Abu Bakr Zoud – Shield – Explanation of the Morning & Evening Athkaar #04 – Aayat Al-Kursi

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah lino sabe Germaine, All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala and may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows My dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam, As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We continue with the difficile of a at the kursi we've reached holy heeta Allah led that hoo hoo Sinha tune Wallah known, Allah azza wa jal is saying in this part of the air, that he is not overtaken by slumber, nor is he overtaken by sleep. And this part of the air is an is a continuation of the last part of the air. So now we have that Allah azza wa jal has said, Allahu La ilaha illa who will hire you will pay you later who sinner to Nuala known, and how you will call you later who sinner to one unknown, we understand these two parts together. And this, in fact, is the highest form of praise. And so here, bring your attention to principle concerning the names and attributes

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of Allah azza wa jal, there is a principle memorize this principle. And this is that the most complete and perfect form of praise

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is when you affirm a praiseworthy quality, and you negate its opposite. You affirm a praiseworthy quality and you negate its opposite. Yeah. And what does this mean? I'll give you an example first.

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If I was to say to you,

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some person I met only speaks the truth, I praised him, that's a praiseworthy quality. But if I said, Ahmed only speaks the truth, and he's never lied before. Now, this is complete and perfect form of praise, because I affirmed for him a praiseworthy quality, and I negated its opposite. For in this case here, Allah subhanahu wa taala is saying and hate you, are you? He's the absolute all living uncle you he's the one who sustains everything and maintains everything later who will who sinner to one unknown, and he is never overtaken by slumber will say what a sinner is one unknown and he is never overtaken by sleep. Jani, as though is saying Allah azza wa jal is the only living

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and maintain of all creation and he never sleeps. He is the old living and he never sleeps. This is the absolute complete and most perfect form of praise. And another example is when we say that Allah azza wa jal is just and he never oppresses anyone. You affirm the praiseworthy quality, and you negate its opposite, right? So we understood this right then, and how you will pay you're connected to the next part, which is led the whole the whole sinner to know Allah.

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Allah azza wa jal, he said later, who the WHO sinner tune one unknown, meaning he is not heedless. Therefore if he's not heedless, not even for a second.

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That means he is aware of everything that you do, and everything that you see during the day and during the night. Let the WHO sinner to Allah and it creates two things in the heart of a believer. It increases his hope in Allah and His love for Allah azza wa jal that Allah is all living, and he sustains and maintains everything, and he does not sleep. Therefore we rely upon a lord that doesn't sleep. He's always there, wherever you want to call him, he's away. For now. We have hope in Allah we have love for Allah Azza wa tion and at the same time, it creates fee in the heart of a believer that Allah Sasha is not heedless for an absolute second. So watch out and be careful about

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everything you do, and everything you say during the day and during the night. Because he sees it and he hears it loud who who sinner, the word a sinner.

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It means slumber. That's how it's translated slumber. And a sinner is actually the first stage of sleep. When you put your head on the pillow. Usually, the first thing that you go through is something known as a sinner, which is a first stage of sleep. That's when a person is yawning. His eyes are very heavy. They're closing, he's dozing off. He's nodding, right these, these are the first stages of sleep, a sinner with the word unknown. That is the major state of sleep and that is when a person enters a deep sleep and hammer home Allah they say that a sinner is when the eye shuts down. When no is when

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Heart shuts down. So now a person is completely sleeping a sinner who are known stage one and stage two. Allah azza wa jal, he says let that hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. It does not overcome him, meaning, sinner slumber. The first stages of sleep and sleep itself. Don't even stand a chance in front of him. Subhanahu wa Letta Kudo when there is some Allahu alayhi wa sallam said concerning this area

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as Abu Musab Ashari Robbie Allahu Anhu. NEERA narrates he said that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood, and he gave us an address this with words with five words he said, in Allah azza wa jal malaria Nam wallerian bergerie Loving an e&m FUBU crystal oil file, your file la Amadou Leyland cup Loma Linda help. wahama Luna Hara Kubla Imani laid here boo boo Nora, low cash offer hula haka. tsubo how to a G Manta la bussola home in healthy and how did saya Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Verily, Allah does not sleep in Allahu Allah and Allah does not sleep. And it is not befitting for him to sleep. Why isn't it befitting for Allah to sleep? Because your pistol El Faro? Because he

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is lowering the scale and he's raising the scale. What does this mean? Lower and raise the scale and is his decree and the provisions meaning Allah azza wa jal every moment he is engaged in sending down decree and provision and raising decree up.

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Sometimes Allah azza wa jal restricts provision upon his creation. And for other people, he shows them with his provision. This is your phone, crystal, crystal Alfonso, every moment he is honoring those who are worthy to be honored, and he is dishonouring those that should be dishonored. Couldn't let him in who if he shunned every single day Allah azza wa jal is involved in an affair, meaning he is guiding some He's forgiving some others are being cursed by Allah azza wa jal.

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He's providing for some looking after others, and this is happening every day. For this is why Allah azza wa jal lay and then when I am talking to who am I, he's holding the heavens and the sequel somehow it will orbit and Azula imagine Allah azza wa jal slipped for a moment, what would happen to everything that he looks after, everything would be in chaos, everything would be in ruined and destroyed and perished. All manner of Allah wa that this happens to him, he doesn't sleep, then also your fire your fire relay, I'm going to lay a couple of armor in the house, the deeds of the night, everything that you do, of deeds, good and bad at night, arrays to him before the deeds of the day,

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and all the deeds of the day erased to him before the deeds of the night. Meaning end of the day, all your deeds go up to Allah. And at the end of that night, all your deeds go up to Allah subhanho wa taala. So he is and he must be alive. And it is not befitting for him to sleep. Imagine the angels are taking up your deeds and they're going up to Allah and they find our Lord asleep. My Allah.

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It doesn't happen. And this is what the Christians said about Allah subhanho wa taala. When they say he rested on the seventh day after creating the heavens and the earth, whoever describes Allah in such a manner really did not know who Allah subhanahu wa taala is, then an RE sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about Allah in that same Hadith he's yeah boo newly that Allah azza wa jal is covering.

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He covers himself from his creation with a curtain of light. Who knew? Lo que Scheffer, who if he was to lift this curtain of light, law Habakkuk pseudo hair to him and he goes along in the light. superhet wedgie, meaning the light of Allah, even though which he is mentioned here, which means face, it actually refers to Allah Himself, right, this is something known as the cruel Barbie, you will not order we will cool sometimes a part of Allah and is mentioned and what is meant by this the complete so in this hadith, it means that if Allah subhanahu wa taala was to unveil this curtain, and his light was to shine on everything that he can see, which is all his creation, it would have

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burnt, all of it, the oceans would burn and the sun would burn and the moon would burn, and the throne and even the fire would burn because this is something that's created, the mountains would burn all his creation would burn Subhana Hautala and in the Hadith, Allah subhanahu wa taala this light is referred to as superhet washi superhet washi. Now Jani, why was a light

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referred to superhet He alone, Rahim Allah they say that the light of Allah is called Super hat. And he's curtain is made of light. Because when the angels observe this light, the curtain the light, they begin to make the smear of him SubhanaHu Madonna. So the light that comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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immediately its effect upon a person is that he begins to engage in the spirit of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's called superhigh to what he. This is why in Allah azza wa jal Malay, nm What am Brianna who an e&m by? Now I want to share with you three points concerning the eloquence of this part of the eye letter who seem to know what I know. You know, most of the times I know we're studying what Allah is saying, explaining what Allah has seen, but from time to time, it's good to look at how Allah says things, how Allah azza wa jal says things imply so many other things that you can benefit from. And you can observe and see the eloquence and the beauty in the word of Allah subhanho wa

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taala. Now look at this, Allah azza wa jal said let the OVA who was Cena tune well no do you notice that singer tune and no don't have an ally flam with it right? Let that who sinner tune wala No, he did not say let that who sinner to an unknown now why are we saying this because the two names that came before head and Ali flam right hola hola. ilaha illa Huwa unhei Alka you let that who did not say like that who a sinner to one unknown, even though you would have expected for the trend to continue. But that wasn't the case. And I'll tell you, when it came to singleton and gnome the only flavor was omitted. Now what does this imply?

