Get Involved

We feel that we have been shadow banned on all social media platforms and thus marketing of our work has become increasingly difficult. Especially, if you don’t have large funds to market.

1. Share content:

If you cannot afford to help us financially, then consider the following:

  • Share links to our Social Media pages
  • Share links to content on our Websites
  • Share links to our websites and apps
  • Follow us on Social Media and like/comment to help us increase reach to others
  • Mention us on other websites via comments
  • Write about our work on your blog/website
  • Encourage those that can afford to support us
  • etc

2. Become a Donor

We have a special page setup for this with options and reasons to donate, please checkout it out.

3. Become a Sponsor

If you have a business, you can become a advertising sponsor and claim as marketing expense.

  1. Request via Email to become a Sponsor
  2. Wait for approval mail
  3. Send us your logo and we will add to the website sponsorship page.
  4. Wait for Monthly/Annual Invoice (as per your convenience)
  5. Make payments

Email Website Administrator (any other emails not related to sponsorship may be ignored)

For anything NOT related to the above, use our support center.