Muslim Central