Akram Nadwi – Islam and Feminism

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the need for women's involvement in political processes and the issue of women's satisfaction and sexuality. They argue that women's satisfaction should lead to a woman-equity society, but men should be treated fairly and women should not be treated equally. The solution is to make men and women equal and treat them fairly, not to make them equal.
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Feminism basically relies on the injustice, our wrongdoing, aware of women in the society.

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Or in this matter, certainly, we don't disagree with feminism, this actually that part of feminism, which certainly we believe it should be considered, and it shouldn't be studied, I'll certainly know that women have been wronged. And continuously being around, you know, I keep receiving so many information everywhere in this, even in this country so many times, again, again, it keeps coming that how much injustice and wild west to women is there. So, when somebody brings this over, people listen to those people. And that's why there is an outside now also Islamic feminism, to there are many, many Muslim women, they are becoming a feminist, because the reason

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but the solution that they bring their solution that Islamic summary of the solution basically is that women should become like men, say political men are respected. And women are expected to give the same rights simple, men have to be will be respected men have power, there was a spirit of women a great power they respected men have money, they'll provide the myth of money for women, they also respected men are independent, we will become independent, they will respect it, make it you know, make the women same way either men, too, then the problem will be solved. So discipline is something in the teeth, and many people become convinced many women can disagree. This is the right way that

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you know, if women also become equal to the men, then all the problems are solved.

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If this is the case, really, the solution is the solution is there. How much of the solution many people don't rely on that? Why Actually, I wrote my book. But before I bring Michael Krishna guests, the solution, want to keep in mind always, that whenever a problem happens to society, any society when a problem happens, if you don't want to solve the problem, in the light of the Quran sooner, what will happen, then people will find a solution from somewhere else. People can't live with the problem. Unless that make the instead of the human being to live with the problem. Nature really, to solve the problem. Everybody knows that people are born really, people are not born to live with the

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problem. People really are born to find solution for that matter. If you have difficulty, certainly you have the patient, but you have to keep thinking how to solve a problem. If the women are oppressed, they are being wronged in justices there are guys in the society

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of Muslims don't make don't offer a solution for the Quran soon to what will happen Do you think they will remain like that? No, if somebody is different, they find solution somewhere else. They will look further. Everybody want to find their problem? They will do it. This is what many Muslim to understand really, the ethic? No, no, most women should not do this because these women are not right and feminist women and this and that inadequate to help reason cut these women who vote how, how much they're wrong. And I tell the people really the conditions in which many Muslim women live. If you if you make a Muslim men to live in this condition for a one a month, they will become mad.

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This will tell them they will fight for solution. You know many, many people say that, you know if the women are not divorced by their husband, and the water cooler, or we men are not ready to do Hola, then we may we may have no solution except to go to Sharia court, or a Sharia court also did not listen to them. They have no solution. They can't go to non Muslim non Muslim court, because that's not allowed.

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This is what we'll do on the same home Island when Muslims are saying no documented because the Quran says allowing it in the last layer. I love it local coffee now the minister, Allah will never make any Sabine any way for the coffee over the Muslim woman. Do you know? how can how can we will go to non Muslim court? You do this? But when the problem happened to the men what they do?

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They go to the same court from which they start with the women. If somebody takes your house, do you got Sharia court? You go to British court?

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You could actually even delvin within delvin fighting happened between two gurus. That who is going to take over there? Well, what they did, did they get did they go to Sharia court? They deport a Muslim, Muslim, you know, Guru, Muslim scholars who can judge among them, they went to Indian court. And it is remarkable to know I think the case is still there. Nearly 3040 years is still the fighting in National Court. If you do this thing Tell me really how women are going to listen to you in hypocrisy. inconsistency. The first thing I read before I could say feminism, I really decided our own attitude, our own attitude not to solve the problem. If we don't want to solve the problem,

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problem will remain and it will vary so much it time will come when you have no hope to solve the problem because other people will come and decide the product the solution will be dominant to feminism is solving offering a solution. And if we don't have solution, even if their solution is wrong, it is still to work because the solution is

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Last week's solution around solution is already better than no solution. Everybody knows this thing, if I have a problem, and my family are not offering a solution, somebody brings a hope. Even if that hope actually is very bad, not very good solution. But listen, some promise freedom, I will go for that. Because I want to solve my problem. We Muslims don't make effort to solve the problem we're living with, where somebody has come to solve the problem. We said, No, don't listen to that person is a calf or an unbeliever and this and that, this is not this is not writing really, to fasting, a lot of people Muslim shouldn't make effort to solve the parameter women and freedom from many of

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those injustice. And, you know, around those, that happening, Second thing, which actually I did in my book is really, that, you know, our concern not only Muslim women, our concern are all the women. So then I arrived early, you know, these women, you know, feminists, women were not Muslim, that the solution that you're bringing is really hard, it actually goes against the cost that you are the solution that you present, it basically will make life much more difficult, much more front, the whole society. The problem here is not to make women equal to the men. This is not to solve the problem, it will create more crime because women and men are different. If you make a weak one, it

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will create more problems, what problems will happen? One example I can the problem will happen if you say, we must, should have the same right

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now Oh man, Watson, you know, in, in any place, you know, like in any company anywhere, he works like in Tesco somewhere, she's pregnant.

