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The importance of being patient during challenging times and avoiding double counting is discussed in various topics related to Islam, including fasting, religion, and the importance of avoiding confusion in social life. The importance of learning from the past is emphasized, along with the need for practice and avoiding exaggeration. The importance of following Prophet's teachings and staying true to Islam is emphasized, along with the need for people to be more careful with their behavior. The transcript also includes a brief advertisement for a chef's job and a recording of a video about staying true to Islam.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, everyone. And welcome back to another session of the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm BST. Without further ado, let's begin. Shall we have some private questions that have come in? So let's start with those. The first question that has come in, comes in from an anonymous sister, who's asking that her sister and her recently went for Amara. And during Ramadan, she had a few dreams. And all the things that she saw in the dreams came true. Since she came back, she has been having nightmares every day, in which she would wake up in the last third of the night.

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Always before Fajr. But these nightmares are waking her up in a state of shock. She has been reciting auto corsi all night, and she does her the three calls as well. But she has been struggling to sleep. And she has fear of these nightmares. So she's wondering if you have any advice for her

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team, you know, we always have to keep in mind that Allah subhanaw taala has created us in this world to test us

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you know, if he commands to do Ali Baba to worship him. Similarly, he also commands to be patient, when the trouble comes to because it's all part of testing just happens in the in when we are awake, problem happened people hurt you people back by to you. Sometime you lose your money, sometimes you lose your job. So many tests come, sometime suffering can come in, or you know, kind of coming to sleep, when it's asleep sometimes could be bad dream or something else, you know, some submit troubles happen the night you know people sometimes come to the house. So day or night in both, there can be problem that why we have to seek a secret if you to listen Hautala from all the

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problems. So whenever something like that happened, be patient, you know, pray to Allah subhanaw taala. And don't worry one day to finish it all testing do you have to be patient in order to make your sleep better, you know the best thing that you do your prayers on the time.

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And when you sleep, sleep with Otto, do and sleep on your right side, put your hand on the right side and then sleep

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the more likely you know, safe still, if you have some bad dreams, don't worry, you know you're getting rewarded for all that insha Allah Tala But dreams don't harm you. What hurts people is their actions. You know, if you commit a sin, that is harmful, if you don't pray that is harmful. If you see a bad dream, nothing happened because dreams are for a lot of water not from you. So people should not worry so much about dream to any trouble happens any thing goes wrong. Just be patient. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you. And, you know, one day he will help you anywhere and also you get so much reward when you are being patient.

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Just Oklo head on shift. The next question that we have another anonymous one that's come in is there is often many weak reports that have been shared in the Sierra, what is the most authentic book to learn about the seer of the prophets of lolis?

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You know, this is actually a very important question and I have discussed this many times. It also taught a course in a salaam about Sigra maybe

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you can share if people want but simple matter is you know weaker these are you know everything that see in Sierra even in the fact there are so many weaker this, the best thing for the believers is to be

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aware of that there there could be weakening and make effort to know to follow this funk thing and sound narrations and if by mistake you you know,

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report or you read it, you believe and you know something wrong, Allah will forgive you because you know, we don't have

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proper, you know,

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firm knowledge we just know it is through the scholars. So this can happen I don't think really there's a very new book, which is all sound except the books of Hadith like Bukhari and Muslim whatever. Surah heiskanen Bukhari Muslim 30 The most sound one most people write it, they like they they tend to correct it ministers but the Prophet says as possible. So sometimes they're weak reports can hyper pen kind of be there? Either way among the weaker books represented by Shiva of Cordelia with everybody reads there are so many weak narrations, even fabricator Hadith and when people keep

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Reading Dorothy's underreported because part of the knowledge too they don't understand. Similarly in the in the in order too many books, the most authentic one will do will be the Syrah written by Allah Masha Normani and Allama salamander Devi in seventh volume directly the most authentic Sigra in order to language and that is now being translated even Arabic and English and every language that if you can, if you can read

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that with the best one, there's as a surgeon by my teacher, our son that we involve, but that's also good you know he has this book in Arabic both

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is Arklow hair and check the next question that is coming from the same person I believe is what are the best books of Hadith for a layperson to read.

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Yeah, this is a good question people who want to follow you know, this you know, the parcela lesson um, there could be two different levels. So, one is generally you know, to be pious and good person elevada worship, fear of Allah subhanaw taala honesty to find this purpose. The best book is, you know, for everybody, Riyadh, Saudi Hainan by mono, we did it bigger. But, you know, there are very real rarely some weeks I did, but mostly it is very, very good. If you want to be shorter than that.

