Akram Nadwi – Don’t backbite anybody!

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of rubbish collection in people's homes and how it can be used to acquire people's qualities. They also mention the use of rubbish collection in people's people's relationships and how it can be used to acquire their qualities. The speaker emphasizes that rubbish collection is a way to acquire one's qualities and is a positive step in people's lives.
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Whenever you meet someone always be positive or find something good. Like, you know, Martha Martha used to say, daughter backbite. Anybody if anybody, whatever buyer, they are always find something good to somebody said, but you know, there's something so evil, nothing good. They said, aren't they Muslims? If the Muslim isn't, it's not such a good, you got to praise people for for being useless. And if that aren't the human being didn't tell us how to make the human being, they don't have any quality, they must have something to always find that this actually is the fastest step it makes people to open for you, then you are more time to help them you know, to appreciate them. And that

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he used to say that in the morning you find two types of people you know, he's talking in Indian context. In early morning in India, two times people are walking. The first people are who walking there is who collect rubbish from the houses, you know, dirt and all those things. There I only force on the rubbish a second people injured in the morning you find them gardeners, they go to gardeners, good water, they look at the rose flowers, too, he said be a gardener. Don't be rubbish collector. Your eyes should not fall you know all the rubbish out the people and the dirt of the people. Your eyes should fall on the roses on the flowers, houses boosting every house has a garden

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and also rubbish. Now up to you which one you want to collect, which will go to to take to every person has something good and something bad, but it's up to you which one of you to correct? Is it clear? If you do this thing, then your Lord because then he treats you like that. Then what he will do? Whatever good in you he will pick on whatever even in you he will hide a cover. Is that how Jen how generous Our Lord is he is much more generous than us. The way you behave with his people. Same way he will be here with you

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