Muslim Central Project is a Non-Profit Organisation, founded by a brother from Cape Town, South Africa around 2013 and later joined by friend and co-director, Mufti Ismail Menk(Zimbabwe).  It was formally registered in 2016. We use various online platforms to inspire and educate. We take a minimal design approach, our projects are also free to use and without advertisements. 


  • Minimal Design
  • No Advertisements
  • Clean User Interfaces
  • Always Free to use

Muslim Central


  • 130+ Speakers from around the world
  • Each Speaker is given their own Podcast
  • 400+ Series
  • 21 000 Audios
  • In 2019 we served 20 Million Audio Downloads

Each speaker on our platform is provided with a free hosting of their content, we publish their content on this website and third party platforms including podcasting and apps at no cost to the user nor the speaker.

Podcasts Integrations

Via the above:

  • Android Auto (via Android App)
  • Apple CarPlay accessible (via Apple Podcasts App)
  • and so on

Benefits of Audio

Audio is less popular than videos no doubt, but it has its uses and place. There are countless lectures only available as audio. It is much easier to record properly than video. This apples to both the Qur’an and Muslim Central projects.

You can listen whilst:

  1. Cooking
  2. Driving
  3. Playing games
  4. Mowing the yard
  5. Working
  6. With your spouse and children
  7. Improve listening skills
  8. While doing any other activity!
  9. Users with slow internet access