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There's a book written the book o'clock by Allama Rafi Hasani Rahim, Allah loudhailer, to date is a shorter version of that, and shorter even then 30 to 40 Hadith of Novi, so that we could buy if you're interested to know

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you know, rulings in Salah, Zakat and older don't have this which belong to the calm then there are many books written like a one is Bloomerang by Ian Herodotus Bharani one I also wrote for A salaam students are calm and my one actually you know, it has only Hadith from Sahih Bukhari say Muslim so that is the most authentic one. So maybe you know if you can if you want to further get 40 Hadith of no we have been my worker or calm so that will be enough for most people inshallah.

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Joseph Hello, hater and chef that will move on to the questions asked today by the audience. So the first question is by Feriha who asks

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if we fast on the first nine days of the ledger will that compensate the missed costs of Ramadan

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you know if you make intention to somebody has you know Mr. Some fast you know, Milan and then the

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first letter with intention of Tada, they don't want if you don't have intention, it will not your missed fast. Food if you fast for Knopfler on Monday and Thursday are known data to ledger, but you don't intend you know, to to do other than Norica you need to make intention to now like a doula is coming if you want to fast nine did make intention offer your mother Yeah, then Tada Neves intention with her new intention did nokhada

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JSOC locator and share that next question that we have

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says salaam If a wife doesn't come to her in laws and does not help when she's there till people recognize the behavior will she be accountable This is from social perspective not marital roles

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nothing really the we in the first thing to understand really the duties are the people so that what you should be worried about to what the wives have duties for now put the husbands have no duties towards the in laws to the father of the wife and mother up wife and mother in laws similar the women have no duty to the in laws to the father of the husband, no mother, no duty so whatever people do we take any more favor in a good gesture something like that. No doubt you know it's social life you know family life it is good to meet everybody to be nice but sometimes reason you know us man sometimes don't know sometimes really Windows birth are not there and the wives are in

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the house in laws, you know, treat them very badly. So they have you know, some of this history that why they don't want they don't feel easy to be in the house of ELO's the husband thicken or they don't want to mix but the truth really is, is there is some history to anyway, be aware of all those problems. Don't be so strict on your wives to meet your her in laws.

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The law should make effort to be nice, innovative, people love you know those who love them and expect them to if your family respects your wife, and they are good and they love the gift and all those things.

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Yes She looked at with people everybody needs love and respect to the reason she didn't socialize with them could be that she has some bad experience from them.

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She's Arklow cleaner and chef. The next question is from Fatiha who says salaam Yasha who is the Quran referring to here in Atlanta Illallah de una hora Jo min Dre him at fc referred to it in the time where Soho they via happened since hence it says the Muslims and connected it with verse 216

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Bartylla ILA como el que tal coup de la la comida que tal but the term has had the role mode in this verse seems to connect with the same mentioned in verse 19 referring is Israel is Israelites or the monarchy up no I feel a Fatah is the know very much deep in the Quran to this very good time to learn to know to learn the Quran and to know to make effort to understand as much as possible the problem for me really you know many other tasks is not necessarily I have got in my mind what I remember this verse is that this is a story of the past but it came in the time when a Muslim scenario or something like that to remind them so it is about the past some some people are left

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with Jewish Israeli story but that were revealed if are to remind Muslims that you know when the war is make it obligatory. You know the house should you behave it because the unbeliever Hippocrates among Muslims, they were scared of the death to could be referring to the Hippocratic binary I don't have good data theory in my mind at the moment.

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No problem Joseph Glo later and share. The next question is by Aram who asks who says salaam chef there are many names of Surah Fatiha some are mentioned in the Quran? Where did the rest of the names originate from and where can we learn more about it please?

