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I said

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Why should we

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learn more

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wash hello and

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a lot most of us have been wanted

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to come on also he can

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be he was the man

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yeah you're ready

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to party when I can

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that's why

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wahala coming has

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coming home it john McAfee when he said with MA

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in the law How can I

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yeah you

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Why are

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women you

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know how we

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always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayer to peace upon our living.

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we justify that man is worthy of worship but a lot so genuine. And then our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sent them to his worshipping snake even fibermesh I continue to remind myself and you will stop Allah azza wa jal and I pray the muscle kinda without that increases our love for him. I will see Ricky and I were hoping His mercy and that this is a greater value of the practice to us in our privacy and our private life, than what we seek to show each other publicly along.

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One of the greatest things of our worship of Allah, to Allah is to attain

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to attain a place of love and the highest

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the worship of Allah is to be of those who are lovers of God, and therefore not quite a loss of power.

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And therefore, one of the great titles of our negative that happens a lot while he was in the midst is referred to as

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the beloved.

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Love, of course is normally spoken over my positive light. But when a person looks into our theology, our belief as Muslims, we understand that a vast majority of what human beings attach themselves to lead them away from an upright straight path of life. And the word love in the book, it is made to be one of the final aims of our removed the enslavement and worship of Allah that we develop a love for God through and I would love it means to others in society, it can also be something that just that which is sinful, prohibited, and in fact, away from the worship.

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When you look at the very first story taught to us in the hand, the story of the police, if lease,

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which is the descriptive name of the Shaitan, the descriptive name of

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this one, rebelled against the loss of common with the either begins as a lovestone as a part of our belief as Muslims that before the creation of Adam, there was the creation of unseen beings who inhabit this earth as a part of our kingdom, we believe that there are a creation called the key. And please, once again, I mean a kidney professor.

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He was of that genus of that type of creation of Allah, and he eventually strayed from the path of what was it that led him away, it was not

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Allah Subhana Allah favorite degrees, who was a worshipper of Allah, we are told in our books have had even our beliefs as Muslims, that in these was one of the creation of God,

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towards faith in Allah. And in fact, he attained a level that his conduct was seen as angellist is conduct raised to the level of

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and that's why, you know, even the theologians when they speak about these were the from the gene or the angels, he comes from a place that is conduct his worship, the Sunnah, is

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raised into a high grade that was beloved by God.

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So what happened?

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Iblees love was of himself as much as it should have been the other than himself, apostle.

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And the times many of us we fall into a place where an individual prides themselves, let self try at self interest. We refer to it in the language of escape.

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It's a bad translation to translate it as arrogance

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is that a person loves themselves more than others, including a boss, he believes could not come to this reality than another could be loved by a lot of

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it, how can the intention of Allah who I was seeking my worship, I saw that everything you asked me for Yama long, I did it and this

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time, a lot of times, some of these whisperings of the shape one into our hearts,

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at times, much of how we live in upright life. And we assume that because

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we fulfilled our car, we are charitable,

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when it will be supported. When somebody is paid, we assist We are from those who try our best, and then suddenly, without explanation, without real reason, something befalls us. And I've had conversations with individuals who will say, Jeff Yeah, you know, I've never

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there's never been a moment and that somebody who has propelled I didn't help. I've always been putting all these other people you see this neighbor of mine, Lucy, this person in my family, they don't pray. They don't. They don't. They don't treat their family and their children well, everything they don't

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everything on us to do it.

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This is what happens. This is the end.

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And the assumption

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that love is enough, or that our love for ourselves, our love for goodness in our life can lead us to a place that removes us from the mercy of Allah.

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So Allah gives us many stories of sinful love, that leads people away, the first of them is

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his love of Allah led him away from his love of wanting a month of engine minimum from Allah, because you did not understand that the love of Allah Subhana who

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was not necessarily tied to being elevated, preys on your recognize, above others. In fact, it's the opposite one of the beautiful

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of the Prophet deleeuw

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which our

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system would teach us to make, as we would make it learning and from that, he would take

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his, he would ask

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oh, well, I asked you for your love, will help them in the love of those who love you, well, then you

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end up doing the hard work

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that is going to make me more loved.

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When you actually look at this word, in this context, what he means is that there's a person

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I asked you, that when you test me with archery, that I don't change my love for you. Don't let me be like the one who preceded the creation of Adam, whose love for you when you read him away from that when you felt your love was not the same as he always experienced it. He then turned away from

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the things that make us stable in our relationship with a bar is that we understand that just that there is love that is praiseworthy, and less good. There is love that can lead us away from the things who

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Allah ruins. He says that there are individuals here

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that are those who would love to love themselves. Love objects, love material, love, love, love, honor, in a way that makes that should only be loved by Allah Subhana, which Allah that love should only be reserved

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when there are

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those who are true to faith and shame, that they have a greater commitment and practice of their love of a Muslim comment with that, whenever the concept of love is mentioned in the Bible, and it's referred to as a testing might

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come up and something people don't think of love is always meant to be something that is tested and proven. And each and every time an individual claims it is a test. Most people of course, what they love are not the theme they claim, but the things that they receive from Allah tells us in sort of an environment, zoom in again, that's how much I

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mean, I'm Lisa, and we'll find out.

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It's been made fierce in it's been made to seem like an incredible thing. To have love of the shack, the fulfillment of desire means well, man and children and have the environment. The Love is not for your wife, or the other kids that you have. But it's that I can have, it's that I can attain them. It's that I can keep them and restrict them from others. And that of course, is a poisonous love that leads away from

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the story of use of it as a vivid example, or the shovel.

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Her blind, lustful leanings, for profit, use of

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penetrate to the hole of the protections of the heart, the very creation of us as human beings that the heart was meant to be the seat of love. You know, in all of the languages of the world, we speak about people's heart, as if it has an intellectual capacity. So you will refer to somebody who's tough, you will say they're hard hurt.

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Somebody who is prone to soft pitch, you say he's got a soft heart. That person needs a gentle person. They have a soft heart. That person is truthful, they have a heart of gold, it's like 24 carries on shown

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This one broke my heart.

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They didn't have regard for my feelings or my thoughts or my emotions. And

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the seeds of love was always one that was emphasized what's

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the word in the Arabic language is very symbolic.

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chafin Islam speaks about the two letters that the word hope comes from.

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And then one of the most difficult letters to be pronounced, especially by people who are not proud is the lender in combination. That's why you sometimes you'll hear somebody read the plan, say, instead of handling, because the lender ha, is a man is a mentor that it's very difficult in combination with other banks. They don't pronounce it correctly. It has this streaming check assignment. He says, The reason this is so strange, because in that language, the hard to find love true love is difficult.

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And even the sound of the word the etymology of the word, it's a difficult thing to attain.

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Hopefully, it's got from deep down in the back of your throat, difficult to say.

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The second part of the word is the letter.

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you know that phonic sound with a very easy sound, it's one of the first sound and it's found in all of the cultures and languages of the world.

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That letter that is one of the first sounds your child will make, I remember when I helped my children a little bit, look up a little bit of ice and Mashallah they know that they don't know, it's just easiest sound that children make.

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Baba Baba, it's an easy sound to come. Because not it's easy to be lost. It's difficult to come back to maintain, but it's easy to do.

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And the word, it has two significant meanings in the Arabic language, the same word for hope. If you change that accent from the

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heart, it means a sea which means that love is never fully formed. Love is something what is true and pure and me, it requires hard work, to grow it, to put it in the right place to irrigate it with the right things to protect it from the wrong to shelter it from too much, too much stress too much pressure from other things preying on it trying to take a bit. It requires a lot of effort to grow, such as your love and nightlife.

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It requires a dedicated practice to be successful. So the word for success in our in the language of the era comes from the same word as farming found a

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successful believers, meaning they are the ones who work as hard as farmers will have to do back breaking work to see a friend that

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1015 years later to harvest that would definitely come up.

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And therefore the first lesson that we take that any love

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that is instantaneous, that is easy to combine is not true. It's not real, and is one thing that can lead you from a path

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that is taking you away from the bus.

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Number two that we learned from this powerful word

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is that as Muslims, our aim is to be those who make our connection to Allah. And because of that connection, we connect ourselves to those who mean towards that elite Muslim or not. Anyone ever seen that breaks that pathway to attaining that loving stands between us and Allah is a look at and weighed in our life in a morning to the balance of where our places with a lot and our relationship with them. And therefore as much as we love a lot, we love our Navy Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and we love the truth, we must also have the opposite to that which opposes of opposing and opposes the path of our Shetty. And the path of truth taught to us by our enemies.

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from many central teachings that is missing at times from us as Muslims is that we are not just lovers but we are also those who are deniers and haters are what allowed us to deny and to disband and to push away from

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To reject, there is one. And there is also there is things that we hold on to as being valuable. And we say these are things that are principles in our life. And these are things that will never be a part of our beliefs as a part of our thought and theology and behavior, and conduct and ethics and morality and flattens beliefs,

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and striking the balance between it is

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it is the middle nation, the nation of our

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I live in a time where everything that is opened up is sold to us as love. I love that show. I love that, you know, we use that word love haphazardly. The word love as I said, has, has a very significant meaning in the theology and belief system for us as Muslims, and its implementation and practice. Sadly, there are those who will be light, but we claim love through them. And there are those who say that we

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do not have an affection for them. And we are commanded by Allah to have love for them, as believed. Love is not meant to be just an emotion, but it is meant to be a system of life. That brings us closer to a ball not further away from the evening this

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afternoon, I will give two examples of this from the life of the Prophet. Some of you are saying that he had

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the prophets of Allah while he was at the mosque loved and

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who was his

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favorite, and raises and looked after him as a young man growing up and even after the Prophet King, Allah, Allah witnesses to

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indicate that a man

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you Yeah, Mohammed just because you are what you are, and you are the Messenger of God, and you have been given the delivery of the Quran, not because you love this man, that that means just because of your love, that you can bring them to indicate that there are things that are beyond your control, the dollar was the lump sum of money that you were sitting. And therefore from that moment, on a loyalty to the prophets, I tell them that there are limitations with

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that a person can have loving our conduct, in our behavior in our dealings and activities with others. But when it comes beyond a place that leads us into an area that the law has prohibited, the love must come to an end, there is no man that can love a woman in that which is around.

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Even if it is claimed it's around, there is no woman who can love a mother and that which is wrong.

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The limitation is not what the heart feels, what the mind project, but rather it is what are the laws of our Deen? What is the decency in our morality, or ethics and the code of conduct and what it is that I will share

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equally, in our world, in our family, in our investment in our home,

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in the things that we view in the things that we purchase in the things that we sell,

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in the accumulation,

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the gentleman and the seeking of investment and property, from one home to a bigger to a larger home drive. But that film is meant to be governed by the system sent by Allah subhana wa. And such was the limit set upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that even in that regard, there was his example given to us so that we recognize that love on its own as an emotion is never alone, if it's going to contradict the path and the spirit of

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the second example from our nervous

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And there is no better example than this one has a lot of refers to our why it's best to be tempted to the greatest of examples. With every aspect of his life. You can see a different section that you can absorb maybe something I learned and can practice from that is not relevant to you, but something relevant to you might not be relevant.

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And then one of these is the profits of the love. Why don't you sell them preferring to be merciful than to his right? to prefer to be one who is Forgiving and Merciful and Compassionate.

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Rather than to extract

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and extract what is meant to be seen as Justice, and the profits on the lumber, it was said that

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on the day of the conquest of Mecca, he entered into that great city conquered for him opened for him by a loss.

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And he says to its people in heaven, for him to pull up, I release you, there is no letter free, nothing for you to enter for the same people who started some of

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the same people who drove him to each other by the commendable must have

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the same people who waged war against who tortured and murdered his companions who stayed behind and before their departure, the sacred people, the prophets of Allah.

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Allah says, Now you

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don't let your anger within individual people make you act in an unjust or incomplete way. There are the man

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as being true justice can only be served in the afternoon. And whatever it just is that we see come to do here there will always be something missing. And part of that is the understanding of the prophets of Allah. But it was tell them that it is better to have them receive His compassion and mercy than to hold them accountable for their crimes before he was someone love them. Perhaps it will lead them to a forgiveness and a return to a law that will be more profitable for all of us. I pray that we also partner with either allows us to live by the guiding light, that the love we have is love that leads us to a law and not away from them almost manually to add the love of those who

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love and in some doing turns away above of those who don't love you from May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah meant the deeds that mean because love might be prevalent in our life and protect us from the deeds that strip away

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the level of love for me I must have had to honor that and firmness and steadfastness in our heart that we hold on to our Deen when it's difficult. And Allah Subhana Allah protect our children, the people and parents and staff and students of our school that almost kind of with our principal that you board to that which is pleasing, but also can have an interest away from all harm and sinfulness I pray

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to Allah elevators in this light from the elevators on the day of judgment on account of the man and grant us His forgiveness before ever returned to him to honor that we have a Toba that is also had sincere appeals from us I received

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a lot of medicines

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was that the unlocking method

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which will

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either was on

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Some sense

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on what my study was regarding

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also there was

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also University

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up good

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luck Hello.

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A lot.

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I'm gonna need

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one man

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No man

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send me out

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me oh

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So now