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She said to her boss, that I'm pregnant ID I needed some more, you know, concession or something. If Actually, he accept the argument of feminism, he will simply it is your problem. I don't make distinction. I haven't given you Sam right. Either men, men have this already, you get the same order, you're being pregnant, regret is your problem. We want to make men of women equal, that you know this equal tivity he will do this, then you become Mother, you need some death for your child, you can't be your boss, he will sue it being a mother is your problem. You know, with many men equally, it is your problem you can solve, but we actually treat men or women equally. Tell me what

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level and when things sit more, they were worried that they've not got a bunch of women, because they will seriously that you know, the, you know, having women is more proud of

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when you actually come with the with the open with the idea of equality, it is going to hurt the women, women will be deprived of the jobs, women will have more problems, being a mother will become a defect. And now typically, people don't think being a mother developed, you know, the society is being a mother a defect. People don't want women don't want to be mother. And when they become mother, they don't want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. Mother motherhood was a virtue now, because of this feminism, it has become something different for the for the society, then what is solution is solution not equality, what solution solution is fairness, people should be

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treated fairly, you know, mother should be treated fairly either the mother and the father should be treated fairly. I think father, fair, listen, fairness is the solution, equality that solution, you know, leave them women, or the men are equal.

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But art, art men also run in the in the world, there are so many men who are round, to being a mentor that helped them the year it probably is a Cree quality, then at least America to them in any way to why there's so much interest again the men, the real power of the society, not equality, the inequality, the real problem is, you know, people are not fear. Fear is the only solution for the society. People should be fair, if your child is 10 year old, you should be fair to him and by firing a cloth of his size, if his 15 year old this year and buy clothes for him of his side, you can't say no, I treat my son boss as equally I'm going to buy clothes for them equal, none of them

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will be happy, in none of them would not want to make anybody happy. Equality, not solution equality, not actually for a man it is not it is not the virtue, virtue not equality, virtue, fairness. There are two what we need to see summary of the three main arguments we want to reality really the Muslim and Muslim our men and women both, they should come forward and test your theory teaching of religion. To be fair, fairness is fairness to the men, fairness to the women, fairness to the poor, fair fairness to the rich people, fairness to everybody the society, that what is what you bring the fairness and you don't actually prefer one part of society or other you will see what

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will happen. It will change but at the moment Muslim society, they are not fear unless you bring fairness to the society. You can't solve the problem. Muslims have got solution, but they don't want to learn their solution and they don't want to implement it. We Muslim if we do this, none of Muslim women. They will they will find attraction to salon they will see the salon. A bigger mother is a virtual machine salon mother they actually give the treat the fairly they will see big wife in Islam is a virtue. You know wives are equally respected.

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Islam being a daughter is a virtue. And Muslim McKenna is the reward or the Prophet. If people invest two daughters or three daughters, they get paradise and me and then like so close Muslim daughter so much. If you treat fairly Islam will become attraction to you will come but the problem really is that we Muslims don't make effort don't make effort to learn what fairness means. And if you know something, we even are not ready to treat women fairly. And I mentioned a story once I was in Manchester, one of my friend he came and he said

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he said to me, I got a problem in my family with my wife, if you can advise me to I said, Okay, explain to your your to your from the image problem between him and his wife in detail to I said to him, but what he said to me in this matter if your wife is more right, she is the one who right you are wrong. He said, I knew that you want to say this. But you know, I'm you know, right, I can't do that. It's impossible to tell me this attitude. He knows what is fair treatment, and then that what to do to tell me can you solve the problem? Don't you think Muslim women will go to actually to those people who are for any solution? Because you know the solution. You know what fairness means?

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And your teacher also said this is the fairness is still you're not ready to accept the fear isn't it a fear not always it will be what will deserve fairness always will be a guest you deserve that we salami you have to second you know really that our if I be fair with my wife, it will harm my desire, but you have to do because fairness commodify Allah, if you think fairness will be something which if you desire, it never can happen most society never can be run on the desire. There must be run on the command of Allah and Allah commands, I should be fear. Whether I like or don't like, doesn't matter really, I should be. But if you want to find a solution, which fulfills your desire,

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their solution does not exist on the face of that simple matter.

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