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If you cannot afford to help us financially, then consider the following:

  • Share links to our Social Media pages
  • Share links to content on our Websites
  • Share links to our websites and apps
  • Follow us on Social Media and like/comment to help us increase reach to others
  • Mention us on other websites via comments
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  • Encourage those that can afford to support us
  • etc

1. Become a Donor

We have a special page setup for this with options and reasons to donate, please checkout it out.

2. Become a Sponsor

If you have a business, you can become a sponsor and claim as advertising expense.

  1. Request via Email to become a Sponsor
  2. Wait for approval mail
  3. Send us your logo and we will add to the website sponsorship page.
  4. Wait for Monthly/Annual Invoice (as per your request)
  5. Make payments

Email Website Administrator

3. Exclusive Advertiser

In 2023 we are looking for a single advertiser to partner with us.

We do not want Google Ads and spoil the user-experience, but rather a single exclusive advertiser to reduce admin and also provide maximum impact.

This would suit a business that wants has a global Muslim audience, but also interested in seeing Muslim Central grow.

  • We have millions of pageviews monthly, more details will be mailed
  • We going to allow 1 ad per page with up to 5 ads in rotation for our two most popular websites
  • For MuslimCentral.com
  • For QuranCentral.com
  • Email Website Administrator to request