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You know name of things are just connection between you know, just to

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remind you, the Muhammad Akram you're an Arab, to whenever people call it up, then everybody knows who they mean. The similarly names of the surah that the Quran lives of Allah subhanaw taala they connect to you, but Names of Allah subhanaw taala they have meaning. So they introduce you the main thing to know about Allah subhanaw taala

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suit a pseudonym, some of them, you know, just to connect you flex Grace sutra Baqarah, sorta Baqarah Musa Surah of cow but there's nothing cow in Susan Bucher, except a story. Rest of Surah is something else. It is just a name. You know, like sutra class, you know, name, too, sometimes names could be only to remind you that we have names of towns,

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people, but there's no connection really between names and between names, you know, in that sort of Fatiha, you know, the name Al Fatiha is Dr. Omer karate, the name, you know mentioned, but two people have named a Shafia Afia, to some of these names that people have maybe some pious people have murdered in order to teach people the importance of the surah. So you don't need to learn the names of the sutra what you need to learn is actually the pseudo self. So I don't understand why you are so worried to know all the names or social fat you know, what people need to know is that sort of fat lumps of the Fatiha learned that meanings of salty, fatty and all the tafsir and make effort

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you know, that you follow that you know, follow the teachings and meanings in it, that were deeper that will help you not necessarily knowing all the names of the surah

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is located and connected to certain Fatiha and on this theme. Brother Ehsaan asks salam Wa alaykum chef. So what is the meaning behind people saying I refer to her after having announced the death of a fellow Muslim?

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In a culture you know, in many parts of Muslim world, that when somebody dies, and people come to they make dua for the person to Devil's alpha, alpha means that you fought there and didn't make dua to foretastes was the fact that because they think when you receive the Fatah then Dwight more likely to be accepted. So that were the mean really, but cultural custom, you know, the thing really is when somebody died, Muslims have two duties about those people, one for the family, and what the Father did person, for that person they have to do janazah and make dua alone, not in public. And then for the people who his family go and do condolence and make food for them, you know, help them

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be kind to them, but don't say oh, let's make dua to showing off. Do I should be done privately

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in Janaza but people who read it don't know new fatwa there, you just

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You know, do condolences, but what happened our culture I've seen you know, everybody comes older, less meat and fat. So this is just a culture, you know to basically to remind that I am also come here. I have come here for condolence. So don't mix between these two things. If you want to make dua for the dead person, do janazah or mentor at home.

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If you want to support the family, they will go to them with them, give them food, no and offer your condolences that what you knew there

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just after locator and ship the next question is by Omar who says, A Salam o alaikum shell How do you see remedy subs view on the matter of Jesus as per Allah Imran Verse 55 And the general use of the word Dawa in Quran

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so, you know, the hijab in this opinion which actually individual appears not to be there at all, like even a husband even 100 Think

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like a loudhailer that all you saw this alarm died, didn't Allah lifted him to the heaven so that what he think some people could think to Alpha Musa that you know, he died and Atlas Mata lifted him, but there are most a majority of all the things that are free does not mean death here. It means that Allah has taken him to himself and then one day he will come.

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On this topic, I have written an article in Arabic, you know, lots of detail on Antarctica to Northern English as well. If you read that one, it will help you in all these verses on all the meanings. I put there very clearly that what it means

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just have low head and shift. The next question is by Abdullah ahead, who asks, Are the hadith of Ebola hubs punishment being reduced in hell on Mondays and of the person who came to us the profits are low? Listen, if he should fast on Mondays when the profits are low, listen replied by saying he was born on a Monday in Sahih al Bukhari part of the metabo

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the Hadith about fasting on Monday to say, at least in Bukhari Muslim, both the people should agree faster, you know, on Monday, that is that what is the good celebration for the birth of the Prophet sallallahu sallam? It is not mortality. You know, it was sold in Bukhari Muslim both, but you know, this story about Ebola is very weak, really, very, very weak.

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No other trick is not nothing. It goes against the Quran. Because the Quran said that India judgment in hellfire, the punishment of unbelievers will be decreased every day, all the time keeps increasing. So Quran never said that, you know, it goes without actually if not, you're going to live to live off of Allah and punishment will be never lightened. So that nothing like that all the good things that people do in this world, unbelievers, they are rewarded this one they've heard this said that the if an unbeliever does something charity, something good, Allah will reward him in this world, not in hereafter in hereafter, Shere Khan COFRA sadati the punishment be very severe and

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punishment will be, you know, most severe everyday that never can be any lightening of the punishment.

