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alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Ali was Molina Ma, we will be learning the SharePoint of a zz loyal of mine wafi in Canada Hello

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my dear brothers and sisters, this is this classify the seed of the progress analysis.

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So, let me explain to you what is why we need to learn the Sierra. The first thing I mentioned to you that people need to know the book of Allah because that is the guidance and that the source of the knowledge how to be a bother so that we need to learn the Quran why we need to learn sooner because the sooner is application of the Quran the you need to know how the professor has applied the Quran is like that vital very important to learn this is not the process or listen to what the sera sera is the context in which he applied this The sooner if you don't know the context, you fail sometime kafala is sometimes could have been the professor less applied is sooner into certain

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context. If you have similar context, then you can apply in the same way if your context a little different from his context, then you can activate change. But if you don't know his own context, how can he know when he taught certain so now what are the reason for that? The professor Latham has taught in a hurry is that when you when you walk in a path if an unbeliever counsel force him to narrow path to now you're going even there and you're walking on the street and somebody's Christian trying to force him to narrow path will happen, but it will happen. You did not learn really what what the context of the process is. Many, many Hades people keep doing this problem. people refer to

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the Koran they sit in the Quran. people sit in the in the sooner but they don't understand the context of the prophets of Allah Salah. Do you need to learn the Quran? The revelation, you need to learn the application how the Quran had applied the sooner and you need to learn the context or the application, how the profit applied that not all theory, then you have knowledge that is very, very important to learn the Syrah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is it clear to Sierra the prophets allows them you know it was further for the prophets ultimate human being

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he did many things what any human being does.

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So, if you do those things, you know, it is not very important because any human being will do the same same a different way he was a man to he will do many what men do to you know the harder we will follow him the thing properly two people have to understand what he has done either men either man and what he had done either messenger to Sierra will help you to understand really that what while his contest properly in this matter so people keep people keep failing all the time. They said we follow suit on what they do they put on a great green turban they don't understand really that this green color, what not enough guidance. It could have been any color actually most most the color

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that he liked really the white color to some time meditate people do. He did not do it either guidance he did either hybrid or harder. That was sealability will tell you to further he used to you'd eat a certain type of the food, not because that's what he wants to believe us to follow. Because that was his contest, or people you know in that and that what they used to eat to now if you follow him in that form and say no it is the sooner and if people don't follow the sooner they run and all that matter. This instead that was only a context that was basically his syrup. Now the sooner

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the professor Latham used to tell his wife certainly stories,

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those stories their stories are our people and his wife syrups today you will learn them enjoy them. And if you tell her the same story to your wife worried in hand they will enjoy them and they're tired and enforce the novelty sooner must listen if they don't listen you become angry no right? Because you have to tell them the stories I think English people that their story that they like not the story that it that you heard in the last person I listen to many people don't understand this dispiriting really, do you need to know the Quran you need to know the sooner and you need to know the Syrah the professor lesson that how to his Sera,

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Sera the parcel Allah cielo in the source of the Syrah there are many. The first one is the Quran also mentioned many things which we need to know about the contents of the parcel, are they since two very different the life of the person or some Arab nation in the Quran, but Allah brother who heard her they be Yeah, conquest of Makkah, you know many of those to the machine to Quran and he was an Arab, he used to speak Arabic language, to distance admission the Quran many theses are mentioned in the books of the Hadith. In Bukhari and Muslim

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men It is also mentioned in the books of history and many more things are mentioned in the books which are written for the Sierra

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To lock your books off in this heart, you know in SC Rafinha shall I say Mundo Sera, Sera, these two are the most important one is Hartman, immigration and their big break after that actually all the sources that they rely on them in a modern time there have been in many, many effort to ride the Sierra de Barcelona ceramica to the most authentic information in India, this will basically weather inward this scientifically become very, very important. And Indian people have produced more work on the Sierra than anybody else. You will find the books on the Sierra in Enugu more than Arabic more than any language. This topic India curry has been in early working very very hard. And mo the

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famous poor India who really work on the syrup Rasul Allah is properly scholarly and more professionally in our mana Shiva normani. On is a student of Mora system and in one seven volume work on the Sierra de parcela Alyssa lamb, you know, taking in only referring to the most authentic source in the Sierra in that area analyzing it properly. And accurately. They also wrote it, you know, good mocha Professor introduction to make clear what sources they're using

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Shirin Omani was one of the great literary man of India. He died in 1914 in a minor education reformer in India and metaphor to literature, to when he writes our Syrah it not only you know, good information, also very good style and language people who know the language, you know, they're going to appreciate it in India, people in the past used to memorize his work and his writing on the Syrah and they used to repeat them, you know, this feature is so powerful is very, very powerful writing language. And Sierra was the last one, before the Sierra has also made it so you can see really, when he became, you know, more refined in his style of writing, and in became a part of write

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writing. Then he come to Sierra two before that he had done so much work on the personal poetry on Arabic poetry and the history of the Busey people in the industry of Alibaba, Abu hanifa, and bizarrely, and so many things, last that he did is the Syrah the professor dalis Allah you know, he said, you know really started sooner the process a lot less.

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He started the book with his own party was very nicely said, I jhumki mud hockey above up the standard key mojej and de Mogi me as Danny Ray munakata Naga

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Naga Luca who see that a para Hotham kodaka suka you heartened

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to see Melissa I spent my life in appraising Arjun none other people, Irani and a person you know he wrote it in the best history or the or the poetry of personal petition as in five volumes, neutral language and a passionate people have no history of their own language in the language that are set that into into question that because one of the most important sources, you know many, many passions right it really when they refer to any port, they say what she said about him, or she will is saying about them become more authentic to the recent chemotherapy. I spend my time president none other people, Persian people their poetry.

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Abbas Yaki das teleki I wrote the history as a Basset people he wrote our maamoun and you know, he was in such a different capacity and manomaya so our basuki das teleki mu j h and then we'll be met as Danny Ray Renata, it was destined by Allison hautala that I spent much time of my life in these things, you know, in a bus seat and a German this and that, not doing the right thing on all those things marginal thing, I have to spend so much time that Nagar oblique rounds.

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But now I'm writing the biography of the final prophet sila, the prophets to see hotter and hotter and hotter ended. So he says for Dhaka suka her new heart immobile affair anata I thank Allah, this how he wants to make my heart and my end of my life. And he died in need. He just he was in wide variety, the secondary he died. But it was a dying, he called his tumors. And he made a villain that completed this book. And then his 200 mala Silvana Devi, he left everything, all his, you know, position everything. And he devoted himself sacrificed of this work to his book of seven modules. You don't find work on the Sierra so comprehensive, any language, this one is certainly most that

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time that are most up to date, he used all the sources available, really very important work. But the problem also is because he believes in good in older literature, if you read the Old Testament, different things, if you're translating, or even many people have been asking to translate translate, they have been in a factory I was made a supervisor to supervise the transition of this whole working for a parameter into Arabic. But I realized really, nobody can trust the people who transfer it. So you can't ask the meaning. You cannot ask the chivalry the standard is so nice and even if it is not a thing. It's so so powerful language. People don't have to even actually when he

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wrote it, in one page, about the birth of the Prophet

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Profit the board now didn't want to put in his book very long page. So nice so moving when even more

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to know it by heart when people used to read in the approval to cry and nothing is

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no exaggeration there was a real fight but those facts are mentioned to him by him in such a nice way you start crying so nicely done really you know is amazing man. Danny it's one of the workup people should really is to hit those who know if if people don't know what to do, then you see you're missing something in order to do that and we also have something where people can miss

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otherwise no doubt in the main source is the information in the book of Syrah by Miss up in this happening Michelle, the mean to

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you know, the prophets allow some really all the time you know, our people and person people and everybody really, you know, all of us so much praise for him and he really taking the poetry of that those people. Some of that's fairly simple, but it's still the moving heart. You know, one of the

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in a passionate person, hugger de dum Marais Buta was Edam this year fuba de dum lakyn to tzd getting this alpha bahagia de dum. I have traveled all over the world, you know horizons east west, north south everywhere I've gone to Hagar de dum I've traveled all the world wandering in the world. Marais Buddha was eaten I fallen in the love of every beautiful face anybody pretty and beautiful. I fell in love with him every single person this year full bodied and I've seen so many high end summon restrictive and beautiful people so many when I travel the world lacking to a degree but you you are something different to see I've seen so many beautiful people so many attractive people so

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many pretty faces. But nothing like you You are something different. She saw the Mullah report but he said Arabic language which I cannot I can't do Arabic language. It is not very correct. It takes the mistake of grammar but it is so famous now. Bella Bella Lola camara de casa Da Vinci Mr. de hacer me office Harley Sullivan he he read the owner with His perfection C'mon kashia deja vu Jamal he he has been revealed and he definitely removed the darkness by the beauty of his face. hustlers Jimmy okay sorry all his characters are in a good and nice and perfect complete solution a Wally do prayer upon him and his famous Arabic language you cannot solve what he what the mistake is here.

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What can we write with?

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No, he says Salut Allah, Allah He saw this esta la Valley Valley This is a mistake. But everybody says what a mistake is there Who knows?

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Yeah, I should be well and he got the way in Arabic language is you cannot make up for on the on the pronoun except by repeating the heart failure Do you have to assess I knew it a while early if you said I knew it was wrong. But this mistake in nobody cares the internet famous you should follow Allah. Allah but if you say what he did not run it properly.

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But when you don't say his mistake of the grammar, any arugula salad if there is any output he will do differently. Maybe not certificate is a mistake. This is not right. To say sorry not Anyway, you know he did but he was sincere. He did become very famous.

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And the airport said about you know the promise and all this will lie he made a lot shampoo shangzhou

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in our eco Kanaka room Ghana Farsi

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what a hammam to be suitably ma immunotoxin illa Allah is to hire Monica iarla Milka fricassee he said well la haematologica en su Allah, by Allah no sun has risen or by Allah no sun ever set but your name is already with my beret. Every time every day comes every morning comes every night. Every breath I take your name is dear wala among to be sure to be my hatachi and whenever I'm thirsty, and I want to drink the water, when I look in the water, I see your your reflection in the water in every water, no doubt will people love the professor listen to you know these I can see

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melted there was in India in a big problem in politics in India. So, there are monitors and modern Indian people they know he was an integrated politician and he was working for the unity of India and all that to his he had the theory that millet in the mill mill that is from the land. If you have another same land you have one mill the guy he wanted to make it into the Muslim knighted two against the British people. So he met in Hindus and Muslims together. They say Malala is from the land if you are from the land, you say Muslim, Hindu Muslim. Yep.

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But no doubt he cannot accept that the body boss will fit in our normal life and the Legion. If you have differently How can we say Mila Muslim Sarah 100 other Milla to a cabal wrote in a first line of the poetry or gets more drama than it is lasting it is the one people don't don't don't don't lie this but is very true. He says, I am who knows in Adana, add or remove the D word that they are wonderful Cena Ahmed ej Budaj a beast, people of none other people, none are up people have have no idea of religion. They don't know the secrets of the region. Those who are not arrested. They don't know the secrets or the religion. You see from Durban who said Ahmed, he talks about the Legion. How

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shocking This is. Somebody from Durban comes and troubles region he says people who have not arrived they don't know what religion means. So who the person I remember him will let other botanist Che Guevara Mata Mohammed era beast, he came on the member on purpose and him gave a speech that he made that is from the land mean that if you are from the same land, you sell builder, how unaware he is from the place of the profit of muscle Allison, he does not know what muscle does and what he now talking about distinct.

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But Mustafa barasat hazera kd Hama algarrobo una casa de Tamam Bula hobbiest. Make your surfer to be connected with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, if you read to him, they need to have religion. If you don't reach to him, then you are from Ebola, not from him. So no doubt really, you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam only can be known really, if people really know if you if you have other ideas, that idea what they say tonight, Hindu, the Muslim, or get British is an Aboriginal father proper to be at work I've got British against this Islam and it's worthless, but to when this high carpet even though Allah can help, you can see that they can change their

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thinking. And if people can see really when you make like data, that people believe in something else, it is false. And then it remained until now until now, his followers, the keep saying same thing and suffering happening. The idea was from very beginning, Islam has Islam had nothing, no opposition to British people are not British people is Islamic, not against British Empire or my British, but it's analogous to the empire of how our desire

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if people follow the result, even if they're ruled by by by Muslims, it is not Islam crude, nothing particularly British have gone from India or Pakistan. Are we happy?

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Still, they're not the same people now, they were really left to move to UK, or that they have been working all their life to hit British people. Now they want to leave Pakistan, they bet Pakistan wide for Islam, and they will know what they want to leave Pakistan and come to UK reason is because actually we are serious or the desire. It doesn't matter what it is Allah Islam has come to oppose the desire, not in any race or any or any language or any people No, it really it is to do about the belief anyway. So that what he said,

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to understand this thing, this will help you to understand why the prophets Allah thornwell really, to hear he the real thing is being a messenger to his life, you can divide into three parts.

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He's a human being,

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you know, one thing he's an IRA and he's a messenger.

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He's Basha

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an aura and he's also a messenger in the Sierra EULA or the 30s. Why we need to love this human being, when you love this human being that he actually relevant to you, you know, he was human be like me, and he did why can I do this? Do you understand properly what is because you are weak? To hear same same promises you have

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said that before you all the messenger used to have wives and children had a normal human being people could have said that you know how can we follow him? He does not have vice internet children. He does not become hungry How can you follow him? It is very important not that you are human being second thing he's an Arab

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he's born and that to meditate he does it he did it either people do it too. Now people come and say no we're learning Arabic language soon because the profit is restrict Arabic. No he spoke Arabic not because it's enough guidance is

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it enough so now that people learn Arabic language, Arabic language is import for other purposes, but not because the professional used to speak Arabic language becomes important, but the Prophet had to speak a language and speak language of his own people. He cannot speak English at that time. He could not speak Persian or do if he spoke pursue the goal to understand him too. He had to understand speak the language people to manage and he that

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the professional used to love a theory that he did. One is special food that people used to make from the meter and also from the bread together to like you know we have in India will have biryani so you can see like biryani for people today used to make threes. Now if you think sorry that in a third is more important food, not necessarily 30 the body for him is the best food but not necessary. Everybody needs to make 30

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Seabury the profits analysis whenever he for him

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to he used to make some treatment

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That treatment that medical treatment coming from, from its own knowledge in from the knowledge of our people to our people for certainty they used to treat it in a certain way. So, sometimes you know, sometimes by honey sometime by this sometime by vinegar, it could be some of those things can be also beneficial for anybody in the world, but it is as soon as it is soon enough other people basically it is practice of medicine, with the professor has you that any are people they could be relevant to us they could not be, but people need don't need to follow the same medical treatment because as soon as the person is not necessarily it people in hired the profits have been any worse,

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he would have done the same thing, understand the difference properly, that what whatever the professor had done, or the human being, you have to know that it will help you to understand that you know, how relevant he is for you. And whatever he then at the other people you have to know this Do you understand really what is different between enough guidance and soon after culture. And so, now the tradition so not that people, many people keep making mistake in this matter, some people really think that you know, making ceremony sooner that made people do then is what they don't understand and as soon as possible. So, not the person is guidance in the era people they used to

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have turban, that was the culture and the Professor lathan did not have trouble all the time these people are in England 24 hour trouble when I'm sick, but the professor never had 24 hour terrible most time nothing under him he used to have turban only when any interview delegation comes important people come to like you know nice cloth and turban properly, sometimes not even all the time meeting them, but most time nothing actually one single cloth many many times in Java Abdullah the left anonymous setting is a Muslim and many many books after this. It has so famous Are these the ones who came to market and karma and he was old age and he had all turban all the cloth

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properly. And time came for the prayer. He took off a turban everything all the clothes shirt, and just put on it in his arm this morning one o'clock nothing else and learned the prayer. after sundown one other person asked him why did you take off all your clothes? He said so a stupid person like you asked him this he doesn't say Muslim is stupid person like you asked me the reason I did this because I've seen the professor's and many Natan praying in a single growth nothing really and people think he used to pray interval you don't I actually heard this after one party has come only one step and also it not very unease condition in different contexts. You can see the professor

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turban, which people think it was like sooner, to 40 very soon that is one of the other mistakes and even that actually not so much proven. To that why we need to learn that he was doing. He used to do many things that other people do. He used to eat in vinegar because it was nice to eat eat and so I'm not saying they're not useful actually I must have like like this stinks. But if you do this because as soon later on, but if you do this it's the other the process the lesson but you love the profit and you want to do whatever he did you get reward for that because of the professor himself. It's such a reward that people put on turban because they love the process the lesson they will get

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reward. But they put a turban because they think this will now guide us that the mistake is not true. If people in the people end each dare say because the professor used to eat and they love the professor lesson. They love anything he did they get rewarded, but they think it is to another guy that he came in the world to teach people to he did this wrong, he did not come for that purpose. It was not his purpose. Is it clear? To the professor industry in the Sierra what we need to learn, we need to learn that every human being we learn immunity that he was an Arab and we also know that you are the messenger, three things. These are what we call the contest. So let me repeat properly. The

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Quran is the revelation has come to teach you how to buy the cyanide application the revelation how to you know how the first person who received the revelation how to read the sooner is like the opponent is right. And the Sierra is the context of the sooner what are the context of the Prophet when he applied the Quran? What are his context? If you don't learn the context, you will fail to apply this will not use your your life you will not do properly you will do mistake later you do the same thing. But since you don't do in the same context, you do mistake the word Prophet did his authentic content contest if you do in different contests it will belong

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to people must learn how to say that actually one of the problems many mothers are India is that they don't decir the T's Bukhari they teach Muslim but they don't teach sera sera that or even you know my friend Manasa Rashid is from Giovanna Odom he certainly some websites too They even don't know the Battle of bad robots before the Battle of offered the simple tivity very very no they don't know that they never the no single industry people said that's an Islamic in destinies army that no single book on the serum. The whole army does not have a clique does not teach you any history, nothing to it. We need to learn the secret. We also need the former Russia rule, but you become

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hardened and you don't know about the personal lesson. You can get a certificate or haarlemmermeer you have

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new idea for Russia to what they have done nothing about them. This really one of the problems of the of the curriculum in India, India's a country, you can see really not only, you know, go and look in the curriculum of do one Saharan poor, and also, you know, the mother Assad in England, you know, mothers of any country you can find Syria is nowhere, people don't have it, the first person in the movie, realize the importance monashee no money as much as his name he's in that way, you know, he made it over, he got it in many, many curriculums, very work.

00:25:32--> 00:26:15

So this third thing is that he did think so, I the messenger will head this is the messenger, then we also need to learn something there I'm going to teach you a few important things that we have to keep in mind, when he gets inside the messenger, there was when he first read that why he came, then he the different from anybody else, then his analogy is much superior to any knowledge, then he never endure what it as a human being. You can find something similar to other cultures what you can find similar to but what he gel messenger, then no MC no no farabi no Aristotle, no in the RV, no vasarely no raazi nobody can be equal to nobody everybody had to learn from him. in that aspect.

00:26:15--> 00:26:49

He's the man understand publica he gets knowledge from the revelation and the people who get knowledge from the human source of the knowledge he gets it in knowledge and and beyond human source, in that matter is completely different person. Nobody is not you know, there's a people are all among Abu hanifa more Allah and the Prophet about Abu hanifa No, nothing like that. Difference between Abu hanifa and the prophets Allah is not same, same like different job honey family, not like that. Abu hanifa Malik, they can have some differences. But the prophets are not has nothing to do with that. It's completely beyond that. Abu hanifa and Malik both are basically smallest units in

00:26:49--> 00:27:20

that Omarosa, they're not Amanda in datamodel. In a wearable honey family, they are a limit, you know, they can see the amount what is more or less important, what kind of the right would come around. But when it comes to the Prophet Muhammad Salah al Islam, then they are not Imam, then Abu hanifa and Malik and shafia number, they are just it's more students to understand don't compare these people with, with Professor listen to when he's a passenger, he received a gnarly firmware for a pure source from Revelation, nobody can compare with him to this one import as per

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second is poor aspect is it he has got duty to teach people is a skill as well. It's not only receive your knowledge, he is duty also teach that your knowledge to everybody.

00:27:33--> 00:27:35

It's impossible that he does not teach.

00:27:36--> 00:27:49

What I mean by that is, now if somebody comes and tells you that you know in this matter, this will actually be more important than what the prophet has said in our write, that the Prophet could not hide something. For example, somebody says to you

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in a salon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam you know in the prayer, you know, fine, but I have seen by dream that I knew I somebody taught me that salad and said if you say this, you go to Paradise to I'm going to read this, this never can be more important or the salad that people learn in the in the dream or they learn from their chefs and Messiah, the neighbor can be as important as what a proper had done, because prophet is a teacher he must teach he could not see it as it is to either you are going to say he knew and industrial era he was I mean his t shirt or you want to say he did not know and you know, think properly this there are two people in India Pakistan the teaching that

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after on Friday after us a prayer if you say certain salata you know the public a bad at times of zomato Allah Mohammed Abdullah bin Ahmad Alison Taslima, this happened and they make everybody after us a prayer after us on Friday to sit and say this thing properly. It's a companies who have been doing this thing could they conquer the What do they call the village a woman Jarrah used to sit after us a prayer said there's a lot and the person I didn't they didn't think properly there were I taught the people v Cadiz which basically so many problem in that Hadees now they make everybody in this room to follow that have this in the before that nobody's followed that you never find a honey

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for after ever teaching people that after on a Friday after as a player you have to say at time this the route this Salah is never fun Abu hanifa no magic no Shafi number no companion nobody will ever find a serenity in 20th century India you find somebody teaching now everybody follow that. And in many most if you have seen the announced that after after the announcement, you said this the route you get rewarded. You think the professor did not come with a teacher. He was a teacher and when he meisinger the teacher to understand profit dude, he that he received an RA and her duty to teach people. If he did not teach what he could have taught him, then it is not important understood. If

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you could not read president of his time, something like that. That's different matter. But salata on him. It is something you know, he should teach anyway, if you've not read this last Friday, I'll see you next time.

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As opposed to this time divided in that these people that after us a prayer Friday should this is most nobody stuff is most after us prayer people do their own due diligence. Nobody sits in the mosque, to set the Salah to you know, this is not a productive people.

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And the last thing in his heart, he was a seal of all the profits, people have to learn this thing. He was CEO of auto profit, meaning after him, nobody has got that authority. They stopped finished when he died. Then the gate of revelation ended basically that knowledge which was beyond human access, that knowledge started with him. Once he died, then oh Casa de commodified kumana le whatever the people can come, they can come as far as possible. But they don't share the same knowledge. They don't have it. They have no nothing to do with the source of La Casa de la whatever he does, he never can get revelation. O'Meara farrokh he could go any ticket considering my cannot

00:30:56--> 00:31:23

get revelation impossible. Abu hanifa Malik Shafi they can be clever people, intelligent people, but they don't receive revelation is impossible for anybody. I as soon as somebody I got revelation, he's a liar. There are in this oma in our time if somebody comes up in the past, before the professor larussa them. He said somebody saying I'm a prophet, to whatever you ask him, miracle, what emerges. But after the professor lesson when somebody says, I'm a prophet, whatever to ask him. Nothing he said

00:31:24--> 00:32:00

nothing. Before it before the professor Thank you It could it be possible that people can be prophet to ask them their proof. But after the professor, listen, we don't ask you to prove what we said to them. You are a liar, simple thing, whatever. If somebody calls me shiny face, forever, nicely, and all night prayer and Jihad and all those things. And the same prophet Tory will say, You're a liar. You're Satan. With all the prayers or fasting that you do, you are shut down. You are not not even a believe believer to understand properly with Hata, Mooney Navy Seal of all the profits in nothing should impress you when this man of Missoula Gianni he came some people in India they became

00:32:00--> 00:32:43

impressed by his face he was so nice fist lighting in a more mana advisory but he said his face has so much light to how can we layer in people mahmoudi cirino even if its face it like Sun is still is alive in the no doubt no doubt about it. You know when you for Apple, if the glass is dirty, what you need to do clean with the water. But if you clean the urine, it will more shining. But it will not purely dirty it makes him more dirty. To sometimes his carry more shiny, not because it is a profit face. It can face as a shutdown. You think shiny never be pressed by the shining of the face. Always theory by somebody liar is a liar, too after the profit muscle lesson. Nobody certainly had

00:32:43--> 00:32:50

any revelations never happened. If anybody said to us that no doubt that this person remember once they've been in Delhi,

00:32:51--> 00:33:26

he asked me to do Manasa to discuss I said nothing to discuss with you anyway. Because to you in what he said in the proof because you believe made a profit and to me he's a liar. So how can we discuss the nothing in common between us and you? You can discuss with something in common, but here between me and even the nothing common to some simple thing for us is that no doubt it should be in the mind of the people that after the profit or muscle loss and then no profit. We can restrict people because they start like oh honey for the money. But the never profits of a hanifa can do mistakes. I certainly hadn't mistakes. Molly can do mistakes. And he has done mistakes. Ma Shafi

00:33:26--> 00:34:03

because everybody they can do and they didn't mistake and that's what I want to show the people. But the prophet muscles in His revelation is pure, protect, protected, if you mistake happen, not a revelation in his own teaching that Allah will correct him because he makes something could happen. He's human being sometime he could misunderstand something he did think more than one from him. So unless Muslims correctly read the Quran, even the Ulema to hurt him if he did not make any haram of Allah. But what happened to the professor nothing used to like honey very much. When his wife, she got good honey, to under he loved honey so much every day after us a prayer or Saturday, he used to

00:34:03--> 00:34:42

go to her house to eat honey, and the profits were to spend time turn by turn one day in this house one day this house but the color of the honey during the daytime he used to go to this house more than more than the town. The town is actually will normally get the and the people in the night when somebody is more than one wife obligated to divide the net North Indian into data and people can go for for any native Kathy Weiser need other news as well. So the professor did not do anything wrong. It was right for him to go out to eat honey. But otherwise they become jealous. Like I said lots of settlers and they make a big conspiracy. You know, everybody and that when the Prophet came to hafsa

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

to the he said, I can feel I can smell from you, you know, a certain sense that I submitted which the President did not like, then otherwise it's the same thing to hear you right? They didn't actually do anything which is very similar, except it's funny. Maybe the honey has somebody smell, too. He said I will not eat this honey. It was not a meeting.

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Hello I'm still gonna want to correct even the view limit and allow love to understand properly and his knowledge before he died without any mistake he did not leave any mistake any ambiguity in the religion so we don't need actually had there been no ghazali no Razi no no RB nobody see now no Abu hanifa no Malik, still Islam would have been perfect a complete you know, indeed experts that they did not actually add anything to religion. We don't need them they are like sports that they can help us. But you know, without them it's still Islamic, the same we've got about experts to understand properly if anybody teaches you what the Prophet did not teach, be careful. If anybody

00:35:38--> 00:35:53

comes and tells you what prophet had to understand what he or he taught, that's fine, like a funny family. But if somebody makes a new thing, which he did not teach this, then don't take it because the reason I had to come by the professor directly that why we needed to learn the Syrah the process this

00:35:54--> 00:36:36

thing actually very important not to anyway in this matter what you believe is he the sila the Prophet, and after him that no proof no events in Islam, though, you know, one of the 14 will do said or done is would hotma Rasul Mola equal disini overbore a Roku box Ah, forever. Yes. ina nigga Hey, is comas team and we're here we're here feel, well, HIPAA, HIPAA, HIPAA, Sema heeta. So the profit center basically is the, you know, the best of all messengers. He is the seed of all the profits. He is the master of all the believers. He is the one who raised the people from the Duster to become Casa de He is the one who did, he basically for every teaching in the religion about

00:36:36--> 00:37:10

whether it belongs to the reasoning or belongs to the love and the heart in everything he's referenced. It is not that you know, for reasoning as a religion, you go to Messina, and for the love and the heart you go to NaVi Sufi know for every single thing is the reference in a seeder needs to learn from him. rather he needs to learn from him. And in order to be a Sufi, he needs to learn from him. And wherever it differs from him, we leave because early on we follow him very novice Sufi differ cerami we live in Nairobi and follow Him to understand properly in the matter of the heart purification of the heart dusky at the subwoofer where people live in every single thing

00:37:10--> 00:37:40

he refers anything to se comes up from any source other than Him is not reliable. And that vibrates to fill in all the time like you know, the famous one is a mana chef from India, you know, he used to say that mushy lebap who did nimisha with the lead us guitar was not me by the way of the shoe. Messiah of Sufi Messiah is not any proof if it is a must be brought from the Quran sooner, simple tonight as much

00:37:41--> 00:37:55

as they can make explanation of what the Prophet did, but they cannot differ from him. And wherever differ from him, we leave them and he started the professor lesson because he is the Quran. He is the futon, he's the scene. He's the one who came to spend all those things.

00:37:57--> 00:38:00

Okay, now before Okay, I think it's time for the question again.

00:38:01--> 00:38:10

But it's a very important elevator. Let me repeat this thing to what poron is to a bada must be coming from Revelation and apply the source of the revelation.

00:38:11--> 00:38:46

And the sooner is what application of the that revelation and what sera sera is the context of that application. To believe us a need to learn about the author properly, you need to learn the Quran. You need to learn the sooner and you need to learn the Syrah of the prophets Allah I think this product can be a millionaire so they don't see Syrah that way they don't make a difference between the sunako and between the terroir, they think or the Sooners, something they don't understand. So not only was enough guidance on Talabani, that's enough guidance, two different things to read people need to learn this difference. You need to learn the Quran you need to learn the sooner I

00:38:46--> 00:38:50

need to learn the Sierra the proselytism. Okay, if you have questions, please.

00:38:51--> 00:39:18

Share we have often mentioned, like in classes regarding my class aid, and so on, but we don't often know the real purpose behind things regarding the actions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his customs. Where do we kind how do we how can we differentiate what is what was his other and what was Hooda? And what is the criteria? For example, someone could say that the beard or eating with the right hand could be something of the custom.

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

That's a good question. The first thing I understand is this religion is clear. Nothing is really ambiguous. But Korea is also need to make people do due to make effort if you don't make effort, even something is clear, because unclear anything for example, now we know if somebody asked me that why, you know some time you say $100 bill on me, they lie sometimes in Allah Allah, Allah sometimes you can't allow alima Whoa, why sometime Allah and Allah Allah to five which is confusing, but people who but if you make effort, you can know really why it is something nilla Why isn't that kind of low waste of time delay, but it needs effort. Similarly, in what is

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

Not the guidance on what is the sooner the harder, it is clear, no doubt about that, it needs effort people need to learn people need to spend time really to some time you can see very clearly he said that he has come to teach 32 You know, he has covered subjects parametrically we have sent him to sometimes sir people must eat with the right hand equally cast people who eat with the left hand you can see what he intends too many of those things you can learn properly and sooner sometime if you put together many many formation. So, you get since one information lactating but you collect many, many farmers, it will tell you to let you know many many automatically transmitted very nicely and

00:40:36--> 00:41:14

also shout out to me that was one of the other was not the maker. Then after that will be some gray area me something with some people who say to harder, some people sit at a bar. And some people will say sometimes the other and sometimes it will happen to in those cases make effort. If it was clear to follow dynamical Korea, do whatever you prefer. And if you are right, you get the reward. And if you have the mistake, you know you got is still one of it. But people must make effort just to live with it. We don't know not right with the way all of us keep making effort to we never claimed that everything clear, it is clear. But for those who make effort, that way, we're not gonna do it dafina

00:41:14--> 00:41:24

Lana de novo sobre people need to make effort to certainly you can see the food that he ate. You can see his teasing halaal hora de su love guidance.

00:41:26--> 00:42:01

But that's Holla Holla Holla how to do how to cook, he's not going to teach people how to cook food. He wanted to have to take that in when we slaughter the animal, say Bismillah and stuff like that, that he taught very clearly. But when you cook it we cook like Indian way or our Arab world. He had no problem with that he's not going to teach you how to import Arabic culture and the Arab patch and the people. But certainly he will mind if it was a lot of anymore. It is very clear history. He did not like you know the all the people pit follow all the Sooners, but very clear, he keeps telling everybody you know about the food eat only 1/3 of his stomach, there's still not enough guidance,

00:42:01--> 00:42:33

then there's enough other enough others to fill their stomach. Everybody wants to fill this number by so Nevada is no less than two nobody had to teach. He used to say when you drink water, three breaths, drinking the water is harder. Everybody needs water. But to take three breaths, it is not either in mice in this teaching, he wants to teach me this matter. You know eating with any hand, it is either eating with the right hand, the sooner you can see even the among the other subtypes of Oda or something other. But even if people need to make effort, but you cannot say to neglect, it's clear for those who make effort.

00:42:35--> 00:42:57

Just lucky cannot ask if there's any questions from the sister sides. Okay, inshallah, we'll take question from the room slightly. So just a bit this is meant to ask, because there's a big thing about prophetic medicine now. So I just wanted to ask specifically about hijama is what is your opinion on is this until you have got halfway through my fella, he's good enough.

00:42:58--> 00:43:34

And he came to off the muscle, I really I'm very grateful to him, you know, otherwise, I would have missed it before coming here. So I've got to my thinking does matter, all the all the medicine is that the professor Latham did not come to this word to teach people about medical treatment, if he had not come to see people who have learned by experience or whatever he did, he did in fact, the people have learned from the pool of time other people that what they used to do or subtract whatever something are, so could it be good for certain environment, a certain footballer or a certain food, certain, you know, you know, climate, to certain climate with certain food, certain

00:43:34--> 00:44:10

things can help in other climate central not helping to, you know, whatever the professor advise, we don't find that is specifically related to him, mostly connected to the people around him to Professor that way people ask or when Zubair he said I said to my my Hala Ayesha, that you know, you teach everything to understand you know, how this because why for the person or the you know, the fact because his wife, you know, the Quran, you know, the our genealogy because your daughter who Casa de COVID, expert of genealogy, you know, all those, you know, our poetry that we also can understand how you know, medicine, you know, you How can you so much about medical knowledge, she

00:44:10--> 00:44:42

said, because when they were the professor used to follow up, doctors used to come everybody, some people carrying his messenger, everybody want to tell the doctor to be prepared, I used to make all those things and learn from them, that I will learn all those things, you can see the progress allows them in this imaginary waiting revolution to come from heaven. He's learning from the people, too, sometimes they could be used for some time not useful to my thinking that you know, all the medical things, they are basically no foreign students will either I can not only meet Marina Del Rahim said the table knowledge of the table and all those things they are foreign, the sooner the

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

either will is one of the other, it could be some time certain thing has now synthesized by something as like hijama Some people can find some hobbies also read, read, read some more something, it could be certain aspects have been emphasized by generally medicine is from sooner the other people don't know

00:45:00--> 00:45:23

To follow the professor lesson in the medical treatment, you follow the medical treatment of your own people. You don't need to follow the same level as we sometimes run, sometimes could be your climate is different from his climate. And you do you follow Him and become proud of you. The people should go to expert after their own time and their own climate to I don't believe in not only miglia and the mission every minute, the ticker tape medicine is not a, you know,

00:45:24--> 00:45:37

profit to be sent in was he did not come to T medicine. He did this because he was a human being he has to he had to do this. And he had to learn from the experience of his own people. Not from Revelation. This clear?

00:45:38--> 00:45:43

Yes, or just the other thing? What about looking at when people use Walker as medicine?

00:45:44--> 00:46:22

You know, the thing is that there's something that professional allowed him to Rukia. But the thing really, if it opia is medicine, then why the professor falls ill to then people come and talk to us Come on and help him and then I had to learn how to make medicine prepare a militia for him, and then the white and I do have to care for himself. very real, he had done very, very rarely, most directly, he used the medicine like anybody else. The White has become now in the business. And everybody does love that very, very bright network. Missy you that the quran quran for guidance, not for medical treatment. The problem is, is that people tend to use it for like psychological problems

00:46:22--> 00:47:00

or psychiatric problems, things that they have certain issues within themselves. So the question is, is that a lot of people do for that reason? Yeah, the word basically is it make believers sound, sound human beings don't become so much so weak psychologically, that anybody can make an effort to make them stronger. Why this probably not least, because the D commodified, why they were not weak, psychologically, instead of making the stronger, you basically keep their weakness, I treated them prior to what happened, they were going to remain the way it did and put on not not not just below the surface, the meaning that they are stronger psychologically, but it's very wrong whether to use

00:47:00--> 00:47:21

karate or use Quran as guidance people follow it upon them in a stronger way, if you use the Quran Rukia believers will remain like that. We don't likely I know, sometimes people do like that, once they're in life or twice in life, that's fine. But for every single thing, just read the Quran. This was a doctrine for this purpose, Quran because this book of medicine, to this this narrative, it is actually miss misuse of the Quran.

00:47:26--> 00:47:27

Jeff, you mentioned

00:47:28--> 00:48:05

you mentioned even in previous introductions to the Sierra Club in terms of overview that they're in many zero books, they they're the sequencing of kind of overall stages of the Dow or the spread of Islam. And you mentioned that these things take place within a given space, and availability and opportunity on the process a lot is on that space. So in terms of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, and in his role, as let's say, a statesman like Canada and Israel has also Moulin BIA, and so on Hadith like this, and the fact that he had many other kind of roles that developed throughout the progression of Islam.

00:48:06--> 00:48:28

Is that something that we considered because if there wasn't a space, that is just part of his other or is this something part of the Buddha and you know, is there not within each stage or cultivation of something to progress on to that another stage from private public and, and all the stages you see many zero books out there, just in the contents page, you know,

00:48:29--> 00:49:04

bought and bought to understand that here Here are so many people mix and that is why many Muslim political movement, they fail to understand this thing, to for example, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is a messenger, and now he gets a community, to certainly committed there must be leader, this thing that you do with a prophet of messenger, it is basically human thing it every customer should either when you have a community, there must be reader to your role as a reader itself, actually the students rather, there must be Dido, people think that you noticed another Hoda you must make effort to get a political power and medical aid No, this a thing when society happened

00:49:04--> 00:49:31

well UTF hyper there must be leader, but when the leader appointed, how the rest should be have that as soon as Ruda then you should learn from the person how to behave to understand you it is not your duty to become leader. It is not a duty that Muslims must get power. But if they get power, I the other day to duty here to be here, either messenger toward them to hear something or other and something that people keep mixing between both of them to work for Apple.

00:49:32--> 00:50:00

It could be a certain case that people are not necessarily obliged to marry. But once you marry, then you have to follow certain certainties, but not necessarily for every single person that are married to Nephilim not for everybody, okay? Sometimes not enough either some type of a MOBA sometimes would be harder for other people, sometimes for some people to mercury sometimes further, further people exchanging similarly business and all those trade, many methods, sometimes different, different Rooney for that, and many of them come under the, you know, normal human

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

transaction they are not suitable. But once you do them then after that certain guidance come I simply disagree where people keep failing too many people accurate interpreter that the professor Lhasa moved to Medina in order to establish Islamic State, this really big misunderstanding of the whole serum. The professor lamentation never has been to make like they're actually when he was living in Managua. He's looking at NACA, and he said, Oh, my God will not force me to leave, I will never have left he was an intentional lead, he was forced to leave. But once he left and he found a candidate, they're certainly committed he needed to know the leader, but being produced he can come

00:50:37--> 00:51:16

community inadequate, Patino is enough what I could be like many messengers that came this world, there are no follower, they have only one follower two followers, and they and they died. It does not mean that they not do their duty, no, they did their duty as a messenger within the space that was given to them to when the space becomes bigger, then you teach more or more, but making the space bigger, it says nationals for the most time it comes in as soon as the holidays are written, this expanded expense more and more. In this medical unit are people people keep doing mistake. So the profits or losses are all different roles. Not Not, not all of the roles come under the under

00:51:16--> 00:51:26

his duty either messenger. Some of them come either, you know, he's being human being or something like that. But within those other roles are some time soon introvert also can come that people have to be careful in sweater.

00:51:29--> 00:51:30


00:51:32--> 00:52:06

Forgive me if this something you've already covered a little bit earlier. But you mentioned about CRS context. And for looking at our time today, we need to understand our context might be different and that will affect how or in understand how to apply to sooner. I just want to ask what is the criteria for scholars to be able to judge if particular Sooners are to be applied today as they were at the time of the Prophet. So, somewhat, you know, how are scholars to determine these these matters,

00:52:07--> 00:52:45

in AI, especially, being one of them, most things are very clear. If you make if you just think that you need to make effort, something will be problem, we need to make more effort. And something is to make more effort is to you can do mistake that all of us have every branch of the knowledge when people do any research, something becomes clear, something after more effort becomes more clear something or will make it a problem. For example, you know, the professor will ask you to praise her for a car. But you also know that sometimes you pray to Raka and then you know that he prays or to rock only when you are traveling to now if the goal is not as personal or respirators it means that

00:52:45--> 00:53:19

when I'm traveling, I should do to Raka and when am I taught before aka when you learn his context, you follow us in a properly otherwise you never know when to do to undo for this difference between two and four when he will help you know when you know history. If you don't know I believe he did too, when you're traveling, then you really don't confuse things zorka is something to consider before but when you know he did to one lever traveling or not when he was at home, then you create he sometimes in that first month of Ramadan find out when he didn't at first do similar things with many many things in the bar that becomes very, very clear. Similarly in the matter of the other are

00:53:19--> 00:53:56

things which are related to the community some time you become clear to you that how the contexts are or some time the context the universal minister, any condition people have to do same way anyway, but many things don't make a difference for the country. But something made a difference. Simple thing this matter to make effort to learn in this religion or anything nothing can come without making effort people think well there must be very clear idea and if not, if I write a book, it will be helpful actually for every reason. And for every new generation, there should be fresh effort to how to apply the sooner to their context to it we never can make anything is a

00:53:56--> 00:53:59

comprehensive or universal people always need to make effort

00:54:01--> 00:54:06

methodology in that, would you agree with the idea of the ELA?

00:54:09--> 00:54:44

diverse Yeah, basically, that is another thing about it lies in not only necessarily about about the about the context, the law also can be used for this, which actually the professors who never did it, and certainly has come to realize something different in law can be used for the things which are his time it can be used for other things, which are new things, but in this matter what we need, people need to learn really properly think when the professor doesn't behave certain way, did he behave in that way? Because the condition around him of because he wanted to teach you absolute truth, that is the behavior or the time, absolute truth, then you do like that, if that absolute

00:54:44--> 00:54:51

truth was bound to any certain condition that take longer, you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam no doubt, certainly, or a smile.

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

They say this is the truth, but we also knew some time to become angry. That actually when he's to become angry now

00:55:00--> 00:55:33

If you think you become angry unnecessarily and so I become angry because I profess to be angry now right he used to be angry because of certain reason and I just had said that you know he did not take revenge he accepted the lesson laws are broken or something like that that what we need to learn properly most people they just you know like family preacher comes up like not saying the morning but you just have tissue that the professor he had the sidebar, the Prophet used to urinate while standing to urinate while standing in the right teaching. Because the professors are using it while sitting in heated once it is a Buhari, but for a reason. If you don't know that reason, and

00:55:33--> 00:55:58

you're teaching listening on this Rambo Hari, you'll notice the sooner you're corrupt to corruption The sooner the some type people course a Buhari or even the Quran, but curbed the teaching because they don't understand those teachings are limited. They're confined to certain admission, but if somebody said number one that you teach in any condition anywhere in any chapter, alright, because this is universal truth for all the time every generation, but sometimes they are connected to certain conditions.