Akram Nadwi – Praying with eyes closed

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of focusing on one's mind during praying and practicing good behavior to achieve goals. They emphasize the need for everyone to make effort and correct themselves, and stress the importance of the Injeel and Torah in the Bible. They also touch on the topic of the Day of barrel and the importance of remembering history, avoiding evil behavior, and expressing one's own values. The conversation ends with a recap of the upcoming week.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone and welcome back to asis weekly question and answer session with Chef Akro nadwi, which occurs every Thursday at 8pm GMT. I'm your new host for today. My name is Fedor. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to the channel for more news information and content. Well, let's dive straight into the questions. Share today, the first question that we have

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loudly and display the question.

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Yes, of course.

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Is it better now? Yes.

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Okay. Yes, of course. So I'll show the first question.

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So the first question is from Feriha, who has asked Is it my crew to close eyes during Salah to gain more concentration?

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singly, the Bismillah of my Rahim, when people pray, it is very important that they concentrate, you know, whatever they say they understand. And you know, their hearts move their mind is there they are presented to this a very, very important. And also the thing to when you concentrate it on the mind thing, some people think if they close the eyes, they will have more consultation. No, actually, you know, you not need to focus you need to think, like a lot for happening made under law in life, your eyes are open, sometimes you have so much worry that you can't see anything. So similarly, when you're praying and thinking about what you read about the action that you do. So

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that will help you to facilitate closing the eye, it doesn't help actually anyway, maybe suffer. Some people do that better to avoid closing the eye. By the way, some people say, if it helps you consult to consulted, you can close the eye. But the best thing is to practice it like normal thing like the process I'm used to do. Don't close your eyes, open your eye, or force yourself to understand and think.

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Yes, is that low credit chip? I'll move on to the next question. Which is from

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which is from the Rama, who asks a small amount of interest money is automatically credited to our bank account. What should I do with this money? Can I give it as sadaqa daughter Megan, Tisha sadaqa, surprise,

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reward and fava and IRA that is part of part of our life. Don't give him the part of Allah, something too dirty, but give to the poor without any intention just to help them. But don't make an intention to get a reward. So that what you do, don't pick intention for the reward.

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Does that love her and share?

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The next question also by a black man, is did Gibreel Alayhis Salam ever confirm the Quran in written form during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Or is it only the oral resuscitation that was verified by Gibreel. And on the web or Islam did not bring anything right writing or did not do, you know, you know, revise the written copy, it was all you know, oral the professor's have learnt it. And immediately he taught to all the companions, and he to read the prayers, they never did mistake it or confirm Renauld but certainly the people used to die down their own must have. So in the time the person there are many meanings, you know, the, the, either

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the copied from the Prophet, or the road what the Prophet used to teach. So there was no you know, no mistake or a difference in writing or reading that radically important to make sure and it is the safe, it is protected, and that nothing has changed. So, you know, imagine the way that it had been done. It's so amazing, really, from very beginning, that how Muslims preserved the Quran until now get the book of Allah, you can see and seriously nobody, nobody can add anything. The way it is done the way arrange organized. It never can be from any human being.

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As an ally, aka chef, the next question we have is from Sister Fertitta, who has asked salam ala Camilla shell, could you enlighten please enlighten the wisdom from surah Taha, verse 44, about how we can avoid practicing the soft speech only to make other others feel comfortable when it's not honest or true from our intention. As you mentioned in the DiffServ surah Taha previously, the colon layin is not only meant to have the soft tone, but also to make the speech as clear as possible in order to explain something.

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You know, the, you know, people have to make it you know, all the good things, all the values and all the good quality they will only come when you make

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uncompiled Silivri to to be soft, you need to make effort if only do I have softness, to show the people it hypocrisy, but if you mix up soft softness your character has come out of Allah subhanaw taala to please him, you know that you're going to help the believers. Yeah it is good quality to people always should think that whatever, you know good quality they're going to attain it is because to come out of Allah subhanaw taala he is going to reward maybe people don't appreciate maybe saw toward does not help people. But Allah Subhana Allah will reward for that intention or why should it be to please Allah subhanaw taala and then you know, make effort, improve yourself,

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correct yourself. People do mistakes sometimes become angry, sometimes other mistakes, didn't realize and then after that, correct yourself, improve yourself that how the professor has been how to continuous I have been making effort in good quality, they don't come by effort, it means there's something wrong that must always come by effort and with the right intention behind that

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deserves a little clearer and share. The next question is by Imran who asked if the Injeel and Dora are corrupted then why does the Quran let people have the book judged by their books? As mentioned in chapter number five verse 47.

