May I use your Audio

Our agreement with the speakers is very simple. Publicly available content that is for users personal usage. If you wish to do anything else with the audio content, you will have to get in contact with the speaker/publishers directly to get their permissions. Further, we do not provide contact details on any speakers or any organisations. There is indeed the matter of copyright with varying views. You must make your own research and decisions.

Are you open to collaboration?

Possibly, but due to a our size it may not always be possible. Drop us a mail with a very clear document and/or video presentation. If we keen we will get back to you iA.

How to automatically keep Android App speakers updated

Tap on the Speakers Podcast
Open the Settings for that Podcast
Enable ‘Keep Updated’

AI Generated Text

Note, we have over 60 000 Episodes. Why do we include the AI Generated Text? Well it provides a limit scope of benefit. Example, someone may be searching for a particular search phrase/term that may be present in the text. If you get triggered by AI generated text, then just ignore it. The warning is in place to make it clear it is AI Generated. Perhaps one day if funding was there, we could work on it. The accuracy is very much variable, take it with a pinch of salt.

How do I Donate?

We have a donation page with payment options, thank you for considering us.

How are you sustainable?

Through micro donations and advertising revenue, on occassion we get macro donors.

Do you offer funding for busary or anything?

No, we rely on donations for sustainability and do not offer anything like this.

May I ask a Personal and/or Islamic question?

Please keep questions directly related to our organisation and projects. We are not Islamic Scholars nor Counselors.

May I upload Your YouTube Videos to my own Channel

As a precautionary measure, we going to say no to this. The reason is, if a speaker is unhappy with a video we did, we have control to remove it and don’t have to worry about getting in touch with other channels to remove it. However, you add the video to a playlist on your channel. This avoids you have to download the video and re-upload it. Read this for more information: Quick steps, simply go to our video in YouTube and click this SAVE button and it will allow you to create a playlist on the fly or add to existing playlist of yours.

How can I get involved with Muslim Central?

We purposedly trying to keep the team small so we remain rapid, agile and performant. At the time of writing the only skill we lacking was a mid-senior level Android Developer (Kotlin + Java). Do reach out, if you able. It is specifically for Quran Central Android App.

Our main difficulty is spreading the word. Further, we see your efforts as a continous charity, as the more people who benefit from our work due to you leading them accordingly you get the rewards on-going. Allah Knows best. Consider doing the following:

  • Share our work
  • Write about our work
  • Make Videos about our projects
  • Donate to help us keep going
Questions related to Speakers

We do not link you with speakers. You will have to try their social media profiles etc.

Can we pull your feeds into our system

Currently, we not allowing this. There is sufficient support on all the popular apps including our own. If you use third party app and it does not work, then you will have to use one of our own. Another reason is intent of use, which we cannot control. If you willing to help fund our data costs, then you can drop us a mail and we can discuss integration.

I can no longer access from my App or other platform

We only support our own App, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and about two other selected platforms. Due to unauthorized access, we have lmited access to others, if you think we have made a mistake, drop us an email with details so we can correct anything on our side.


Kindly, keep your inquiry directly related to our organisation and projects. Ensure your inquiry is not covered above.