Akram Nadwi – Arguably the highest isnad in the world today

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Hadees and their success in the past 100 years, but also criticizes the Hadees for their lack of innovation and lack of innovation in the past. The speaker also mentions the Hadees' success in the television industry and their success in the movie industry.
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how important this is not. This is not

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for a moment

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for them

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to agree with me that what the best is not in the last few 100 years, people from all over the world from Morocco, from Syria, from Iraq, from harmony, Surefire. They are the best used to say that no is not better than this engine is a very, very good because this one is not the biggest ornament. I gave one weakness.

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In the last sentence. The biggest, this is the one word

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I say by the half of your highest attorney.

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Attorney for Morocco for a pass. He was the biggest of the last century. He died in the year 1300 8213 182.

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Got a Java for my son I've gotten

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to actually take Atari his father, Mr. Cotton.

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Atari had mentioned that when he just I want to tell you how important Indian is hey Catalina from Jaisalmer from Morocco the best he has got a Java for 500 500 shoe, and among all those 500 he said to himself in his book, fantasy for heresy return, that when I narrate Hadees for my father of jacobina cotton

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and from Mombasa and Mohamed Salah turina restaurant

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and as he travels,

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so, then after the hackathon, he said this is not to me, I had an modic and nafi on even on a metallic field adding

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in alcohol he said among all the tears of innovation the Hadees the golden theory the molecule one na feeling normal minded from now feeling normal. Adhere catani says for our time the golden cherries his father Luca Luca Tawny

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from from Marina de

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nada people have gone this route very, very high for the hackathon and after market. One important thing is after Mr. cattani you helped him

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and he narrates this order this forum amatola been to address de la visa Omen Amma to love in Tokyo Vanya della via She is the daughter of the honey

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and she is the last father. Whenever Israel died, she remember the people from everywhere they used to come and get a job that summer for television

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drama catani.

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Now in the whole world, that no single person who narrates this drama, nobody, nobody in India, nobody in Pakistan, nobody, the only person on earth.

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He or she was the last person to narrate her this from her father.

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So hi

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