Akram Nadwi – Soon you will be the leaders of your time Seeking knowledge

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning and understanding the Quran to become a liability. They emphasize the need to purify oneself and clean oneself before becoming leaders of one's own life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning and spending time in one's own generation to become a liability.
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To why you we want you to become a Harlem and Harlem what are the purpose?

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Why, why is it important?

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It is important for two reasons.

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One is for yourself,

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that you learn, you understand the commerce of Allah, the Book of Allah, you understand the guidance properly, do you are able to change your life to purify yourself and clean yourself. Second thing either that you are expected to teach other people and guide them

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to teach your family, teach your society, teach other Muslims and guide them.

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So this is your end result that you are going to become able to understand the Quran. You are going to understand the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you are going to understand the explanations provided by the origination of the Quran sooner. How Abu hanifa understood the Quran. However, Malik understood the Quran, how Mr. Shafi understood what is Bahar his contribution to you know, you learn all that, why, then you understand properly, you act upon it. And then you are going to become able to teach other people.

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to always keep in mind that this end goal, that the end goal is a diet, you understand the sources. You understand the Quran, and the sooner you understand the whole historical process in each generation. And then after that, it changes your life. You know, it makes it purifies you gilens you and then you are able to clean and purify everybody else.

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You'll be thinking, you know, I'm so small, so young. There are so many people around me, teachers and masters, you know, elders and leaders who is going to look after him who's going to ask me,

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this is people when thinking like that, they fit

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the story.

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When the professor had passed away, of dilemna above his cousin, he was 1415 year old young boy.

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He asked some Alfa Ansari, young boys, let's go and learn from elder companions.

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They're sort of what you do. In in front of all these people who's going to ask us, you go, we are not interested because waste of time, because so many complaints are there who's going to ask us to obtain our buses a lot on whom he made effort? He used to go houses of the elderly people have answered animal hygiene, ask them question learn from them. until the time came when those of people who were senior, they passed away. Now these young companions, I'm sorry, sir. Now we know you are clever.

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That you really learned and now you are the leader. Now everybody comes and ask you

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when I was studying,

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are very young, actually, youngest person in my class.

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And at that time, they were in all the male teachers and teachers, the teachers even, you know, there. So I could think that you know, what, the perfectly everybody is there anyway. But no, it's soon a time came really, that. Now I teach, if not to the people and I most of the people who I learned, they have passed away, they died. Now the responsibility came upon me.

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So the reason we are teaching you and we have made this a salami tool for the people to learn, and the reason is, we want to prepare the people for their time.

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You are not loving for my time. If you think like that, then then yeah, the truth actually has no purpose. Because there are so many trees around anyway, me and all your teachers, but you are not learning for our time. You are learning for your time, soon Are you going to become leaders of your time whether you're men or women, soon you didn't want a 30 years, you will be the leading people.

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If you have done well, then you can teach properly and you can do your perform your duties properly. It depends really that how we you spend this time did you learn from us and from my generation, there soon time will come will go and you will take the place you will to teach so always keep in mind your future human being among all the animals all then you must live for the present all the animals, they only look live for the present

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except a human being. You know they're live for the future.

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You know you study not for your present time you study for the future. Or then you must own

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Look for the short term in just don't look for the future except human being. That why a lie the miracle like that, they know you spent time in your think 2030 years that why you know, you kind of sick parenting of human being takes more time.

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Look in the animals, how quickly parenting is done.

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But parenting of the human being takes a lot of time.

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You know some people really you miss them that 30 year old district children, the Tokelau children, they still not grown up for a human being to grow. It takes time. Why? Got the duty that they have got very, very big. They need to spend 30 years 40 years until they are proper, you know, human being

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