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You know these books first thing that people don't people think of when we set our on where we say indeed they are books like the Quran. So it is not really they are you know everybody even the people who believe in Torah and Christians and Jews they know it many many you know human thing they're you know this history of the Jewish people so many times it'll this torah now contains Torah Musala some parts of it with corruption same indeed includes some parts of what was revealed to you Silas number the many things that details are added by the people to this one thing to keep in mind when Quran says you know ask them to read you know and Quran said that you know earlier Scripture

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said the same thing in arbitrary matter some miters something they do not gonna they're gonna crap everything to the product to be thorough being thorough and read it since are certain things currently very clear bring thorough and read it so they can't find it.

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Otherwise, you know, not really the law firm never said that. A mother to something Rahim had been slaughtered

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is hot. Oh, Ismail Quran never mentioned very clearly. And Quran never said bring Torah. Because in Torah, they have corrupted, it become an ISA, to Quran never refers to that. The Quran always said that, you know, the printer and all the matters, where they could not have thorough with it could not thorough the Quran says, Bring it until now really, when you really consider many, many

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things. It does seem you know, he's Plato hate, very clear to death corruptor somewhere, but if you read the whole torah, you can see the corruption does not fit in that, in both books are very clear. Worship Allah alone. To worshiping Allah is very clear from both books to what they have generated. The people read the same activity about the Prophet prodata prophets, Allah Salam, if you read properly, you can see you know, he's there, he had been mentioned

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to Zach Lowe cleaner and chef on a on a linked note. Another question asks us that if today's Injeel and torah are not the original revelations, how should we people treat them?

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That by the prophets, Allah said that whenever the People of the Book, they say something, don't approve it, and don't reject it, because we don't know really. So there are thought in this matter, we said that three types of details in Torah and G, those details which are same as in the Quran, yet, then we believe we have a forum we prove them. There are those details which contradicts the Quran. They go against the Quran. They believe that we know certainly they're not from Allah, like you know, Allah became tired or this and that, to these things are not from Allah very clearly, that those details which I agree with the Quran, we accept those details which contradicts the Quran, we

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reject. There are some details there do not agree with the Quran. They do not contain the Quran, they are something Quran quiet about that, to endure the matter the prophets have said leave them there you know, if you affirm them, maybe they are wrong. And if you reject them, maybe they're from Allah, the best thing to be quiet

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is UK locator and

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the next question is by son over who has asked how can we tell if Allah is pleased with us?

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You know, this thing Allah so Hatha Neva tells very clearly because that will be the def statement. If he said no, then it will become so corrupted in our good for us, but you can

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Aside from science, you know if he helps you to pray and five times faster pays a car to go for a hike, be nice to your parent. Be nice to the people behind kindness don't hurt anybody don't bite bite, don't lie to do the science that he likes you because when you're good dudes he likes but never certainty because if we come certain we've got arrogant to come corruption for us. It is good that we don't know really what we are, to we keep we are scared all the time to it or whatever important man is between hope and between fear hope he that you know Allah will accept our our deeds and fear. Maybe I did something mistake and Allah did not accept that all the time key bring both

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hope and fear that will be good for believers, by believers know that they're good allies please read them then they will be lazy many people and they can't do anything. So it's very very important that do not make effort to know without life please do not just do what he asked you. He saw agenda theory please anyway, he because believe with the small thing, why will not increase when you obey Him in a proper worshipping. If you do little things he becomes happy. If people pray worship Him and seek knowledge at the dean, nice to the people certainly will be happy.

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Just glow Herencia The next question is by Astana Khaled. Who said a Salam o alaikum share? What is the point of the day of judgment if the grave will be like Jana or jahannam? For people, IE will those who have ease in the grave can have a different judgment on the Day of Judgment.

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Okay, you know, the grave is a very different things, you know, did not like the life of this world, or did not like the life of the Day of Judgment, to die for bridge admitted, most complete life, most perfect life. But at ICs, nobody can complete anything. But there have been between, you know, the grave, where something from Paradise, something from * will be shown to the people. So what happens because a lot of people who are criminals, before even you know, they go to the court and judges make a decree, they are in police custody. And sometimes police say you know, investigate and they make it or sometimes they have little punishment. So that's not the real punishment. Punishment

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comes when the judge has passed his ruling, to simulate in the Day of Judgment in this world, in the grave, If believers are punished, somehow, that punishment will make the punishment of the day hereafter lighter. It is not a complete punishment have not completed a reward to something like that. Very, not not very clear, some Hadith out there. And a lot of water do not want to make it clear that by their nuclear verse, about the grave, in a punishment of grave in the Quran. reason is because it is a life between two lives, and which is not so important for the people to know the real thing to learn about the Day of Judgment. But the prophets have been warned us to know really

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that once we die into the like the armory started to wish to worry, and wished me to ask Allah sort of save us from that. But yeah, certainly you have the need for the Deaf gentlemen, were crystal clear. Judgment will be done books of GW there. I love it. But there's nobody in between a level everybody directly, you know, a no doing justice to be done. We need that because without that, it would be unclear to people need to be able to to be clear. And that way Allah has made the Day of Judgment.

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That love hate and chef. The next question is by Chef a fun who has asked a Salam aleikum? Can we do a job in the bank for time being if we don't have any job with the NIA when we get a job at some other place? We will leave the job at the bank. No Muslims are allowed to work in the normal banks. Because work is very important. And you work and you get paid and you're you know the paying for what your work. You don't take an interest. You know, today taking out an apple, you know, somebody does Rob robbery and then he builds a house. He asked you to help him to build on GF pays you you are paid your money for your work, where he gets money for his business. It is sinful. Somebody

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asked you to take you to buy a car, you invite your taxi to a certain point and then he goes to a pub and drinks. Yeah, he'll be sinful but you have no sin. You dropped him you get money for your work. So when anybody was in the bank, they are paid for what they do. But what banks do, you are not responsible. They are responsible that don't worry Muslims are allowed to work in the bank. They are allowed to work with the Jews, Christians, Hindus sick anybody as long as you do your job properly, Allah will reward you

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because I've little hair and check. The next question is by Oh start the clock again. He asked

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What should those people do who have missed many prayers during their youth? How should they make it up?

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You know, they have to think, you know, calculate some calculation, you know, it will be referred but we don't know really, maybe 2356 They have to think and then after that, you know, bukata of all those prayers. Easy Way is do one prayer with a prayer at a time when you praise or do for extra. When you pray, ask for or when you pray more, three more to that will be easier for you. And we also make it easier until you do your other. Don't Don't do your Sunnah the kosuna is sunnah. Insaf sunnah. Just do your father to become very easy. In Zohar, we we do sunnah. Anyway, that's for kosuna Do your four o'clock, you know.

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So that will make it easier. So if somebody has missed a prayer of 10 years, to after 10 years, they would have done everything and repent, I would ask Allah to forgive you. Because the big, big sin really, that Alas, Mattila made the prayers obligatory. And we don't demand don't do on them on the time, even if you do still listen to we have to ask Allah to forgive us.

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As an ally like a chef, the next question is,

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what is bi nauseam? Who's asked what is the ruling of praying while sitting on a chair? Some chefs say it isn't allowed, while some say it is allowed, is it more appropriate to sit on the floor? Which is the correct opinion?

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Yeah, you know, think that people who can pray while standing, they should stand. If the court is turned in this seat, the cannot sort of depend lie. That how the Prophet has a lot of Sullivan that computers have been doing in the prayer or the chair did no new theory because if you can't stand, do you sit on the ground? You know, any position if can't sit lie down? That more humidity, even when you sit on the chair look like a king? And like Mr. You know, it is like a position. But when you sit on the ground, you're more humbled. So I might say door when people pray, and this year, I don't say the President accepted. But personally, I don't like that. I don't like people to pray on

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the chair. You know, I really prefer that people sit on the ground, and they pray on the ground.

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Is that low paid or unshare? The next question is by Amin, who has asked chef how do we overcome what's was regarding Eman?

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Yeah, and it was was this comment they used to come to the company as they come to all the good people i They almost say you know if you are if you don't have any money in the house, no thief will come. The thieves will only come when you have money to similarly was for someone Lee comes to the people who are believers to come in for society sign a belief that you have belief. But what do you need to do? Don't think about that. Just push it away. Don't analyze don't go further force yourself. To be able to when you force yourself after a while was also will not come to you that there's no other cure cure you don't think about it. So unless water will help Inshallah, if a

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patron is struggling, not easy. It will take a month, two months, three months or one year, but one day, it will finish Inshallah, to the best thing is when Masasa comes push it away.

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Does that global head and the next question is by Sharia, who says Why is brother called Yeoman for con? How the day has acted? How has the day been described as a foregone? Yeah, for economists criteria a day which distinguish the believers, from unbelievers of force from the truth. You know, Muslims are very, very weak. You know, in Makkah, they're forced to leave their houses, they come to Medina, and they're still very weak 300 people, nearly unbelievers are all over the world, the whole believers, Muslims are in a very strong people. So they come to destroy them, and they get help from everywhere, they have weapons, they have number, everything. So unless of MATA Allah gave that

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victory to Muslims, just a sign that they have got a love with them, but there's no reason for them to get victory. Because the number is less, they don't have weapons, they don't have anything. You know, the poor, they can't. And they also not encouraged because all the surrounding areas, the unbelievers, to a small town, 300 people, believers, the rest of the world unbeliever in that environment to win is not easy. That was a great help from Minnesota and even unbelievers when they become Muslim later on. They said they could see the end you know, and just out there and the helping believers so many of those stories are there. So that while Quran course it you know, for a

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plan that victory made very clear that Islam the true reason

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allied with the believers and unbelievers don't have the support of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Does that glow cleaner check? The next question is asked by someone anonymous who has asked. Muslim men are allowed to take wives from the people of the book. Quran tells us the fate of the People of the Book in the Accra, Yanni Johanna, are there any exceptions to this warning?

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You know, anybody who has who did not believe in Allah, or make me think that is a part of allow somebody you know, shares, a lot of tributes, then they never painted to Paradise, they could be boring Muslim family, somebody bought a Muslim family and they become powerful. Or the you know, they do Sherpa associated with the loss someone they never come to the paradise the same people are the book, you know, they have these things. They never counted to Paradise by the people or book. There are those who believe in Allah, and they're worshipping alone. And maybe for some reason, Islam is not very clear to them. Maybe Moses did not treat them properly. Or they did not have time

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to read the Quran. But their worship Allah alone they only believe in Him they don't believe in any other god. Yeah, they could be forgiven because lesson the Quran in Allah Allah throw you shabby? Well, yes. Well, yeah from our doula directly Manisha. So and the reason that you know, women are accepted in Muslim families. Because when the Christian women and Jewish women, their Muslim family, the CGI behavior character, more likely to occur Muslim and also they're related, they will come and meet Moses to daughter related so we can become Muslim. By attending those conditions where it's nice practice properly in our time. Now, I don't advise because you know, Muslims are weak, more

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likely, if they marry with non Muslims, Christians, they become like them to you know, Islam become weaker. And actually Muslim men marry non Muslim women to whom to marry Muslim women. You know, there's so much problem. So in our time, I don't advise Muslim men to marry any Christian Jewish woman, they should marry Muslim women, because there's so many problems that will happen about raising children about so many things.

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Does that blow her check? The next question that's been asked is how can we be humble with our EVA when we recite Quran and do Salah and to leave all traces of arrogance,

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arrogance, you know,

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just the thinking thing, really that in whatever we do good it from Allah. If Allah did not help us, we could have been like other people. And the people who we think they are lower than us, maybe in the eye of Allah, they're better than us, they do something which is better than us. We don't know really, to always think that everybody

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other than Me is better than me. And if if I learn that, forgive me to always be scared, I don't really think that any need to think that we are superior to anybody. I don't understand why people think they're better than anybody. Because if you go deeply, you consider so many problems, you have got so many sins you do in so many mistakes you got, and other people have so many good qualities, to how you can think that no, you are better than anybody are really very, very bad evil, occur at the root of many, many evils. So the best thing is always the thing that any good you have is from Allah, or that you will thank him be grateful to him and any evil I have that from me. So I think

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that if Allah did not forgive me, you know I'm in the fire because you know, I can't see myself is the only Allah forgive us. So all of us people should in the thing they are the lowest person on the face of the earth that hustle bustle used to say that when you go from your you leave your house in the morning and come in the evening to your house and in between whoever you meet, think that they're better than you. But if you think that you are better than anybody else, then you are not. So Oregon's you know most proud of between husband wife, in the family among the friends it all because of the articles. People think they're more important than others.

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The glow literature, the next question is by Maria, who has asked the notion of Seville Allah is repeated a lot in the Quran. But I feel like I have a very vague idea on what it means. I would like to understand it better. What does it mean by the path of Allah?

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In those days, Path of Allah meant that people who go far to fight in the path of jihad, you know, people are learning that's a different thing. People study people worship, people do a prayer, that's a part of our learning, that are very clear that you know when people first you know, they worship Allah, but when they go to fight, do jihad, to defend Islam. That was not very clear to people that what Islam calls the fighting in the path of Allah going in the path of Allah. Today was special

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You know, rewarded those people to debt remaining as a part of our lives jihad or fighting in the path of Allah. But anything that people do to please Allah, it also is part of a lack of data, right people, you know, police or write books or teach for the sake of Allah intention should be for Allah, then it also part of Allah. But the main thing is what people do in when they are ready to sacrifice their life for the for Allah, that the best thing. And that is the most important in the path of Allah

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is a little higher. And we're coming to the last couple of questions. So I'll move to the next one. The next question is by Imran who has asked, share, do you allow car financing since this there is an interest on monthly payments, but paying the whole amount upfront can be very expensive.

00:25:53 --> 00:26:25

Yeah, you know, if it doesn't interest, really, I would say that avoid, if you can have another deed cut, there's so many ways to buy the car, though I don't understand why people go unnecessarily to deal where there is some interest. You know, maybe it is more convenient to you. Maybe it is better for you get a better car. But a Muslim should you know think about the legal interest and usually the Quran is so strong. What about that? The otherwise you avoid anything like that. And just even if you have a you know,

00:26:27 --> 00:26:37

modest car, you know, something we did not have your standard. That's a much better idea than having a better car a more expensive car with a sin.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:50

Desert low Heron share. The next question is by Mahin, who has asked What does Islam say about financial aid to women after their divorce

00:26:52 --> 00:27:34

when the women are divorced, is far far husband, there have duty to pay for them in the expenses and also commendation for the waiting period. So that they must do if there are children, and the women are to raise the children look after them, then the husband has to sort of provide money, you know, for the for the time because we want to give time for the children to the car to earn money they should do other than that there's no obligation at the husband after the divorce. And, you know, we must either take a hit them or women can have their own job. If they're if they're nothing like that there must Muslim must help them. You know, there must be a fund to help the widows or divorce to

00:27:34 --> 00:27:52

women. And there are many, many like that in our society in this country, where the women really are struggling very badly. I think even as a part can be paired to some of these women who are divorced. They're living very tough life. So most of us should be taking care of many of these weak people at the society

00:27:54 --> 00:28:16

that locator and share. The final question for today is Biostar de Klerk, who has asked in this time that we live in with Sorry, wrong question. Should the salah be used as a form of Dawa if you have a choice between praying in a private place or in a public place with the intention that non Muslims might see you and be interested in Islam?

00:28:18 --> 00:28:56

No real interest should be that you know, the prayer is between you and Allah to the minute that should be to please Allah subhanaw taala if you have Jama that it could be in public place, but your own prayer, if you have, you know, your own space, pray there. If you don't have space here and you have no choice but to print public, then print public data has so many different ways. You know, just to show the prayer that the people become Muslim does not right way. And the Prophet never even sometimes analysis will see anyway. But the prayer not for the purpose of prayer actually for you and your Allah. It makes, you know, when you pray, you become important. If Allah you become really

00:28:56 --> 00:29:36

regretted, you know, light comes on your face, your mindset, you know, improve your character improve. So when you meet an unbeliever, they can see you're different from other people. So you don't need to show your prayer. But you people can see the impact of the prayer on you that when Muslims pray, they can ask why you are so good, why don't you do any evil when everybody else does, so you can explain to them that we believe that love, we pray and prayer stuff from all those things, that one day they will learn anyway. So the real thing that that you show people, your deeds and your you know, but they should see in the impact and the duties upon you. That you know, when

00:29:36 --> 00:29:56

Muslims follow the religion, how good they become, I have piles they become how you know how they better in character and manner than other people to advise you that you know, don't make prayers in public just to show people No, unless there's a need, but intention should not be thought of our initial meeting. Tao should be done through dharma. We

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just have to let go

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cleaner unchecked. And with that we conclude Joseph global head on for everyone for joining us today. And insha Allah. We will be back next week Thursday 6pm GMT on the same channels as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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