Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 06-08-22

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the concept of the sky and trusting oneself is emphasized in various settings, including taboo, religion, and the court. The use of the Quran in revealed context, such as the court, is also discussed. The importance of impressed people being aware of small things and avoiding small quantities of alcohol is emphasized, along with the use of alcohol in sport and public settings. The speakers also mention a new program for students interested in Islamic science and encourage them to visit the institute for more information.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Everyone. Welcome back to our q&a with Chef Akane. Do we hosted by s&m Institute's

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yeah handle I'm glad that we're back. I know last week some of you are waiting and some of you had already joined our live stream, but unfortunately, we weren't able to go ahead and just because of some last minute technical issues, but inshallah I hope everyone's here to join us again. And hopefully we can take as many questions as possible. And for anyone that is new here, this q&a is every Thursday 6pm BST 6pm us time, UK time and it will be from six to 630 in sha Allah so we will try our best to take as many questions as possible. Some questions require more time for hopefully, we will try and address them all in sha Allah depending on the nature of the questions. So without

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any further ado in sha Allah, let's take our first question from the hidden fun.

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And his question is, what is the difference between a summit and a CMOS as using the Quran? If they are different? Is there any detail as to what they encompass?

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Good Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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We know the Quran has many details

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which are concerned to our life in this world, either soleus of Allah subhanaw taala do that the detail that we need to learn and going deeper, how to become a good believers. But there are also details which are more concerned to the world that we have not seen. And also we cannot understand throw the word words. So in that one, we need to be contented with the words used and their general meaning. But we can't actually make more explanation because you don't know anything. So when the Quran says sama it means the sky somehow that is plural, it means the skies havens

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to the Quran, there are seven skies. One, the first one underneath neato, that one that is the Sun, Moon stars are so many things, then the second will also have many, many stars, many planets, then the third even bigger than that. Each one is bigger than the other one. You know, and Allah's creation is huge. We don't know. So the best thing is just, you know, believe that all from Allah, nobody can encompass them. They're so huge, so big. And when believers will be given a paradise, it'd be so huge, even the last person who will intend to Paradise, his Paradise will be 10 times bigger than this earth. You cannot imagine the Quran said if you look at your eyes become tired to

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look in the crease of Allah Hautala. So I don't think anybody can explain if somebody explains to you, they don't have any authority, even the prophets and messengers don't know all the details, you know, so, the best thing and then no need to know before that the best thing is that we understand really that you know, it is so big so huge and unluckily so whatever he likes

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move to a question from very high. And our question is how can we keep our tawakol intact when life is going when we are going through a rough patch in life

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the thing that we have to understand that in this life whatever is happening is happening because of the will and power of enlasa Hautala our what we do in it very, very little.

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We can't create anything we can't make anything just look like so truss or should it be with a little hotel anyway

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you know, when for example, you say you know I'm going to visit a mosque, I'm going to London, it looks at it is you doing, but it definitely was so many things. If for example, your health goes around any something wrong happened a heart attack happens or in the family something goes wrong on the road something is there any disturbance in London, there are 1000s other thing can happen which can barely stop you from going to London. So whenever we plan something, whenever we do something, we do very little work, all the tools are done by Elissa Hautala to the believers or veteris in him and whatever they do, they also know that at from Allah, even your own will, your own plan your own

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power and work all that from Allah subhanaw taala to trust you or less should be in a lesson Huhtala in the imaginary that if you don't do anything to what do they Allah subhanaw taala and we got rebel against him even if you rebel against him.

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If you can't do anything, the best thing to believe in Him, trusting him ask him. If he if something goes either you plan there's good. If doesn't worry, you plan is still fine. Because you think that Allah gives when he gives truth really if he did not give you that also his gift. People don't understand when unless to have something from you. Not because Allah is miser or we don't want to give. No, it's just because too good for you. So ask Allah make effort. If you get what you want, thank Allah. If you don't want to get what you want, be patient and believe that Allah has stopped something from you for a reason maybe has delayed for a reason. So always have good formula for

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Motala trusted improperly because we don't create anything. I like the one who creates all the good results

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okay, let's move on to the next question. And this question is,

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let me see if I can reword it. How many times can we perform Hajj in our lifetime is it considered more reward if we do it many times, which one is better, and if we can sponsor others to perform hajj, if we are which, which one is better to perform hajj, ourselves, if we have the money or to sponsor someone else to perform Hajj

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you know, 100 is obligatory. And then after that, you know you look farther is obligated then you will not replace the same 100 million after thing. But sometimes could be your money in Niger somewhere else. Somebody is dying out of the illness. He has no money if you give him money, that much better. Some people are not married the women. And if you give them your money, it can help them to get married. Some people don't have a house. That's gonna be so many reasons. Really. You can't help. But sometimes you feel if you could do second hygiene, it will improve your EMR. Yeah, that's fine, then you just can't hide because your own better mate is better than anybody else.

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Sometime it could be somebody you know, wants to go for hire, they don't have enough means you help them. That will be good. But it depends. You know how it is I know that we don't give a general fatwa sometimes it can be better. Sometimes giving the money to someone has to be really high better sometimes to help someone to get married or build a house or something like that. Will it be better you know, the best thing in this matter is that you find a good pIaces color or consulting that what is good for my condition. Should I do a kind of high or should I give my money to someone else? So you have to consult people but what Heidi's obligated that you must do anyway

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okay, let's see if we can take a question from Facebook sha Allah. We don't have that many yet. So maybe we will. Okay, let's go to CES if it has question is quite long. I don't know if it will all show up as our leg machine what are the meanings in the light of the Quran for the words tabooed Sakina and burpee as mentioned in certain Baqarah verse 248, in which he Tafseer books often take a reference from the biblical sources

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I'm not sure how many questions are in this let's try and finish it besides to what extent can we refer to the biblical sources to understand some meanings for the Quranic verses? Especially that are related to the Torah in jail and Israelites stories.

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In the

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Quran really is independent it does not need any external references or explanation. So generally people should understand the quality the storage the the Quran, they don't need really so many details from outside you know to be enough if you're clever person you can have enough you know from the Bani Israel, the prophets Allah some has made very clear, you know, so we have three stages a bit bunnies, right their sources say something, we support what we have in the Quran and Sunnah. Then they know how to take it. If their sources say something which contradicts what in the Quran, sunnah, then we leave them out their sources or something neither contradicts another support the

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Quran, then you know, it is still better not to take it but if you take some time for explanation, there is no harm in that. In this story of taboo, you don't need to go to any biblical source I don't go I understand very clearly what it means really. Meaning basically either that

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Bani Israel they have been ruling in holy land for a long time. And they have got in a box or something big where they used to have something remaining from Musa Islam and Harwell is normally from the King. So before maybe crown

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the Torah that you know Musa al Islam

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I received or something like that. So that was like something very holy for them sacred so they used to think in America you know Barkai there's no doubt that the baraka unit so when the last Palestine the latter so that our booth that box so because they are so much attached with that taboo so they feel weakness to before you know Allah gave them a conquest alum arranged for them their taboos to come to them to that became like you know bigger good news for them helping sometimes it's a good news and it supports them so much to booster them so much so that the Quran mentioned that Allah in favor what the girl they got that box it made it farther up with Muslims to lose all part of the

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world and even the loser marketer mukarram they lose all the hope and unless water Kumar they have to do to fight back to take back and then he gets them Makabe somehow to then hope will come they will say oh, we still some there are some hope to similarly that our booth was a big hole for them to when it came back in a diff different is stronger. So that what he mentioned the Quran

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to a question from Sarah Dean, which is a very interesting question, actually. Is it preferable to read the Quran in the order of revelation? And, Jeff, I actually wanted to ask you this same question too, because recently, I came across some assist on Instagram, who was recommending her followers in order to connect with the court and more

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she kind of gave an option for sisters to kind of follow instead of reciting the Quran from back to front from to refer to her tennis, to instead try and be more interactive with the Quran and read the verses in order of revelation from the beginning until the end, Is this allowed?

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The Quran was revealed to the Prophet salaallah Salam, according to his conditions, if at this context, the whenever he needed something or less water send the guy that fought him in McAllen, mukarram. In many, many times he knew certain health support or Quran comfort that you know, he needs some support in the Battle of Badr, the Quran, he needs some support in better for HUD, and the Quran comes. So the Quran has revealed to the Prophet Allah, Allah Selim, in the order of the conditions in which he lived, but that is not the order of the book. And the he put the Quran in the order the book like we have gotten Now, so far as really the way is to read it the book, and and

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then find out when to give it to the Prophet, do research for these conditions, to we can learn context at the book and also you know, his conditions, but you cannot, if you read the Quran, the way it was revealed, it will be harmful to you, because the Prophet's life cannot be repeated in your life, this will not happen that way. It will happen differently. They did no need for anybody to repeat, received revelation in same order. You know, because your order is different. Sometimes you need more emphasis on diversity, about hygiene, sometimes about the business, sometimes about family life, sometimes maybe prayer in your life a different to the best thing is read the Quran in

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the book,

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but it is also helpful to find out in the Musa tafsir that what was the background? Or what were the context in which these verses were revealed to that can be helpful but some Muslims don't need I you know, it's taught a course recently in a salon

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about us Babatunde azul, the cause of revelation that is the course you need to attend.

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It will help you a lot. So summary of the matter is your need to follow the context or the person loves and you need the final revelation is he put together that what is to himself followed? And that what are the company's new companies? He never commanded him to go back to McCann versus Dermody? No, I had they used to come into salaam they used to receive the verses which are new, and wind up new people are born in Islam, they used to read the Quran as we read, He never asked otherwise there would have been two argument of the Quran. One is argument of the Quran to Revelation, and one is the argument of the connector to the book. But he never did that. He only

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read the Quran according to the book that we need to do. But many people were interested and people like that they want to do the other way. Because they're purposely not guidance that property historical. They want to know well how the Prophet Muhammad reached where he reached whatever the second sequence, we don't need to know that because that's not relevant to our life. We can read history but the Quran does not need for the new new father base if there's some people in the system we don't mandate it you know, don't not haram or unlawful but I know

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If not beneficial, is not going to benefit anybody

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is up now, that makes a lot of sense. hamdulillah Okay, let's,

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let's see. Oh, just quickly before we go on to the next question, Jeff mentioned that he held a course and it's webinars all this course was held, if I'm not mistaken, last month, so it was held on 26th of June. Normally, when chef does hold a short course we do make it available a few months later on our on demand platform for people to purchase and watch back so inshallah hopefully, soon This course will be made available and we can let you guys know in sha Allah and you can have a look at the recordings. Okay, let's take a question from Imran. His question is why did the prophets or law in Islam and the operation false Ashura in Mecca when the Prophet did not find out about the

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Jewish tradition until Medina?

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This is really a very difficult question, no doubt. And I really I wanted to do research and write something because also in both Hadith in Sahih Muslim, that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and Koresh used to fast in Makkah, then the Prophet moved, and he saw Jews are doing the faster he followed them. So it looks like two different versions of the same story. This really nice, good explanation. One day, maybe I do it because I'm writing commentary as a Muslim trying to do proper research, or write in a way that actually the true

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but could be one explanation, that sometimes, you know, Mactan people are influenced by the learned people, by Jews, Jews by the Muslim people. It could be possible that some pious people in Makkah, refer to the Ashura you know, as Jews used to fall fast and the Prophet found out he also followed them and then when he came to Medina, he could see this when I do the fasting these days, he's if I don't know only from them, but Hadith that the prophet has started the fasting even in Makkah to it could it be reason that McCann people themselves, some of NOT operation, some of the could have been taken it from, from Jews, about two, three is, I don't know, detail about that, cuz this is some

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equation, which have been bothering me for a long time. And actually, I wanted this time to write better tomorrow I'm traveling, I want to write an article to make clear what he that he happened to look like that I'm going to do so soon. When Shala one day I will make effort to write on this topic.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's, let's move on to a question from Facebook. Sharia, if someone gained some knowledge of Islam by reading the Quran, Tafseer, or the Syrah or anything else, and he starts to feel that people around him know so little, how can he help himself to get rid of this type of superiority complex,

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you know, where people know more, they become more humbled, because they know really how much there is that they don't know. And whatever, you know, really, is not enough. It can bring

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you know, in order to you, darkness to you, it can make mystery to you because, you know, little, and there's so much if you don't know the most of the knowledge that can be programmed, or the thinker really that how much I know is very, very little, you know, see how much Buhari knew about the Hadith, how much Abu Hanifa knew about the fake

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how much Malik knew how much of your salary and you knew how much of the time you knew how much when you read the revenue how much these people knew a company compared to them I'm nothing really and they still did a mistake is terrible Hunniford mistake, Mark, do the mistake, where they repeated mistake and they become more and more humble. So if I'm not humble, it simply means I do not learn properly, to whenever the knowledge brings humility, it is right knowledge. Whenever the knowledge base, you know

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that there is something wrong with it. You know, knowledge should not bring errors. It should make you more humble because you can see very clearly, that you don't know very, very little you know, you know, knowledge more than the ocean.

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Don't humiliate anybody, always feeling or some sympathy and love for the people that you have learned to let them teach other people. So it will increase your knowledge and hope do towards them. And equally possible to have somebody who knows less than you, in the eye of Allah, they are better better than you. Because the reason people go to Paradise is not how much knowledge they have got. The reason is how much fear they have got. The people have little knowledge and they fear Allah more than you. They have that is real knowledge, real knowledge, the fear of Allah. If your knowledge did not make you to be fearful of Allah, then your knowledge has something wrong. So always be very,

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very fearful. And don't be arrogant. I respect people and ask a lot to give you more knowledge and

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Humble yourself, respect other people

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okay, and shall I'm there next question isn't written on the screen, but I'll read it out inshallah.

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This question is the Quran always tells us to be of the order little Bab to be people who think we ponder, who reflect. This question is asking, Are there varying levels of this of being the old Bab, that the Quran expects of us, depending on the different people's abilities. For example, many of us can have family members, maybe relatives, who have not necessarily studied Islam, quite cultural. Some of their their worshipping can almost seem quite ritualistic. They follow things that maybe are more cultural and against Islam, and they don't really think about the repercussions of what they're doing. In this example, would it be that would would this? Would these types of people be sinful?

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And also Yeah, more of a clarification of what kind of oral bourbon varying levels are expected of us?

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Is the customer to order Alibaba Watson above all else?

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Yeah, in a loop is a sense, like, you know, if you've got a knot, you've got a skin, but what inside that is loop. So, loop is the most lacking if people have got a big head, but the part we think is very small, that is called the loop. So people have Lubar the people we know who have got the essence of a thing properly and understand this properly, in order just talk too much. And you know, you've got a big library, like now our time is still remaining people memorize the whole Quran memorize the books or the Hadith, but very little understanding relative thinking, they are not above or above the people who understand deep things deeply. When people are well above then they

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never are deceived by the worldly things, you know, people can be dazzled by you know, big cars and big houses all about that not impressed because they know these are very small thing and one day they will finish. So, great thinker, deep thinker, that are not impressed by things is more like that. So the Quran always praise the people who are above so you are within your family every people should make effort really to be you know, part of the this group you know the people of the essence of good thing right the Prophets and Messengers you know, the Gothic a deeply and sometimes finding communities pillar of some pillar wise. So their way of thinking different, you know, people like

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something they like something else, people prefer something but they prefer something else, reasonably is because they think deeply, they understand really, that whatever people are impressed by is nothing. So yeah, so the Quran actually said that, you know, don't count election and our time democracy, the count people, and everybody has got right at the same vote. But the truth really is that sometimes one person can be better than 1000 people because they think and most of the people 1000 people they don't think they follow people blindly. They're one person think or less they follow

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a thinking person the one where the mind is really very puppet strong person like Ibrahim Al Islam he was he a thinker, so it's much better than his father, his whole family whole society the king and all the people around him and really he made a big change. So people should make effort to think you know deeply and much much better we always compare things you know don't be impressive. You know by what you see or see really what's inside. The devil Louie Louie has to go in a selection of people's faces. Don't mean by the people's face. See how how their character is how they're thinking and how their behavior is how deep they are. That way you need to be impressed by

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okay, just up in their home.

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We have a question from Mohammed is perfume containing alcohol Halon

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think either we don't know really what containing means.

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But it is better to avoid something like that.

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What is agreed upon is that everything we have got alcohol still or it is intoxicating. You are not allowed to drink or eat it but can you apply it somewhere in a perfume? It is disputed some people are allowed some people don't allow this somebody has perfume which has got alcohol and they apply don't criticize them by yourself or advice by another perfume. You know we did not have anything like that.

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But generally to the you know for the people is something to consume, eat or drink with you got all that actually very civil matter.

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Applying it as a perfume is not so severe by Stellar it is better to avoid something like that

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so generally even if it was something that we're eating and it was a smallest amount for example many people may or may not be aware but but in essence that we use for baking

00:25:18 --> 00:25:25

many a time that has alcohol in a very small percentage already rolled puff pastry from supermarkets that has a small amount of alcohol in it

00:25:26 --> 00:25:54

you know if anything is a big quantity does not make you too intoxicated. So then is any quantities allowed allowed by big quantity makes it too toxic hit the limit it's more will be haram if you have gotten alcohol some drink and you drink one or two glass and you become drunk, then even one drop you know you're not allowed to drink but if it is, you know people drink it and then nothing happens very very small quantity doesn't make a difference then it will not be haram

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Okay, let's see if we can take maybe two more questions. We have a question from no fun. My parents had taken some loans having interest but now as I have a job they are telling me it's my responsibility to pay the money what is the best solution

00:26:18 --> 00:26:58

you know, the thing really everybody is responsible for our their action they do. The parents are responsible for their actions, children are responsible for their actions. Husbands are responsible for whatever they do and wise are responsible for whatever they do. So this is very clear, if your parents have taken something known, sinful, they are responsible, they will get sued for that either, you know, to they're under no need for that no obligation or what is your duty either child you know, son, you have to look in your responsibility for and fully forgot family you have got us wife and children, you have to look after them. The first thing is you've provided basic things to

00:26:58 --> 00:27:25

your own family, then after there's something left and you can help your parent that's good, you should help them so people have to make the balance but the parents should not put pressure on the children because their father because you know you do the problem, you cause a problem. Now you can't carry it to other people. So first thing you look at your responsibility and instead if you can help your parent it is better advice to help them because they're your parents

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Okay, let's see if we can take maybe one small question we have a few that I've missed out just because I know it's been answered before so hopefully inshallah we can direct you to the previous q&a that where it's been answered okay maybe to elaborate on the perfume question someone's asking can you elaborate on the Hadith about swimming in perfume

00:27:54 --> 00:27:56

you know the when we go outside

00:27:58 --> 00:28:27

you know there should not make intention to attract the men that divide they have to put up above because sometimes we miss cloth are very attractive tied to the can drive to attract the men. So they get seen for that. So similarly sometimes women put on very strong perfume during the past by street you know people can smell it did look at them. So something like that is not you know allowed in a sinful by the woman have got you know some light perfume

00:28:28 --> 00:29:03

which helps them because everybody wants to have good smell but it does not you know pass on to other people nobody else in the institute can smell it then it allowed something small something even light not very strong could be allowed but something stronger which can attract other people did should avoid that. You know, it's not a Christian for himself. The reason is the kind of toxic people in your intestine can you bite me if you're at home you can you can apply whatever you'd like. But when you go outside, then make sure that your perfume is lighter. It does not really affect anybody else.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:47

Okay, handled I think we've addressed nearly every question which is rare handler so I think we'll leave it there inshallah. It's not gonna hurt in Sheffield time. And hopefully, inshallah we'll see you next week, same time. And likewise, she's up on my phone. Everyone else for joining us. handler we hold this q&a every 6pm BSC. So please do join us next week, Thursday, 6pm In sha Allah. And just quickly for anyone who maybe needs a little bit of a background, a little bit of a reminder of what we do. At SLM, we offer Islamic scholarship programs. So people who want to kind of pursue their Islamic knowledge maybe they want to ground themselves in Arabic language, connect with the Quran,

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understand that Islamic sciences, but they can't commit to it full time. They don't have the maybe the luxury of the financial stability to be able to leave their job and travel to Egypt to Mauritania.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:40

To study Islam, but they still want to have access to studying sacred knowledge. And Salam Institute was one of the first institutes in the UK to offer part time Islamic scholarship programs. And we are now running completely online with some in person retreats and courses. And if anyone is interested, we're very excited because in the next few days in Sharla, some of Islamic scholarship, Islamic scholarship students will be traveling to Mecca and studying as part of our Mecca summer Arabic summer program for a few weeks in sha Allah. So anyone who is interested in stuff that we do, maybe you can keep up with us on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, hopefully you'll be

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keeping updated at how this Mecca summer program goes in Shoreline. If you have any questions, maybe you're just curious about what kind of programs we do and what you can get out of it. You're more than welcome to head on to our website on the screen, or shoot us an email [email protected] and show that we have exciting things coming up. Shahar comm does have some short courses. I'll be coming up soon. You can watch back some of our Q and A's if you're interested about any of our other teachers that we have. If you go on to our YouTube channel, or our Instagram, you can see some of our other teachers and hopefully inshallah maybe we'll be coming up with some more videos. So you can kind of

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see the type of teaching that we encourage SLM and the type of thinking and the types of students that we want to be here. So Inshallah, inshallah we will see you next week, Thursday 6pm Insha Allah And without any further ado, we will finish our prayer inshallah. So now I like everyone

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