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The host of a Q servicing video discusses various topics related to Islam, including rulership, religion, and the media. They stress the importance of understanding and finding out what is in the culture of the internet, as well as the need for men to be rewarded for their actions. The speakers also discuss the importance of privacy and privacy concerns when sharing information online, as well as a short course on 1:D and a 10-day course on Canvas for those interested in learning the language.

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As Salam aleikum, everyone welcome back to our q&a with Chicago Negri and this q&a is live streamed on our Facebook and our YouTube handler and it's every Thursday 6pm BST, and sha Allah hope more people will be joining us and the regular people that normally do join us.

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Yeah, Inshallah, let's get started. Chef, I do want to maybe go back to a few questions that we missed last week, because we usually do have an influx of questions and we don't normally always, whenever we're not able to get to all of them straight away. So inshallah I want to cover a question that was asked yesterday at the end of our q&a. This brother was asking, Jeff, can you explain the Hadith which says, a nation which women need will not prosper?

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You know, one thing you have to understand that, in his speech, that people in America, it always bound to a time and context people who speak all the time, they don't mean what you learn from the words, generally. So basically, don't derive the meaning, just from the words.

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If you don't know the context, it always can be misleading. That's why I always say that meanings don't live in the words. They don't live in the sentences,

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too, sometimes, you know, like, for example, you see the professor Larson, or whether I've been asking people when they urinate, they should sit down. And I should have said that I never have seen the Prophet sallahu alayhi salam urinating while standing, or sitting down but still, there are a hadith that sound Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, that the prophets Allah some duty, urinate while standing.

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So if you don't know really, what are the contexts that you will think or how what happened, then, you know, people can do anyway, when you learn the context, because there was nothing, no place to sit, it was a place where people used to throw the rubbish, you know, it was very difficult to sit,

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your close become dirty. So the professor chose, you know, something which did not prefer that. But that was the best choice to some time. You know, what this slide could be the best choice or the people

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or you have to learn all that in the past tech contests. What I mentioned

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about the women in so many contexts,

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and all it praiseworthy, you know, the women going outside woman or the mother, women or sister women, you know, talking to the men it all has come nicely, severely Quran Natural Woman Who were the Queen, leading her nation, or Quran actually had her wisdom she was very wise person. In the time after Mr. Islam the Quran has no criticism about the woman. Now when you read this hadith, the prophet Allah said, Life is a common one low Amara, whom Mr. Athan or people who have

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assigned their their matter the task to Omen, they are not able to succeed. Did he mean gender thing? No, he didn't mean gender, he's actually referring to certain people. So in his time, polygenic people, they really did not behave properly. Or when the professor Latin, wrote a letter to him, he wrote letter to all the rulers, you know, to romancer to Egyptians, and everybody respected his letter. But the Persian people did not respect the tone of the letter, and they were disrespectful to the personnel, Islam. And then meanwhile, they also appointed a woman as the leader, the professor, lesson referring to these people who have appointed omit the leader, they are

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not able to succeed, then are able to grab the whip No, they're not able to succeed because what they have done with the prophets, Allah, Allah Salam, and what the behavior is, but he mentioned a woman because there are the identity to describe them. Who are these people? Two people can know, the now people connected with that, too. For example, like, you know, in my class, there are so many students. And I see I just want to refer to one of them. I think he's not going to succeed I said this was a student in our class, who is coming from India is not going to succeed in exam

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to succeed because not working hard not because he's come from India. The word is coming from India I did there to introducing to make it identity is to otherwise there's no agenda, you know, instruction from the person

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about the women that the cancer actually the contrary, they had been good leaders among the women.

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In India, there have been few rulers, the women are very, very good ruler, you know, until they wrote books and their ruler very nicely, you know, is tested, especially the straight have a profile that two women or two or three women that have been lead leading, you know, they are queens. So, and also you can see in the world there have been a women who have been good leaders. So how the Prophet can serve, which actually does not make sense, he's referring to certain people to really understand that, you know, Hadees actually must be understood in the context in which he has a lemon explain more.

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Abu Huraira de la Nerissa. The professor has said that the word was dinner, share Rusalka, a child who is born out of thinner, you know, his parents have been on not a writer ration dinner, and because of that, the child is born. The Prophet said, The this bore a baby out of Xena He's the worst of three who are three people. The man who did Zina, the woman who does Zina, and the child is born, the heat the worst of three. Can you imagine why he'll be worst after he had no sin? Sinners are these men or women the child has no sin to why the prophet is a hit the worst of all, all three

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Abu Huraira narrated by he did not explain the context. Maybe he did not know really. Then when I shared the love I found out she was angry. She said no. The Prophet did not mean this. The meaning of the prophets Allah means that he or the referring to a hypocrite who used to hurt the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to hear refer and he was on the top of that born out of Zina. The proverb that says this man who's the son of a boar out of he the worst of three months he was an aspirant, guys parent, they did Zina, but they did not have the proper they they would not hypocrite he was a hypocrite to that or his worst of the three. So if you don't know the context, you can miss do the

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people that very, very important that when you learn a hadith, learn the context of the Hadith as well.

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Just talking kosher that was very enlightening handler.

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Okay, we've got quite a few questions, asking for explanations of certain Ayad some of them may be a little bit too heavy to cover in this q&a, but I do have one that maybe we can cover

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a cinematic one, what is the meaning of a Sabbioni semicolon or like Omokoroa Boone which relates to Leto meaning or Woodinville? kalido meaning or Hardeen meaning does it mean that there are very little acerbic own in our time?

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Yeah, do you know understood Slovakia Allah had mentioned you know, three, colossal the people you know people have the right hand.

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They are big number of the people from the older generation for the later generation. And then there are people of the left hand, unbelievers and those who go to hellfire. There's a huge number.

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And then among the believers, some are severe goon you know, the foreigners and the front. They are the top people no doubt really the left prophets, messengers Sahaba companions,

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many of them later people you know, big, big mouths.

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They are the four you know, top of the people what are the meal really full? Remarketing occur to most people it means that refers to this oma in this room marked cyber one of the world's

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most mostly in the first year early generations and later generation the number will go down that's usually because you can see you know Sahaba nearly everybody saw your own data we are in great people do not bow to a regeneration dam more and more people who are foreigners and the top later generation to come a time hardly up kind of find people who are as how they mean even the right hand people we have so much character to this explanation people who want to really in our tasks or their own or very little but not doors are closed if you want to become cyber goon is still open for you. But the then you have to work hard. It means that you have to prefer really ACARA over this dunya

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Zod purpura, you know, being away from the since doing more and more that why bother being nice to the people is spending money in doing all the good things. Yeah, you can become one of the cyber goon but it did not so easy. That way LaMotta has merged the reward very high.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to another question.

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Okay, this question is interesting. I think a lot of a lot of people from

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maybe certain cultures will be able to relate to this.

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I'm always asking I wanted to find out from the chef that I read in some books if you call a particular

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Name of Allah for 100 times you get certain things, is this valid? And I think this extends to various other things that people say you do a certain amount of times and you get something

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Yeah, I know there are many Hadith actually people making you know, if you do this thing with this number and that number, the hadith of numbers are very, very rarely in some, some are fine. Luckily SubhanAllah 33 times or Hamdulillah 33 times Allah with a DC Central Line. Some of these are unified and the law so many times you know, some of the fine but most of them are not right. Don't worry about a number. More important thing is the quality that you set is from the heart rate or from your depth of the heart.

