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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh. Everyone. Thank you for joining us. Welcome back to our weekly q&a with Shane aka nadwi. Every Thursday on all the SLM Institute, social media platforms 6pm BST, and thank you for joining us. Let's get started in Sharla. Since it is the first 10 days of Asia the best 10 days of the year, we have actually a few questions to do.

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So let's start with the first question from Zhi Shan

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and his question is, I just wanted to ask is it permissible to have a hair cut during the sacred days of that hedger?

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Recently lawyer, Allah family lawyer would be loyal amin was fuller Torsella mulatos hoody, Muhammad Ali, he was a hobby marinum.

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So these days for the Lahiya since the crescent of the hedgeye site are cited until the end of day that

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they are very important and there are many virtues for that especially for for the first 10 days. And the first thing in them other than the until ninth is recommended. And especially the ninth of the head geographer diet is a very important and it's a fasting on Day Day. It can make people sick since far past year and for the coming year forgiven that's very important. And people should declare directly they also love bla bla bla you know hit the wall well whoa whoa for a while but

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people who do sacrifice sacrifice awaji on those who can afford it on their own and a slob the men wonder nisab it obligatory on them if the women owned a nisab it obligatory on them men not men are not obliged to do sacrifice on the behalf of their wives if they do there's the good reward button not obligatory it is a bother and people have to do the right by the on their own when the event is obligatory are somewhat to do sacrifice what they should do. So, there should be like a normal you know normally whatever they can do then nothing especially for the builders or provider other than the current raw, the raw data for masala the latter is a Muslim

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that you know the professor lawless alum did not cut the hair and the nail nails in the time did up until the sacrifice is done.

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So on the basis that sound decent Sahih Muslim, many you risk that it comes simply remember watching many people recommend MC sooner not to cut hair and nails do these days until the sacrifice is done.

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Though there are the older man Maha defin who think this hadith is he's got some problem. And the sound had this this advice a lot on how the Bihari Muslim bought that when the professor used to send His sacrifice it to the harem. He used to be like normal nothing is stopping from anything he could pad the hair and nails and nothing and nothing happened. So many people think the hadith of salam wa sallam ever said no not cutting that in here at the nail. It could be for the people who do a harem and they go for a higher higher ombre for them they should not cut any hair and nail but those who don't go for a hydrometer and the sacrifice at their home

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there's nothing like they're waiting this is the this is there. So there has been two opinions

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though when I follow that I don't make it obligatory to cut the hair of the day not to cut the hair and nail

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but rather than recommended on the base of the hidey hole masala are their love to the people sometimes they need or something happened. They occur the nail or their hair or doing deities. You don't have the sacrifice inshallah.

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Chef, we also have we had a question asked earlier. And this question if I just put it on the screen

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was some Muslims are saying that they will be participating in Yamanaka on different days. Is this possible?

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People have to follow the date their own there's more citing today are fortified at 930 ruhija

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so you know whatever you follow you know your mom and mosque I feel people should be united by anyway we are under that people differ even in this matter

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the different the time the prayer the different the time of the lead that that very bad really very well for any any community but anyway we don't want to control you know this in these things and I don't think it is possible for us to bring any unity among Muslim community so since the differences there you are the individual just need to follow the your mosque whatever the most that you were you pray their decisiveness follow that.

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So if neither do the hijab icon to your calendar on Monday coming Monday, therefore the Yukon to some people it will be Tuesday, the new first day on your relative beyond on adversity to

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follow their own moon sighting.

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Okay insha Allah and we just have one more question and this is can we consider this Friday as one of the most blessed days as it's in the 10 best days of hedger? And if so, what are the recommended deeds for us to do in it

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for iPhoto that it's one of us use throughout the year but nothing to do the ledger in all their data have the same from first until the 13th or whatever is but 99 of the hedgeye the more important the fasting diet they have more reward more you can fast any

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Friday does not make it more special for it to be a special throughout the year but he doesn't give any importance or two to the ledger. So these days are the same night that Roger would be important Yeah, people should follow the dirt this one day.

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Exactly for sure. Okay, let's take this question. From n

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said it can can a woman tidy up eyebrows and not change the shape just remove the stray hairs underneath

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the hang of beautifying the Lauder toe if there are any here which actually does look nice and not tidy to putting a one or two hears here from here they're just fine but changing the you know I brought changing any part of the creation in order to follow a fashion or something that you're not allowed

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okay Sharla let's take this question from three her Is it okay to read multiple diodes for safety and prosperity etc mentioned in the video or just read any of it and have to work on

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in a dw ours actually you know there's two type two things people have confused one is Vicar in Vicar you need to follow

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam like Koran you read the same Koran or Salat and the prophets Allah listen awasu bihon and low

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and low but our low what Allah What did it load? Well we're on level one to level 100 the worst which has come for the crowd. So in the morning, the current evening there you need to be more careful you know follow the word is that has come from the past a lot of seldom whenever sleeps one word won't read.

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But do I what you ask Allah in Doha you ask what you want. You don't need to follow any wording of any prophet or a messenger look in the Quran. You know, no prophet followed another prophet. Everybody has their own door. You don't see you will ask her same door either either. The other door accepted to I must miss him door. You don't find musar Listen, I'll follow the rocking door. You don't find the problem. Most of the followed Ibrahim do nobody bothers anybody. They have their own oil. in Doha, you should do what you wish you'd ask what you want from your heart and mind that will be more helpful to you don't need to follow anybody and trust in Allah subhanaw taala is all

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important anyway, people to show that you can use the means but the trust should be Allah so how to Allah.

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Okay, insha Allah let's take the next question from Takashi to lesson

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what should be our approach towards heidy as it has already been subject to so many, many manipulations Can anyone guarantee that this source is still intact after 1400 years?

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No thing either you need to study or do research. You know how this actually has been looked at very properly. And since the book I've written the book those books have been exist

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Have you got hundreds of manuscripts that the book tracks a Buhari city that compiled after that in notion hyperbole all the time? Same book, you know, the Chinese they're a little bit in order here there, there are no new Hadees you know in any any version Nasca nobody can do this because this book is read widely, you know, published widely

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live it under Buhari criteria for howdy in a very, very strong, so I don't know very well decided that this is manipulated or thing like that No Hadith actually, you know, mohabbatein have done such a great job to preserve it and to select it amazing. Yes, certainly, there have been fabrication there have been many, many processes or Hadith, but we exposed them like in any any field and it you know, medical treatments, medicine has so many problems. Secondly, we use the lesser, no prescriptions exist in the world is still you can find out the right prescription, you know, to the experts in the Hadith, if you are not an expert yourself, you need to come to an expert and ask him

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and they will tell you, you know, what are the most reliable, reliable Hadith?

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And then you follow them. Since they you know, some people have got to somebody, it does not mean that you get rid of or this you don't do any anywhere else in the world. He was just some doctors are corrupt. Are you going to leave all doctors? Are you going to abandon the medical treatment? No, you still have to find the right way. So how this we need it. But we have to make effort to distinguish between sound or this and between force or this. And that effort must be done and lots of other ways to look at your effort. Or when you make effort. If you do mistake is still he will reward you.

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Exactly if I'm sure. It seems like we're getting a lot of questions on the topic of shin. But I think it's best for whoever has questions about this just to go back on our YouTube channel and look at our previous q&a. Since Akram has answered it quite extensively, and quite a few times. Let's take this question from me. I said now,

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it is said that we're closest to online search.

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Does this mean we're allowed to make Language Institute insula I had this is only allowed in Santa Ana was in Santa Ana offered

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you know the had been different sub modules, you know, in this matter in all the time actually, well hanifa used to allow people to read to do the prayers even further in their own language. You know, because he thinks you know, people need to concentrate on whatever help people to concentrate, they can do by anyway most of you all of my don't follow you on honey follow opinion this matter and to be safer, what we do say that, that in the for the player P per week,

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they say, you know,

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you know limit yourself to that door that has come from or the Lord is Allah Subhana Allah, some other dogs have quite a bit

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but when you do size enough land the sooner you know if you decide that you can make do I you know, other than those walls and also if you can make in your own language, I don't think that the problem is that if it is helps you to consecrate

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it we should do that the main thing that people should be connected to Allah, they should worship Him, obey Him now ask him alone if you ask him he doesn't matter which language you use, all languages are made by him. He will listen to you and he'd be happy because he loves people when they're asking you to bother nobody should stop anybody from the Alibaba why for further we may want to kind of find reason is because the first thing for the NASA mean anyway, as you know unity in the fourth is important to marriage that we pray the calibration Gema so you know to the unity of the believers all over the world, but nothing is done at home. You don't do it in German congregation

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you do what I do. Like I said, we know you are humble and fearless ohada

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and pursue him.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question from Tenzin.

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And this question is what is the ruling regarding wearing pants below the ankle without pride is a teramo my call

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Yeah, in the profits a lot of them has far buried a reason is because people used to have a long follow up and you know, she's dragging his feet over sign up and being a ritual will do big man.

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It was a pride. So the profitable forbear that and somehow these are very clear if people do out of our pride, what will the punishment

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in our time you know, people have been fathers and very often below the anchors at positive customer culture, not necessarily as part of pride and arrogance.

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So, some orlimar think it aloud now because you know people don't do that.

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To pride, but I will say actually still people should no follow the commander the process to sell them and make sure it is able to rank by sometimes below the ankle for any reason without pride and arrogance. It could be you know, forgiven or we hope inshallah Why should people should not insist on that and also to think that I'm not a regular person, it also sign up for organs you know, people who are humble, they always fear that maybe I'm a robot, but I don't understand how somebody can think I'm not a robot I'm not proud person because you know, for our Salah to the coup and for circum don't declare that you know, you are clean and pure. So don't relate to yourself any piety or

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purity always blame yourself you know always think maybe I'm wrong. That is the way of the prophets prophets and messengers all the pious people so be very careful anyway if out of any need of any

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custom or sometime negligence happen w O Allah will forgive but I don't want people intentionally to differ from the sooner the prophets a lot of Salah

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Okay, just

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actually, we got a question in regards to what you were saying about liquor and now this question is on the topic of liquor many people work long hours and many a time they're doing heavy labor and cannot use their time to do a lot of a better and so they try and spend their time giving liquor is any reward loss if you are doing their job or maybe not paying complete attention to it

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you know, you can get some reward but thing is you know, people shouldn't force via Why don't force it they should force them to on know that what they're doing when it says behala think what you're doing

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make effort to come back if sometime you forget

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what you're reading their comeback but in what Lhasa should be shipped with the mind and the heart everything not just with the lifts, go listen don't do anything and should the mind under the name should be in the mind. And the meaning should be in the mind very clear.

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So you don't need to do long hours. Directly medic. Somebody came to Medina after the death of the Prophet lawless alum and he saw the companions they don't have a long prayers to he said Uber Uber now one of the lot Lonzo ball companies as a person loves avoided that abuse Oh see you compared yes the shortest in the prayer your prayer say Salah very very short. So, he said Nova the reverse was the reason we do this, because we want to be focusing and when we make a longer then attention goes here and there we want to do as quick as possible. So we do properly. So it I don't understand why you want to do long liquor and this and that or do it in a shorter, but concentrate quality is

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important not quantity, no huge number of this under, you know concentrate on the ticker database Baraka otherwise many people keep having tasbeeh in their hand all the day or night nothing happens. They don't feel any reason is because they don't concentrate.

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Concentrate, concentrate in your alibi, that that's more important than you know doing a lot of Alibaba.

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Okay, geez,

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we actually have a question from Miley. Now, his question is, what is the significance and meaning of sending Salawat on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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Professor Dallas is certainly a must be obeyed, religion cannot be without him in our lamotta commands, you know, to do things, but you know how to do

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he has sent the messenger messenger teaches people how to do how to pray, how to fast, how to be pious

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in every single thing. So the proper service must be obeyed Quran has made him model for the believers an example

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they must follow Him and when you love someone, then following because very easy and nicer to love all the process of zombies became you know, very, very important. And then after that, you got to think really that now how much he had done for you, you know how much sacrifice said you know, of his family and his own time and interest or your his addressed for the sake of Muslim community until the day of Yama. So a lot hotter less people when they think you know, Allah already loves people in the tank. You know, if somebody gives you a lot of water, you thank him such as welfare him or she couldn't

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use tank for your parents, your time for your sisters and brothers with tank for anybody. You thanks for your teachers. You know the people should thank thanking the last command that actually sign of nobility. Then see among all the people who have done favors upon you, who's favored the most one most

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And lastly, it is the profit of the Dallas alum is teaching because if you follow him you got paradise. That is the best favor of Allah subhanaw taala. So we should thank him Mirador for him. And whenever we say a lot in the process a lot they seldom

