Akram Nadwi – Shortening and combining prayers when travelling

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of combining prayer between different times during a trip, and how it can be difficult to do so when the person is traveling long distances. They also mention a practice where people can combine between two prayer sessions while traveling long distances.
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Yamanaka aqui, I've taught this thing so much that the simple thing matter is that when people are traveling, they are they should shorten the prayer. And traveling means when you have left your house and you're traveling for 48 miles around that you become traveler when you have left your hometown. So then you can shorten the prayer. And you can combine between Zohar rasa and in between Muslim Anisha and combine it you can do from the beginning of the time as or until the time of any time you can pay Jamaat takimoto Taka you can combine between two prayers even the times before on the time that are similar between mother and so you can combine between the time Maori and the time

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odesza that have been at the most people in Islam during 100 feet mother it is written that don't allow in JAMA hottie because it the same goes against the quran quran said Joel Salatin and the believers in the time and you know and whatever in the Quran is a battle to have the Quran cannot be in a toxic and I've done by our while by always in asking many many 150 for iron from day one from everywhere I discussed them I said to them, but these are not totally because you also believe in the artifact and it was delaford the Jamaat to note because

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I am with them muscles in her body and I'm worried about Susan Nevada in that protected one knee and if any book Officer 1300 10 will alarm because then you can do further taxes by color wise it appears to carry 200 females as well so when you have a wide comes you can do under consent many unfit for cardiac we'll do sheffy was a whole nother he mentioned to be more than one thing that he combined. And he said to me once that he was leaving a muddy munawwara going for Amara in the terms of the history combined with the roster and there's some drama from day one. They didn't not like they were angry with him he didn't mind he didn't say anything. He said when I arrived to look at

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them karma I asked them did you play this interview Mr. Player particularly you know telling me if you follow an opinion of other folks you know which can make you to prey on the time is it better to Mr. player to I and also actually Chicago's number one driver training and bahara We are going from smartphone to bokhara udara monitor chalasani many many people to where we are coming from America and the wait what time pharma but those are very difficult to to get up and to have to because not so much facility to several Versa they asked me and asked them for Buddha Ramallah should we pray Maghrib here, we combine it in the hotel when you go to Smartpen the chef said no, no, we'll come do

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Jama to see hanafy money's on the shelf, wasn't it? You know he used to do anyway. But his way always had been when the other Olive to ask him but other chalasani himself actually. And I've seen many many 100 people a month. They actually one of the Hanafi alum I met in America. He mentioned to me that he was in Leicester. Leicester is in the most difficult city in England.

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Leicester never can allow people to combine between two prayer. He was saying that I will have a traveling. He said you know and he got things over there after thorough prayer. He and his brother I start to pray for the Imam of the mosque he asked his son, join them and prayer your prayer. This I said to him after the film that you are a Hanafi stick hanafy and you are Sanji you don't allow any way to how you allow your son to pray. And I said no, no, we allowed it allowed. But we don't want common people to know it to only fire among all Ummah, to our thinking karma are the one who need to know they are difficult, more difficult unless there is a different rule one for all them and one

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for common people who have business they are the one who claims their problem or am I don't have something to hide from from common people and teach only five. You know, this really very bad teaching. So you can see when all these come to what they find the way how to combine between two prayers. I don't think really Islam or something like that. I really from my heart. I believe that combining between two prayers, even a couple 100 years old, is really varied. And I've seen many people do that like fatwa given that people who are traveling, they can do shorter the prayer and also they can combine between two prayers between the author and another militia.

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