Deceptive Spouses

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "quarantine" in football and the emotional states of various women. They also touch on the importance of keeping malice and not giving up. The use of "quarantine" can lead to problems, but men are the ones who abandon women and try to keep them out of the hospital. The segment ends with a discussion about a woman namedara who wants attention and wants attention from her colleagues.
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Can somebody pretend to be sick? Yes. When some people have mastered the art of charging, to disrupt things to confuse people or to gather pity to themselves

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or to make excuses for some of their failures, they will pretend to be to be to be sick.

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They will pretend to be sick and then they will be they will What is wrong with you?

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That may have been me for a very long time I will take your time oh no, you have headache. You have been in this house this morning and you didn't take time off when somebody says no they are having headache and they are not thinking first of all it's a control thing you have to notice very well the person's didn't have something of their sleeves so a person will fall ill and first will be admitted to the hospital

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so that you hold on we'll be going and come in you know she will say she doesn't have appetite she cannot eat hospital food. So the mammogram five foot from each tree as you say okay don't go to this one will go to the other one you know no no no that is oh that is now house No those are they don't have good food to go could you want that thought St.

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So sweet to our house. There's one eatery there that's why you should buy the food and you won't be running up and down up and down. Open the head gasket if you bring the food

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I can't even eat itself there's too much onion.

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Okay, what do you want to eat? Can I get back? A man that doesn't cook he doesn't want to cook

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you say no no, no, no. It is rice I ate in the morning. Can I guess one who

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says he wants to eat swallow. Never deliver cannot cook the OMA will not be run up and down open when the man has done all that wahala is tired. Do you not get with Oh yeah, let's go home. I'm okay now.

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But the man will not know what hit him.

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So men when they get too suspicious. What they do is they will abandon the woman that the one sent for her younger sister go and stay with her.

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When the tire tire demand refused to show he waited waited when she vomited demand was not there for me before he came

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they fixed it for her they have removed the drip before he came. And some men they are very spoiled as he knows as drew finished so it has not finished okay and I'll come back later.

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You will not see a sheet in this he has not eaten he will go away he will not come back. If he comes in they say she has it is okay let me come and see her because she has no issues it is the one the thoughts which you send for this you guys struggling with hospital food Yes. So some men are very smart they will abandon her liver they because they are not sure or which exactly is she so when such a woman comes out from the hospital the next quarrel is I will see if you didn't come and visit me

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and they will hold coded anonymity on that phone for another six months five years after she will see refer to that occasion I will see the hospital

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I was in the hospital are boo no come and greet me you could not come and visit me if it were this one he will go

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to whole document you read in the in her diary such persons maybe the sickness was really bought is a power thing as you notice it's a power thing where your home man has done something very bad and he doesn't have to feel sorry use you pretend as if he's sick.

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Have you noticed men do that too? When they are doing something terrible something very bad instead of him to tell you sorry. You just come on and lead I see I'm not fine. Very sick. I have says no no, no is a very serious edit of your AdWords solid so that the work will be seen solely to him instead. No sense is out to apologize.

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Don't be silly. Say we have inflation or that people are resting your attention so as to get preferential treatment. It's a game and some women are gold medalist in this game.

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This what we call Kate in Arabic chi cow Yao and dal cried in English call it wise wi l e s wiles. Well, in another word you can say trick you can see deception you can see all sorts of things.

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is the kind of wisdom that works on the negative side.

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There's a positive side of wisdom and there's a negative side of wisdom. The opposite of wisdom is foolishness. But wisdom that is taken too far is canniness wisdom that is, that fall short can be complicated.

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I don't understand. I don't even understand what I'm trying to say. So when somebody uses wisdom to the other side, Connie, you come Wiles, the woman is very smart and very brilliant, very intelligent. She understands the old man's mood very well. And she knows how to control his mood.

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Now when somebody is able to do that one that's what happened. So how do you play this game with such people you rise up to the challenge? You ask them questions, you ask them what is wrong, you know, you play along.

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You understand that this person wants attention. Sometimes you play along okay, what's the problem? Why are you so angry? Do you what's the problem? What can I do for you? What can I get for you how she may say no, I'm not ready to talk now. Don't just say anything to me. Don't talk to me then you go and come back to you continue later on till when he gave you me looking at your time. The way the referees officiate football matches and they look at their times right you look at your times Okay, one hour gone. Two hours gone. She has not said anything yet. Three hours gone. Sometimes you leave it alone you will resume the following day. You know, as your husband assumed that you didn't tell

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me what happened to you. Why are you looking so sad? Why are you so on? Say no, no, no, no, don't bother me. I'm not going to say anything. You leave it alone. Halftime season one part one, part two, part two. You keep stringing she's just she's moving on you're falling when she gets tired

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after like two weeks

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so I've been very down since and you didn't ask me what happens I've been asked him for the past two weeks now you didn't see anything. So you tell me what are you ready to tell me now? You say Well, well, I'm not even in the mood to talk about them. You never know.

