Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 14-07-2023

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of public and private space for men and women, as well as the printing of shirts and clothing. They emphasize the importance of learning the path of Islam to avoid going too far in the wrong direction and staying patient. The speakers also discuss the use of words and phrases in the context of the internet and the importance of practicing caution. They emphasize the importance of learning from the Bible and being careful with words. The segment ends with a mention of a chef's upcoming interview.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a worship Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm BST. Without further ado, let's begin shall we have some private questions that have come in? So let's start with those. The first question is, is it permissible for a non Muslim man and woman to sit together in a car for the purpose of a work journey, even if there is desire, what about traveling alone in an elevator

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Okay, this one low,

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you know, I explained, you know, I said before the villa. So, what you need to understand is that, you know, Allah subhanaw taala has created the men or women for testing, and he has given them space to he wants to make them happy, he did not want to put difficulty on their life unnecessarily.

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But, but at the same time, because he tested them to some time, you know, there are things which can involve sin. So Allah guide them teach them how to avoid the sin in the relationship, the men and women, you know, when they are not married, and where they are not very close Muharram then the advice of Islam is that they have to make a difference between private space and public space. In private space, women were whatever they like,

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and non Muharram are not allowed to enter into their house, they have to talk to them behind from behind the curtain

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in public space, then the women have a responsibility to private space, men have a responsibility not to intrude upon them not to, you know, talk to the mixer behind the curtain. But in public space, we may have a responsibility to come out with jilbab they put on a loose suit over the cloth, and not to apply any perfume or something, or not to, you know, make the appearance more attractive. So when they do this then allowed to use public space, like, you know, traveling in the bus, train, aeroplane, even a car, or you know, things like that I learned safer because sometime in the distance going to be unsafe, same thing, you know, like lift, but if they feel that, you know, a

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certain person is dangerous, or there could be problems, then this you have, like an even medically, two men, it was sometimes there's somebody drunk on Ironman, too, I would avoid to be in the same lift with him. You know, somebody's drunk. People don't like to sit there. I remember once I was traveling,

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in a bus, in front in Bombay, and somebody, you know, rode the bus, everybody left the bus. Does that mean all of the amendment. So when somebody dangerous to save women, they can use the public space as long as they feel safe, and that no desire, but when they feel no, it will involve any sin, or some desire or something harmful to them, then they have to judge and avoid. So then they keep it they will be able to use public space in the future ever. But once something goes wrong, you will be so scared that you can't do anything. So that why is best thing to be cautious in this life. So yeah, you can use public space, no harm, but I started to realize the danger or something wrong,

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then be careful.

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Just like locate and share the next private question that we have is the Imam is strict at my local madrasa. He said only one sized haircuts are allowed for men. So all hair must be the same size. I mentioned there is a Hadith prohibiting men from having hair cuts where their hair differs in length. What is the hokum on this issue? And am I allowed to have the trendy hair cuts that most men have nowadays?

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Yeah, you know, is the Imam actually right? The prophets Allah has forbidden from such a hair cutter which is called cassava. So we're, you know, the hairs are an equal, you know, there's not really many basically that that the people in any society, they should wear the cloth and dress and here is tile, you know, applying to the noble people or the society. So sometimes the society there are people you know, who are just kind of, you know, her fashion, like people who are calling our society as good people or something like that. Don't follow their footsteps, because they are not the real example of the society to noble people, to here should be all with equal to when you go to,

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you know, a barber asked him to cut your hair

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shorter, they're equal from all the sides. How can you kind of get like I, you know, for nearly 30 years, I got a machine at home, and somebody just got zero, and the same number, you know, there are no cost, you know nothing. And then I do my work, you know, that no, nothing to worry about the Harrisdale anywhere in the life, there are things which are more important anyway. But some people waste their time about the hair, about the dress about all those things to the car dwelt in the life.

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Just Arklow head and check. The next question is,

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why do Imams lack wisdom, and sometimes just give blanket fatwas or answers? It's very misleading in terms of Islamic knowledge about issues. And it's hard to trust who has knowledge that we can seek guidance from? Know your question is a very, very important question. Really, the problem with education really, you know, people think to become a mommy something easy, just memorize some Surah or something like that. The Imam themselves don't understand this region properly and deeply. So they just copy the fatwa, every human being is different. You have to understand their case, the society where they live in what they can do what they cannot do. So in then you advise them

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according to the, you know, in a way that they can live in the society properly as a Muslim, you know, you can't just copy a photo of India and apply to the people in a different society. So this is a very bad education really, for the monster, even if our move to must move to extreme where the father, you know, divided the divided believers, they have the believers, and they do so many wrong things.

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You know, sometimes if somebody divorced his wife, three times in Go, then they'll say to the former divorce, and then the woman had to marry someone in the Iranian marriage for one night or two nights with someone. Huge problem, and it's such an ugly thing. But all the moms do this. So you know, I myself really don't I'm not happy with the way all the fatwa going and imams are teaching it the whole society should be concerned and the Imams the teachers should be deeper and, and they understand the society properly. They should be trained properly, how to advise people. In addition, understand the society that they live in. Imams should like study social sociology, they know

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suggest religion to society, they know how communities live, what they need, then the fatwas will be more relevant

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article feature, the next question is by Fatiha who asks, Salam Nia Chef, what does he mean by those who really strive in verse 142 of Surah Al Imran which came in the midst of the story of Oh God, what can we have?

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G her or HD heard in today's life, the vast being unhappy with them and the whole Jana? Well, Amaya, let me let her let the Naja I don't mean como ya LMS solvating.

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Yeah, you know, a little hot, Allah has created us to test us to, he wants to know, our good qualities to come out, he knows everything anyway, to really say that he knows meaning they become clear to everybody, it becomes very, very clear. So you need to be patient a Sabra, you need to devote devoted to Allah subhanaw taala obedient to His, so difficult conditions come your life. But on one hand, our last command on a 100 in people's command, you have to sacrifice people's command to the Command of Allah subhanaw taala in a simplified society for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And then it will be very difficult because the whole society begins do you have to be patient and do

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sobre when you do that, then you pass the test. And many people don't do this degree, you know, the difficulty and a problem and they don't understand what Allah wants from them. Like even daily prayers, Allah wants people to play all the time. But people have got their own culture, their own custom to keep slipping. And they will live there when they wake up when their free time. So they failed that test. So in every single matter, the way is that you have got always more than one choice. Among those choices, one will be to either your loved ones on one will be or maybe many that society wants your parents want you want. And now what less testing you do you go for the choice of

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Allah, or you go for the choice of your society, your parent or your own choice, all the time. And then when you choose what Allah wants, you need to be patient because you know, it's difficult, not easy.

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Just go ahead and check. The next question is by Samuel Islam, who asks what is guidance and how can I know that I am guided guidance, really the knowledge, you know, the word Guidance means that you know, you know the path where to go direction properly. So, the guidance in Islam is, first one is the book of Allah.

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So you know, really what Allah says what is good, what is bad, what takes people to paradise? What

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digs to hellfire you know honesty is good and cheating Hara Hara on lying and everybody worth it to this guidance, you'll get the knowledge then there's some pretty critical issue you got from the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam, to this kind of guidance for the knowledge. When you act upon date with the fear of Allah in your mind not to sue the people, not because people want something you you do because Allah or something you fear that carta Koba two people need the life Hoda and Taqwa the turquoise in order to become a particularly you know, able to follow the path and the knowledge about the path. So that's why Kurata says the meme that Al Kitab would ra Buffy who would

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do that guidance, instruction, teaching for those people who want to live a life of Taqwa. If you want to have life of Taqwa the Quran will teach you to dead who died who died instruction teaching it to knowledge that the Quran move light people who died light like in the darkness so you need light to walk. So that one who dies gives you light in the darkness of the era and all the problems

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pass on hola Lakeisha The next question is oh yeah George and George hidden somewhere on land or are they mixed with us and would show up once the time comes

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up from another human being there somewhere you know when they come they will be very, very big problem. But actually the fifth nothing in life are not only are these modules, you know your own desire your own knifes your own society, your own family, your wife, your husband, your children, all of it now, Quran Kisko, your money your property, you have all the time 24 hours, you have to be careful. So just don't worry about unseen fitness in that in the society. You live the fitness that are around you, they are more important for you. Then we're the miter. And if you're careful about the fitness around you, then Allah will protect you from yogic modules. So believers should live a

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life of piety or a fear of Allah all the time, not only when the module comes

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to Zack Hello Harun chef The next question is by Nisha who asks,

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you said that when we learn something it becomes our habit so we need to think every time we do it. Why we need to think the same thing every time if I already in my mind, I know I know my mind why I'm doing it.

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You know, because when something's become a hybrid, then the leaves in the the lose the impact on you

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realized really the effect of anything happened on you where you sense it when you realize it when you make it tension you think what you call what a property will be. But when something becomes habit, nothing I don't know effect is there. So that vitally important that Legion nega intention to define yemenia means to make your mind to be presentable doing the action not don't do because it becomes a habit, but all of us do the same thing will we do this because we have got a habit.

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So everything not enough, we have to you have to break the habit that violates the law gives directing the hybrid so that people realize they should be slave of Allah, not the slave of the habit. The thinking of the very good thinking comes then everything becomes fresh and powerful. When thinking goes and they become habit and a culture they become debt the new life in it

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just Arklow Herencia The next question is by Feriha who asks, Is it allowed to see non Muslims in the social media videos when there is no ill feelings involved?

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Looking at the men are in this discovery learning teaching is there's nothing Haram is that people wear proper cloth. But if they don't burden the artist problem, and and if you don't have desire, it does happen does that become haram anyway? Even with a Muslim? If people get desire for their brothers or sisters to live together, Father, Father these days actually there are so many cases, you know, a problem between

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women and their fathers and brothers. And people told me stories which actually very strange and shocking. So be careful when desire comes from anyway. So but when did that not that still you have to be careful, because when disaster only can come so you have to be careful, but if somebody is a good teacher, and you will learn from him the wisdom and you know, apparently there's nothing wrong with that fun because you should but when you start thinking something going wrong, then then you should be able to stop it.

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As an ally like a chef, the next question is by Junaid who asks, Is it permissible? Is it permissible to sell gold to non must

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then men and non Muslim women who will wear it in public, will I be sinful? No, don't be sinful because you know, you're not selling for them to use wrongly, you're selling them for good purpose. You know, people do whatever they like, you know, people sell so many things, you sell a knife for the kitchen, but somebody can buy your life and kill someone. They'll be responsible, you're not responsible. You're responsible only for to what you do, you are selling something good. People buy you can sell Circulo A Muslim man can come and buy from your silk cloth, haram for him. But maybe by the way, if you don't know this thing, somebody asked you are driving a taxi. Somebody asked you to

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take him to a pub. Yeah, it should take you don't get anything. Because sometimes people just give their address at the pub or in the pub, they have many, many business sometime building some time repairing something, somebody helping something so many things, you are not responsible for what people do you respond for what you do.

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Zach Lowe hit and shift. The next question is by forgot bit, who asks, chef, I have referred to the Hadith regarding the creation of Adam, most placed it mentioned that Divine Creation in heaven, is it possible that they are created before Earth and was sent via evolution

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was created they know in the heaven and the weather climate analyst showed him how shaitana will misjudged him all that happened. And maybe he was very tall at that time. But there are lots of Hautala sent to him. Maybe in many, many years, he became same size, like we are on that, and then maybe he has be sent or maybe he came here then something happened. We don't know this is really so that way, the best thing is not to discuss this, you know, because you're if you're a scientist, or studying or teaching, you don't really make a difference in these things at all best thing is to be quiet not to talk about something far which you have no knowledge, science actually does not have

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any firm knowledge about these matters, because science, you understand science really is only

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science only can talk properly about those things, which can be demonstrated in liberatory liberati when they do the most testing properly, nobody can demonstrate evolution really which happens millions and millions, yes, nobody can do nobody able to do this thing, it is just guessing. So is there are fiction, in History fiction and everything. So there are lots of fiction in the science there are something which science can demonstrate that fine they are good we can believe in that. But our them how chemically science ignored and

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theories will change to best in a believer luckily, but the creation of how long or the process or admission with a filter not many details because it too much. Actually even what happening our body now we already evolve all the time actually we are not the same anymore. We always keep changing since everything keeps changing. So you know the best thing is, you have to love what Allah wants from you. He's repeating so I bother watching he's not going to ask him the Day of Judgment Did you believe that are them evolved or not? I believe he's going to ask you you know Did you believe in me due to worship need you to obey my command that to you know, prepare the questions for the question

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that allows me to ask you

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just go ahead and check the neck next question is there's a hadith about the learner of Allah on people who pluck their hair and get tattoos is it Saheeh and in the Quran learner comes up only for shirt and for killing How is that equal?

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Yeah, you know the cursor, you know for many many things, the problem is many a lot of what Allah has created people are near to nature that the best creation they knew really. So something allowed to improve like you know, he created without growth, but he you know, he wants you to wear cloth dress, you know, he created you or your New Years ago, but he wants you to you know Cardinals you know to the rafters he wants people to improve but many things are last year that people in a perfect way that they are the best you know, beauty for the people. So when people change them a lot or not like if they like change in the creation. So you know, boom dot here, which actually loved

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me, they remain with you. They're not bigoted. So you know things like that. The prophets Allah has cursed the reason is defective corrupting the fitrah of Allah. So Quranic curse on the you know Mushrikeen in extended to this period, well because she'll Camille said, that you take a law also

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From someone other than to you know you take from fashion from testing to some parts will be on those people as well why you're not happy with the world has created you because that's the best application best way gets created to people have to understand if you don't know Ask and it will tell you which you know sometimes could be that you know some hairs are in unwanted place like on the face or some women filled in with toughness that beauty yeah then they can remove it. But there are hairs which are actually in the right place which Allah made beautiful. Now your concept of beauty has changed and you want to kill the crush of Allah that that people should not do.

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Just glow here and check. The next question is by Munna who asks a Salam o aleikum? Is it possible to leave the voluntary brothers such as the robotic and the 100? When in the sick condition for someone who has been trying to make it a habit? Would the rewards be less for them know how to do this at a personal level is seldom when the people fall ill and now they're too weak to do many Alaba does. They will keep getting the reward of all those things, which they did when they were in the good health. So don't worry, you do take a little because they you know in the when you're ill if you do too much your illness will increase. So take a risk do the further pair

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but you will get reward of all the things that you have been doing, you know before you release

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BarakAllahu Figshare. The next question is by Abdul Rahman who asks, there are so many crops of the Quran or Hadith and Moton to memorize what do you recommend the student of knowledge to focus on in terms of memorization?

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This question actually can't be answered from a different variety for everybody. The best thing is not not important to memorize everything for the Quran, people knew exactly some Surah with the confusion, the prayers so like and if you can memorize the last use and substructure Surah from here and there, that will be enough

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farther mattoni you will need to at least memorize something shorter on the one on the surf. You can understand them and then memorize it they will be your reference

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the rest of the thing that you need to study really keep reading they will come to your mind you know that for better San Fernando certainly you need to memorize them beauty because you understand that you forget them but when you memorize them

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so you always can refer to them like I memorize whenever 910 year old child the know what the law all those rules are the grandma so fresh in my mind I can recall them whenever I need. But there are many many people who did not do this. They forgot that I can see me even all of them they do some time very big mistake silly mistakes even the because they toto keep in mind maybe when they study they understood. But now they don't have their mind to something shorter will be fine to tomorrow's insha Allah

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to Zack Lohan and Chef, the next question is a Salam aleikum chef are Hadith that prophesized the future problematic, in what manner should we regard them? Thank you. You know,

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you can't understand any any statement properly, unless it connected to the society and the time that you live in, then you understand the language and what they mean, really. But if somebody talks about a condition that you don't know, in the future, whatever language he uses, a language will not be enough to teach the minute, you can learn with meanings don't live in the language.

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The meaning is not by reference with what they refer to, or what they refer to

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their why people don't understand the language of the professor's because the reference is not there. And we're referencing that there, then you understand you get an idea. You get an idea about the GRE about all those things, but whose job is it? Nobody can know really until it comes. So now in our time there many people say you know, I'm reconsolidate modules, or some people say European region modules. Some people say you're doing module system, some people say that the GRE is a system are distinct on European civilization. They don't just making up meaning really Kadena the professor language, you know, people misusing it, but when it will come then people know to understand

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properly language is only reference. If reference is not known, then the meaning is not very clear. But you can if you don't know reference, you can get an idea there or the purpose that people get an idea. There's something happened the future

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is up low head and chest. We've got a bit of a big question here. So it's shared in several parts. I'll share them one by one and read them out. So it goes a Salam aleikum, chef, I took an enjoy your recent format hubs course and had a question What are

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are the boundaries of a difference of opinion? I understand that differences are only within the minor branches of Dean. But what determines the validity of the range of opinions? For example, during the class you mentioned and opinion was given to a woman on the invert validity of Hanukkah because she married a man from a different mother from her. Is that technically a valid difference of opinion to have? Even if it's a minus lash? Not strong opinion? Or has that exceeded the boundary of validity for an opinion? If not based on the Quran and Sunnah just

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minor opinions if there are minor opinions, five opinions to the whatever library some people say you lift your head up two years after they are at this that's not a problem that people can do anything and nothing there's no sin, but sometimes minor opinions they can affect the major but until

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then, we'll find the problem too for example, like about Moon sighting you know when the month we're going to start there are many opinions in Islam one opinion is the site of moon with your eyes if you don't say see, then complete 30 days one opinion said you can rely on us to know me one a PSA if you get news from somebody you can put all their valid opinions

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so people can follow any of them it all equal nothing really big. But if you file an opinion on it, that divides you community then you get sin because you need to the believer the major commander the reality also did not actually flew it out in major branch other religion so be careful follow up with your community. They follow Saudi Arabia

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somehow you got opinion no we should have our own moose sighting Yeah, you have absolute right to have your own opinion. But now if you express it and you fought for it too many people will enough follow it and then it will be you know a divide division so are they understand i As long as your minor opinions minor things don't affect the major one then you know you have full right to choose but if they're affected then you know you cannot do this because in then your opinions are dangerous The Hartford

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Zach Lowe head and check the next question is by under who asks, Is * mcru or haram? Some scholars say mcru But majority says around what is the correct opinion? Nothing is there no difference between the cruel haram anyway both don't do it. The people who send Nakuru De Pere they don't want to use the language haram for something for which there is no clear text in the Quran sunnah to the same accrue, people say haram because they want to say to forbidden so it bought same thing two words, but meaning the same meaning as people should not do this.

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Just head and check. And the last question that we'll have for today is

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by no sheen, who asks, what is the ruling on drawing pictures of animals?

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Yeah, do you know this? Michelle, very, very

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severe matter in the religion. So one has to be very careful, unless somebody is obliged force somebody to teach Sunday school in a secular school. That's your job. You can't avoid that people like that, too. You know as long as they're limited to their jobs maybe they're allowed out of necessity or * but if you have twice don't do this thing, because it really the Hadith about this matter are very, very strong. So be Muslim should be very, very careful in this matter.

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To Zach Lowe, Hayden chef Jack located and for your time, Chef and Zach Lowe, head of everyone for joining will be net. We'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm BST as always, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it. And perhaps we can aim to answer it next week to Zach Lowe head on everyone and take care as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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