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That's an ally Laker share. The next question is by Hassan who says, Is it wrong when people believe reciting sort of class three times is equal to reciting the Quran? And if yes, should one motivate those who believed in this hadith to continue reciting it or should the one advising advice them something else, that people have misunderstanding of the meaning of work? This is true, that sutra philosophy one of the Quran but this is not true that when you read through time, you get rewarded for Quran that's not true in life forever. If I said to you, that your body your legs are what fell off your body, your legs, two legs, doesn't mean that people bring six legs and you become one human

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being it will be only three three times 1/3 so Quran is a tough heed when rissalah message if you know

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your block of the day a payment did three things so the last has got a one part if you keep repeating that same 130 repeat all the time and 1/3 off something you know some time could mean a summary it doesn't have all the details. Quran is still needed it all product to the 1/3 never can be you know in there since 1/3 or meaning basically the Quran has got three basic teachings. One of them is the aid of Allah suit of Lhasa got one 1/3 of the Quran by does not mean it equal to 1/3 of the Quran. Nobody said you know Tammy has written an article you know on this matter that you know, it isn't

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Step Two think that if you're used to FATCA if you weren't part of Quran and that, don't you? Don't you people think

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that what Allah has emphasized so to your class model so to Fatah superfat here, the professor did not refer to her in every prayer you have to do so to Fatiha. If you don't read your prayer invaded the SUTA last it's so important that should be in every prayer but no, actually if you never resort to philosophy, you have prayer is fine. But if you miss those sorts of Fatah once your prayer be invaded superfat is most important to read the Quran. Most important, no doubt really. It has got everything not only got 1/3 It got the whole Quran there. Sort of last only got 1/3 of the Quran sutra Fatah got the whole Quran you know it is Ali Baba it is a dear objective metric to everything

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is there, but somebody up there, it does not mean that you don't need the whole Quran. There to us was the father so you got everything in the Quran. It is summary of the whole Quran to try to understand properly when say 1/3 is meaning it 1/3 representing 1/3 of teaching of the Quran not all the detail summary. Either supposed Fatah represents the whole Quran

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just off the low here and chef. And before we continue just a brief announcement to everyone. Today is the last day for you to take advantage of the 300 pound discount for enrollments onto the next academic year at a salon Institute. You can enroll onto our foundation year Arabic immersion year, the Islamic scholarship program or the all new Quran study program. Details are on the website. But do sign up today because it is the last day to take advantage of this discount. And without further ado, let's continue. The next question chef is a Salam o alaikum share what is the ruling of seeing the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a dream

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there are two different opinions when people see the purpose a lot him and dream.

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Some people think if you see the portal of them any condition and your thought your mind that he the Prophet sallallahu wasallam didn't have seen him. But if you have seen different from what he used to be, it couldn't be because of your heart is not so clean. Like you know when you see Mira dirty too sometimes your own image can be dirty. So that could be possible like the prompts for fear. If somebody sees him at dark, that's not true. It could be that your your heart is itself dark that way You seem different that way. To me with an opinion that will work condition you'll see if it comes to your mind that hit the professor laughs and then he the prophets Allah Allah Islam

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another opinion you know if you see him if he was there you have seen him that why after the death of the prophets, Allah listen them whenever anybody came to companions and said that I saw the Prophet in dream, they would ask him, How did he look like? They've just said he looked like it well, then they accept that's okay. You've seen him? Other there's no you're not seeing him. So this opinion could be this one is more right? When he when you see the power system and dream it to the in good dream. But you know, you have to make dua, Sadat and the person Laddus Atlan. Make effort to be more pious, you know, love to have to helping, but don't become arrogant and proud that you have

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seen the Prophet because the prophet does not guarantee any paradise energy for you. What you need to do is obey Allah when you awake, don't worry, what will do in the sleep in the sleeper, you know, whatever dream you see that not going to make it to go to Paris, if every night you see a LAN is my suggested a dream, nothing will happen to you. It does not help you to go to paradise. If you never see the prophet in the dream, but you worship allah and You Obeah life or the Sunnah, you're more likely going to paradise. So important thing is what you do when you're awake.

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Just have low head and shift. The next question by is by Mohammed Khan, who says salam Is there such a thing of excessive love for the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam.

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If you can't love the province that loves him more than he deserves, it's impossible. You know, how can we excessively people have to love Him and worship I and obey Him? You know, we can't even love him 1/10 Of what we deserve. So that's important thing, but some type people maybe use this sentence. When people exaggerate about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they make him very similar to a lot of Madonna's identity around really not love it or going against him because he never taught something like that. So love of the prophets Allah listener means loving by the messenger, you know, obey Him and make effort to follow his Sooners that will be the love of the process of if you love

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him, and you make him like Allah. Demand it not love you know, Christian

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In religion, in a changing him he was not like that. If he had been alive, he would have you know forbidden you from doing this thing. So people have to understand love of the Prophet never can be more than needed by should be right love means he's a he's just tested by the obedience if you follow Him obey Him, then your real love of the

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circle O'Hara and chef. The next question is by Sir Tim, who asks a Salam aleikum Sheikh What is your favorite subject to teach? I took your tafsir of Surah Maryam in 2015 with ASI online from Chicago, USA and really benefited

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you know, this is a different question, difficult question. Because hamdulillah got interest in so many things. So I when I teach, I teach you know Quran from my heart, same Hadith, similar to many things about the fifth Arabic grammar you know, I teach a lot even logical philosophy when I teach teach from my heart so very difficult but nowadays it no doubt I'm more turning to the Quran. Because the Quran, the book of Allah and a center to this religion to understand. So could be I said that, you know, the Quran is the one, which I love most. And I really want to teach you to more than any other subject.

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Zack located and share the next question

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is by Chauvin, who asks, Siobhan, who asks, What advice can we give? or words of comfort? Can we offer a person who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

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Yeah, you know, this is really very something in the side, and we should, you know, ask Allah Sumatra to protect all of us, you know, for those illnesses.

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But when something like that happened, it is great test, meaning you don't lose the hope you still have the hope. And Tantalus Hautala ask Him to forgive, you know, and unthinkable that everybody wants to die anyway, if this is my end, to at least I should repent to Allah subhanaw taala if I hearted anybody, hardened anybody ask Him to forgive and make use of my time as best as possible, because you know, it is good, really that one knows data before commerce, so it becomes so, so strong in his mind. So that will help the person to repent to be more pious. No, he will not be interested in the sins and all those things. The best thing is for a person like that to ask them

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that in worship Allah read more Quran do more thicker you know, could be a lot of water kills you. If that not happen. At least use your time as best as possible. People who don't have the disease illness, they're doing so many wrong things and they're getting more and more sin unwanted they're also going to die whether some people are diagnosed with the disease illness or not everybody's going to die. There's no doubt about the death. So tell him that you know, um, there are many people will die even before you. We don't know. Sometimes people are very healthy and an accident happened today. Anything heartaches, many people die, who don't have any illness.

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Just glow head and chest. Next question is by NECA, who asks, If a clot has some impurity, like dried up menstrual blood and the part of cloth that contains impurity touches another cloth that is clean, will clean cloth become impure, even if no impurity was transferred from the impure cloth to the clean cloth.

00:28:36--> 00:29:08

If impurity is not transferred, nothing's happened. First of all, if blood is dry, nothing will happen. Just you know, take it out, you know, even if people is you know, a scotch tape with nails or something, it's still fun, you know, the impurity only transfer you know when it's wet. And then you test something and you can see the sign if don't see an interest, nothing happened, you know, just because you're wearing impure cloth or put something your cloth or on the top of impure cloth, nothing happened, you know, to your will remain pure and impure will remain pure.

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Impure did not answer just by touching or putting, you know, when, unless it is physically you can see, you know who is affected other than why it will even happen with you, but it will not work, then nothing will happen.

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Just like low hair and *. And the last question that we'll take for today

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has been asked by tekashi who asks if someone feels that Allah has given him everything. So now he finds no purpose of life and wants death, which makes him depressed. What is Allah's instruction regarding this kind of thought? How can we think of it that Allah has given everything? You know, have you read to the status of a book Hasidic Amara Farrokh Ayesha Khadija has become so pious that, you know, this word is not that you get money.

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All those. This one Allah has given you that you become pious before coming to him You can pure, you know clean, Murali bada. Every moment of your life will make you more important if you spend it rightly. So, if you ask Allah to make your life longer to it then you can do more i bada more thicker, become much, much better. I don't think really anybody can think that on purpose. The main purpose of life is the Iboga and to be as best as possible that you even if you get to 1 million a year of your life is still independent. We like Mohammed or Ibrahim Oh, even Sahaba you want to be the Casa de kumara Faro. So don't think like that, you know, whatever time you've got thank Allah

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for mourtada Spinelli, by the way from the from the since

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Desert glow head on chef that is all that we have for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week to Zach Lowe, head on shift for your time and Zach Lowe head on everyone for joining and we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm BST as always, a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh