Prostrating to Husbands

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Whatever you

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get are something I discussed in one of my next book, full detail know how these are doing side that to the main is a sound or either fabricator very big. It is just imagine how can the Prophet allow a woman to do say that to her husband?

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Who has more right? By right or children or husband or wife, parent. He did not allow the children to do say that to the parent after two or more at profit over the people or husband or the wife. He did not allow people to do surgery at all that is the strongest for her this in more than doubled when he said that more than double he came from Syria and he decided to the professor and the professor No, no don't if I have to come up to our commander we met to decided to the husband.

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First thing more than ever went to Syria Angela Porter, he never met

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the story wrong. Second thing he went to Yemen but when he came from Yemen the Prophet it is possible to And the third thing is Margaret imaam in Ireland, he does not know this multi countryside that anybody everybody knows more than one of the best faqeer this woman he does not know

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ya know to know that some of her more meaning is maybe somebody policing some type of a preacher completion the most savvy audience make the Hadees the lack of public Jamar I say something or people saw him after something negative

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I just said something to my teaching got many many hobbies become hobbies because creatures were teaching from their own and our young thought they had these and they will have these so this that you know if anybody's at a site that is never allowed to anybody side either extreme or alibi How can you call out and women are not obliged to obey their husbands except one is more in scope and that is the family matter. What matters to your personal life nothing to do as man your prayer your fasting you're Sokka your height your son which color you'd like to wear the cloth which food you want to eat what time you want to eat nothing to do with it what what to use for certain food even

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if you did not want to food the teeth you have absolute right to ask him to provide you different food or give you money. It's not that you have to follow your husband's choice no one Lee in the matter of the family with the dispute happened. Somebody reports that you want to marry your son on Friday and he says Monday you got married twice okay, but listen to him do it Monday if you do not want to follow your logic reasoning to tell them to dispute they were doing but in what you were what who you meet who you discuss who you found, you know who you read what you read which model you follow. You know you follow hannity Mala Mala Kimura, Shafi mother, oh, in the morning, you are

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hunting in the evening, you're marking your husband nothing to do with that it's your choice. To understand this properly, even the profits are the limit. People are not obliged to follow the profit every single day to hold husbands