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If this will behave Lara is cruel already.

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Now listen to this. Now it may interest you that some women were always very happy.

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Always happy but they have some some weekend of banks who don't like it that they should be happy.

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Whenever the wife is happy ladies, you will be feeling sad. Have you noticed whenever the wife is so full of energy, you know bouncing off or down who will be and what will also probably sit on it.

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When we think when the meet the woman is dressed up in hijab, everything you know her new hijab

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should even be taking selfie. You know when woman does God knew he God like to snap themselves. So we take his selfie she said she wants to go to sister Multicharts Haqiqa

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because she's so happy the husband will be sad. No Don't worry anyway.

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Did that give you permission to walk sit down you will not go anywhere.

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So by words now to the overworld because she's happy to go for Haqiqa then the man is there sad. Some men are saddest.

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Whenever the woman is said to have a feel good experience it was fought it. If so people who are coming to visit her her friends to come and keep our company mugabi It will stop them from coming.

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Whenever her friends come in and they are talking chatting and laughing He will send the friend away. Or what the word I don't ever want to say why don't want to see my friend he can explain is the saddest?

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That one is a mood stealer, a mood thief. It will steal your good mood from you. Unless he makes you sad he will not talk to you now some men do this. Man if

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he knows that you like to talk he knows that you'd like to interact he knows like you'd like to make rapport he knows that you like to just you'd like to discord. If he sees that you are too happy you create a problem and start a war.

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Now he will not you will not go and fight with his colleagues outside. You will just start a chord over nothing over nothing. You'll just pick up a corner or something and then malice will continue. You will not talk to her. You don't eat her food.

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Not to even talk of touching her. They will stop talking you just shuts down and oh my god. What have I done now? What is the problem? The woman will be awarded awarded award Auntie when the woman is crying ask him please he doesn't he's not done please forgive me

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is not to massage you to bear when you do prepare to actually cover

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such many they are very lucky to do marry women of their of that are

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The match just don't matter so what a woman will tell you you don't want to talk to me I did dinner. I cook my own food was always who

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and such a woman when he sees her demands now already with malice who's not gonna buy chicken, chicken.

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Chicken to be fried is going to be pulled virtually don't be thinking Suhana

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there should just be Carrie Kenny come and see some women who are there matches you don't want to talk you don't want to eat my food and stay there now. She will just carry the Chicken Boy past the paralyzes for no reason that you go buy one fried past the power lead again. For notice you go by go and make a vegetable roasted and turn it around make every day to see my insight mesmerise and memorize she will do all of those ideas come back to the panel aside at

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children coma Ito there she used one Coronavirus to look at the U P you know if and useless man to you know it was gone by Gala.

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rubaga by gala and like I said,

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all because of words. Because of what asking what happened they can explain.

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Because some men are scientists, they're just like that. They don't like people to be too happy around. They believe that if a woman is too happy, she will misbehave or if a woman is too comfortable. She will not listen again. So it's his own way of showing his power and authority is by keeping malice

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How can a man keep malice more than three days not to have better things to do?

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And some some men will keep minus for one week, two weeks were moved

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and will be behaving somehow it's too childish. Isabella is too childish. You should think of better ways of expressing yourself than keeping malice. Honestly this is not good or evil Amanda has done it. Better Chengdu. Look, we are doing old school live as past that one. Just one of them. I will not talk to you. I will not kidney not talking talk now what happened? What is your problem? What do you want?

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So what should the woman do when she has a hot bunny that

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some women will cry when they doesn't talk to them for two days so you feel so disturbed uses feel so worried? He wants to keep malice he doesn't want to talk any women

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but you find ways of making yourself happy if you don't know how to make yourself happy. No person in this world can make you happy. You just grow old and die young simultaneously and be rewarded waiting happens how do you see that you grow old and die young immediately. Because of too much stress. You have IBP you have problems over this man this man that will not talk What is your problem now what is what are you angry for you can't even explain and if he were to come to tell what happened with one easy because of this one this one these things Guinea because she said actually she said Well

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okay, it is dunya Do you sometimes

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they had you