Jinn Possession, Raaqis, Magic and Illness

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doing one thing really is, you know, in our society, anything happened. Aging, somebody pushed by Gene anything happened black magic, and they keep looking to purify your mind from this. Black people are magic, they have so much power, they should rule the world. They do magic, I guess plan, Mr. addict, they control Prime Minister, if they have so much power, if people have got gin that they should will do it. Because you can't sit in any way. Or plot the first thing about genetically I should say because this thing that somebody is possessed by gin does not exist at all. Nobody ever is pushed by gin, the people who said below just because they don't post their currency ugly people

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expect the Muslims they are the one gene has positioned upon them, that they are under control shatter that they want to make money. People are never never just nobody can come inside, you know, to deal with this problem. It's a health problem. Metro problems is your problem. Go to doctors special. Sometimes. They don't know what cure is. What What is that disease, but that's fine. People don't admit it. But people pretend they're lying. How could they cancer? None of these people have solved this problem anyway, the expert people they take money that's actually there's so many hundreds and hundreds cases like the two does that not exist? No gene ever can produce any human

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being. Allah never met the the two different words. They never meet each other. Do they'll be meant to their business? They can't interfere with it. Genuinely thing they can do. They can miss you do that even human we can do to share thoughts are for both human beings for a man shaitan they also kind of Whisper and jelly schatten also can whisper but nobody can put it there kind of

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why the mystery shattered our enemy he wants to miss if I go for the prayer. Why he can't need to come whisper to me he just told me I can't go for pray.

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On one day actually, I'm waiting in my mosque. Somebody was sitting or people said he has been purchased by Jin Jin

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Jin wants to wake him away from the most annoying the most. So this thing down exit secret imagine what a magical magic no doubt exists. I love what made this thing but what a magic Miss magic Miss Allah has given the people everybody power to benefit people or to hurt people. Physically you can have you can hit somebody you can physically do Similarly, there are certain words, if people misuse them, it could be they can affect people but little bit very limited. Like it's more injuries, something like that something in effect, people are very, very temporary period. This guy but they're called Magic. Sometimes people use the dirty words, some part time, people who spend a lot

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of time really to get control of that. Most of the time which is just showing you don't they control your mind. And they will say the paper they make its name they don't make any snake by seems to be to come some kind of Buddhist kind of tree control your mind thinking but very limited. If you're a strong person, they never can control you they only can control weak people weak men, this can happen. But this is only for dirty people even a magic only possibility daughter Buddha would not but you know pure magicians and never can come here to them magic never was on tour people are pious people if they do like that there are Muslims. I imagine if it magicians they can they can do magic

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are all teachers and all the Imams Islamic finishing. If they can do magic on exams, they can't do you can't do magic under pure people. And a prophet will not deny that they can't have magic

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peroxide the Prophet aka magic cannot deny them how they can have magic and this magic the process for so many months he did not know about why whether he had relations with them or not. It's a big big thing really. It should be widespread no nobody knew in the society except him when I heard this and I had not and the proper career many black men and many to say the truth really are these are fighters very famous last date of his life the prophets have got a very strong fever and in dead fever sometime you know because when time they lose memory some time then the out of the fever is so strong that you can't speak normally it happened everybody when people die they're not normal people

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right now they don't have the same energy same instead as anybody fever to some sometimes certain verses, which are maybe not good. And you know, this thing happened to that man got a fever somebody one of them later, he made it like magic. Nobody else say prophets of magic should be not to everybody. First it never can happen in a guest Veronica Suma second thing nobody knew six months of magic and nobody knew

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that what actually happens is the professor doesn't matter unless on a very severe fever and that what he forgot sometimes something a little bit and that what happened that what I shattering to the people, nothing is in that condition. What happens when people force him to write something?

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So and he said okay,

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I'd like to do something

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Then the more

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you realize no you know we should not put pressure on him he's not feeling well. He asked me to leave the people said no he wanted to write write down will for Olli to become halifa if he wanted to do that he had enough time before that and after that he again he became good he went to the prayer he has sound he could make with anyone who started on they will even if people said not to make will still connect with who can stop this unnecessary problem until enter him yet only because the to do the prayer to the professor never had any magic eraser the magic actually is either this either. The problem is somebody misunderstood the Houma the fever and made magic magic never can

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work on any possible leave the preference of a profit and loss anyway. People said that you know Sula has been revealed to protect from magic who received more than the profit

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if all the after all the Quran is true magic can affect affect him. Then nobody says he will be more than he was. He has prayer more than he had more than he but if he did not say from magic, who can we say? Did you have any any any report that magician you know affected Casa de Omar, Omar Ali Ayesha omo Habiba designup Fatima Bella, none of the companies had any magic. Only magician can affect a toad the professor lesson. You cannot nobody can think really. So the truth is the prophets are have never had a magic. And what happens is it was just a fever and dead fever had an effect, which some people later on interpret as magic and that they didn't mistake in this matter. Certainly

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no doubt it is mistake. Is it clear?