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Oh usually Salam,

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when he was in the belly of the fish, this is a lie that I learned so hung up in the corner while immune from the heart and Allah saved him large enough so that he said this 100 Times a few 100 times, just once Musa al Islam said or a bay Nilima Anzahl Tellagami. Khalifa once and Olufsen hotel, listen listen, Allah Allah says once. So you know and but those two things are pray that Allah is too good to give some more time, but more emphasis should be on the depth. You make your heart even moving with that like Allah Allah Allah when you say that it affects your heart rate goes deep, you get more rewarded it generally makes your iman higher. So I will say don't worry about the

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numbers. You know, your concern should be more about the quality

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Okay, we have actually we have a similar question but I think that's kind of been answered by your answer and Sheldon it's

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okay, very high as asking how to increase close your eye now I buy that because the sores that we recite daily like soya scenes or OPI, etc. We tend to read it even without having full concentration.

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People get hybrid you know, and then they don't think that what are the means that you have to break the order. Like you know, you see the universe. We don't think what the mean really sunrises and sunsets, stars are day or night comes and day comes and they come and go. We don't think anything really our life goes very quickly. But there are people who think you know, they're really when they see the sunrise it gives them meaning when sunsets there takes a million light coming gives them some meaning and the people are more reflection the crater more more meaning so clever people always take more meaning from you know depth other things that what should be really otherwise the future

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because the level the other

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nothing happened simply sudra that the Quran, you know, don't just read like the think really why Allah wants to teach us what he wants to teach us.

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What deepen that would allow people to read, and they don't understand but they go deeper, it is really amazing Surah which is one of the third of the Quran,

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Allah over a beautiful applause would have been not so awesome. So deep, since last remark Shafi said had nothing had been revealed from the Quran, except this Surah it would have been in a forest will often live inside of your holster. So you see there are very deep sutra that so much meaning there. But uh, you need to think, you know, make sense of that. And it always makes good effort. You cannot concentrate on something unless you make effort of thinking I want to understand it, analyze it, and go for every word in a while, let's say well, awesome, why he's in the inside of your hustle. Why don't we start like that? What does it really mean? Are the people really losers? What

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in what sense? They're losers, you know, ask all these questions to the world all the deeper meaning. But if people don't want to understand anything, they just make hay but nothing happened in equity. Hybrid did not do anything. So you have to make effort to understand you know, just don't miss your to focus. You have to concentrate. You know the worst I should.

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Like, you know, whenever I read, okay, even when I walk, you know the saying I thought it might sit up law or Buddha Filene, I don't love those who sit decline. I always get some new meanings in recently I've been thinking about a lot about this verse. And I'm thinking to write an article Inshallah, about my reflection of what I think about this verse. Because I really believe that if people understand this verse law or Bula, Filene, it will make it a more clever, you know, really increase the people

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understand your thinking, it makes them much better human being if they understand properly. It might be about where he was wrong, who will be served this how how great was how thinking he was. So the Vasa de Kurata really, you know, so greatly Kurata that

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lifelong Sahifa

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magician wherever he comes to he never succeeds. I think really what does it mean? Now there are Muslims who believe that magicians succeed, that they attribute so many things to magicians or answer they never succeed. And we attribute think about that work when I say who are the successful people in the Quran?

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Who are the woman successful records information in every single verse you know think and understand then get better meaning and your Imani agree, you become more clever person and more pious person inshallah.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take, chef, I want to bring up a topic that has been discussed quite a bit actually, it's from my yesterday on some online spaces. I don't know if you've received this question before, but it's on the topic of how we,

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how we explain and describe Jana

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to, like, for example, in some Islamic lectures or talks, and there were some woman chefs that were expressing that oftentimes, when gender is described and explained as something so beautiful and like,

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something to be desired. It's always explained in the sense of this is a place for men to be fulfilling their desires, they will get this and they will have virgins, and they will receive X, Y, Zed things, and actually many, many women have been expressing actually, we're not often gender is not explained as a place for us. For us. It's mainly just a place for men and Chef, actually some, some so called Islamic lectures and scholars.

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They've also said, they've said something Subhanallah such as, oh, even in Jannah, it's a place where men should be going out and woman should still be seeing a home that these rules still apply. A chef can you maybe shed some light on how important it is for us to be able to understand these things.

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Nothing really the it will take a lot of explanation. But I really very upset that people think in a different way. That the reason that people don't understand the Quran, Quran is very clear that any male or female who do good deeds, Allah will reward them. And our rewards are far less paradise. And it is very, very clearly like Pharaoh, he the wife, she became believer, she was not a burden to believers family, but still she's so so great for our ministers. And Quran has placed for her. She asked Allah subhanaw taala who Allah built for me house in paradise next you build next to my house in paradise, to see our little hotel and make her an example for all the believers in the women

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don't go door to matter in paradise, why she will make dua like that. And why Allah had to pray to Allah. Allah could say that

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it is not meant for the women. Notice men who actually the thing is paradise is meant for human being is really the man or woman. Every human being will in turn to paradise if they obey the Lord, why Allah made a male or female that's it for this world for a purpose. And that really is to make human generation to raise the people for motherhood, all those things that he made, the people remain in America female in paradise as well. But the purpose is not that that one is a superior one is inferior. It is both are fulfilling one.

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A common purpose that Allah sorta was there were there women are not women because they wanted to be women. Allah million men are not men because they wanted to be men. Allah made them to understand to order from Allah so hotel people have the same reward. Then coming

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although when the favors are paradise I mentioned why it is more a guide to the men understanding the most in that same for men to women really, eating, drinking, enjoy men that you know, reverse will have all the fruits, you know Kurata whenever they're given a fruit, you know, that's all it is. You know, so new everything will be so fresh, the water the honey and all the non fart and sofas and this thing and directing it all for men, women nearness to Allah that the biggest nearness to Allah Allah will say now I'm so happy with you, I will never be angry to all four men or women everybody, all these are mentioned there.

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One thing is that when a man when paradise mentioned it mentioned at a hotel or in you know, the women of Paradise was so handsome so beautiful.

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It imitation which actually certainly belongs to the men, the Some people become no just one thing. And then we have the opposite. They don't understand they're hunters of the temple, right? You know, all for everybody. And also just what I said the people will get their whatever they desire.

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To Why is it a good question? Why is it only mention why not set up for the women? Because you know, Quran is a book, which is going to be read by the people. So something that people can understand, but does not deserve the reading. Quran did not mention it. Because you know, if Quran did not want people to be feel something but the Quran mentions the heart of Allah Allah Bluebeam what Allah says, Allah so how to help

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Put a seed on their hearts and under hearing, and then I'm going to cover the ILS ohata set of either upside in the shower, and under either covering, he didn't say, put a seed on the eye, because seed and die is very difficult to read, you know, people will feel hot, you know, if you see it on day, but at heart you don't see. So if see that, you know, don't get the same meaning to because we're not going to be read unless want to change the wording. Or as many minutes society, it's a very bad really to mention for the women they will look at I know so many men either desire boys and this hired some to understand Manchester one and other is known. So if you've, if I've been

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rewards, you know, in my class for the people, you know, everybody and I mentioned

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in my class, every male or female wants him to get a reward. And the reward is that I'm going to give the men you know, nice thought

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you know, that I said and I mentioned that everybody will get I did not mention the women everybody will know really the one which actually is a

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lady the risk the regret to the women. So I only mentioned the male dress, because if you measure if the two things, you mentioned one that are that are known, they should mention of who they are in the world the women regarded in it not really, but not to mention, because there's no need to leave it to this or oppose it. If you mention one or the other known, the women also will agree to whatever they deserve but it is not good in society to say something like that. And the Quran they booked go to read so widely to Quran had made it hidden. But Quran sometimes said that, you know, the people will get to whatever they desire to tell me did anything bigger than that?

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If the woman does or something, they will good men deserve what have you mentioned religious example. But then it can be summed up in the word they will get to whatever they desire. And the process said that you know in the Paradise people have got Marla I knew that no I have seen what are Odom's mouth no ear had heard what a hotrod happened we Basha I will never come to any heart to I'm mentioning more than 99.9% things I've seen for men or women. One of the one thing who they are in that looks like more for the men. So don't be Don't worry is the reason is not even mentioned because Quran go to the red light is very bad in a society to mention something like that, which

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people can understand themselves to better who really measure for the men. People know what we'll get to don't no need to mention that. And especially what Quran actually said that both of them got the same reward Kuraki saying that you know the the Allah will make them happy. Allah is going to give them whatever they desire. And then why Pharaoh making dua for Paradise. Paradise not at my school paradise, at least for everybody to enjoy meant for everybody whatever enjoyment Formerly there no haram haram in paradise, you know, Holla Holla people can get whatever they like really, to get to whatever they desire, we will get whatever the result, that no reason, one thing that I

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mentioned for a purpose, everything stem near and the biggest prize actually rewarding paradise. And now you've got the biggest one is Aladdin, Uranus, that my farrowed wife was so clever when she said I want nearness to you. And yet there's nothing equivalent to nearness to Allah, that no beauty more the beauty of Allah Sahaja when people see Allah, they forget everything, the enjoyment that you get in seeing Allah, that will make them to forget everything. Nobody even mentioned any of the Buddha or anything that is much much better. When Allah will say to the people, I'm happy with you, and never going to be angry with you, that will make everybody so happy. They forget everything. So he

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will read the Quran properly, something not mentioned is still there, where you need to find it that way new to the double think is it clear?

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And good and it's so much more pleasure.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's go let's see if we can take a few more questions we have a question from Zulfiqar.

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Can you please explain what would constitute as a cover Islamically in terms of a joke or an action if someone does something unintentionally

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nothing happens unintentionally if you say something on intention nothing will happen. Though it will be something by the manner you know, you say something unnaturally about your father. But you do not mean certainly it is not you know the client by still it can hurt people. The scenario people say something about religion, or about the profit or loss of Motala but they did not mean anything. Somehow their tongue slipped. Yeah, today they're not able to get seen by still it looks very bad really that you did not raise yourself properly. the.dot.or Any. Any culture is very bad. But when people make intention

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yeah that is certainly it we can refer. So when you say something words of gopher without intention, not gopher by still could be ugly, looking ugly. Because without any chance something can be ugly. Gopher becomes gopher with intention or the mind becomes the man with intention somebody said by joking the word light and let it be unbelievably you're not a believer by joke

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to people who make a joke and all those and they should be very careful to you. Because you know what is going to hurt up many people and heartache can could be also a, you know, not very good. Either manual for you. So I'm not going to say that you can pass it by saying something like that in Joker, that certainly you know did not write ugly. You know, it makes it very, very ugly. So people should be careful with using the words and ask other people if I say something rude. You know about anything in Joker, please let me know. So I can cut myself. You know, we should be refined parser co chairperson.

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Okay, I'm going to see I know we have quite a few questions, but they're quite heavy questions. I will require more than more than what more than two minutes to answer. So inshallah hopefully, maybe we can address some of them next week. But we will take a question from Sarah, who's asking can we consider people who don't pray Salah Muslim? And can we make dua for them if they die?

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Yeah, there have been a difference of opinions among the older ma about the people who don't pray intentionally. So there have been people in the Sahaba and the automa. There is somebody, you know, leaves the prayer intentionally is a perfect

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that have been FMO Omar humble had the same opinion. Mr. Shafi says not tougher, but he should be killed in it. It's such a big crime with punishment, Imam, Abu Hanifa, you know, it's not a kafir or you're not going to be killed, but he shouldn't be put in the prison until he repents. So they're the least thing that you know, the same punishment for the people like the anyway, now we can't punish anybody. We don't have any power. So people don't become tougher. But still victory, really, the prayer is very, very important to the criteria by which you know, who's believers with not a believer that people should be called to pray and they should be reminded, you know, and it's such a

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nice life really, we should make the prayer as best as possible. Because if people leave the player, they don't become coffee, that is the right opinion. And we can make the offer when they die if we make the other for them. We made to offer them and hopefully a level for give them another our thoughts will be helpful. And they will face some people will face the punishment that have judgment, because of the but one day inshallah Allah will forgive them, or some people maybe a lesson to forgive initially. But that will lead to hotel about what we know really is that somebody who neglects a prayer or leaves a prayer that does not make it perfect that opinion and is still

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coming to offer for that person and hope that our work for them will be accepted inshallah.

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In sha Allah, I think we will end it there and continue where we left off next week in sha Allah, Allah Clarion chef for joining us and always giving us your time handling that. And likewise, Zack Mueller when everyone else for joining us handling that it's always a pleasure to take your questions and to have maybe some topics and questions that we haven't really had before.

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So in Sharla, please, I know we didn't take all of the questions. And also just to highlight many, many a time. Once you have spoken about something or he's he's mentioned the Hadith or specific topic, we share how Chrome does release a lot of articles online. So if you're asking for a reference for Hadith, Shia hokum was mentioned, we don't want him to always be repeating himself or just kind of getting out at a specific Hadith reference, x y Zed. This q&a is it's only 30 minutes a week, we do want to try and get as many questions as we can. But there's only so much we can do. So I do really recommend going on to our page, gone to going on to Chef icon Ledwith Facebook page and

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seeing the articles that he has on our website as lm.ac.uk. I do sincerely apologize that we don't we're not able to take heavy questions, we're not able to take

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some some questions or the nature of them on kind of they don't they can't have a two three minute answer. And many a time. Like I mentioned, Schiff has written articles online. And if you do have any questions, or maybe it's something that we've spoken about before in the q&a, you can email us you can email us at info at a cylinder at the UK for something that we have put out if it's a course that we've had, if it's a q&a that we've had, and maybe we can try and direct you in the right direction in sha Allah. For anyone that isn't aware. shefa comm is the

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principle of SLM Institute and the COVID

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Under, we offer part time Islamic scholarship programs. Our deadline will be coming up soon shutter love if everyone does if anyone here is interested in kind of studying Arabic maybe immersing yourself in the Arabic language, becoming closer with the Quran, learning studying with Chicago notary studying the Islamic sciences, but you can't commit to a full time maybe a full time mother, maybe you're studying full time, maybe you're working a nine to five. We offer part time Islamic scholarship programs that are full Sunday so it'll be a 10am to 6pm. And you can access all of your classes online and steady throughout the week is SLM as she was designed to be able to cater for

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people that do want have that desire to study and they can't kind of commit to a full year abroad or

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anything full time. So in Sharla, please do check out our website SLM boise.uk, our Instagram, our Facebook and YouTube, you're more than welcome to ask us any questions, you can email us at info at SLM noisy.uk or on our website we'll have a small chat box option in sha Allah.

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Apologies is going on for quite a while, we do have quite a few things coming up. We have a short course on one day short course which I come next week. And this short course is called a Sperber nozel Quranic context is a one day short course studying the Quranic context, which I cannot wait this q&a. This short course will be on the 26th of June which is a Sunday. It's only 25 pounds at the moment. We've got a 10 pound earlybird discount. So anyone that is interested again go onto our website, you'll see a big kind of slide on our website saying as Feb and azul it's only a one day short course you'll get recorded access for a short amount of time so anyone interested that maybe

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can't commit to a full time program with us but once access to Shake Shack or Karim and his wisdom,

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you can sign up to this course in sha Allah and I will leave you there and we will see you next week. There's a 6pm BST inshallah I said, I wanna go everyone