Women, Culture and Society

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Sometimes with some of them I will say, you know, men and women both complement each other. See, men as something women don't have the company made this again mistake. Quran never make women as complementary women are to complement the men. Women are independent creation, for creation, complete creation. They don't need to be complimented. Anything that a man can do, women can do, and women can do men can do, they don't need any complement this completely This is wrong really Khurana makes both of them are the independent for three simple assault Allah, nothing like that in this matter. But in family matters are telling you we need two people to make a family that has metal,

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but as individual men are as complete as they should be, and women as compared the completion of men does not depend a woman and a completion of women does not depend on the men both are indifferent completing the test, you cannot have entrepreneur

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and the professor lesson implemented that in his teaching in his lifetime, I created a society where the men and women are both a teacher both are learning both are pious both are examples both leaders both do everything

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when he passed the lower the center this tsunami Medina was not easy to you know to task for two other cities cities because Mr. Very quickly to find a button and all those cities. They're not the Quran you can take karate.

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You can take her this took over but you can't take soon enough Medina

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so now we were knocked off so quickly. The people have to find bizarre in many places. They remain with how the Sundar Medina

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but tsunami had reported to them had this nice report. So now you know report or something nerve center is implemented, where sunette implemented a city. You see the women in Medina, they go to the mosque, they pray they do everything you see them. Now somebody reported this what happened in Medina is not simply what happened to people what happens is more important than what makes your mind you see in your eye on board in my house. I see my mother never go to the mosque. She read even if reading the book of her this, how I will never connect and say what was my path but not in our society. The Society of Medina remained in Medina that the power elite for 2030 for many, many

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years. The third way mark used to insist really Sundar Medina that Allah Medina because he knows this a city where the Prophet made effort to make an example for the videos. You can take one every year you can take Bahamas in everywhere, but you could not take the city of Medina everywhere.