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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o alaikum. Everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm BST. Without further ado, let's begin. Chef, we have a couple private questions. So let's start with those Inshallah, the first question is, Chef, should people follow the stricter opinions out of water slash caution?

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Okay, it was

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really very important questions, I have question many people are confused. So, let me make it clear that this religion has got

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you know, two types of commands of Allah. One are those which are connected to the fundamentals of the religion, the basics of religion, and those are my terms. It's always better to follow, you know, cautious opinion, to have a tougher road and to avoid anything which has got any doubt and suspicion.

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And that way the professor Latham has encouraged people to leave the doubt. What are those things they are things miters which are connected to Eman Islam, taqwa, Amana, honesty,

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salovaara Bucha eating anybody, even if a doubt of cheating, don't cheat, leave it Dakota, even if you've dealt with a taco or not delivered, you know, it is better to be very clear, whether something rebar or not leave it then you know more much better. So, in all the the miters which are connected to the fundamentals of the Legion, it always better to be cautious to leave the you know as doubtful opinions you know I and be as secure as possible, but there are matters which are connected to the brand to that religion uzr that flew in these matters.

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It is not likely to go to extreme opinion it is better to follow follow

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teams which are allowed permission permissible. The no piety to go for a strict opinions like the issue that or do dumb things like diet, and many many issues of buying and selling many shoes offer in a halal meat, you know, by give me to find that value income should be halal. But whether people slaughter how the slaughter in these matters to go so deeply. is not right. It is not piety, to people who spend so much time on these things. And the real matters, you know, they don't pay attention Sahaba they're very careful about Eman Islaam, piety, fear of loss, Matata, but about the Hara? No, they're not very careful, because, you know, hardly used to use the useful suffice with

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anything you can see the fall of this opinion tetapi in the so many opinions among Sahaba, how to re introduce yet how to do many of these things. So enthusiatic few minor branches. It is not important to follow the extreme opinion because it's always dangerous. But then, then you always be more attention paying more attention to these things. In a real Mike Tyson. Don't hurt any believer. Don't harm anybody. You know, don't do any sugar, or any types of the Sherpa you know, don't do this honestly, don't cheat these things are fundamentals of the religion. Anyway, I can't explain all these water fundamentals regional water for one juicy Yatta. In this short answer, I'm going to

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teach a course soon

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on the four mothers. So in that on I'm going to make very clear really, that what Mother hobbies and what real religion is and what the difference between both of them.

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If you have time, you cannot attend that it will become much clearer for you to shallow,

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shallow, shallow head and Chef linked to that slightly different question, but it's I feel like it's linked. The next question is, Chef, there are so many groups, ideologies, and people on YouTube all with different opinions on Fifth and Arcada. How should lay people determine whose opinions to follow? How do we determine who is a scholar? And who is someone unqualified or not knowledgeable? You know, are they really faffing about minor food usages and don't worry too much anyway. So I've done the course it will help Inshallah, more focus will be on the basics of religion, the Toccoa, piety, fear of Allah subhanaw taala, who are qualified people, you can know really how you know what

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good doctors, how do you know we're good engineers, you discuss with the people you can find out from the people, so many people, you collect opinions until, you know, to certainly you can know who are good scholars. You know, people don't provide reference sources and

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Unless there are people who can check their references there you know really that people just keep making many many things. So not only on YouTube but people who are preaching the material or the fabric or Hadith or Mancha and a sharp even people who Be faithful many of them really teacher you know things which have no sense and if you just ask any question they don't have the answer just copy from the books too just because somebody moved the somebody's got a turban or a mama doesn't immediately they have knowledge you know, knowledge you know deep you know, difference between hidden and terrible. Just having a turban does not mean really you have head to head is different

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Emily brain is different thinking different people just because somebody has got Kosta pajama, and all those things does not mean that they know the answer. So don't don't follow the people like that. Find out what their sources are, you know how they go back to the original source and how they make difference between sound Hadees and sound Hadees? No do the best their rulings on the Quran and Sunnah. Not if the better ruling on the writings of the latest court then you do not automa almost always should go back to the earliest sources to the Quran and Sunnah. You can find out whenever somebody says something, ask people what is your argument? What is the evidence? Is there any more

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than one opinion? Why your opinion more important other opinions? If you ask the question like that, you will not really whether the person is good scholar or not. You have to worry don't follow anybody. First thing is find out who the people are. There are many, many people who make all these claims. And whenever I asked him any question to I can see they don't have any answer just that they're written to be skulls and Oliver, so you should be careful about those people.

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Just go ahead and share with that we'll carry on with the questions that people have asked. So the first question is by Sarah, who asks, I am an international student in the US I got University apartment and I just learned it requires renter's insurance should I get one I already paid deposit I have no credit score.

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And I think that if it requires and you don't have any way to get you know the accommodation then to ensure that people have insurance they have insurance on the car they have insurance on so many things so we allow insurance under the need not necessarily even nude enough just forgot it needed you can even show to the loud

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Zach located and shift the next question is what are the hosel requirements after intimacy does the woman have to wash her hair every time

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you know the thing that really you know, the women don't need you know, to

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untie their you know here and all those things if they're water Reshet to the roots of the hair that's infinitely so just you know, do what and then pour the water on the head three times and if you're sure that water is to the roots, that's fine not out here, but roots are basically the head then you have

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to whenever you have an awesome water which is obligatory then make sure that the to the roots of the hair but not all the hair for the many it is important that the older years

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vertical Future The next question is

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by Mohammed who says I am a student from India I am learning Arabic How can I read fluently without Arab please suggest me the best books with the help of these books my Arabic becomes good no these things take time really you need to learn

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no faster than reading books to read your books. And then or that same time you need to you know learn basic rules of stuff and novel and until that they become in your binder to you don't mistake there are many books one is written by me as well. MOBA different nothing about this sulfur, that is shorter book by 10 hours, you know all the rules, if you've got that one that will help you inshallah to read that and understand it and then start applying that because even in the beginning it looks like that you understand but when you apply it takes time you need a teacher to compare it to you to when you read he can correct to ask you why you making something beautiful why something

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man so why am I rude? To you can do this and if you don't have a teacher what you need to do is read half a page analyze write down that you know why this is a fail. This is a more full month full module Why masoumeh analyze all the Arab so one day inshallah in practice

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or glow fixture The next question is by Federico who says, I suffer from paranoia, anxiety and stress about the future of my kids and I'm worried about how my kids will deal with the upcoming fitna of social media.

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and a lot more, which wasn't there when I grew up. Basically, how should I not be disturbed thinking about the future of my kids and have to work colon Allah?

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For people Sure, what do you know why, why you're scared of worrying? I lost my mother has made us in this world too. We shouldn't be worried, careful, concerned, make effort. Sometimes we do well, sometimes we do bad. And then we repent that how the whole life is. Life is not about peaceful and, you know, contents of the mind. It's all the time struggle. Anybody the people in the past is to be worried about the future the life, there's so many war and this and that. Every time there's worries about the people to know the worries is something else. Do you have to be careful, you have to worry up thinking plan for your children, you will learn religion to be pious and make them pious, you

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know, be cancer teach them Arabic Islamic Studies, show about the concepts you know, but in a way, that does not mean really that you know you have too much buttons, you have cancer, but

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that you know I will do my father, then I'd love you to give baraka who believes me, but nobody should be there people who are not worried, then they will basically waste their generation future generation. To every Muslim must be worried even the young will somewhat worried when we are dying.

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You know, he He created all his students and asked them Martha I would want them embody what I go to worship after my death. You see the messenger and he raised all his children and he Salam and his son of messenger grace on Messenger his grandfather Ibrahim is number two is concerned. So why should not we be consented to being concerned at least very good thing, but at the same time, make effort and trust in Allah for Hautala

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as an ally like a chef The next question is by Anika who asks if we are in a public place where we don't have an option to change our clothes What should we do if we accidentally spill a small amount of urine in our clothes while using the bathroom?

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So you don't need to change the cloth really just go to the bathroom and that part over you have spilled the urine just

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you know you can do in in in a bathroom take water from maybe you have got a bottle or something like that you know easily can do and the urine is a very little in less than 50 P A British 50 P then if argument then you still you can pay but in more than that then

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so just to clarify share flow the viewers we don't need to use soap to wash it will water suffice

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no you will have to wash it properly. But people can wash it if it is more than 50 You know the place which is better you know more than 50 P Quacquarelli that the British mine then it is big then you need to wash it and wash three times you can use nothing like data you can wash three Washington not a big thing anyway just a little water wash was squeezed in second time the third time that that pleasant not wholecloth that place where you have got your the sun and then you can play

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to that little theater and share the net the next question is by Mohammed who asks often I do not understand whether what comes to my mind is from Allah or from Shaytaan so I'm embarrassed to make the right decision Is it lack of confidence? I can't understand what to do now. You know what a lack of mercy which is very clear and Washington commands are very clear to how can I really be confused and upset I like a monster to go for the player shutdown asked you not to play. I like emarketing to be good side chatter wants to be bad. Allah wants you know to help people shut down didn't want to help people to ask them what are superior and superior How can we configure so I don't understand

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why you are confused. Real Quran reads not the personal analysis you can see a little hotel it did not command people something in unclear language he said Bill is done in Arabic immobile in a clear Arabic language like you know somebody travels in London

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on the tube Underground

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trains they've got a map with a very very clear they made very very clear and sometimes you still don't understand you can ask someone they will explain to you so all the you know stations and directions and return you take all these are very clearly explained. So similarly in the Quran, everything's clear not only once many many times unless I keep repeating it people know to I don't understand how can how can you be unclear about Alaska mana chateaus?

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That close here and check the next question is by Fatiha who says salami a chef who does the Quran refer to invest 83 of surah Allah

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Imran quote, who submitted to him willingly or unwillingly, and how to connect with the earlier parts of the verse.

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Quote, do they desire other than the religion of Allah? Unquote.

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You know, the Quran basically simply wants to say that the religion of a lie submission in DeLand delight Islam. Do you need that? Every one? Some some merciless ohata Allah to Eloy the Quran actually peacemaking, well who is the moment manifester all that is in the heavens, the earth, everything stars, moon, trees, the fruits, everything actually is, you know, under his command under his will. Even unbelievers, whether the will or don't will do for His will His command. So, Takara hunt Florida pool, you know, believers do unbelievers don't want to die, but they have to die at the time that he alive amid unbelievers don't want to become you know, old, they become old when Allah

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wants you to they don't want to be hurt and defeated, but they're defeated when Allah wants even believers did not want all the time to surrender. But Allah subhanaw taala the law or or the people whether they live or they don't like no one no one offers advice today, but will die to everybody whether they will or not will, they are under his command. Everything in not only you know, sun, moon or even a human being, none of us wants to be the problem. But problem happens whether we like or not like, to a lot on what to say that you know, in every single thing 99% of your life. You surrender to me anyway, in whether you like or don't like, I've given a choice only 1% to surrender

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to me willingly. Because that what is Ramita surrender submission with will. So in that one person if people sub surrender to Him with a will that Islam, but otherwise 99% all believers and believers in their life that surrender to him anyway, when you are born? Did you choose No. When you go to die? did he choose? Who are your parents? Did you choose? Who will be your children? Do you choose who you want to marry? Did use what people think they choose, but they don't really? I have heard so many times that even your partners you don't use it seems that you are choosing so in all these things in your life 99% of everything you are just wanted, you didn't have any choice. Our choice

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you want the 1% but allow more than one person to be willingly density Islam.

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Does that cloak head and shift? The next question is, if a person can wear the clothes of their nation, do I have to wear a traditional jilbab slash a buyer like a middle eastern style one?

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Don't know I don't think it is obligatory on anybody to wear a national cloth or maybe sometimes the once a year or they make some deliberation but generally I don't think so. If you want you can do Islamically MOBA but it is not the colors are mobile allowed. But I don't think anybody forcing you know certain types of Klotho in our nation address or something like that all the time, maybe sometimes, I don't know. But if you want Islamic Islamic Lee to load Islamically to you know your any color is fine. There's no harm in that.

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Does that locator and share the next question is by Anwar who says Assalamu alaikum chef, is all types of music haram in Islam or can we listen to certain music such as which is used in Sufi songs

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about music there are more than one opinion. So there are people who say to haram the tattoos are Makuta Hareem like Hanafy and there are people setting MOBA like even a husband other day allowed

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and I think really to the MOBA there's nothing haram or you know, but to waste of time because you know, then you become addicted to this. So it's the best thing is to read Quran, listen to the Quran that is much better good port without any music industry, you go to the meaning that the good people always go forth meaning just sound and you know, layers of the sound and all this. That's the real thing the meaning to anyway, people here and content is not haram, then fine. There's nothing wrong with the content in Haram than it is probably Yeah.

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Okay, just have to locate and shift. The next question is by Sonova, who says, Is it permissible to sacrifice an animal on behalf of your deceased parents? Yeah, people should do. It is part of your loyalty. To make a sacrifice for your pet. You can make over sacrifice for everybody in the whole family. You don't need to have seen this. Once separate for everybody the rewards will be shared. Love the process. I'm here to sacrifice for all whom you can have one animal and sacrifice for yourself and for your family for the people who died as well. Or maybe for those who died. You can make a separate one. We don't need to have a new one for every single person

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Hello Karen shared the next question is by Sharia who asks, How do we give Dawa to secular parents

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you know you live with people that you know them how do they get some time we just got to be heavier nice to Matt and you know sometimes remind about the day after that you know, data an old or to tell that how much you love them and you want them to be in paradise. So you just keep saying this text one day it will strike their mind because paradise and hellfire is in the heart of the people. They know it even people who are sick or they they can't deny that they've really verbally but inside that recently, so one day, hopefully midway inshallah they will come back, you know, all the big secularism and all those things, they are just, you know, like the people have secularism but from

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inside, even like somebody quoted the verse of the Quran, when who assemble Pfister Mahabharata wonderful other Oh, all the people in the heaven that the surrender to the will of Allah, everybody believers unbelievers I've got many stories but I don't have time to explain to you but they're your parents. If you're nice to them one day they will listen to you inshallah

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step closer and check the next question is by a no who asks a salam ala kosher, what is the difference between a facet a hot there and Fajr?

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You know, these are words of a big language that people can use, there's so many different meaning, I don't know who you were you read faster. If you read a facet in the Quran, then meaning is a very, very deep, very strong facet of Quran means the one who breaks the covenant of Allah, they are all for Manasa tea, that first because they break the covenant of Allah debate or treating fist with a dirty thing in the Quran. Because

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they have broken the covenant of like Jews and they have so many comers they broke it to their facet. You know, some believers if they made come into a lot of mattala to worship Him to obey Him and they don't do the fight fiscally and haughty, there's often a sinner, so people who commit a major sin, like if somebody does Zina or somebody

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lies or somebody steals somebody's heart somebody's the hottie and finally the person who does sins openly doesn't care at the note of shame federal like open to this isn't

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in the Quran. But in the book club books are the second column faster to means believer

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that a major sin like a believer but he did not pray it he's a fast believer who is a believer but does not pay the cart or does not fast in the month of Ramadan Oh doesn't lie to you for history believer by the FASEB by the Quran fasiq is Africa for

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Joseph located in chef The next question is by Ion who says I'm a student of Najwa and my question is I want to become a good translator between English and Arabic. So how is it possible for me to excel in both languages?

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With the theory that you know, you have to study both languages properly, or big learn Arabic textbooks and good writers in the past and modern writers are similarly English no reader good people. But there's so many different levels of translation some people just want to translate you know, things like newspapers and you know, basic things that were easy that technical language, that language or technical language do you just learn to live Ecuadorian, you can translate but if you want to be a good translator, we're actually like a diva like men of literature, then you need to know both languages properly to like for example, if you translate a book of shakable from Arabic

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into English in a way that people read it and enjoy it that high language like no he used to write Arabic. So well do you have to translate in English is that that level, but most translations that are actually happening like no if we read in a riot

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or bought in Arabic and these translations are like a newspaper things, so that you have to know certain style and then you can do very quickly and that paper all the newspapers and everywhere media translations are done very quickly because they are just

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it style is same western style and just you know, technical words, you follow that? It does not take much effort to I don't know which translator you want to be if you want to be like that. That simple that you can use practice very quickly inshallah.

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Does that glow clean and check. The next question is by Ahmed who else Salam Alikum. Why does it seem that sometimes there are certain ayat in the Quran that require explanation, but we do not find any require clarifying what they mean. This Lee

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Extra differences not you you need explanation of something because you don't know the context how it has been done. So there's no new for rewire really just you need to understand the context of the province a lot on the comparing us and when the Versa reveal what they did you understand them and you understand also contexts are the Quran itself in an alarm. How did

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you know if you want to understand the Quran, it really is this book. You need to know the Bible, if you're the person or there's some basic thing. And then you read the Quran, it's a context. Many, many times you will see it will be, you know, easier to understand, nothing difficult, but you need you don't need to revise somebody to tell you that they dismiss this because it's clear Carozza bizarre and audibly him again, it is very clear. You don't need anybody to tell you what I mean. You can understand the meaning. You know, once you understand the contessa the professionalism and you understand the language and style of the Quran

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to Zach Lowe querencia The next question is, is donating organs after death allowed conventional opinion says no but modern census and fatawa in the UK allow it.

00:26:10--> 00:26:36

Normally who, maybe the frontal lobe I generally don't like really this because it is not about a body. You know, and one day people have to die anyway. So you know, forcing yourself to be alive, you know, by doing all that really, you know, one that will plant you know, pig's heart in your body and dissenter. So don't be afraid to ask Allah to save us and to protect us. So I don't allow I only allow

00:26:38--> 00:26:45

blood because the blood donations find the blood, you know keeps changing. But anything else? I don't allow.

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Is that close later? And the next question is by a thug who says I want to verify the statement by Molana spreading here. Someone says baalei Hogen to Shadie carto people saying that it isn't authentic hadith and Molana is always correct. So parents are forcing their kids to marry.

00:27:07--> 00:27:49

Quran against us will not pass Allah listen. Quran say that those people who are not cool, can't afford the marriage. And then they protect themselves meaning it faster. And these are the person loves him says in the Quran in the Sahih Bukhari and Muslim monster Yeah, Masha Shabaab manasota I mean, what about Africa don't vote for Muslim yesterday follow the song find a summit which will young people among you who can afford to marry meaning those who have enough money to provide accommodation to their wives and expensive then they should get married. But if you've got the power to do this, then they should keep fasting because the fasting shield so that the Quran never

00:27:49--> 00:28:33

circulates a PSP you become body, adult and you're much cut my responsibility, my functional expense to make time really, my area has two things one is function function is to make a family or responsibilities that are men must provide accommodation and expense to their wives. So if these two things are there, then it in marriage, otherwise it is haram. People should never never do like that and marry without any responsibility. It is very dangerous. So I don't know what is Molana Why don't you listen to the Quran sunnah. Quran makes very clear what is what is tough if it Lavina lodge do Anika, those who can not afford the marriage that should protect themselves, they should not

00:28:33--> 00:28:38

involved in that matter. And what Hadees said that those who cannot afford the

00:28:39--> 00:28:41

faster, they're not allowed to marry?

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Does that club head and chef and the final question we'll take for today is by Achmed who asks what is shifts opinion on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad view on the identity of Zulu coordinates as Cyrus the Great Yeah, good boy among all the opinion that looks better opinion. But we don't know really. We started the multiple hours after the pic is better in that matter. It looks much better than other people but still, nobody has any proof or you know, very

00:29:13--> 00:29:25

convincing proof and actually we don't know really not need to know. Because what Quran is teaching in that teaching is independent of identifying him even if you don't know

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what Quran is teaching some two different Quran basically what to say that people think if somebody gets power, they must be corrupted. To Allah say no, we give so much power to our slaves glucomannan were not corrupted, he was obedient, that the meaning that is not necessarily power or money, always corrupt, corrupt people if you want to be strong, still you can remain strong that the message out there that is storing this store sorted

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so that the message is known without identifying the person

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Salam Alaikum

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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone