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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone and welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT. Before we begin, we have an exciting announcement to make. On the fifth of March and 12th of March we will be hosting a new short course titled The double in pursuit of the Quran, which will aim to explore the meaning and methodology of contemplating the Quran ahead of Ramadan which is of course, the month of the Quran. This course inshallah will be delivered by none other than our esteemed chef chef Utrom nadwi details are on the ASI website but I'll post the link in the comments for sign up

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share would you mind giving a quick intro to the course before we begin the q&a?

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Of Money Rahim

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you know the book of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran

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is the source of the guidance. And it is a really very deep book. It has no limits of the meanings and and what is relevant to the guidance even if the many many prophets and messengers they spend all their lives to comprehend the Quran they can't do like one other attribute of loss of Mattarella so there are so much depth in the Quran we need to make more effort to find out more even actually things which are created by Allah Laekenois small finger if all that people get together to know what finger is they can't know the only know something about the finger. Karate nerd created Quran Quran is the word of Allah is the one attribute of Allah subhanaw taala how deep it is, but still we

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don't make effort to understand it. You know even simple meaning. But after we understand simple meaning there are so much depth and think that you just stop and look and contemplate it will make you so happy and you make it make your Eman so strong and fit so strong. It provides the answer to all many many questions that people have. But since we don't contemplate don't booth at the booth don't think so very often to us, the Quran looks very simple book, surname Inshallah, in this course it will be just a small effort to remind my cellphone all of you that how we you know, try to can do to The Boondock Quran go deeply in the Quran and how to basically look into all the relevant verses

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to get you know, bigger picture bigger meaning inshallah Allah

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just ask Allah Hi, Ron chef and with that we will begin so the first question is

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in two cards so fairy has says I'm a housewife after my kids go to school, I listened to Darcy Hadees or tafseer Quran videos, or cookwares and lectures whilst doing household chores.

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Is it okay? Or is Is it okay to listen? Or does this act of mine violate the other of listening to the serial Quran or Hadith which is mandatory?

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No, the best thing no doubt actually is that people who spend time to know to listen to understand that not everybody has the you know, enough time to do all those things. Anyway, you know, even like say Narvik language, Marla Utako Kulu. You know, if you can't get some order something, at least don't miss part of it. So, you know, you need to do housework you need to do you know, things in the house. So if you delay your listening of the Quranic verse said, Oh, Quranic classes, maybe never do it. So in that case, yeah, if you, you know, while doing all the work, you listen to some of those things, Inshallah, you will get something, maybe you repeat it again, again, to maybe you understand

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more, but make that priority, you know,

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I'll say that you know, prefer the Quran and Hadith, more over speeches or baths. Because these two things are source of the guidance. You know, if you miss a quarter ban the speech and I don't think you miss many times, but the Quran and Hadith are important, so prefer them over any other Islamic recordings

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that I don't share. The next question is, my cousin is in a coma. Our elder in the family advised that he family members too fast for one day and pray for his recovery. Is this permissible? Or is this a bitter

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thing either you don't know neutrally to do all that. Some people want to do. I don't think it's better without only because Buddha, when people make introduce something, a new religion, and then people start following it, and they think it is it has some reward. People think it has a special reward. Yeah, didn't really do that. But if you just somebody said it you know, nobody

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You click people don't some people follow some people don't follow. You didn't ask for it anyway, it is not the way how the professor loves them has done the way they know when somebody falls ill you know make an effort, you know, for the medical treatment, you know, follow the right procedures, you know in these matters. And so we have to ask Allah some water to help you and for the DUA in which is lacking you can make do after the prayer or anywhere people sit and you know, ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us someone and help. So Allah is the listener, you don't need all these things to do just for the sake of recovery or health of somebody. One sentence can be enough. If Allah wants more

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Sameera, fatale Lutron, who was giving a speech and somebody came and says there are so many drought in there no rain, and people knew the water desperately, so much drought. So he said,

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stop for Allah. And then he continued to people say don't do anything just says, He said this a word. It will like bring the rain pouring everywhere. The Quran said if you ask Allah to forgive you, then he will listen to you and bring everything to people just do stay far and ask Allah to him, he will help. He says it seemed that I'd rather not listen to the people. Do you have to do all these tricks? 30 days fasting on this thing that is a learned assassin? You know, when you asked me something, do you fast hearted? You asked me this question. And I answer you the question. A lot assertive people quicker than my answer. Just I'll tell you. I never asked you do you fast? Did you

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give me any gift? Or body fat? Or something? Did you bring for me something? Or do you make dua form? I don't ask anything. You asked me a question. I answered you, unless quicker than that. Much, much better than that. You know, I get delayed. I cannot know right answer. You know, I can become angry and annoyed. But Allah is never like that. I don't understand why people think that to make a lateral listen, you need to do all these tricks. Allah is already listening. His doors are open. You know, just you need to ask him. People don't ask him. So I don't think that the prophets and messengers they never made anything like that. Read all the doors in the Quran. None of them have

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got all these things. Very simple sentence whenever they want to ask the asker one or two sentences there's one or two other like that very quickly, they ask without making any anything else. So that what we need to do just ask Allah here.

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Does that glow? Hey, don't share the next question.

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Says salaam chef, can you elaborate on azizul in the Quran, whether it refers to our current situations such as earthquakes and other natural disasters? Or is it what will happen at the end of the world

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says in Surah Al Azhar either zero or those Elisabetha. So, that is you know about the death, you know, last day final day, when the or the earth will be moving shaken. And it is something different. You know, that nothing out there that is ever gonna happen to hold our finger like that actually, the whole earth will finish it will New Earth you know, new sun, new moon, porosity, you know, the sky and the earth all will be changed, replaced by something else. So people cannot imagine really, this earthquake that happened our time, it just more reminder about the real thing, that people should start to cut that people live in peace. And they forget Allah subhanaw taala and

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forgot that they are under his kingdom, to something he keeps reminding, that don't take things for granted. Like we people live in the West, in a food is there and everything there

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is still we are not happy. You asked the men that complain about their wives asked the women that complain about the husbands, nobody's happy.

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They don't understand really, whatever Allah has given them, you know, people in the world don't have them. Unless water can take these things. And things can become positive or gift from Allah subhanaw taala. Learn how to thank. So in our time, all the disaster and all this earthquake, whatever happening is just a small reminder. But what is the Day of Judgment, it is really something unimaginable. You know,

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nobody can actually understand how big it will be in the people's brain will be boiling in the head. And you know, it really, when the mothers will run away from their children, and they forgot their babies and or the moment at least there are still people taking care of everybody. In that time. Nobody will take care of anybody. Everybody was running from other that nobody can understand. We should ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us and to save us, you know from the hardship of the day of judgment and the hardship of the grave and all those things.

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mean just after a little later on ship. The next question by Fatima salaam Yasha

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How intense is the relationship between the signs that the of the AMA with the reality of our forgetfulness, as mentioned in verse one circle Ambia, especially when Allah highlights the word he's can good believers be in the category of forgetful people as well?

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Thank you thing is really,

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people, you know, all the time, wherever they got a good thing. They forget everything, they become arrogant they can proud, you know. So happy electronic people get a position somebody becomes a minister, somebody gets it. Somebody was chairman of something, somebody becomes director, even some people get the small posts, they become so happy, they don't answer they celebrate. They forget the reality of this world. And same people when they get a problem, they lose all the hope. So the word of the believers in order to doesn't last on how to Allah and to understand every integrate from him, you know, his or her favor, we have to thank him and every evil that comes also from him, to

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test us to remind us to return to Him and ask Him to forgive us. So people always remember him in good condition and bad conditions. But when people forget, when good conditions come, they become arrogant. When bad conditions come, they lose hope. They do remember Allah subhanaw taala certainly, you know.

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It's coming anyway. And cassava and judgment, judgment will come. And if it's Farber forgetfulness, nobody can get to any success in India, gentlemen to Kurata thiruvalla nas Hassan, Mafia reflet in Unity, we meaning if the judgment is coming, their judgments coming and people are struggling, they don't remember that. The reason we don't remember is because we don't think in whatever any condition happened, we take it for granted. We just live in the present. While LaMotta has made a human being for the future, all of us don't be satisfied with the present or the thing really what happened in the future. And far future is more important because that's the real they're gonna go to

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clever people wise people, they don't become happy where this independent they are, we think what is going to come next what are the consequences, what will happen especially after the death. So that what we should remember all the time never said a word celebrate what in the present, because it very quickly becomes past. The real thing is what in the future

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just like located on chef for that very timely reminder. The next question is by Imran who is asked chef what is the difference between these two is where Allah subhanaw taala says ma Saba me mercy but in elaborate Nila and whatnot a cyber company mercy but in fact the mica said at you know everything this world actually happening with the will of Allah with his command, but Allah subhanaw taala has a murder causes in this world. So sometimes he relisting to Himself directly or sometimes relates to the dose causes. So for example, you know, like people have in some people become guided, because the messenger to Allah will say that a messenger has guided them, but Allah some people say

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no I guide you know, sometimes you may have to similarly all the problems that happen in the world, they happen with the command of Allah with the will of Allah, Allah did not will, nothing will happen, but also allow when Allah wills you to love wills when people actually don't obey Him. So if people you know, don't listen to him, and don't follow His commands, yeah, then the problem will come, because you consider that actually, like, you know,

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further public people don't care about eating or drinking. So, they can see the consequences, you know, people put on the way to people ruin their health, it is because of what they have done and

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because Allah is the One who gives a lie, don't who put all the power in this causes, the causes are ruled by him governed by him. So, you can say like, you know, sometime you say, you know, the Shah has built Taj Mahal, and sometime you said that, you know, his workers in genius, they build Taj Mahal. You can relate anything, somebody trusts to the mosque will say, we build this mosque. Sometime people who work in the most desert we build, it is all causes, you can relate things to any cause the real cause is mattala. But Allah subhanaw taala looks at the People's Action. So if people do bad, then his judgment will be bad for the people, too. We have to be careful. It is not that you

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know, people, listen to him. He'll punish him. No, he will. But still, some problems will come. I want to test people to also keep in mind that even though my son just had proffers, they got difficulty in their life for testing purpose, to allow us to test sometime he initiated problem to test the people, but most of the time the problems are coming, because what people have done because the consequences of their own actions

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Zach Lowe, Aeron chair

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As the next question is, by cheerio, who asks, What should I do after my daughter has been answered, I feel like I'm unable to express my gratitude, or I'm not grateful enough

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not to focus on mortality, he doesn't, nobody can reward Allah. So you know, you ask something very precious, you know, and then he gave you, it is his gift, take him and then move on, then decide not to disobey Him. Or number don't become too arrogant, don't become too happy. You know, you can't reward him, but you thanking to thank him and then decide to, you know, to do good, and to obey Him all the time. And I'll ask him more, because he just said all the time that if he gave you something, ask more, ask more than that. It endless. You know, it is people when you asked me for you asked me 1000 pounds. If I give you next time you asked me I mind it, by Allah subhanaw taala

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keep asking him he loves that. Because it he just clears things. So you know, he gave you ask him more, and thank him and then obey him. Don't try disobey a thicker leader. If everything everything have to be formula, why should I disobey Him?

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Because I follow her and share. Meriam asks, who's asking on behalf of her sister, she heard that if hokhmah herder is written in the Nica as more agile, I think that's my gel, ie to be paid immediately. And if it is not paid within six months, then it becomes invalid. Is this true?

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We don't think that

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people actually should prepare Mahara you know as soon as possible, and if it is written that in a minute, you know the two words the more I gel with the iron, that means immediately under the more I deal with Hamza, which means the late so I don't know which one they wrote if they wrote my Deruta higher that means they should be paid as soon as possible. So the husband should fulfill the promise and he but if it delays, it is very bad and breaking the promise will be sinful. But the Nuka will be very Nikka will not be broken by

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deferring the payment of the of the MAR electric that no matter mission is still in recovery. Very nice. There no problem. It's not affecting a marriage. But it is very bad for the husband. You know, if he has promised something, he should fulfill the promise anyway. You can convey to your sister that your husband has a full you know, obligation to pay you as soon as possible. By Stiffy did not pay your marriage is fine, though he will be sinful.

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To Zach Lohan and chef. The next question is by Riaz salaam share how should we look at the earthquake in Turkey as a test or a punishment?

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I don't really think of you need to go deeper because Allah can do the same thing for two different purposes. So how will I just remember really, it is punishment for us because we are so sinful and our sodium but the test allows us to see that we do return to him or not to both coming together I don't understand that any contradiction really. Like you know sometimes I fall ill so I can think you know two has come because I you know don't listen to this Natella but also I know it has someone listen Huhtala I should turn him and ask him so I don't really think there's any contradiction in between both things. You know same thing can be like a loss of water sometimes he brings rain at the

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same event could be good for some people bus could be bad for some people could be testing for both of them. You know from same thing can do so many things, so overturned to lots of mattala asked him to forgive you to pass a test. And also if you didn't punishment, he already has to forgive your sin. When you've done to him. sins are forgiven, the punishment is gone. And also you pass the test to do all of us ask Allah to forgive you

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to Zack Hello hair and shake.

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Sisters Akia asks from Bangladesh she says here some scholars have given the fatwa that studying in CO educational institutes I think she means mixed Institute's is prohibited since there's no segregation between men and women. Is this correct? You know, I've written an article on this matter, you know, mix education or whatever people say together. So that has got full argument. If further you can find the article and for what to the sister to she can sort it to people. But simple matter actually is not so easy. No in Islamic education is very important. And it's to people if they are in MIS education, it is actually in a public is space where they can sit together and if

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they want to be safe if they're safe, nobody can harm them. In this world, men and women both go far shopping, both go to the banks, but to some we both travel in the aeroplane, both, you know travel on the on the buses, on the trains, and the bulk of the hedge where the mix to each other in RFID and with Delphi even tawaf, so much Miss gathering it all out. So when people in the public space, then learn how to

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behave to where we might come to public space. Don't put on very striking perfume which can attract the people. Do not make your dress is striking our attracting, you know, put on a humble Juba and then learn then you know you, I don't allow people to start the study because it makes education No, you should be strong enough and protect yourself. If people are not strong enough even at home, they can be evil, they can be bad. So simple answer is no, you should continue your education. And it did nothing actually none. It's like Islamic to continuous education. If women don't learn how it is one of the important step towards empowerment. People always call it empowerment and descender. If you

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want to empower men, the best thing is study and get education. If you want to detail the answer, then find out from further my article about education.

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Just after low height on chef, I will send that article in the comments inshallah.

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The next question is, my question is, Can we repeat one specific name of Allah if we want to make a specific dua like not a set number of times but repeat many times the same name is disallowed.

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You don't get a lot of memories at all America you know, you get reward the future your man use a million times you do such a big reward. Certainly you can repeat and repeat as many times like this is one of the basic you know the victories are the best decrees of Quran, the prayer salah, then the Quran, then all the names of Allah make sentences lied Allah yada yada, yada, yada thief. Yeah, it was something like that. Yeah, for your for your money, Romney or for your family, something like that. full sentences, you know, to the big thing, don't hungry. I say as many numbers as you want, you get so much reward on our last Matera will fulfill your need. So there's no hard ability, the

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good thing to repeat a lesson all the time.

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Is that Lokeren chef next question is where Ali who says salaam Shia what is the best way to avoid negativity?

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You know, thing, people always look, you know, what they don't have? And what fought with other people just to look at yourself really that and what Allah has given me.

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You know, more than enough, really, and I think that people may be much better than me, I don't know them. So whenever people do something, don't look, you know, bad towards them about yourself. Don't be too arrogant. And just the thick of everything from Allah subhanaw taala, he can take any time to just trust in Him and move on. You know, when people don't have a lot, then how does this become effective? If you trust unless a hotel, then he's the one who brings night from the day and day from the night. You know, light from darkness, darkness from the light, he can't do anything? Do you know that from the live life from the dead, to similarly, you know, whatever conditions we have got,

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don't lose hope anytime. Always ask Allah, He will help. But all the time being irrigating actually makes you stuffing in darkness that Rajasthan wants to open your mind, you know, be hopeful. And think really with Allah, you are never alone. And without Allah, you are never actually in power or in good condition. When Allah is with you, then don't worry, don't worry, don't care about anything.

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I have a question that has come from,

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you know, not from the platform, but separately. And the question is that there's a woman who's trying to escape an abusive marriage, and the Sharia courts and the Shijo are not giving

00:23:47--> 00:23:51

the permission to do first marriage. She is asking,

00:23:52--> 00:24:00

who is qualified to give us or, you know, allow hola from her husband, and what should she do in the situation

00:24:01--> 00:24:07

in which she lives in a country wherever she is, I don't know where she from if she from this country, or from somewhere else on the from the UK.

00:24:09--> 00:24:44

People are always asking the women, I said to them, you know, you just need to go to the court or the country. Because you know, even if you move to 40 or Sharia court, they give a judgment. They didn't run apart and force anything. You go to the court of the country, they have all the ability to understand you understand condition to find out the facts. And then after that whatever the person, they're going to implement it. They want to force it, they have the power. So judgment is all people should always go to the court at the country, not to any other court, because these courts are like just people solfatara advice. They're not not more than that. They don't have the

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

power to infer that. Even Sharia courts make a ruling against your husband. If you did not want to listen, you know, the court cannot do anything. But if you go to the court of the country proper code, then they will force it, then he never can disobey. So I always advise the women

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that whenever you have problem and dispute a new article separation, the best thing is go to the court of the country.

00:25:08--> 00:25:53

So on the link note share is a divorce in a secular court the equivalent to Islamic, you know, ruling on hola like is it still valid? Yeah because it wasn't a max operation it enforced to finish it like it like a one divorce you will think it just don't understand. For example, if somebody takes my loan by force, I go to the court, whatever the court will judge that will happen, then the woman got the land, they can sell it to the country, whatever they like that how the courts are everybody go to the I don't understand really why women think they cannot go to the court of the country. When the men men go in India, or these Alma in Durban, Sahara and poor, or the mother

00:25:53--> 00:26:30

Assad, when they have disputes. Where do they go? Do go to the court at the country in our Muslim court in Adobe has two groups fighting both went to the Indian court and then the gods split Mother Hello such a big mother sir. Damage to the Indian court. Everybody got went to the court of the country to I don't understand why women cannot go if women don't go to the port, they never can solve the problem that the best thing is go to the court and you will see what will happen your husband will come and it will make a peace and listen to you because he knows really going to the Congress he has better the best thing Go to the court of a country

00:26:32--> 00:26:42

that's located the next question is by Mohammed who says I recite it of course see before going to sleep as well as surgical, surgical

00:26:43--> 00:26:48

and sort of nuts still I get her horrific nightmares What should I do?

00:26:49--> 00:27:31

Nothing they do all the prayers properly and managed to leave to do and you know, inshallah after a while to be healthy, nice inshallah. You know, you need to change your lifestyle maybe, you know, people see so many movies or so many dramas and all those things and live with the wrong people. Sometimes these things can happen but if you're a pious person in your tent, the prayers and then in order to do when you go to the prayer and ask Allah to help you Inshallah, in distance will be killed very quickly, it doesn't take much time really, it will be very, very quickly, but just you need to be very, very pure, your body should be pure your heart mind should be pure, Inshallah, the

00:27:31--> 00:27:31

result will come.

00:27:33--> 00:27:44

Is that low energy? The next question is by Farah who asks, If you don't get up for the 100 Is that a reflection of Allah? Allah's opinion of you? Does he not invite you

00:27:46--> 00:28:26

know more or less on how to Allah always want to test people if it's so simple, then the prophets Allah Allah some also miss his prayers, you know not only him all his companies with him the MR fajr prayer which actually was done missing her dude, you can further further further further but the mystery toilets water testing many many ways. The way is that if you do not do not have fault and somehow you will miss a celebratory ask Allah to forgive you and do other than next time you will get up it will not happen every day you know you missing this one data is too dark don't just so quickly to all alert the sting in different ways. So make effort to wake up if you don't wake up the

00:28:26--> 00:28:45

next day or the next time we'll get up Inshallah, make your alarm in a strong so ask someone to help you to wake up. This didn't happen but don't think that it's just you do not wake up once unless I agree with you. It's not likely like that Allah want to test you that what are you going to do? You know I want to leave me. Are you going to come back to me?

00:28:47--> 00:28:51

Does that glow hater and chef and final question for the evening we'll ask.

00:28:53--> 00:29:08

It says Dr. A salam Wa alaykum this Dr. Shanna India the ex Muslim movement is spreading like cancer. So what are the books that will help understand the Quran to counter the ex Muslim movement? Please suggest a few more articles if possible.

00:29:09--> 00:29:10

thing either

00:29:12--> 00:29:53

the right or wrong they always are in conflict. So, Muslims should not just sit you know, peacefully, nothing happening. So people who are misguiding they are you know, on working hard, shattered, working very hard. So the way is that we should be pious first thing our own piety people should see really, that the Muslims were pious, how different they are, how different their life is. And also guiding people through the Quran don't make any judgment don't see what path we're on Mushrik nothing like that. You know always be nice to the people kind to the people invited into your house said give them food and be helped to inshallah sooner look but never pass judgment that

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

your coffee even somebody loses friends Do you still say no, don't worry. You are a border Muslim. And you know, maybe you found Islam very

00:30:00--> 00:30:24

difficult but there are Hadith of the prophets Allah Olson said who was Elijah and Allah dividend took to paradise. If you can't pray and fast, at least say the same something make Islam very simple and very easy and be friendly but never hate any period people never make any ruling against them. Always be friendly with the people in your friendship with them that will make them to come back again inshallah.

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Inshallah Joseph lo Heron chef for your time and Jackalope clan, and everyone for joining and we'll be back same time next week. Insha Allah Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh