Akram Nadwi – Thursday Q&A 02-10-2

Akram Nadwi
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to our weekly q&a with Akram nadwi. This q&a is on Wednesday today Wednesday 6pm as opposed to Thursday, sincere apologies for anyone that was only available tomorrow and conjoin there was just a circumstance that we had to change the timings but inshallah next week it will be at the same time same day inshallah without any further ado let's get started again anyone new who is joined please just add your questions in the comments section below of wherever you're watching. We're live on Facebook and YouTube inshallah let's take a question from

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Riaz Mahmoud

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Okay, Charlotte this question is what is the assignment ruling regarding hair and beard transplantation if the intention is to impress the spouse

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hamdulillah Amina was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Muhammad Ali he was already my you know my blood

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you know, the main rule is that anything which is considered as too beautifying then they're no harder for the men or women to do for each other. But anything that means to change the world has created the people then you know, there are some details so the question that you are asked about here you know, planting or so that I don't think really did any problem you know, if people have some problem and they want to treat it or they want just to have an artificial you know, here

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you know for themselves or each other so I don't think there's any problem in that

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let's take a question from sister very hurt I get anxious and depressed when I hear news about someone's death how much fear of death should one actually have

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and the fear of the death actually is a very good quality and

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makes people more pious and makes them turn away from the since it is good quality but sometimes it could be too much that you know you can't do any of your work I had a similar condition when I was a student grant sleep well and could not do anything that I know really how disturbing that can be dirty very helpful so you know the way the force yourself to think other things that are that only ways read the books read the Quran, do your prayers talk to the people being a company of the good people to turn away from yourself from the embers of the death so it it can help you but don't do too much because I I really feel that remembering the death that what we need you know not to you

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know the other way

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except if it is affecting your routine your life then you need to force yourself whether or not you're rather than forcing yourself force yourself to other thoughts in mind and you know minded like in a road when you walk in he can walk on the road so when the thoughts come are just come to your mind just you need to block your mind think something will force yourself to other things. So then after a while those ideas and thoughts that you don't like they will go away

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okay let's take a question from Irene

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and she's asking Am I said for for sending videos to someone which contains music and if they listened to that video, videos, music will I carry this in

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music there have been has been difference of opinion the most scholars from beginning until now. They have opinions identify a Buddha haram or some people say makuta hareem. There are very very few people who allow it.

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So I say don't make intention to hear music even what happened by accidentally you know, you walking somewhere in the shops and you don't intend to hear it. Then I don't think it will be a sinner. It carried forward and also you know

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Music a waste of time for the believers believers have a new life much more busy so there should not

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listen to music and they should not make an effort to enjoy that and similarly don't make anybody else to attend that or share that and I don't really think that why people need to share every video anyway

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be very very careful because you don't know how the people are going to use only share the thing that you are as short as people want to benefit you know in this world or hereafter they're fine otherwise you don't need to share your life now I want to ask you why don't you share the videos so the only knowledge which you are certain that you share the idea that there are so many videos where people buy it now they have acquisition based some people on sometimes there are things which are lies and so things like that never do never you know sent to any anybody else because you will get the sin of all those people

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Okay Do

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we have a question from Tanzania? Can I make this Can I make data Allah to please not test me

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you know your test will come anyway but you kind of say like you can make though Allah you know don't

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test me with something which makes me to fail in this world of warcraft or something like that but test two will come in if you think that noticed it did not go to happen. test done players haven't followed the prophets and messengers everybody there were the life he really put on say that we have created you. So test you that testing will come without testing you will nobody will know you know whether you are pious are not pious. So if you want to make God just say well I helped me make me pious make me pass the test you know something like that? Or you know save me from the sins you know from disobedience so Allah will be happy these doors are good maybe do I like that but just remember

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that are all are don't test me you know it's not like doing it because the test is the purpose of life it will happen test is going to have the you can't change that.

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But what you are allowed to ask is to say that will make me successful in my test so that Allah will be happy that if we move on like that

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okay, inshallah let's take question from brother Jeanette

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if a woman asks for divorce without a valid reason she wants spelled she wants she wants smell the fragrance of Jenna is is Heidi's authentic or not

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I knew I knew something like that and I think either living together is people's you know

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choice you know concert that they get together an edition maker effort to continue the relation but for some reason you know, which people can tell other people don't tell they want to separate you know, it's a llama that are perfectly American divorce women can ask for divorce or America go for something like that. And that happened the time of the professor lawless alum and after that people have been doing and the professor Lawson ever said it is something sinful certainly when people want to have divorce separation there must be reason it can't be just you know for no reason because it is always some problem because you know move from one house to another house new merger no problem.

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So I assume there could be a reason but you don't know.

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Okay does Okay.

