Asbab al-Nuzul Quranic Contexts

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The speaker is discussing a course on theday of the week, which is about the title of the book of the beast. The course will teach the people about the structure of the Bible and how it is understood. The course will also help them understand the meaning behind the title of the beast, and the course will also teach them about the structure of the beast's language.

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insha Allah in this course, I'm going to teach you the book of us baboon Ouzoud by Morana, Hamid alpha, he

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allowed those who missed the cause of Revelation. When the Quran never revealed to the prophets, Allah his community, they did not have the full text

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to look at that and connection and context, the youth to get a few verses, you know, are certain occasions and they you to understand the meaning how did they understand the meaning did not understand the meaning because they have got the full or Surah they understood the meaning by the occasion. So, the occasion tells you that this what Allah wants me to do. So that was very important for their community to understand the occasion and causes of Revelation, it helps them to understand the meaning of those things. Now, in our time, we have got the book, too we can look into contest, beginning connection.

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But is that enough? Not necessarily. Sometimes we also need to know those chords, to denote when to reveal how it was understood by the professor and his companions, how they acted, if we know those conditions, it really helped me also to develop my understanding of the Quran. So that the way that people always have been writing books, and as Bob and Masood, the cause of Revelation, there's a book written by Anwar Headey and other people and also all the books of Tafseer. They discuss the code of Revelation, some time for the same verse, you find more than one quarter revelation two three, maybe even more than that, something had finally called the Federation is not right, it is

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just wrong to this hybrid happening, that people are will have been tested to understand what cause and means. So there is this has been discussed very nicely, by Allama imam in the Tamia in his book, The mafioso, the tafsir.

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And he mentions the meaning after codification two meanings, and that was very good explanation, too. After that everybody just copied it, in the cathedral to UT, everybody copies their

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delivery, bloody heavy comes shoulder delivery, he expanded it a little bit more, but still, in the same way it with me has done then more or he comes on, he developed the idea of code of revision much better, much better very early. And he discoveries. It is not the code of Revelation, it should be named Sharon knows what the condition of the Revelation, the condition is. The Surah or the verse was revealed that a one or two story with a whole condition. So that is what is the book as Baba knows, but it's a more complicated than that to inshallah in this course, it's a very small book, but we'll learn faster. The idea of the people before Mona Farah he died get up in the Tamia the

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idea that for Lulu DailyVee and then we compare with what more of how he had developed to understand inshallah

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This course will

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strengthen our understanding of the Quran but our symptoms are so this one important science that the Quran or lwml Quran as long as only one of the part of the ultimate Kurata district understood properly. So that is our intention Inshallah, to teach you through this course.