This is more or less what we looking at doing going forward and intend updating this post insha’Allah, so be sure to follow it to stay updated.


We want to continue to improve on what we have, both the quality and content. We have to increase our advertising, still so many do not know about our work but if they do they would be surprised they never heard of us, this is based on previous feedback!

We are focussing more effort on our Youtube Channel, as it helps fund our organisation seeing as all our other efforts are free with no ads and at the same time, subscribers have shown a positive response to our new approach on the channel.


  1. YouTube Channel > Growth
  2. Android: Quran Central > Android App V3 Stability
  3. Android: Muslim Central > App Promotion – Goal = 1M Installs
  4. Muslim Central: Articles Section V2
  5. Backlog
    • Quran Central: Reciters Backlog
    • Muslim Central: Speakers Backlog
    • Web Apps: Upgrade to new underlying techstack


  1. MC Transcripts: Looking for a Partner and/or Funding


JanuaryANDROID: New Version of Quran Central
YouTube: Reached 500K Subscribers
Muslim Central: 50 000 Episodes
Maintenance & Backlog
FebruaryArticles: Isra and Miraj
Articles: Started working on this section of our websites (expect easy to read content linked to related audio episodes)
Android: v5.2.0 Released
Muslim Central: Taimiyaah Zubair: Over 1000+ Lectures published
Maintenance & Backlog
MarchMuslim Central:
– Focus on Ramadan Content
– AI Audio to Text (New Solution)
– AI Summary
– Summarizes the Audio to Text (Latest Episodes Only)

Quran Central:
– New Reciters
AprilMuslim Central:
– Inject Summaries into Feeds so it Displays on Third-party platforms and Apps
– Milestone: 60K Episodes Published
– AI Bulk Summary Generation (50K+ Episodes!)

Quran Central:
– New Reciter – Badr Al-Turki

Memorize Quran:
– Added in Transliteration
– Code Improvements
MayCost Saving Processes
Server Relocation
UI/UX Improvements on Websites
Backend Automation


These are merely a few points regarding what our micro team has to manage on a daily basis:

  • Content Management on all platforms
  • User Support Tickets
  • Knowledge Base
  • Platform Reviews/Comments
  • Software Development and Testing
  • Content Production
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • PR & Promotion
  • Digital Marketing
    • SEO
    • SEM
  • Networking
  • Collaborating

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