Akram Nadwi – Quranic Stories on Jews and Christians

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the idea of "we are not allowed to do anything" and how it can lead to feelings of connection. They also discuss the idea of "we are not allowed to do anything" and how it can lead to feelings of connection.
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Customer release and prod and automation the stories that we heard do the Christian. The reason is that you know, these are available for you, they got revelation, they got the guidance, the corrupted distorted torment was real Don't be like that the simple material is and the professor said, you know, you will follow God step by step by step two we are doing center What do we have done? Exactly we will do same thing that a warning and making a set together we should not hit anybody and the ways we should reform ourselves and also may code that other class who are you know, understand us more and more because when you create hatred, that nobody Quranic message, we should

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be respectful of people you know, people such as Steve as those things, which are very clearly ship to we are not allowed to do anything like that. But something which people do are limited some celebration, some greetings to Bridgewater believe in them by some time you are working to people you are their colleagues in the workplace or something else, which can make them happy and make them to listen to you softer you know that know how to do love that image just imagine

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the pinata allows Muslims to marry Christian women and Jewish women to do think what are the implication? If a Christian wife for whom is then your whole family with Christian her father, your father in law new Christian, your brother in law bill Christian, your sister in law Christian, it a huge relation Christian to how you got to live with them? Why Connor does it to them meaning reason is once you marry one person, there's so many people can relate to to your time to them, you'll be gifted, they come to your house, they eat food, they miss they see you, the more likely they become like you. But if you're not kind to them, more likely you become like them. So that Why must you

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learn or is it not that we should did this idea to make our muscles separate from normalcy is a very bad idea, the way to mix, that family allowed to miss together, be together and they learn from you to be kind to them. When that human human your creature related. Those who need help, you are the first to help to consider him I want people to not help me, this person is a Muslim. I let him know by marriage, but he's so loving, so caring. It will help them to understand your reasoning more and more. And they'll come here to the Muslims should be much better than anybody else, like workplace. You know, if you're Muslim, or your colleagues should feel really Muslims are better, the gift, they

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invite us the hostess, but not to have to be we have to be good or better. But don't compromise on the shirt. But even when don't comprise still be nice. There are very rarely you can be away from the ship. But still be kind to the people you learn how to you know how to live with the people that are very early that you know what we have duty to be nice to the people kind to the people in thinking that one day they will come to this region until we guide in shadow

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