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Let's take another question and show like give me one moment. Okay, we have a question from Mohammed here is overcharging a product considered as rubber?

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No. Reba is generally on the loan. So you know, you learn money, someone and will take more than that. If you're selling something you can sell for whatever, something for one big Russell 400 pounds up to you your finger. But certainly cheating people you know, do not rule out but if you price it known, you know, everybody sells an item for 10 pounds and you're selling same item for 1000 pounds. Nobody's going to buy from you unless somebody does not know the market. So anyway, if you overcharge it in that river, where it could be seen for some time, if you do see people cheat people, not as a river, but there could be another sin. But if it isn't, well known price. Everybody

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knows what the price of the market is overcharging people know that there's no harm in that.

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Okay, shall let's take a question from

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Rona Diem.

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If a business tenant refuses to repay their rent,

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Debt Can we make da against him to ask a let's punish them on the Day of Judgment can we close this individual as an oppressor

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yeah he's an oppressor no doubt about that you know if he has a means to pay the rent history does not pay he says to me no oppressor many people do this and you don't need to cast the person because almost circus is somebody opera someone is in this in a very because you know he'll be punished in the hereafter by if somebody is not able to pay for any reason you know because difficulty and something else then you should give him more charts more time you got more reward for that, you know, unless the person expires your condition then he will reside in here no he will be punished for the for that. By generally believers should not ask anybody in the process allow some set of

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believers or those who don't pass anybody don't make do against everybody. Believers always want to go something, maybe you can make the offering Oh Allah help him guide him making pious and make him to repent from his home and pay back people's arrives. Make good offer him so you get reward. Maybe Allah subhanaw taala saves him from his evils.

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Okay, inshallah. Let's take another question.

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Okay, this question is,

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my parents are threatening me that they will kill me if I marry a Muslim girl they don't like if I marry her Is this a disrespect to my parents and my sinful

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are the same that you know, if you

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marry someone,

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if he marries a Muslim girl, so I'm assuming his parents aren't Muslim.

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So they're threatening to kill two extremely, no parents out there to help their children. Anyway, the parents have no right to force anybody for the marriage. So if you're adult, it is your choice to marry whoever, like you don't get any sin, whether you accept their advice, you don't accept it. You know, it is really very bad. I don't know how the parents are like that. I mean, they should be sincere and good father, you know, they should know that they don't want their children. Nobody wants anybody, buy an asset, don't own it, own their children, their daughters or their sons. So you have given you know, this opportunity or trust, you have to help them not to kill them or not to

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threaten them. So your parents are certainly wrong. The profits or loss of anybody who forces to marry you know, a Mufasa his daughters to marry someone, and the daughters are not like, then the marriage is integrated. In nobody can force he said, the parents have no right to force their children to marry. You know, the children are absolutely free to marry whoever they like, you know, this is their basic right? Nobody can take away the parents are the one who are wrong.

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Okay, we have a question from, from Boko Haram. What leads to overflow? And how can it be avoided?

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buffalo could be many, many things that really no sensory means not thinking, you know, just doing things without thinking just because of the desire or fashion or because people do something where you don't care, you know, don't use your mind and thinking there's a ruffler the ways to think, you know, start thinking about the consequences, that the best way to be get rid of a Wafula always considered whenever do something, think what will be the consequences? Where is it going to lead and not only the consequence of this world, also the consequence of the Hereafter, for Apple equally possible that in this world, you do a cheating and you know, really nobody will know and nobody can,

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you know, make me responsible and I easily can get away. But in the hereafter Allah, Allah knows. So always look at the consequences in this world and hereafter. If you make your habit to look at the consequences, they will know of a lot and you don't do anything really because people who are thinking about the consequences, they don't do anything because of the fear. And also always know that whenever you

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do something wrong, to achieve something you can't achieve, even if you achieve it, it will turn out to be evil for you. So you know if you know sometime you deceive the people to get their money. What will happen if you got the money the money will be punishment for you. It will harm you and your family. On in future you will regret it. So always make hybrid for everybody, not only for you, for everybody including me my separately and most time. I think that

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Whenever you do something, I always say, think of what it will be the consequences in this world, hereafter that is sign of wisdom. Otherwise to no

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pants, no things after consequences. Everybody knows evil or good is stupid people know where something happened. Clever a poor dog who knows things in advance. They use their mind they know what will what is going to lead. If you read the parar readers will not read the history. You will know the consequences of action, every action that you do, and every word that you speak, it must lead to something very least, you need to love that what a mind his mind can tell you the answer. Where is it going to lead? If you're going to read something good, then do it from work to do something evil, then don't do and never think about quick consequences. Short term benefits. Always

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look for the long term up to the Hereafter, then you are will be safe in Sharla

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is happy to host you just for the sake of anyone that joined late who doesn't know would love Lamine heedlessness?

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Is that the definition of a popular yeah okay.

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Let's take a question from

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okay let's take this question. Can we have the name and other details of a disease written on the tombstone of his or her grave

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you know you can write the name of the people really didn't know how to but think that in order to benefit anybody, you know hundreds 1000s of you know grace or the prophets and messengers, companions and pious people nobody knows really well they're very Allah knows. And they get rewarded because when you pray you say Oh Allah please be sent my peace are your righteous slaves or their artists less whether you know they were don't know they had included so you don't need really your name should be written on somewhere that no new really actually something could be seen. Because you want to be famous. You want to be known after the death. I will not like that. Really? I will like

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that. You know, when I die, nobody knows where I'm buried finished. You know, Allah knows and Allah subhanaw taala you know, people may want to reach out to me, you know, without knowing what the grave is? Nobody No, no need to know anybody great. Actually, we don't know any Musgrave certainly, except the grave of the Prophet of the prophets. We don't know very well I mean buried. mercenary buried very well is not buried. Nobody knows by certainty. Only gravy on the profits that we know is the proper masala Salah same companions we don't know really, who is buried very Exactly.

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So don't worry about his torso, worry about his good deeds. pious people did not like their grave to be known. They did not like that they want to be buried on people forget them to people so then how can people move to affirm your relative will make the offer anyway and also all the pies probably already moved off our pies people. This everybody lifestyle in the recruits includes everybody anyway.

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Chef just on this topic quickly. If someone is visiting a graveyard, or a specific person,

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can their deceased here whoever is visiting them, and whatever they're saying? Yeah, you know, even if you don't visit them, you send something from your house or law, forgive your person or use a different charity. You know, they will know anyway, you know, the reason you visit the grave is not to benefit those people to benefit yourself to remember your own death for those people to enough that you send everything from your home, say well, you know Allah subhanaw taala has angels that take all your daughters and so that I agree with you to that person. You don't need to go and sit next to the grain. The person Listen, you know the person just kind of with him. I said to him

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anyway, and he gets the benefit. The only reason the professor loyalism allowed people to visit a grave today can take Listen, they can remember their own death, not bother disease people because they're, you know, they can get their reward and gifts wherever you are in the world you can send to them.

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So for people who maybe haven't visited a loved one who's passed away in a while, there's no such thing as feeling like you've neglected them because you haven't visited them because anything you can do at the graveyard you can do at home. Yeah, you want to visit them what you need to do is offer them, give them no need to go and visit the grave. In order to just worldly matters that nothing no benefit at all really beneficial for you, not for them. For them. What benefits is that you move to offer them, you do soccer for them, charity for them, you're going they are not going doesn't make any difference for them. But it can make a difference for the people who visit

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But it could remind them that it could be because some people, you just go and do a refresh and they don't remember anything. But there are people going to see the graves. They remember their own death, people like that. They should visit a bit. But if you just want to send a divorce, and solder card to offer someone, you don't need to be there.

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Exactly. That was extremely beneficial. And let's take a question from

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When deciding the last name for a baby, is there any opinion against combining both the wife and the husband's family names? traditional practices only is to only include the Father's name and leave out the wife's family?

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Yeah, you can really make a last name anything whatever people generally are related to their parents or family but in then no harm. There's a well known family

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their cousin ob, so zenabis because one of their female relative she was no she was very famous. And the third p was letter to her and it comes in to mother in a woman to people can relate sometime to Mother, you know, most people who are called themselves I simply the profit. They're related to the profit through his daughters, because he had no sons.

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You didn't know her but what happens is when they make their genealogy, right, it should go through the Father. But mentioning the papers somebody else in him did no harm in that.

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OK, let's take another question.

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From Fatima is it only the sons duty to look after the parents or is it the same responsibility for the daughters also? What did the parents don't have any sons? Yeah, father, son and daughter both are responsible can't do their share. Or you know if the daughter is richer, she should also because she's going to inherit him to whoever inherits they have duty to look after the people according to their share. So if somebody had one son and one daughter then duty will be twice on the son on one son their daughter they should share something like that in a look after and also depends how much ritual is to the you know, they do occur to that.

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So you know, the women in Islam get so much money, but they don't spend much much out there did not do too, but sometimes can hyper like this case, the women can't have do to to spend money on their parents, that sometimes can happen.

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We also have a question, kind of related to the previous question from Paragon,

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what is your opinion on tawassul through diseased pies through a diseased pious person, as there is an opinion that making go out by this way is actually is actually using our love for this pious person as a means to ask Allah for something?

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Yeah, I know thinking I understand really. You only do vasila tawassul earring, toasted Mr. God, through someone. When you think that you you are, your words are not going to benefit to for example, their rich person, you want to get some money or something from him. And you think you know, he will not listen to me unless I go through his son or through his minister or through his friend, and then you go do this. But if you know really, this rich man is your friend. He loves you to come direct to him. If you go through someone's mind, it's the why why do you know when you know I'm your friend. You know, I can listen to whatever you like, why you come to someone else? Allah,

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Allah, Allah subhanaw taala isn't much nearer to the people than anything else. Anybody sinful people, coffee, unbelievers, anybody. I lead very near to them. Or whenever they ask, he listens. I never understand really, to leave a love who is so powerful, so loving, so kind to you leave him and go somewhere else. So even some people allow something like that I feel very dirty. You know, even if you I will not say Haram. But I will not say to the good really because insult to Allah subhanaw taala. You know, he was to his, he said, Come to me, I listen to you. Ask me I'll give you all the night and day, and just according and then if you don't talk to him directly, we'll come to

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somewhere else. All the prophets and messengers look like a dog in the Koran directly. They ask Allah directly.

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The Companions they ask Allah directly, everybody asked directly, we are asked directly and Allah listens. So you know, the obvious thing I realize you even if people said to you, there was Sue's aloud, don't listen to them. Just ask yourself you will see your relationship will be stronger and less people when they're touching him more than anybody else that think that Allah will give it to and he said he never said no, you asked me and I don't give you your LASIK eye.

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Ask me I love you, you know listen to I don't understand why you want to go to somewhere else. If he said I will give you so much in the Quran, Sunnah and also experience, all the people have been saying, we have been saying that we have been seeing really that whenever you ask and he gives.

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He's happy to crochet. We've got a question from Mohammed, I think

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if the local municipality is returning payment with some interest, am I receiving so I am receiving interest unintentionally, unintentionally, although it is only one euro? What should I do?

00:25:37 --> 00:25:50

Yeah, give that money to some poor person. I don't intend reward of liberty, no good because that money must have come from poor people. And poor people can receive money like that. There's no harm in that, but you don't use it.

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Okay, let's take a question from Mohammed, which is what is the ruling regarding fortunetelling?

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Nobody can say anywhere very fortunately, really somebody closer, they're committed sin, major sin, and those who believe they also committed major sin. Nobody knows the future of anybody. Nothing. Only Allah knows. No, say or no, Ollie, no pill, no chef. Nobody knows what will happen to some people. You know, people who claim like that they're lying. Certainly, big liars. Don't listen to them. Plus Allah subhanaw taala. Ask him, that what because life looks like not to know what will happen the future, believe life is to trust in the Lord that and ask him or law makers in good faith, we don't really want to happen. But we asked him to make it good. You know that I always make

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dua, because I don't know really what will happen next in that hour, ask Allah, you know, make everything good for me nice for me. So you know that he listens, and he gets to reward you when something goes wrong. It is still you got to be word of asking him. But don't trust any fuel. Can nobody, even the people who tell the fortune? They don't know I tell you.

00:27:04 --> 00:27:50

What person was very famous in telling the fortune. Two, he came to the king. And the king asked him how long I'm going to live. So he said you're going to live 10 years after 10 years ago died. And the king became very, very sad. To the minister came and asked the king What happened? I said, I'm only going to lift in, yes, this person's payment. He looked and he said to me, this minister was very clever. He asked this car, the one who used to pay to it for the future, ask him how long you want to live. He said 20 years. And then the minister asked one of his soldiers to kill him. And he killed the dismount immediately. See, he even did not know that his death had brought in there. He

00:27:50 --> 00:28:10

think is going to live for 20 years and he died the same time. And I can remember right. So don't know don't believe in nobody knows reappearance, and nobody knows future. anything going on people like that very big, but it's a weakness all over that person. And also how to ask him or game and ask might is good that we don't know our future.

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Just Oklahoma's Yeah, I think we've actually covered most of the questions. So I think now is a good time to end in sha Allah. Apologies for anyone who again wanted to join, but maybe you didn't know that we'd be holding this on Wednesday, just to share with your time. And again, just augment our own everyone else for joining us. Again, please do join us next week.

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Thursday, 6pm DSC, and again, if anyone is interested in any of the programs that SLM Institute offers. Chef Akram nadwi is the principal of SLM Institute. I'm actually a former student of SLM Institute I studied in 2016 our Sonic scholarship programs are starting this Sunday inshallah this Sunday's induction day, the first day of term will officially start the week afterwards anyone who is interested, please head on to the URL at the bottom of the screen inshallah. You can head on to our Facebook, our Instagram, you can see that other short courses that she was holding, he's over two series series series series. He's doing another tafsir course. Anything else, please do? Just

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email us at [email protected] for any questions, or shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram and Sharla. Again, please do join us next week Thursday 6pm. salaam aleikum everyone

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