Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q and A 12-08-2021

Akram Nadwi
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As Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone.

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Thank you for joining us whether you're joining us from Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, which we are live on hamdulillah

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as you may have noticed we usually do our q&a is on Thursday at 6pm BST today we are doing this live on Wednesday but just for this week and next week we'll continue every Thursday 6pm PST inshallah with anyone who has a question just put it in the comments below. On Twitter, I think you just be like just tagging us in a tweet below this live in Sharla let's start with one question that we missed last week from brother scheibe and his question was

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on this it's on the screen now did armadio lawan who scold Abu hurayrah as a result of importing a hadith

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No, this is actually you know, okay nuvision lawyer of my Rahim

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you know how they thought the production of dollar Salam has been actually received at to transmit to the oma through his companions and companions in all of them are reliable, but most important people among them those who have narrated the most other religion they have been certified by the professor loved he praised him very well. Among them are all qualified Russia Dune or to live in Moscow would have to live no Mr. Abu huraira Ayesha all these people the most people who are not at all the hottie sub Sahara is a great jurist, very pious God fearing and and his memory is amazing. The professor's a mere draw for his memory so that he was able to memorize more hardy that anybody

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else he had this so he bought he said nobody knows either many Hadith idi because the Prophet Amir do offer him except Abdulla. Now, because he to write and I did not write I used to memorize he knew very clearly. But I think either some of the points in the Hadith they could be

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very important for the manufacturer

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for the judgment So in those cases sometime in a specially some holy day couldn't be more strict. To find any support, you know, most narrations you know people have no problem to accept from any companion. But for some narrations, you could think maybe the person did not learn properly or forgot to you knew some support to for some of those Hadith not only for Abu huraira for Abu huraira for Abu Musashi, the well known narration that Abu Salah shot he came to the house of Homer. I knocked the door

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I normally in that answer. And then he's not certificant time authorises the third time, and then he left and just seeing what he did. Then he Omar called him and asked him, Why did you leave? He said, The professor have said, you know, when you come to somebody's house this alarm, once, twice, third time, the third time they don't answer, then go back to you say you must bring a witness for this.

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Then Abu Musashi went to the assembly on Assad, and they will be given a call with the other people to ask somebody to support Obi given a copy. Everybody knows these are these, the youngest man among our companions will witness for you. And then zeidner Thabeet came and witnessed Omar nuda this but she's wanted to make people more careful. So similarly for Abu hora de la Mary Hadi, Saba Herrera, everybody accepted without any condition, but sometime or more the latter I will ask him to bring a proof or evidence so that all you know

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more. So, a lot of other narrating had this in the most of the parts a lot. So, then I shall become annoyed tabula rasa to ask her. You know, I know all these Hadees Did you find any mistake? She said no, there's no mistaking your Hadith. But the Prophet did not narrate so many Hadees at once, as you're doing so that was the criticism, not the path he didn't mistake and actually the thing that will hurt the Hadees all of them are supported by other companies. Some of these by Aisha supported some Bible said Abu Salah for the reason by jabber sung by Bob Dylan almost sung by Aisha, it is supported in an E Narrator And nearly what people say in the seventh or sixth 7000 how this all

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With an interest in all these a number, they only found seven Hadees with no support and all these 1000s they have got support. And this same as they are not saying put any with all is important to her this, they're supported by the people. So this thing is raised by Shia people, you know, don't listen to them on you know, verify all the information in the light of the reliable sources in the Bihari and Muslim and other books or the Hadith and Sira

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geographer show, just quickly before we go on to the next question, you do seem to be lagging and pausing a bit for me. So if one or two people can just comment below and let me know if everything else is fine on this side, and then inshallah I will know it's just a problem with me. Let's go to a question from Mohammed. What is your explanation of the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari regarding a disease and its cure being on the two wings of a fly

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Okay, I think what do you mean actually, the Hadith of the fly that the professor loss of said when a fly falls in your food so deep it because you know, one of the winning dental diseases, and the other wing has got a cure. So it always puts the the wing of the disease faster. So if you deeper than other, we also predicted and then you can eat so this ad is famous for this, and many people have done research really, there's actually somebody wrote a book on this Hadeeth recently published and I have scientific evidence, I don't know much about medical science, but anyway, some people have done research on a wrote on that.

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I mean, everybody knows really that if you live in the villages and rural areas, there are so many flies it because if a life falls in your food, and you throw it away, it will vest off in the West you know especially in developed country these days, you don't have flies in the kitchen. So far the people to the view is if sometimes of lifeforce they throw the food, but it cannot be happening other countries because the fries are everywhere and actually all the Indian sweets which are made I remember

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once we were in India and wb Jamaat and in the morning we you know they appoint some two people to prepare breakfast one on the mother mind to me and one of my friend we went to buy Indian suit and jelly

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but it was too early so the one who makes jollibee he just got up to be saw his container where he's going to

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you know make it all full of

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you know iron flies and this and that and then he came on just paint over something color clean by still the same oil he used to my friends are not going to use it is so dirty I said you know whether you were just UFC or Indian switch they are made like they're the always flies equally even the foot in the sewer sometime you can see there's a flies and decentered so you know things that people eat and then nobody dies and all this going on. So anyway if you mean that Hadith to that is this in Sahih Bukhari and also other books of the Hadith. And all of my actually are have good explanation of the Hadees as I mentioned to you after they're nothing actually wrong in the Hadith.

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Okay, just talking to her share an interesting story about your time in India, I think all of us enjoy hearing these little stories. Let's take a question from fairy her.

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Just reciting Quran in Arabic and also reciting the meaning which is better

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in the Quran is the word of the word of Allah subhanaw taala Don't you know whenever you read like I want to read first now Rubik and then I spend a half an hour whatever understanding and translation so that then you combine between both reading Arabic does not take much time anywhere. So I will advise you to do both by people somehow find difficulty to read Arabic, and just just focus on the translation. I don't mind the real thing is the Quran has kufr guidance. So if people get guidance from the Quran, they are successful people. But at the same time you read also with your tongue I the Prophet used to do salatu salam, you notice combining between both good deeds reading, you know

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with the tongue, and also understanding and you know, learning the meaning and in a pondering theme of people should ponder

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the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Okay, we have a question from Janine here, which is a very big question, what is knowledge and how can I know if anything is true?

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This is a very important question no doubt really that how people know what is true

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you know, initially you know data now you will know the truth because the sources have in the buffer pool now if I want to know something true I would ask the person what you referenced the Quran the sooner this and that and some reasoning and then I see okay, verify all the sources of fine and reasoning is a good 30 is a sound Nadi. But sometimes you don't know the reasoning you know, you don't understand maybe first time you heard something. So how do you know something right? The reason really is Allah Sahaja has created the human being on a true nature

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to when people teach you something on it in a conforms to your nature. Do you notice true to for example, some somebody advised me that you know, just use this food

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or you know, which has no oil not much sugar on E is not to me that it's good for your health, then I think really that's true really because you know, what I need is something which can give me energy and this and that. It makes more sense. So I accept it. I'm not a doctor I don't I'm not a specialist of the food. But his reasoning you know, I find good sometimes somebody comes I said to you this food Indian food in all this cover of samosa biryani so good and tasty

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So, if I'm a minor the desire Okay, I'd be happy if I really want to understand the truth I'll say no, let me think really if I eat all this food, is it going to be good for my nature? My fitrah my health you know give me energy or is not me make fire 10 bring a disease and problem let me find out then we'll know. So people suckers references the fitrah but not so clear for everybody. So that why to no sound early for most people to be very very difficult. Well if you spent time and think it can be Fantoni what I'm saying try trying to say that

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use a reference your fitrah

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your reason? And the sources, the Quran, the stone, all those some Thai curry possible, the two opinions look equally same, that fine then you know, try any of them and Allah will forgive you. Because when people make effort and they do mistake, Allah forgive them and aloud with God's people. But make a reference like that your fitrah your reason I and the sound Revelation the Quran is sound anyway, but use information and sound How do you know and then see really what pious people have been thinking? Because generally pious people agree or something, Allah supports them to look for the prize. Now look, look for the people who just write a lot of books, people who fear Allah, they

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are the honest people don't who want to know what Allah said, those who fear the Day of Judgment, to find people like that they will be more likely. So true Imam the time era Allah said, the pious people are a better to be followed, then those were merely intellectuals. And they don't fear a lot because they know video means reasoning, sometimes wrong, this could be you know, pretended to be sound. People people manipulate the knowledge, but when people feel so then want to find the sound knowledge to always look for the people who have both qualitatively the knowledge and the piety.

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And just quickly show Can you define what the fifth row is because some people can just say it's what sits right in their heart and that can mean anything. No Phaedra is not very difficult to to know really. It's a thing really just see when you buy a plant

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you know, you find a really how much sun it needs, how much water needs, and then you follow that too far. You're still physically You know, you're fitna when the child is born, why is the child happy with the mother? He cries and the mother gives the milk or milk is fine. All the time. Why? defeater otherwise, if you you know, if you do something else, you will not be happy, but the milk makes her makes him happy. So the water when you're thirsty water, in order to start eating tree your stones, water is the fitrah that water water milk, you know, you get food, similarly surrendering to Allah, that's your fitrah deepened fitrah you want to submit surrender to Him,

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because you are have done Safi the favors. You want to thank him that a deep you know, whenever anybody does, like I'm teaching you guys generally, whenever I meet my students, they really are, you know, overwhelmed by, you know, the contribution in made to them and they want to thank me, they're so happy, you know, so when you do a favor to the people, you know, they really want to fly fit right to thank you not, just to show off that in order to impress me know, that I can see really there is their nature to thanking the nature fitrah. So you need to work on that and sometimes data can be corrupted. Do you have to clean and purify anyway? I don't think in this short question

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answer time I can. Excellent well

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I have written something on the fifth arrival. And maybe some time, actually, I also have taught sometimes some courses

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on it in more detail, because fitrah is the foundation from which people know the sound knowledge.

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So maybe if I find my articles, I'll just pass on the shoreline, you can read that.

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Perfect. Exactly. Yeah, that was actually a really good explanation. Let's take a question from another unit. I said, I'm widecombe, a girl started to practice Islam. And then she found that Islam is more advantageous to men. She was saddened by this and even wanted to leave Islam. There might be more girls like, and they might have left Islam. So can you please comment is Islam more preferable to men?

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The thing that really either, you know, this is happening out of the ignorance around teachings, you know, what the first thing we have to understand really, that we don't deserve anything. In this universe, we do not make anything to whatever is there is given by law, with a two men with a two women on with anybody. You know, I find really, that Quran favors women earn more than the men do. It could be that you have teachers or on teaching, by phone, either

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a man after the marry, he had to provide accommodation to his wife, or the expensive to the wife.

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And even clearly, financially, in Islam, there's no obligation, the woman nothing.

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So somebody can sit this lamp to women more than the men are reading a Christian priest, he has returned, in that when I read the Quran, if I had not known, I would have been thinking this book written by a woman, because it favors women or the men. So, some people really are fine like that. So do you personally, you know, some people can say that, you know, God, you know, a professor, I prefer sun over human being, because sun is high and you know, shining and this and that does not get any disease and does not have any problem get more powerful gentlemen, it has more flavor, we are inferior. You know, people can say that, you know, human beings are inferior to the angels, and

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just have no sin, nothing always obedient, more powerful, is stronger. That's true.

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In any mosque can complain that women human beings have gotten more favored than us. Everybody keep company really, at the end of the day, what you need to do is, think what Allah has given me more than what I deserve, thank Him and follow His commands, that in the day of judgment on what Allah is good to look is it if a man or woman among them, one is more pious than the other, they will be favorable, real favored the paradise, not in this world. This is just 6070 year life, real February there in that favor, people are not going to judge because their man or woman, the gender is not going to, you know, be important, while reported will be your carrier, practice your email. That

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way, you know, women should realize really, that if sometimes have difficulty, men also have difficulty, a very, very difficulty, but that your test and you get a reward for that. And the real thing will be in the deaf gentleman that you know who sort of favors there or does not favor anybody. Because the agenda he only favors people because of their piety worker provision Dimmick, if a woman makes more contribution, she will feel but if you don't talk to us if you want to rebuild, tell me how can we have Allah if you don't accept Islam door surrender to Him? How good to do good to you, then you feel more because there are no other God? If you have two choices, okay,

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this God is more, you know, oppressing and him favoring men, I will change my side. I know I vote for this guard. But there's no other God. One, the one that no choice we have got, you know, the two party you can say one is actually more, you know, favoring the men on one more from the women, okay, women can vote for this party. But in this matter, there's only one God everybody had to surrender to Him. And He loves everybody. He had nothing, no hatred to the women sometime could have misunderstanding. The you know, read the Koran, read his book, make effort to understand, you know, by leaving him and deserting him, you don't want to benefit yourself, don't get anything, nothing

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happened, it's still going to die. It's still going to come to him. You know, people go unbelievers is still they have to continue by rebelling. Nobody's going to harm him. They harm themselves. It's a very serious matter. We should think and you know, try to understand this universe and our position there and the real reward in the object. Other Medina people consider lifesaver rich people more than one the poor, and I'm poor. I'm going to leave Islam

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unless you're healthy people more than that.