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What it implies, is yet any the most insignificant and small matter. What this means is that let the WHO sinner to one unknown, meaning not even a microsecond of slumber or sleep overtakes him, nothing at all. The smallest counting figure does not overtake him in terms of slumber and sleep. So beautiful wishes. Meanwhile in the names and how old are your that only flam is there to imply absolute complete, perfect life and perfect a umiya for Allah azza wa jal, the self sustaining and everyone depending on him, right?

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That's one thing that's a beautiful The only thing to notice that the hobo sinner tune absolutely nothing, not even a microsecond. Now, the other thing is this.

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If Allah azza wa jal negated the sinner

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if he negated from himself, and he said that the first stage of sleep, which is slumber, that doesn't change stand a chance in my way, nothing at all, not even a microsecond of sinner, then isn't that obvious that you will not sleep?

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Isn't that obvious? If Allah azza wa jal is saying a sinner, which is the first stage of sleep, this doesn't happen, then it's obvious that the deep stage which is a node doesn't happen. So why would Allah azza wa jal negate that what is the wisdom? If a sinner doesn't happen? Obviously, the gnome doesn't happen. So why is this negated? Now 300 ML hammer home Allah they say, because there is a possibility for a person to enter unknown without entering the first stage of sleep which is a sinner. For example, you know, some people we have traveled with, when they're very, very, very tired, extremely tired, and you put your head on the pillow, head, he doesn't even know what a

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sinner is, he's already sleeping, and the noises come out and

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so a person can enter a deep state of sleep and skip the whole process of a sinner for most subhanho wa Taala negates two things so that no one could think of if Siena doesn't overtake him, and he didn't mention a no maybe possibly he enters into a deep state of sleep immediately. Well haha. So Allah azza wa jal covered it from that angle, and he negated this and then he negated this as well. So no one comes later to say okay, only negated the first stage of sleep, maybe the second can happen. Ah SubhanAllah. And there's one more thing

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Allah azza wa jal repeats the negation the gaping particle, which is the lab, he said, Let the whole the whole center tune in Wallah know as opposed to say letter who will who will say no to new unknown could have been the case letter who will say NO to NO NO. It's

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Sleep, sleep slumber and sleep does not overtake him. Not but the I said later who Senator well known when you translate it, it means slumber does not overtake him, nor does sleep overtake him. What does this imply? When the law is repeated? what it implies is that

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the attorney in let's say, in the case where the lawyer wasn't repeated, and let's say the error was led, the holder will sing a tune, we're known, if that was the case, then the area is only negating the these two things do not happen in one time.

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If the I was letter who will similar to one to whom it would have only meant that the first stage of sleep and the deep stage of sleep both of them do not happen in one time,

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but it will not negate the fact that slumber the first stage of sleep can happen alone, or the deep stage of sleep could happen alone. So Allah subhanho wa Taala when he says, Let the whole the whole sinner tune, one GNOME, he repeats the lair. It now means both these things cannot happen one time and sinner by itself without knowing cannot happen and know without sinner also cannot happen. And then the omission of the early flam means not even a microsecond of sinner, no sleep can happen in less than a microsecond. Subhanallah This is extremely beautiful. Let the Hulu center tune one I know Subhan Allah, How could Allah azza wa jal be overtaken by Sleep? Sleep is a sign of tiredness

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and fatigue and exhaustion. Allah azza wa jal doesn't get tired in salt off Allah azza wa jal he said well, I can halacha similar to an Obama but he never Murphy says that the ATM wire man sent me lube we were not touched by any tiredness and fatigue whatsoever. Nothing will ever send me loop Alonso when he created Sleep, sleep is something created. And he gave it to human beings and he gave it to his creation. Humans and animals and insects and birds and fish and all that sleeps.

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And subhanAllah we

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can't even control our sleep. That's how weak the human being is. Weak is a sign sleep is a sign of weakness. We cannot even control our sleep.

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If we were able to control our sleep, then accidents during due to micro sleeps would have never happened to you know 20 to 30% of all deaths and severe injuries happened because of micro sleeps. You can't control it the you cannot control your sleep, if you're able to this 30% figure would have who would have been would have been raised but Subhanallah and what is beautiful about this is that we said that a child could see the Sunnah as well is to resign it before going to sleep.

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This year when you just before you're sleeping, and you're saying Allahu La ilaha illa who and how are you?

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From the bed as you're sleeping? You're saying Letta who was sinner tun wala and ohm. Automatic automatically this part of the eye is reminding you of the greatness of Allah azza wa jal as you're about to enter this deep sleep and you're finished. The last thing you said later who sinner tune Well, I know it's like he gave up and Yama and I can't I can't stay awake. You're the one that never sleeps. You're the one that is never overtaken by sleep as for me, I'm on my bed about to sleep that whole center to dollar no Mahatma Allah azza wa jal when he says level Murphy's similarity when I feel up to Him belongs all that which is in the heavens and in the earth. Law who Murphy center

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somehow at the IMF and up in this level, when it comes at the beginning, it implies exclusive exclusivity meaning only to him and no one else as opposed to saying Murphy's somehow it will all be lawful. But law who came first law who math is similar to math and what does that imply if law who came first? It implies that only to him and no one else exclusivity and this is why it is going to come with us Inshallah, to Allah and I've gotten so bad we're gonna set. What do we see? We see a spa.

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What else Bahan mole Kula, from the very beginning of the day, you're saying we wake up. We have entered the morning and the entire kingdom belongs to Allah. And in the afternoon you're seeing I'm seeing our Ansel Moon Cooley Law Allah, we have reached and entered the afternoon, the evening and all the kingdom belongs to Allah azza wa jal

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make the connection when you're seeing

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So in in a little kursi law who Murphy's so now if you want to fill up, you're going to repeat this again, when you say a spa spa molecule in there. And you from the very beginning, from the morning, when you say now who Murph is similar to not fill up, that should settle down, you own nothing.

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As you're walking to your car, as you walk out of your house, as you're heading towards your work, as you're heading towards whatever it is that you have ownership of by Allah's permission, the reality is you owe nothing. It all belongs to him. You see how powerful this is, from the very beginning of the morning. A person is empowered with these words. He's charged with these words, he wakes up not concerned. What I lose today, what I gained today, what I have what I don't have mono belongs to Allah azza wa jal anyway. And if I do want something, and it's in his hand, then turn to Him and ask Him. level math is similar to math in

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this word level math

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is similar to what Matt fill up this man means whatever.

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What ever, is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth is for him.

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And this whatever, it includes the intellectual and the non intellectual beans, everything, things that have a soul, and things that don't have a soul.

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And when we say that Allah, To Him belongs all these things in the heavens in the earth, we're referring to three things he possesses subhanahu wa taala,

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the physical creation and the physical being of everything he created, the physical being, he owns it. And then he owns the actions and the things of that physical being. And then he owns it attributes and properties. I'll give you an example. The sun.

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When Allah azza wa jal says level math is somewhat meaning he owns the sun. He owns its movements, and he owns its properties, which is he owns it heat, its light, its glare. It's temperature, and millions of other properties of the sun that until now, no one knows about. This is law, who Murphy Samoa, he owns the human being.

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And he owns everything that this human being does and everything that he says, And he owns all attributes, your eyes in your lungs in your ear and your mouth and even the tiny hairs that you cannot see. Low Everything belongs to him. Subhanahu wata, Anna. And why do I say this because you compare this to human beings, a person today, you could own something, you own your car, let's say your car outside, you own it. But you don't own the complete freedom of its movements and actions. Yanni you own your car, but you can't drive it the way you want on the street. There is a speed limit, you need to follow if you don't, there are consequences that you can't

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you buy a house, you don't own the entire land, the front of the house, which known as easement needs to be given to the council like yours, but you're not you bought it, it doesn't matter. This is how it is human beings when they own something. Your ownership of it is limited, and it's dictated. But he always speaking about law who Madoff is similar to morphine or everything about anything he SubhanaHu Madonna owns at all. When he dreams, he owns this water. And he owns the drops that are coming down. And he owns where they are going down. He knows exactly where and how many of these million drops are going to come down. And where is it going to rain and how and why and how

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it's going to move in the last second. All of these Helens level math is similar to math and that all belongs to Allah. So it should look like well, this is the law. This is Allah. This is the one who we worship subhanho wa taala.

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level math is similar to MF and my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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There is a Imani point we need to make here. And that is we said Everything belongs to him, yourself, your wealth, your health, your family, your friends, your work your cars, your homes and anything you have your own zero. And if you indeed believe this, if you believe level math is similar to math and that everything belongs to Him, then be prepared and know that perhaps your belief of this fact will be tested one day.

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How does Allah azza wa jal test your belief in this?

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Since you're the one that seen and acknowledging and believing that To Him belongs all things

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when Allah azza wa jal picks something from you.

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What are you supposed to say?

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In LA, we're in the LA heroes. You're the one who's able to see in La ilaha illa

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Heroes. When Allah azza wa jal takes something away from him, indeed he has passed the test. And that in and of itself is an acknowledgment that such a person believes everything belongs to Allah subhanho wa taala. This is why, whoever says in any Lehi, we're in la hora here, during a calamity, when something is taken away from him, whether it's his wealth, or health, or some members of his family, or children, or if his work was to be taken away from it, whatever it is, that is taken away. If you're quick and immediate to say in early layer, we are for Allah. We are slaves of Allah, we belong to Allah. We're in LA Hera Giroux and we will be returning to him. Whoever is able to say

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that the reward was huge. It was huge. Why? Because you pass the test because you passed a test and you acknowledge that yes, indeed everything belong stain for the reward was all a gala in Salah to Mira beam upon such people Allah sins, his praise upon them.

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Salah to Mira beam wa Rama and Allah would shower them with Mercy Lord and that would say showering them with Mercy means that they calamity Allahu ease it upon them and replace it with something else. What will go home and what to do and such people are guided, they are guided to the straight path in all their actions and their sayings. Allah would give them and grant them the guidance. And there is a beautiful story of between homosalate Mobley Allahu Anna and her husband, Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu.

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I will tell her, he had a son and this son

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as mentioned in a band, that the more correct opinion is that the son was a child called abou male, abou male. And this is was a child that once in the V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walked past him and seeing him crying. Because his bird which was called or his bird, it was it another his bird was another it's like a small type of bird. It had died. For this little boy he was crying for no reason Salem walked past him. And he said to me about oh, Mayor McFarland No, no, no, oh my god, what happened? What happened to Unreal small bird? For no reason. I seldom was yearning mentioning this to calm him down to be with him in this calamity of his that his bird had died. That was the boy

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that belonged to own Salomon and Ebola.

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Ebola year. That was his Kunia when he was a little boy, he got sick.

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He got sick in the house of almost with a wobble bunkhouse. And they he knew that his son was sick and he loved him so much loved him so much, very attached to him.

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And he had died. He had died that night or abou Paul had didn't know. So almost lame, covered him with a blanket.

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And up Abu Bakr came in and he asked almost Saleem, what happened to her child. How is he? She goes, he's, he's good. He's in good condition. He hasn't rested since the day he got sick until this day. And what she means is that because he's died, he's rested.

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And this is known in Arabic in Islam as Toria Phil Qlm atonia Phil Knapp authorea Phil Cara Mitch permissibly. Any, you say something? You mean something. But the one who's listening to you understood from a completely different thing that's permissible and edited, be smart in terms of how to use it so you can avoid lying as well. Getting mathema I think it was Sophia and the thought of a hammer Allah Who wants and if someone came to his house, and wanted to enter in his house, so Sophia and said to his son, tell him I'm not here. And he drew a circle. As he anything I'm not sitting in the circle. I'm not sitting in the circle fire. They're not there. He said, Mom, my dad's not here.

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And he's not in the circle. And as yet as this is permissible. It's called the Toria Phil column. So long as of course it doesn't involve stealing someone's rights or something like this. But she used this a smart woman. She said to him, Mama, he hasn't rested since the day he was sick. Because he's died. Now. He didn't know this. And

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yawning, so that might she had put perfume on. And he engaged in sexual relations with her. And after that, comma, all of this, and his son is by his side dead and he's covered with a blanket he doesn't know yet.

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So then

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she wanted to tell him the news.

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So she said the now upon her. He really wants to it's still night dark, but he cannot see things and she said our eternal unknowledgeable and is still darker they are. She's gonna ask you a question.

00:29:54 --> 00:29:55

Imagine someone

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loaned you something someone gave you something to

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borrowed for some data behind and you enjoyed it for that moment you had it, someone gave you his car. You enjoyed it. You used it for the time you had it for more pallava happening. Then the owner, the rightful owner of this property came and said give me my property back and he took it anyway

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does also mean VALIC would you be upset if someone did that? He said no, we're not gonna be upset that she's mad. She's things he came and took it. She said to him for YNAB NACA command, your son has died. And he has returned to Allah observation. Very smart woman. She's telling him no, this son is a property of Allah. Allah has just taken back what he had given you. And the time it was with you, you enjoy it, and you played with it. Now Allah azza wa jal is taken aback. So you shouldn't be upset and you shouldn't be sad

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for storage, our Hamidullah at that very moment. He said in early layer and this is the point in la la, we're in LA here's your own, and hamdulillah Subhan Allah then he went to Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was distraught. And he said to the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what happened? When he started selling them was surprised. He said to him, Danny, and your son was sleeping beside you when you were engaging in sexual relation with your wife. He said to him, yes. Ren Annalise Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, May Allah azza wa jal please a bollock Abraca in that night of yours, and indeed Then his wife went on to give birth to Ebola and then reopen Hata OB

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Allahu Anhu. And he died as a matter of use of Isla and he had his own 12 children or mashallah there was Baraka that came from that family law solution knows, he took one and he replaced him with tons of goodness Subhanallah because of in any law who are in a war zone, that's the point level Murphy's. Somehow I tell him, I feel I'll be ready my brothers and sisters in Islam, a person can be tested anytime you don't know when the calamity hits. But the one who is steadfast upon the morning of God and the afternoon of God, your calamity is going to happen between one of these two times. If there's any calamity that's going to happen to it's going to happen to you in the morning or in the

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evening. There is no third time. In the morning, if you've said low math is something I want you to fill out and it lived in your heart. It'll remind you to immediately say no Allah, you're in your own, if something is taken away from you. And if you see a democracy in the evening, and a calamity happens, well, you will not far off from same level math is similar to mafia. That'll give you enough inspiration and motivation to remind you to say in Melilla, who are in melee heroes your own if something is taken away from me deep meanings, that's why you should be reading this area every single morning and evening, to remind yourself of the reality and the fact shoot for Allah and I

00:33:04 --> 00:33:30

don't know how people live without reading of girdles, salehoo and myself. And what guidance does he have in his day in his evening if you were struck by something? What guidance does he have? level math is similar to math and now to emphasize this meaning that everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah to emphasize this meaning. Allah azza wa jal said, when the loving yesh Pharaoh in the WHO Ellerbee evening, Maha o'clock

00:33:32 --> 00:33:41

Allah azza wa jal, he said Who is it? That can intercede with him except by His permission? Who isn't? Who's the one who dares

00:33:42 --> 00:33:45

to intercede with Allah except my his permission you see, look,

00:33:46 --> 00:33:50

this could have said or this could have be set been said in about three ways.

00:33:52 --> 00:33:55

Main Yeah, shower in the whole lobby is me.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:00

Money Levy hashpower in the whole elaborate evening,

00:34:01 --> 00:34:07

but Allah azza wa jal says money there a levy Yeshua or in Davao levy evening.

00:34:09 --> 00:34:33

Mon there, Olivia Ashmore in the whole levy is me, creates more of a challenge. Yanni when Allah azza wa jal says men there that this this word that Danny, what is being said is who is the one who even dares to think he has a chance to stand before Allah and intercede for others?

00:34:35 --> 00:34:37

Who commanded implies

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

who's this lowlife who's this degree that person who thinks he can stand before Allah and say Allah help I make him help my friend help this one. Who thinks he can do this? Shoot the aisle before said level nerf is similar to my fill up. Now in this part of the areola.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:18

So it can be seen. You don't even own to open your mouth from the day of judgment and to intercede for someone you want Munda Olivia yesterday we're in double 11 because on that day in the nice Allah Allah azza wa jal he says let them lick when absolutely enough sin share.

00:35:19 --> 00:35:59

No one will be able to put a case forward for anyone. No one can own anything of anyone else. For no reason Allahu Allah, you will send them would say YFL please tap into Mohammed in a tequila. Oh sharpener the daughter of Muhammad fear Allah. For him Nina, thank him in Allah He che i can't do anything for you on the Day of Judgment. And that who also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the most beloved of mankind to Allah azza wa jal, he seemed to help them oh look after yourself, it tequila because on the Day of Judgment, I cannot do anything for you. No one has the right to intercede except by His permission. Even before we intercession as we said, no one has the right to

00:35:59 --> 00:36:01

even open his mouth.

00:36:02 --> 00:36:12

Insert the number at the end Allah azza wa jal said let the Qalamoun in them and Avena Lahore magining Leia Kana moon,

00:36:13 --> 00:36:18

when Sol Baja Allah azza wa jal he said wash it No sweat, your

00:36:20 --> 00:36:55

the voices are humbled, they are soft, they are silent. Before the Most Merciful. Allah azza wa jal then said felicitous now Hamsa The only thing you can hear on that day is and humps will Hum C'est la vie Muhammad Allah they said, What will Adam the footsteps of people as they move on the Day of Judgment? That's what you can hear. No one is allowed to talk. See how that emphasizes that he owns everything in the heavens in the earth, and even on the Day of Judgment, whether you can open it.

00:36:57 --> 00:36:58

So Pamela,

00:36:59 --> 00:37:40

and Yanni, if no one has the right to intercede, and no one opens his mouth and talks, it means no one owns a single thing on that day. And all matters are in Allah's hand, which is proven in local mafia similarity or mafia. Member Livia showering the whole elaborate evening. But this implies is that Allah is not in need of anyone at all. I want to give you an example, worldly life in house Shiva. How intercessions happen between people so you can really understand how Allah azza wa jal is not in need of any given example, you see today, how does the chef our work today today in worldly sense, if I wanted to

00:37:42 --> 00:37:49

be a connection, or a help or a support for a person, I know, this is what happens usually, today.

00:37:50 --> 00:37:58

Let's say I want to work in a specific company that is paying good wages for a specific position.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:44

Now, it'd be silly if I just went to the CEO, please, can you choose me for this job? That's not gonna happen. So what do you do in today's world? What people do you go to a friend of the CEO, friend of the director, friend of whoever it is that's in that high position? That you know, you need to go to a friend of yours that you know, really good? And then you say, Please, can you intercede for me? On my behalf, put in a good word for me? Can you put in a good word for me, by now the CEO or the director of this Big Boss, he's only going to accept, he's only going to accept this intercession, most likely because of two reasons. Number one, because he's afraid, number one,

00:38:45 --> 00:39:11

because he is afraid, Jonnie, such as in the case of you know, that the commander of the armies, usually when you have a country, Muslim, and there's a government, and there's a military army, and there is the commander of the army, and someone, a close friend of the commander of the army, he comes to him, and he wants a specific job in the government. So the commander of the army goes to the prison. And he says, I have a friend of mine put him in this position.

00:39:12 --> 00:39:54

The President is scared, he has to listen to what the commander of the army says, because if he doesn't, he risks a military coup, he could be overthrown. So he's kind of forced to see what this guy wants and get him over and done with. So today, a shuffle or intercession could be accepted, because the person in that high position is afraid. So he does what this person tells him. And the other reason could be because he wants a benefit from this person later on. So you know what? I'll accept your shafa and no problems. I'll put this brother in this position, but I also want one. So later on when I need something, you help me out. That's how it is. And if the big boss rejected the

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

shafa, what does that mean? Meaning you are nothing to him, or he doesn't need you and he's not afraid of you

00:40:01 --> 00:40:18

Hola soultion is not scared of anyone. While a half walk bear, he's not scared of anyone. And again, he's not in need of anyone. And he's not gonna benefit from anyone. Fat men the lovely yesh fowwowing de who Ellerbee if they put in your mind.

00:40:19 --> 00:41:00

dish of hair does not happen to anyone at all except by Allah azza wa jal has permission in the evening. Now, let me explain to you a Shiva and what it is and the types of a Shiva, we have ahead of us Inshallah, in our last 20 minutes, we'll discuss a Shiva so that you can have knowledge of it. And we'll conclude with the the only topic of a Shiva will be nila, in our next lesson, we're going to finish the vanilla the soul listen very carefully, so you can understand what is a Shiva and what you're supposed to be thinking of. When you're reading edited course in the evening and in the mornings. Right this is grant information and it is part of dark leader of the believer.

00:41:01 --> 00:41:22

Shiva intercession. It obviously means to or mediation from someone or for someone you mediate for someone else to gain some benefit or walk away from them some harm. This is what Indecision is, basically Indecision is when I'm helping someone out.

00:41:23 --> 00:41:25

Chef comes from the word chef.

00:41:26 --> 00:42:03

Schaeffer with Chef it means what? Or even sorry, Scheffer means even you know, Allah azza wa jal, he says, While fishery, while al in Arusha, was Chifley, when water was Scheffer is the I swear by Vi I swear by the even a Shiva I swear by the even, and I swear by the odd. So a Shiva comes from the word Shiva, which means even because a shuffle is like you were standing alone, you had no help. And now all of a sudden someone comes. And now two of you now you've become even to someone now who's going to help you and aid you and support you. Right this is a shuffle.

00:42:04 --> 00:42:47

We shuffle. intercession is an act of mercy and generosity from Allah subhanho wa Taala upon His servants and upon his sleeves, and intercession is of two types stay focused alone and listen. Number one, there are there is the intercession in this world, the life and that has its rulings and laws and legislations we're not getting through them. What we want to discuss is the second type of intercession, which is the intercession that happens in the afterlife, on the Day of Judgment, when the people are resurrected from the graves by intercession in the afterlife. And the Sunnah. And Gemma, as we said, the part of the Arcada is that we confirm a shift out the occurrence of the

00:42:47 --> 00:43:06

intercession and that will all take place on the Day of Judgment. Because there are two extremes when it comes to some said that there is no Shiva at all on the day of judgment. And some went to extremes that the Shiva could be for anyone, anyone, anyone could help anyone on the day of judgment, and that the angels are going to help this this but the disbelievers thought

00:43:07 --> 00:43:38

on their end, Allah, the disbelievers said that their idols are going to help them out on the day of judgment and help them go into the paradise for a shuffler. There are two extremes. There is a group that said there is no Shiva that exists on the Day of Judgment. No one's helping no one. And some said Daniella or anyone can intercede for anyone even if it was from the people of the fire. And under synergy Mara is right in the middle, we confirm that there is the occurrence of intercession that will take place on the Day of Judgment. But now we give it an explanation.

00:43:39 --> 00:43:57

The shadow of the afterlife, the Chevelle that happens on the Day of Judgment is now of two types, one that happens on the Day of Judgment, one called Shafaq men fear and the other one shefa to move better. The first type is intercession which will be accepted

00:43:58 --> 00:44:03

and another type is an intercession that will not be accepted and rejected intercession.

00:44:04 --> 00:44:06

The rejected intercession

00:44:07 --> 00:44:39

is the one that is for the wrongdoers. Allah azza wa jal he said in the Quran, Mal your volley mean I mean Hamid wala Shafi in your bar. Allah azza wa jal said for the wrongdoers of volley mean. Well, basically Rahim Allah He said, a volley mean in this ayah means the cofell Those who don't upon Cooper and Sheikh, Allah says those who felt for them, there will be no friend and there will be no intercessor who will be a bait.

00:44:41 --> 00:44:44

So if someone wants to intercede on behalf of a careful

00:44:45 --> 00:44:46

That's not to happen.

00:44:47 --> 00:44:58

What are Shaffir in your bar, whoever is going to make a case and trying to help a character. He is not going to be heard and not going to be a bait? Right that's closed

00:44:59 --> 00:44:59


00:45:00 --> 00:45:35

Number one, and this is very important, because some Muslims fall into this as well. Perhaps a lot of Muslims fall into this. And this is another category of a rejected intercession for a type of people. And that is those who frequently curse in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam in a hadith he says, Leia Kunal Lai and owner Schufa. I want to show her that a young girl Kiana, Allah and Hoon, those who frequently curse, because this is not from the character of a Muslim. The character of a Muslim is that he makes for his brothers.

00:45:37 --> 00:46:22

He says good words. He speaks words of honesty and justice. So the one who curses few few words come out of his mouth and cursing, meaning to remove a person from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, whoever curses will not be eligible for a Shiva on the Day of Judgment, his chance to support and help others will be removed from him, no Shiva for him. Well, as you heard that and he cannot be a martyr on the day of judgment, He will not be raised in the rank of the martyrs when you see the problem, when hadith is Muslim, as authentic as it can be, and there is a story for that is Yanni Abdul Malik ibn Marwan he had a sleeve of his and he went and ordered this sleeve to go get

00:46:22 --> 00:46:26

something and the sleeve was delayed and he delayed and came back really late.

00:46:28 --> 00:46:38

Abdul Malik ibn Marwan he cursed him, Lana, who he calls the nanny in the Sydney costume because he came late for a murder that obey Allah one has said to him.

00:46:40 --> 00:47:25

You see that curse that you made last night? I heard the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that those who curse will not be intercessors on the Day of Judgment, that right is stripped away from them. And they will not be resurrected and raised as martyrs on the Day of Judgment, that chance is also gone from them. Be careful. And this is a story of the America and Marwan made a curse because someone was delayed need to come to him. So he goes to be careful by that's a shuffle and men fear the kaffir if anyone tried to intercede for him, that's not going to be accepted. And the one who frequently causes his shafa for others will not be accepted by

00:47:26 --> 00:47:47

the second type is a chauffeur. I'll move data we said the intercession that will be accepted. And this will only be for the people of Tawheed those who died upon La ilaha illAllah. Abu Huraira obey Allahu Anhu. He said the Eldest will Allah, Min Assad do nasty vicia attic. He said, O Messenger of Allah,

00:47:49 --> 00:48:02

who are the most blessed people and who are the most happiest and excited people concerning your ship out on the Day of Judgement? Meaning who's going to be happy to receive your Shiva on the Day of Judgment?

00:48:03 --> 00:48:11

Funnily sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said that Abu Huraira Yanni I had never thought anyone would ask me this question.

00:48:12 --> 00:48:48

What will be Allah Who hon Allah He asked him this beautiful question. And maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said manakala La Ilaha illa Allah Han is Salman can be whoever says La ilaha IL Allah sincerely from his heart even harsher for him of Allah. He said that the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say haul your son sincerely from his heart, so that the category of money of your own hypocrites could be removed from this hadith, because they didn't say how the sun will be the moon efic would say La ilaha illallah with his tongue only Naveen from his heart.

00:48:49 --> 00:49:11

I mean, unless you mean your guru as a nebula, he will be the only one who will be more money and so how Subhan Allah the precise words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Well Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, While I am liquid Lavina the rune of Indonesia, the min Shahe that will help well who may Allah moon? Allah azza wa jal he said

00:49:13 --> 00:49:35

that these idols, that the disbelievers worship besides Allah, the idols or the people, that disbelievers worship, besides Allah are not able to intercede in front of Allah, they're not able. The English session in front of Allah is only for those who shaky they've been have

00:49:36 --> 00:49:38

testified to the truth.

00:49:39 --> 00:49:49

Well, whom yalla moon and they know, you see, it's not only saying let Ilaha illa Allah, but you must know La Ilaha illa Allah is a you knew that.

00:49:50 --> 00:49:52

They knew that the Lord is

00:49:54 --> 00:49:55

the one Lord

00:49:57 --> 00:49:59

and the only Lord worthy of worship, and they believe

00:50:00 --> 00:50:30

If this and they acted it and implemented right, in lemon shining, they will have to work on me and the moon is and now we know in order to qualify for a Chevelle the Day of Judgment, number one, let Ilahi law must be said with sincerity a clause from the hub. Number two, you must know that in a halal Allah, you must know it. This is why we're taking lots of time to explain a little kursi so that he can know Allah assertion. This is a condition only Allah mod

00:50:31 --> 00:50:32

by it.

00:50:33 --> 00:51:15

So these are the people that are eligible for the intercession on the day of judgment, but what are the conditions for the intercession on the Day of Judgment? There are conditions, Allah azza wa jal he says, Welcome in Milliken, Mr. Malhotra Tonisha to che and lemon body and then Allah, lemon Yasha whaleboat. There are two conditions. Number one, Allah must approve and be pleased with the intercessor and the one being interceded for that's number one condition. For for, for intercession to happen. Allah must be pleased with the intercessor and the one who he will be interceding for,

00:51:16 --> 00:51:20

must be pleased. Allah has be pleased with both of them and approve both of them.

00:51:21 --> 00:52:11

And the second condition is that Allah must give permission to the intercessor so that he can intercede. Allah must give him permission. So if this is the intercessor that is going to intercede for this person, Allah azza wa jal needs to approve of him and him and be pleased with him and him. And the second condition, Allah must give him permission. Allah would say to him, go ahead, then and only he can talk and make his intercession and activists as well, that Allah subhanho wa Taala also must give permission for the words that are going to be said. You can't just make up your own intercession. Even the words that are going to be saved, must only be saved by Allah's permission.

00:52:12 --> 00:52:41

Say if someone wants to intercede for someone, Danny Oh Allah, Allah, this is a friend of mine. Can you put him up with the messenger SallAllahu sallam? No, that doesn't happen for people. That's not from your age, as a human as us. We cannot do this. That's a chef out of Rasulullah sallallahu Lagos for what we're seeing is that even the words must be by permission of Allah azza wa jal, you can look at this, you can read the human being is what does he What does he owe nothing. Month Olivia shower in the hotel lobby, if

00:52:42 --> 00:52:44

you happen to be salah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

00:52:45 --> 00:52:57

even he cannot speak on the day of judgment. He cannot intercede for anyone except by Allah's permission. You understand how heavy the matter is

00:52:58 --> 00:52:59


00:53:00 --> 00:53:24

Now, Shiva, botta, we said that the intercession that is accepted, this now is of two types, right and this is of two types. The accepted intercession is of two types. Number one, we see chef out on horse so we refer to an Ironman. These are the two types shefa on horse so

00:53:26 --> 00:53:44

there is a specific type of intercession, a special type of intercession. Let's explain this one. When we say Scheffer, a Hall saw a special in a specific intercession, then this is only for whom Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam and no one else

00:53:45 --> 00:53:47

only for him, this kind of shafa

00:53:49 --> 00:53:50

from this Jaffa

00:53:51 --> 00:54:04

is a chef out all over the greatest indecision that happens on the Day of Judgment. Who does that belong to? It belongs only only to Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this Shaeffer actually

00:54:06 --> 00:54:16

has been made reference of in the Quran. When Allah azza wa jal he said Wamena Laidley, feta has yet to be near affiliate Alexa, answer a bath I got Buka

00:54:18 --> 00:54:19

MACOM muda

00:54:21 --> 00:55:00

It is perhaps that Allah huzzah version would raise you upon an elevated status McCalman mu the appraised status? What's this Muhammad Muhammad and Nakamura Mahmoud is a chef out to live now that is given to Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of judgment. And Muhammad Muhammad is the greatest intercession that Allah would give permission for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to have, what is this great intercession? What is it? What is it exactly? It comes in along Hadith summarize it in Nabi SallAllahu. alayhi wa sallam was one sitting with his companions. He took a piece of meat and he'd be

00:55:00 --> 00:55:15

then and then he said and so you do Nancy OMO piano. I am the master of mankind on the day of judgment on the head of everyone. And then he said to them, helter Droon Halima that? Do you know why I'm saying this? You know why I am the master on the day of judgment.

00:55:17 --> 00:55:34

He said, Ah Ma Allahu NAS and Alina will and Karina feel sorry, didn't wear long social will gather the first and the last of mankind all on one plane. Everyone's standing there barefooted, naked, uncircumcised, and hoodlum woman. They don't own anything as well.

00:55:35 --> 00:55:53

And the sun is a mile away from the head. I mean, that could mean a mile. Or it could mean the eye of a needle. You see the eye of a needle that in Arabic is called meal. It's called a meal. So the sun is this much away from the head could be a possibility Allahu Allah.

00:55:54 --> 00:56:04

At that moment, and if you saw our send them said fail blue now tsunami will be Mariela up poonawalla Hamoud distress, calamity,

00:56:05 --> 00:56:16

sadness, depression worry, has overtaken all the people to the point where they can no longer bear lay up poonawalla Atomy rule hollows the tip

00:56:17 --> 00:56:20

for your coolness ababu homeless people start talking to each other.

00:56:21 --> 00:56:28

They don't you see what's happening to us. Who Can't you see we're just standing here. And things are intensely hot and what do we do?

00:56:30 --> 00:57:11

And I don't recommend Camila Begum. So people are talking to each other and they say Shouldn't we go to someone and see who can intercede for Allah absorption? What are the people want people at the time want Allah to stop accountability? Because there's no accountability yet. Everyone just standing amongst who isn't hasn't called one person at a time to hold him to account so that people want this to start for they talk to each other. Let's go to someone that can talk to Allah and snap this accountability. Falco nurse about only about the knowledge that people start saying, let's go to Adam, let's hit to Adam Alayhis Salam and talk to him. So they come to Adam, Allah He set up and

00:57:11 --> 00:57:57

they remind him of who he is. You're the man on you're the father of mankind. Allah created you with your hand and he blew with into a rule that he put in you and he commanded the angels to make suit for you. Can you intercede to our Lord? Can't you see what the people are in today? Can't you see what's happening? So Adam, Allah you said I would say it not a big cup. Have we been the Omaha Baba? Let me Bob Kabila whom Mr. Whelan young Ba ba ba the whom if law who he said to the mighty law today is angry. Such an anger that he will never be angry. He was never angry like this before and he will never be angry like this ever after hubub sufa. To Lakers solution, it is an attribute of Allah azza

00:57:57 --> 00:58:05

wa jal befitting to His Majesty Subhan water Island and then he said to them, we're in New Hampshire, Jonathan fossa.

00:58:06 --> 00:58:23

And he forbid me from eating from a tree. And he didn't even eat from it. He just tasted for the mother I just tasted from the tree. He said, But I disobeyed Allah. NFC NFC NFC. I'm looking after myself today, only myself only myself. If you're in a hurry to go go someone else.

00:58:24 --> 00:58:42

And look at this. This is Adam Alayhis Salam. He's remembering one sin he did. And by the way, Allah had already repented and accepted the stoma for him. Hatanaka Adam anaerobically met Fatah Allah, Allah had already accepted the Stober. But he's still bothered by the same.

00:58:44 --> 00:59:01

So he goes go through and all of mankind would go through hallelujah Salah and they will say no, you're the first messenger of Allah that He sent to mankind. And Allah azza wa jal called your Abdon shockula Please intercede to Allah subhanaw taala let's start something the accountability.

00:59:02 --> 00:59:22

And they sit in like what they said to Adam Alayhis Salam, and know who would say the same thing. My Lord is angry today such an anger he was never angry like this ever before and will never be angry like this ever after. And he says I had one dua that is accepted. And I used it against my people. So enough's enough. See, I'm looking after myself today. Go to someone else. Go to Ibrahim.

00:59:24 --> 00:59:31

Or they go to Ibrahim Ali, he's set up and mankind will remind Ibrahim of who he is. That you're the friend of Allah azza wa jal.

00:59:32 --> 00:59:59

Can you intercede to Allah subhanho wa Taala for us, and He will say to them the same thing. And then he will mention in the Catechism to forever Kathy Beth. I lied three lines in my life. And even then, if you look into these three things, and the reason why a salon would say they are three lines, three, they're Tila, he liked them for Allah sake. So they're not even considered lies. But that's how he sees that. That was the only way

01:00:00 --> 01:00:14

He referred to his wife as being his sister, sister in Islam she is and he wanted to save her from the oppressive King at the time, because if the king knew that was his wife, he would have killed him and taken up. So he said it's my sister.

01:00:15 --> 01:00:31

And when the people the machete keen wanted to take him out to their party, and they were idols and ship combat, he said to them, granola wartime fitness room for color in the Supreme, he looked into the stars, and he said, Well, I'm sick today. Well, he wasn't sick, but he's sick of the ship.

01:00:32 --> 01:00:34

And the last one was

01:00:35 --> 01:01:17

when he when he broke the idols, and he said, Father, who gave you all Mather, he broke the idols and he left one and he put the axe on its neck. And he said to the people, father who caboodle rather than the big one did, the big one did. Now there are different opinions as to what he actually meant by this. Some said the big one meaning the big finger is the one that didn't say that he only did this because he said after for someone who asked them if they talk, because if they talk they'll say the truth and they'll say that indeed Ibrahim did say he said for Allah who kabhi Romana for solo, ask him any he's trying to hammer this is dead. These are Pete Moyes shipping this don't

01:01:17 --> 01:01:37

even talk. It couldn't even defend its own self and he cannot even tell you what happened to it and how it was destroyed by it. But he's still he's not up for interceding for anyone because he's These are three lines. And he's all his life he counted three lines. And if you look at the case of some people today,

01:01:38 --> 01:01:42

three lines a minute, people alive three lines a minute

01:01:44 --> 01:01:59

Billa Yanni SubhanAllah. You can just imagine the case of mankind. So he says go to someone else. Go to Musa alayhis salam people go to Musa and they'll remind most of who He is Allah had sent the message to you and Allah azza wa jal spoke to you. Can you intercede to Allah azza wa jal

01:02:00 --> 01:02:41

for he says Allah he's angry today. And he is not a prophet. And he says in your cattle to love salaam, Omar because I killed an innocent soul. I wasn't commanded to kill. Oh by the way, didn't he also after that Sydney said Robin fiddly philosopher Allah and Allah had forgiven him and he's still bothered by this thing that he did. He says enough is enough. See I'm looking after myself today go to someone else. So they go he said in our with our isa go Teresa he set up so mankind will go Teresa, and will remind him of who he is. You're the word of Allah and the Spirit that He said the mandala Malika Salah Allah azza wa jal, and you spoke to people when you were still a baby in the

01:02:41 --> 01:02:51

cradle. Can you intercede? For he says to them the same thing as the other prophets, when a miracle them that he does not even mention a sin?

01:02:52 --> 01:03:07

But then he still says myself myself. I'm looking after myself. Go to someone else go to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yanni these are all who do we just mentioned? All these are noble prophets, who do last minute also the best of the prophets.

01:03:08 --> 01:03:48

And look at this they say imagine the other prophets are not this state will be then imagine the companions are not this they will be. Then imagine the righteous and how this state will be. Then imagine the remaining people, us, the Muslims, the rest of the people, and then imagine the state of a sinner. And then imagine the state of a disbeliever Maha Aqua mosque Allah azza wa jal to save us. For today, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, mankind will come to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for those so yeah, Mohammed Anta rasool Allah, and you're the final messenger of Allah. And Allah has forgiven you met them and made them become at a heart all your previous and future

01:03:48 --> 01:04:06

sins everything Allah and forgive him. Can you intercede to Allah subhanahu wata Anna finally some Allahu Allah alayhi wa sallam he says for Ambani who Ferretti data louche fund Reese Allahu alayhi wa sallam is for it. In another narration. He says and

01:04:07 --> 01:04:14

I am for this job. This is what we're talking about what a chef out of man, the greatest intercession This is about to happen.

01:04:16 --> 01:04:23

For he walks until he reaches underneath Bausch because by then the oxygen is already down. It's on the plains of the Day of Judgment.

01:04:27 --> 01:04:51

That occurred was a hidden layer of B. And he falls into suit for Allah subhanho wa taala. This is the greatest and the most noble position a human being could ever be in, have imagined the one who doesn't pray. He has deprived himself from the most noble position a human could ever be in. This is why every other guy has to sue because this is the most noble action. What Michael

01:04:52 --> 01:04:59

will say he then be. He makes a suit for Allah subhanaw taala implying sincerity for Allah azza wa jal

01:05:00 --> 01:05:47

Samantha Allahu Allah Yemen Muhammad he was the third ally he che let me start having public word Allah azza wa jal would give Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knowledge of how to praise him in such a way no one ever knew about this ever before. Then you don't know when we praise Allah. There are things we say Subhan Allah and hamdulillah ilaha IL Allah Allahu Akbar. But there are a higher words than all of this that we don't know. On the day of judgment and maybe some Allahu Allahu wa Salam is given the special words of praise. And he says them on that day in this is the first time in your life to ever hear anything like this, about Allah azza wa jal, Mahatma

01:05:49 --> 01:06:04

familiar called we are Mohamed El follows Allah azza wa jal would say, and he would call out to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he would say to him, raise your head, it'll fall sick because it's so rude. Raise it.

01:06:05 --> 01:07:00

Son, Papa, Ask and you will be given that which you ask, wash fat to shafa and intercede because I am going to give you permission and I will accept your intercession for all of our ROTC. Then in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam would raise his head for our kuleana or be or be Mati. Yeah. Robbie Oh, Mati. He would say your three times and he would say Almighty Almighty two times, my nation my nation meaning look after my nation, look after my nation, help and aid my nation, my nation, who was asked Allah azza wa jal to included is in this call. For your call. Yeah. Mohammed would holy Jana. Jana time in America. Mullah, he said Ali him in El de bill. Amen him in a boy bill. Jana?

01:07:00 --> 01:07:45

Well, I'm sure I can never see female Seiwa Velyka Meenal avoid, then in the least Allah azza wa jal would say yeah, Mohamed admitted into the Paradise from among your nation, those who are not going to be held accountable. There is a group there is a number of people from the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that will not be held accountable for the deeds. They are in a certain Hadith. These are the first people for Nevis, or send them to say go and enter the Paradise from unbearable. Amen. avoidable Jana, from the right side of the gate of the paradise empathy. So they will rush straight to the door and go straight in.

01:07:46 --> 01:07:59

Well, who should I get or Nursey female with that then come in and up web and this same door, other believers would enter but when after the accountability and if there's any punishment or anything for them, that's going to happen before they enter from that door.

01:08:01 --> 01:08:41

So this year is called a chef out will opener. And this is part of a Shiva and hos saga, as we said the special Shiva from the first ones as the spiritual chef, is this great intercession that is given to the salasar Salah after this incident, the accountability begins. Now Allah begins to hold the people to account and the angels are down and they bring in one by one to Allah azza wa jal standing there like a serpent you know, who are they you know to you man, there is no interpreter, no translator, Allah subhanho wa Taala will begin to address whether it is the cafe or the believer, whoever it is and then you know the story after that they go with their book, the Emini, Hebei,

01:08:41 --> 01:09:24

CheMin E, and the entire day of the Day of Judgment begins to unfold. But that's a shift outward movement, also from the special shefa that is only for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would be for the believers to enter the paradise. That's also a special Scheffer for him. And this is that when the believers finally paths are set up, and they're on the other side, so that's it. This the door of the paradise is here, but they're standing at a place called Kampala, again shefa Otonabee some Allahu alayhi wa salam would be for these believers that have made it and crossed a syrup that Oh Allah, admit them into the paradise. And by Allah's permission, he'll accept the Shiva and the

01:09:24 --> 01:10:00

believers will enter the paradise and from the special shofar of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that He intercedes for people who there has an earth and their bad deeds are eco intercedes for him. And Allah azza wa jal admits him into the paradise and also from the special Shiva is that an abuse of Allahu alayhi wa sallam would intercede for his uncle Abu Talib, that Allah azza wa jal limit and reduce the punishment for him. And so Allah azza wa jal would accept the Shiva and I will call him the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu to receive the minimal punishment in jahannam. He is standing on call in where he's been

01:10:00 --> 01:10:46

Green is boiling pot and this remains forever Ascom was always able to save us. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we're coming towards the end. The last and final of these categories we said in the excepted shefa it is of two types. The special chef out there is full of salsa, salsa and only the other type. It's called a chef. I'm the general intercession and this general intercession, it is for once again also last, but not limited theme. That's for other prophets as well, for the angels and for the righteous. All these types of people will get a chance to intercede for others. So the righteous believers, Allah azza wa jal would give permission for the righteous believers to

01:10:46 --> 01:11:05

intercede for people that are in the fire from their brothers that were Muslims. Imam Al Bukhari Muslim by Muhammad Allah mentioned the hadith of Ambleside in Albury Roby Allahu Anhu. In when Rizal Allahu alayhi wa sallam was speaking about the believers that were saved from the fire. So these are believers that did not enter the hellfire.

01:11:07 --> 01:11:21

They will see people they knew in the alpha that these righteous people they have been saved from the fire. But they will observe and notice friends of theirs that because he's the helper. What's he doing there?

01:11:22 --> 01:11:54

So they will seek out a better way. Our Lord look our brothers. Can we use saloon Amana? They used to pray with us well Simona mana and they used to fast with us. I noticed this Word with us meaning there was company with the ranches, where maluna Anna and they used to do the works of the good with us, for Allah azza wa jal would say if humble go feminine was too fickle, be him if Connor de Neri mean Amen. In fact, he will say to these believers, that did not enter the Hellfire

01:11:55 --> 01:12:16

upon them noticing brothers of this in the fire. Allah would say to them into the fire go in and pull out of the fire, whoever has the size of a coin Dino of a man in his heart. So there is some kind of obvious man in his heart. And Allah azza wa jal obviously would show them this kind of Eman in their house.

01:12:17 --> 01:12:24

So Alonso and the bizarre Selim says where you heard him Allahu Allahu Allah Nell. And Allah azza wa jal would

01:12:26 --> 01:12:41

forbid themselves from being burnt in the fire. So these righteous people are allowed to step foot into this hellfire, but they got like a kind of protection around them they will not burn. So then in the case of Allahu alayhi wa sallam says for a tuna

01:12:43 --> 01:12:49

we're about boom, kebab affinity elite Academy, they will begin to come in they approach these people that they knew some of them.

01:12:51 --> 01:13:41

They up, they immersed in the fire, ankle deep and some knee deep in the fire. So then, Annalise on Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, for your resume and Nana or food, they will take out from the fire whoever the new is out important, very important to accompany righteous people very important because they only going to bring out Manado whoever the new female do and then they come out then Allah who would say go back in and whoever has half a coin of Eman bringing out so we'll go back in theory Juna man out of fool they'll bring out whoever they recognize and know then Allah azza wa jal would say to them go back and this time take out whoever had me called with the rotten mini man and

01:13:41 --> 01:14:24

and sweet of E man in his heart go and bring him out, pull him out. So for your Juna again man out of who they'll bring out those who they recognize and who they you know, love. So, how do you earn this type of shafa? If a person ended up in Janome, how does he earn this buying his acknowledgement and accompanying of the righteous? And this is why the hustle and bustle Rahim Allah He said at that moment, when the disbelievers see this happening, they will see from Elena I mean, Chef Irina, what else are they paying me? This is when they regret and they will hit themselves regretting and they say, man and I'm in Sheffy we have no one to intercede for us one feminine me shuffling what else?

01:14:24 --> 01:14:59

sobic We didn't even have a close friend. Look at these people. At least they had friends that came in and brought them out. hours for us. We we we envied the believers, we hated the believers so there is no one to pull them up. Subhanallah also from among the general shefa is your RE citation of the Quran. Your citation of the Quran and the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam said recite the Quran because the Quran will come on the day of judgment and intercessor for the person who read it. It comes as a lawyer. The Quran defends you on the Day of judgment and Quran could help a believer

01:15:00 --> 01:15:10

Allah in the Quran would say, Oh Allah, I prevented him from sleep at night. And he read me during the day. And as a result your Quran intercedes for you and you come up

01:15:12 --> 01:15:19

we'll see our first thing as well maybe some Allah, why don't you send them he said a cm one Quran. Yes finally in abdomen piano

01:15:21 --> 01:15:38

for fasting that will intercede for you on the Day of Judgment. Also select to Janessa Allen made praying the Janessa pray upon the death and maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, If 100 People pray upon a dead person, and they make dua for him,

01:15:39 --> 01:16:23

Allah azza wa jal will accept their intercession for him on the day of judgment if 100 People pray. Then in another narration, if 40 People pray, and then the final narration said If three lines pray, and three lines could be less than 40, right, for Yanni, the last thing that unreasonable Allahu alayhi wa sallam would see regarding this matter was the three lines. So if there are three lines that preyed upon a believer that had died, and all of them were upon La ilaha illallah, and they made dua for him, these believers made for him, then on the day of judgment, this dead person will earn their shafa on the Day of Judgment, shows how beautiful wishes, getting meaning into now, when

01:16:23 --> 01:16:40

we hear about someone dying, go and pray, and continue to pray upon the debt in hope that you will have Bismillah the same thing. And then if they left, the believers will be able to intercede for each other on the day of judgment. And finally, two more matters here. And that is to repeat after them, what of them

01:16:42 --> 01:16:58

to repeat after them. And then to see a solid Island, maybe sanction them after the event. So you've repeated after more than once the events finished. You said Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Consolata label him I live alone in the Camino masjid and then you see the DUA.

01:16:59 --> 01:17:39

Allah moral behavior doubted them or Salah tipo de Mohamed Universidad for Villa or bathroom Allahumma MACOM and Mahmoud de la vie water what's in Muhammad Muhammad, we said, the great intercession to begin accountability in Kenya totally fooled me. In some of the reasons they authenticated Some don't it no problems whether you see it or do you don't. In the resource Salam says Whoever says this Khaled level Scheffer, RT Yeoman piano, meaning my intercession becomes mandatory for him, who's intercession in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam intercession became mandatory for the person who continuously says this after Allah, then Allahu Akbar, meaning you are

01:17:39 --> 01:17:45

in the care of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if you're in his care, then things are good for you on the Day of Judgment.

01:17:47 --> 01:18:32

And the final one is a shahada to feasterville Allah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that a Shaheed the manta will be given permission to intercede for 70 of his family members. Heck, if they end up in the hellfire, he enters behind them, and brings them one out, one after the other out and all of this, as long as they had La ilaha illa in their heart, as for a Kaffir. That's not from his family. It's from your family on the Day of Judgment, or only those who believed those who did not believe in the family, or not considered family on the Day of Judgment. Finally, after all these Shafaq that happened, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the righteous the angels of a

01:18:32 --> 01:18:43

prophet, everyone's gone in taking out whoever they can. That's it. No one knows anyone anymore. Final Hadith. And the reason Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, while a mere

01:18:44 --> 01:19:01

humble war he mean there's one motion left. And that is the shuffle of the Most Merciful. Allah subhanho wa Taala himself FIAC boo boo, boo bot and Mina Nell, Allah who take a handful out of the Hellfire, a handful out of the Hellfire.

01:19:03 --> 01:19:16

So you hurry you for your resume in Holman lemmya Manu Hiram, he takes up a handful from the hellfire and these people never did anything. Oh Allah, they had no actions no deeds

01:19:18 --> 01:19:27

or the IRA do Humana, they have become charcoal black, he can just have intensely burnt in Johanna.

01:19:29 --> 01:19:43

So you will pee him fina hidden fee for him Jannetty your cannula Now Ron Hyatt and then he will put them in a river that is at the gate of the paradise. And this river is called the river of life. Fair Mattoon.

01:19:44 --> 01:19:59

Embleton they begin to grow once again. They will spring up just as the seed grows on the bank after a flood you know when it floods and once the flood waters all gone Subhanallah very quickly, plants come out

01:20:00 --> 01:20:18

For this unit this is referring to how small they have become our charcoal and burn they have become and they are put in this river of life and they are given life once again, there is a narration that says Mattoon mean ITP nano altar call only mean and now our law human are now

01:20:20 --> 01:21:03

Allah ITP on their shoulders, it is written, we are the freed slaves of Allah subhanho wa taala. Why, so that they can always be reminded of Allah's favor upon them. And there is other generations that would mention, a group comes out from the hellfire, and they are referred to as Alicia Hannah Miyun. Pack. They're referred to as Al Johanna Miyun the people that came from the hellfire and this is not degrading for them. Rather, this is a reminder for them that are remember where you came from. You came from Jehovah Allah had removed you from there, and by His mercy, he has admitted you into the paradise for we ask Allah subhanahu wata Allah

01:21:04 --> 01:21:42

to save us all of this and to admit us into the paradise Villa he said, ben voila there. We ask Allah azza wa jal to accept our gathering to forgive our sins to cause our death upon La Ilaha illa Allah to forgive every single sin of ours before we leave this dunya and ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to be pleased with us and to admit us into the highest levels of the paradise man maybe, or suit the penal Shahada. It was solid in our house sooner or later it got a feel called Allahu alum or SallAllahu wasallam odaka ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germaine wishes Kamala Ohio

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