Last Updated: 24th March 2022


Muslim Central Project is a non-profit organization, founded by brother Nathmie Slamang from Cape Town, South Africa around 2013 and later joined by friend and co-director, Mufti Ismail Menk(Zimbabwe). 

The organization was running for a number of years prior, but was formally registered in 2016, NPO Registration No: 2016/256811/08.

We are primary a dawah software engineering house but also produce digital content to inspire and educate Muslims around the world.

We have something for everyone, from kids to the elderly. We have aimed to keep everything free – but still high quality – to ensure access to those with limited internet and financial resources, especially in Africa.

Part of the inspiration behind our organization, was this notion that giving a copy of a lecture to someone, would yield the same reward as the speaker, recitation the same reward as the reciter and so on. Alhumdullilah, today our flagship projects alone generate over 130 Million audio downloads per year that we can actual track accurately.

We generally take a minimal design approach, and without advertisements, except YouTube Channel as of 2021 as they stated they may show ads regardless without remuneration to those channels who are not officially allowing ads.

Stay Up to Date

Our News Page is updated throughout the year, with a our roadmap, news and so on.

Also included in previous years goals achieved.

We rely on micro donations mostly to keep us afloat. We appreciate on-going or once-off contributions.

If you wish to earn on-going rewards (Sadaqah Jariyah) and help covering our running costs and future projects.


We aim to get back to support requests within 72 hours.

Kindly, use our Knowledge Base and if you don’t find what you looking for, you can complete a support ticket on there.


These projects leverage the ever growing power of Podcasting, to distribute Audio to just about every internet enabled device
yet still available to stream and download via there websites.

Example, each Speaker and Reciter we have a Audio Channel on a Website, then we push that content to our Android App, and the popular Podcasting Platforms.


This is our flagship project for English-speaking audience. This is as far as we know the largest platform of its kind.

  • 140+ Channels (Speakers and Shows) from around the world
  • 700+ Series
  • 35 000+ Audios
  • 49 Millions Downloads in 2021
  • Integrated Android App

Each Channel on our platform is provided with a free hosting of their content, we publish their content on this website and third party platforms including podcasting and apps at no cost to the user nor the speaker.


We have Android Apps for

  • Muslim Central
    • 100K+ Installs
    • 4.9 / 5 Star Reviews
    • 10 000+ Reviews
  • Mufti Menk’s Official Android App
    • 100K+ Installs
    • 4.9 / 5 Star Reviews
    • 10 500+ Reviews

Podcasts Integrations

Via the above, users are able to consume the audio from:

  • Android Auto (via Android App)
  • Apple Car Play accessible (via Apple Podcasts App)
  • and so on

Other Languages

Quran Central Logo
  • 450+ Quran Reciters from around the world
  • Each Reciter is given their own Podcast
  • Unique Surah Playlist Player
  • 80 Million Downloads in 2021
  • Actively Adding Reciters from around the world including Biographies
  • Android App

Also available on the Google Play store

Each reciter on our platform is provided with a free hosting of their content, we publish their content on this website and third party platforms including podcasting and apps at no cost to the user nor the reciter.

Podcasts Integrations

Via the above, users are able to consume the audio from:

  • Android Auto (via App)
  • Apple Car Play accessible (via Apple Podcasts App)
  • and so on
Dua Connect Logo
  • Supplications from the Quran recited by Mufti Ismail Menk.
  • English Translation
  • English Transliteration
  • Quran Arabic text with references
  • Contemplations
  • Available to stream or download audio via popular Podcast Platforms

Benefits of Audio

Audio is less popular than videos no doubt, but it has its uses and place. There are countless lectures only available as audio. It is much easier to record properly than video. The benefits are clear as can be seen by the explosion of the podcasting industry.

You can listen whilst:

  1. Cooking
  2. Driving
  3. Playing games
  4. Mowing the yard
  5. Working
  6. With your spouse and children
  7. Improve listening skills
  8. While doing any other activity!
  9. Users with slow internet access


We currently have one platform with over 15 000 registered students.

Seeds of Guidance Logo
  • Learn at your own Pace
  • Self Enrichment Courses
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Earn Points & Certificates
  • 100% Free to Use
  • Qualified Course Creators

Seeds of Guidance is a e-learning platform for users to learn about the basics of Islam and general topics. This platform is free to use, with the focus on simplicity and use of use. 

The courses are at a easy going and self-paced. Tests are all multiple choice type questions, and in a non-written format. Where possible, lessons will be around 12 minutes each and text to be under 5 minute read-able. 

The target audience is from teenagers and older, especially existing Muslim Central users who are accustomed to listening to lectures. This is not to compete with existing platforms, but rather to take our listeners who enjoy using our platforms, one step up in terms of seeking knowledge but without having to commit to formal studies or courses.

We have over 500 series on Muslim Central, so many of these can be turned into short-courses in the form of the existing audio with some text and optional tests.

We are including certifications, points for completing quizzes and courses.

Progressive Web Apps

These are Apps that run as Websites, but can also be installed directly (no app stores involved)
on your Mobile, Tablet, Television, Desktop and other devices.

Compatible on most platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and more.

Alif Central Logo
  • Learn to Read the Quran
  • Based on Noorani Qaida
  • Kid Friendly with Colors and Animation
  • Audio Recordings by a Qualified Reciter of Quran
Pilgrim Central Logo
  • Concise Hajj and Umrah Guide
  • History & Duas
  • Places of Interest
  • Lectures directly related to the Text
Memorize Quran Logo - a Project by Muslim
  • Verse by verse playback by over 50 reciters.
  • Control playback through looping, Repetition of verses and auto pausing between verses.
  • Reading mode with auto scroll to follow the reciter.
English Quran Logo
  • Quran in Arabic and English Translation by Saheeh International
  • Browse by Surah
  • Browse by Juz
  • Search the Quran for English Words all whilst being offline saving on data costs
99 Names of Allah Logo
  • Learn and Memorize the 99 Names of Allah.
  • Arabic, English Translation and Transliteration.
  • Audio Recordings are recited by a qualified reciter
  • Explanations and References to Quran and Hadith


A few of Apps are kid-friendly
FREE eBook and Storybook are available.
We hope to develop more content for Muslim kids.


We mostly post short reminders, here are some last from the last year:

  • Subscribers: 330K
  • Impressions: 67.3M
  • Views: 5.5M
  • New Subscribers 75K +
  • Watch Time (hours): 163K

Social Media

1M+ fans collectively

5K+ Subscribers