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You and I have got cancer. I'm going to leave Islam in Allah, several people who have got I, and I'm blind. I'm going to leave you, sir. Now, you know, unless you are more European people, and I'm Indian, a village, you know, rural areas, you know, I'm daughter, I leave Islam. If it started or something like that, really, then all the time, your complaints, it all tested everybody's interest not a man or a woman, even among the men. You know, somebody's King, somebody's minister, somebody is very, very rich. And some people are very poor, they even don't have anything to eat men. To Now we do have minister complaining that you know, other men are more rich and I'm not rich. Allah has

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no fear upon me, I leave Islam, if you leave who is going to harm yourself to try to understand Allah said in the Quran here the mirror people like that test each other to sometime you know men have more favor sometimes women have more failed sometimes among the men sampler more filler in this world because this how this one is, by what matters is the hereafter. in the hereafter. Your favor will be equal to your deeds. Not you can your gender or account your place of birth, nothing. It will be your car your deeds to work for that and compete for that little coffee, Radhika, for it an office in a modern office, people should compete about their status in the development.

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Jackie homeshare Let's take another question that unfortunately, I think a lot of us can relate to how can I fight my addiction with TV and other worldly things? Or keep falling back to it? Even though I pray consistently? What should I do? And I think this maybe comes to people watching a lot of TV being on social media a lot, maybe playing games.

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Really, that somebody was asking question about Fedora and all this, the thinking, What is your nature is your nature really just sit on the TV and keep watching. You can see the you know, it's not your nature, it's going to harm your health, your eye on the screen, everything and waste of your time, you can no really and then if you know then leave it in a human being should be strong enough to follow the what is good. And leave what is harmful. That how people should be and make yourself busy. In when you're busy and task and doing like for example, I'm here to teach. Now in this time, if the you know World Cup is happening, and you know, finals are going on and the whole

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universe is excited, I will not be excited because I'm sitting sitting there teaching.

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So when you're busy, you know for the prayer for it in the Quran understanding, make yourself busy in good things. And always your mind, use your mind not to waste time, some time you need to have relaxation, sometime you need to you know, give yourself some ease. That's fine. Sometimes it's possible, you know, some programs can help you. But be limited, make your limit, don't waste your time your life goes very quickly. You know, I very often Actually, this pressure in my mind that life is going passing so quickly. And we are wasting our time there when it comes to my mind. Even if I'm not feeling well. I forced myself to do something. So that I you know, I have been teaching

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people and one of my daughter Fatima, she said to me that she learned from this verse so much that I said to her force yourself to that's true, really, it is not that you know good things come easily. You have to force yourself if you know something good, then do it. And you know something harmful, then force yourself to leave it. Then one day become your hybrid? Well, if you don't want to want to force yourself and follow your desire, then you're not a proper human being very weak person, very weak personality. You know, the real people follow reason. They judge with the reason something good, then they do it. The judgment, the reason something harmful, then they leave it. So you know,

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be strong, don't become like a weak people are addicted to addiction actually is weakness.

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So don't be proud of your weakness. You know, do things because it is good. And leave the testing because it is you know harmful, that how we should do not by addiction or by desire that the were the children children like that with people, but it's not the fault of the reason and mind.

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Exactly. I think that was in reminded that we all needed. Let's take a question from Fahim. Why do some scholars say that a woman needs four eyewitnesses to prove her claim of being raped?

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The thing is that people have you know, mixing between two things. One is no

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you know, normal other tree where every man or woman have desire and they fulfill their desire with a marriage.

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So that needs for witnesses

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Reason is generally these things are done, you know, in a way people cannot see anybody can accuse anybody tell us what they want to protect people's honor, understand that to four witnesses, if anybody accuses, you know, someone, so they have to be punished, because otherwise any woman can be abused to people can make us piracy, and accused this woman, adultery, and now she's going to be punished or, you know, stolen. So that is very dangerous matter to for these purposes people need for witnesses. So they are, they are respecting women. And they know that they don't have to use them after a symptom in their portrait. But sometimes some women are, you know, raped, you know,

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forcefully and this and that that's another matter. That's not simple Xena Oh adultery with two people I agree this equally she has been forced for that, while you need another proof, you know, that that just can do sometimes to people, sometimes some examinable the body sometimes, you know, finding the people who are accused, you know, there are so many ways to find the crimes in this world. So that does not mean for witness that needs a proof. If a judge can establish that recall, in Islam or wherever, so don't mix between two things, very matter this Xena word man or woman, you know have relation does with desire willingly, both of them want to have this relation, then

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different matter then here in the need for witnesses, because anybody can accuse anybody. But when somebody has an offended by force, or by any way, then you know, how can women find for witness it impossible, then there are other major measures to prove the crime. And you know, judges know the cost. No, they will do that.

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Does that exactly. Let's take a question from Sn. That is a two part question. So I think only the first part will show on screen. How does one have who's joined during Salah when one doesn't know the meaning of the surah that they are reciting? I always thought that once you'd contemplate in the recited words, but if people basically only attend the Arabic syllables without knowing the meaning, how do millions of layman Muslims go about the issue of trying to achieve closure? How do you define who you are yourself? Sure. First thing is really understand the meaning.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:31

You know, all these millions of Arabs, they know the meaning of hula, hula talk louder, beautiful and all these suitors which are easy in the Quran? Do they have

00:27:33 --> 00:27:39

an even if you're lucky, you're certainly all the Halima? I know the meaning of all this surah Do I have a question? Because I know the meaning.

00:27:41 --> 00:27:58

No, it doesn't even it is something different. Really. consecrating in a four bit in your mind. People are the worst without thinking. Because the hybrid even to odd in the morning. Even if people just ask Allah, Allah give me money, even that which in their own language, they don't consider it, they have no shoe.

00:27:59 --> 00:28:39

her shoe is not because you will know the meaning or show news concertation focusing, you know, being attentive, you know, attend, be attending the prayer properly with mind, think that's a different matter. That can happen without knowing the meaning also, but meaning can help be helpful. But first is focus attend. How can you attend attentive without knowing the meaning? Because I can't many people really the real prayer is the action. When you stand think I'm in front of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, in front of him, he sees me when you go to Roku and say does think I'm surrendering to him for submission to him once or only to help you. But they have not actually in

00:28:39 --> 00:28:57

Roku, if it was so horrible. I mean, they still Roku is fine. If you don't know how to be honest, still use it. That's fine, nobody's obligatory to say these words. Words are not important, important action. Think what I do really, even again, some people are reading the Quran not obligatory. If you

00:28:58 --> 00:29:08

are reading the Quran, the prayer is not obligatory. And the prayer can be varied without any reading to how did they help you in thinking by the action

00:29:10 --> 00:29:12

caused by being attentive

00:29:13 --> 00:29:22

not necessarily know the meaning of the word. People know the meanings. And they have no clue at all. And there are people who don't know any word, but they have

00:29:23 --> 00:29:56

you know, there are many people in India, you know, they don't know Arabic, but still when they pray. They of course you because they know what they're doing is standing in front of Lhasa, hautala, surrendering to Roku and cider. You know this thing and crying and weeping. They're different matter, to try to understand, you know, the real thing in your mind focused on mind. You know, reading is not important in the prayer but if you read and understand sometimes can be helpful, but a real thing in your mind. Focus being forced yourself to think of what you're doing.

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Okay, inshallah I think we shall wrap it up there since it's 630. Exactly how to share your time, and Xochimilco and everyone else for joining us.

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Just quickly in show life, I can have a quick announcement.

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Just yesterday, we launched our first short course of the academic year. This short course is a detailed study of Bihari and tirmidhi with Jakob Natalie, this course is a year long course but it's part time so it's just spread out between it's spread out in 10 days, but 10 full days. So inshallah, if you are interested, just head to the URL on the screen. Again, thank you everyone for your questions. They were very beneficial, and I hope everyone else was able to take some sort of benefits in Sharla. Next week, we'll be having our q&a from Thursday 6pm BST inshallah. And please do follow us on social media. We've got YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, keep up with our

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stuff in sha Allah and until next week as salaam alaikum everyone

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