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unless water raises in very high, but actually what benefits come to us, our love for the Prophet ingresar we OBEY Him more and therefore every salata Allah SATA center 10 Salah to us to just think who is better Allah you you only say one Salat and the Prophet Allah for every one Salah you get 10 Salah 10 da 10 rah Martin mercy from Allah subhanaw taala and Allah have mercy when one is in a forest to influence a law masala Allah says no mana Mohammed Ivana Baraka Selim, I said this

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you know, I cannot make any mercy on the prophets Allah Listen, I ask Allah, Allah can make two then after that Allah sends a tender mercy upon me. And even one of mercy from Allah is a much better to when you assess a lot and the prophets a lot of cillum are at the end of the day you are the one who benefit not the prophets a lot of seldom.

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Okay, let's take the next question from the scene. And his question is, what is the degree of permissibility for a woman to remember with deep emotion her deceased husband, and will it change if she moves if she remarries?

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I don't know why women need to remember their husbands after the death, you know, it is a waiting period for most attendees that they have to morning then don't use any cyntha beautification. So the four must attend this was a report they can marry anybody, they can forget the previous did nothing, no come on in Islam to remember your husband, your drama, lasala, he's the one with you all the time. Same your wife dies, you know, husbands are allowed to marry, you know, they remember out of a good gesture, something that's fine, like the person used to remember it all the time. Because some people have you know, so much impact in your life. You can't forget them. But that's not

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commodified. You know, could be your own,

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you know, attachment with their person

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to any illegally in Islam, the women will only have two more for their husbands for months and 10 days. After four months attended, then nothing like that depth keep in the same condition all the time or remember them. The kind of Marie Marie Marie, knew they forget their previous husband, or like that would question them. Why did you forget your husband, then nothing like that dignity, okay, something could be possible that you have been about not so good. Now you got married with someone who is much better than him. And as you are happy, so why Allah will punish you for you, you know, because you are happy. So you must understand that you don't exceed the limit. This is a limit

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for a muscle 10 days. beyond that. There's no command from Lhasa hautala

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is acupressure just on this topic? Actually? Let's see if someone passes away and then afterwards you find out

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some bad things about them. Is it sinful to have bad thoughts about a person that you can't really control?

00:23:14--> 00:23:17

bad thoughts when they are done intentionally.

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Oh, you follow them, you respected them, then they're Haram. But if they come to you, by force you don't intend and then you really make effort to get rid of them, you get reward for that, that you want to get rid of that wife enjoy bad thoughts, you make effort to bring them and you keep talking to about this, then you get sin. But whatever comes to you because if somebody wronged you

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to you know, when you're alone or something I don't mind goes anywhere. So sometime bad thoughts can come then make yourself busy with something push you in those thoughts away from you, you will get reward for that. But when you make effort to bring those bad thoughts, remember them enjoy them. Yeah, then University.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take a question from safe Allah. And his question is, can you please guide me towards any good Islamic books about depression? If there is any? And I think on that topic, maybe if you have any advice for someone going through depression

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I don't really know any book or maybe you can ask, you know, people, okay.

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who are involved in the treatment or something like that? I don't know. But I really say most of the depression matter is a result of our own.

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You know, since so are the result of our own bad behavior and misunderstanding are many to set not trusting Allah subhanaw taala. advise people you know, trusting the dollar and thinking you are important. While you are Parker, He created you. He commanded you to worship him to you so you can worship him. You're so important. You can obey Him. You can talk to him, you can ask him, you can turn to paradise. You can be

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dome of the prophets Allah, Allah Islam, all this mix is so important to why you're depressed in a somebody does not like you, your Wi Fi is deserted you or your husband had divorced you, it does not make a difference it will still live with you Do not lie the more powerful more important than anything else. To people should not forget and nothing should affect their mind and or with to think that they are important because it made them important khurasan what are called karma, Dharma, we have given the human being respect and honor. The respect come from Allah subhanaw taala

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not from the people. If people don't respect you still you are respected. So there are the prophets and messengers, people humiliated them. They have been disrespectful to them, they hurt them, but they're fine mentally they're fine very sound people. So if you need to be in a company of good people

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come to Goodwill teachers good people, spend some time with them. read the Quran is spent time with a lot of hot under the collar you know more likely, you know your your depression will be taught inshallah.

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inshallah, let's take a question from Hasson

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and his question is I know people that have non zubi homies whilst traveling is this outright haram or is there any devil diversity in this issue amongst scholars?

00:26:26--> 00:26:28

Yeah the opinion that I follow that

00:26:30--> 00:26:49

enemies only Hello when it is slaughter the name of Allah by a Muslim or by a Jew or by Christian assuming the name of Allah subhanaw taala slaughter and slaughter you know with proper starting with a knife or something like that is something sharper the name of Allah He mentioned with a Muslim or Judeo Christian

00:26:51--> 00:26:51

it halaal

00:26:53--> 00:26:56

but if people don't slaughter they just kill

00:26:57--> 00:27:06

then did not Hello whether it is done by Muslim or Jew or Christian so when people have you know many of these meats in this supermarket or anywhere else

00:27:07--> 00:27:35

it more likely they are not slaughtered properly Islamic way. So I don't accept that there lol and you know and there are some alternate you know sometimes we allow things out of need if people need but these people don't need regardless Hata has made so many varieties in the halaal you can eat vegetables you can eat fruit you can eat so many hundreds and you can eat fish you can eat eggs you can use so many things really that people don't depend on the raw food

00:27:37--> 00:27:52

if you happen to be in a place where the no food available there's a no vegetable no floors no and no fish no egg only thing available is the full meat which is not a slaughter properly

00:27:53--> 00:28:01

yeah then we can allow so this is open that I follow but there are some allamah that say if you know meat is a

00:28:03--> 00:28:05

you know it animal is slaughtered

00:28:06--> 00:28:16

or killed by Judeo Christian or by Muslim you know it can be halala you know even Ocelot because Allah allowed the food or the people or the book

00:28:17--> 00:28:39

some people said this but I don't agree with that. Because you know Rhonda now say you know he just killed it in the Quranic evade slaughtering properly and the Prophet says slaughtering killing any male is not in an open paren never moves and how does God make her so I don't follow that but if you want to follow somebody's opinion, you're there his opinion exists.

00:28:43--> 00:28:57

Okay, inshallah we do have one question but it doesn't seem that clear as a question. But the question is asking please explain what Allah subhana wa dat is saying. What he means when he says that they are lower the auto so

00:28:59--> 00:29:41

yeah, Miss obey Allah. So people have when Allah commands something, you must be obeyed. What the orders who don't obey the messenger messenger messenger commands are you in the capacity of messenger, or the messenger, something related to alborada you know, then you must be obeyed. But sometimes messengers can command you for normal things, like you know how to do farming, how to do business, you know, which is a human thing. There, you don't necessarily have to obey Him, and the comparison may be different. But generally, whenever the messenger the messenger, explained to you how to pray, how to fast, how to praise God, you know how to be good and all this soon, in about

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anything which is related to the firewall, on Astra and the hereafter. All these matters are really where the messengers have compromised. People say no other matters the most and just must be a bit of Parana made very clear that whenever we send a messenger

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we're commanded equal, they're the messengers must be obeyed.

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If people don't obey the messenger, they become powerful. They think you know, they can live without, it can become powerful because messengers are fewer and less hautala. So they're the meaning of obeying the messenger by obeying them in the matters of the body in the mattress or Dean ophira these matters, not necessarily the matters of medical treatment, like you can say the perhaps the law some also advice something medically that you know, people eat honey and drink honey or people have been on blackseed oil and all these things. So the arena medical treatment of that time, you know, they are not a no duty of the messenger to teach people something like that. If you follow

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those medical treatments, that's fine. If you don't follow up to you, you're not obliged to follow the promise and your goal matters.

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Okay, just like if I show for your time, it is 630. So I think we'll wrap it up here. And she's gonna love her and everyone else for joining us, I assume. So, Ida mobarak. I hope everyone has a blessed aide, and a good weekend in Sharla. Just a quick reminder, we make this reminder every week then if you follow us on social media, you should be aware that she chef Akram nadwi is a principal of SLM institutes and we offer Islamic scholarship programs and short courses and applications for our Islamic scholarship programs are closing in less than two weeks. So if you are interested in studying sacred knowledge if you're interested in studying Arabic at foundation level, or to an

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advanced level or Islamic sciences, but you cannot commit to doing it full time SLM Institute is a perfect place for you. Please just head to the URL or forward slash Islamic hyphen studies. For more information in sha Allah or just check out social media and we will see you next week in sha Allah said Mr. They come