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Shaytan rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim hamdulillah

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la when I mean surely I'm fusina Vasa Molina Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you're welcome to Ramadan love, we want to look at one of the aspects of love as shown to us by Almighty Allah in the bureau screwed on this is very enormous. This is a very great love that allows given to us through the month of Ramadan. And that is a particular night in the bottom of Ramadan. And that is called Laila to the coddling. Allah says in the Quran out with lemon shalom Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in Anza now feel a lot recorder wama Adderall como la la la la la la casa de Hiraman alpha. Tena celluma la equal to a roofie ha be in Nairobi him in column Salah.

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Mata na.

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Allah says indeed we have revealed the glory of Quran in the night of power in the night of majesty Rama, Rama to Korea and how will you know what the net of Majesty is? The net of Majesty is better than 1000 months. The net of Majesty is a night of Bonanza for all of us as believers and those who first in the month of Ramadan is a night where one ibadah one act of worship is equivalent to everyone worship Allah for more than 83 years. You worship him without committing anything with all sincerity and all things that makes it an act of worship to be acceptable in the sight of Allah. The net of Majesty is the night of goodness, the net of grace is a night of forgiveness. The night of

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answered prayers say night for the week to become powerful. The night for the one that is not strong to become strong, is a night for us to move from grace to graciousness. This night of Majesty is so designed that all four nights many people bring a lot of things out of their nights. During the nights people some people just no submit themselves to the warm arm of sleep. And they slip off and they rejuvenate before the following day. The night where some husbands and wives sowed the seed that's going to resort into another option for them in form of children. The night where the scholars born the night candles and they begin to read and study and know many other ways of

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bringing goodness to humanity. Tonight were the one that is sure he has committed sin is awake to ask Allah forgiveness at night we are someone who Allah has truly failed to wake up to be grateful to admit Allah would bring a lot of things from the night some people sleep and awake and some are not able to wake up. But for the nights we have had in our lives, there's this special night and this is the one we're talking about now, the night of majesty that we can find in the recommended odd nights in the month of Ramadan. This is not an opportunity that anybody should miss his attempt to celebrate the Buddha's Quran and spectacularly. Tana Zaloom Allah Akbar raffia. The angels do the

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same on this night, even though they descend to towards the subject of overnights. But this particular night, the angels descend, especially Malaika jabril. He also descend this night, and what is it that his English will be saying? This is Salah munia Hata Mattila is going to be peace from the night up until finally, I want us to understand this letter to Quadri. As a time when Allah says he shall bring God out of darkness and put us into light. And he says Allah wa Leela dinamani Yoku Mina Zulu Mattila? No, Allah is a protection friend and lover of those who believe he brings them from darkness and put them into light. Let us all rise up and come up into the light of

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Almighty Allah. Let us all wake up and come up to the light of Allah. Let us all wake up to realize that the night of Majesty is not a night that we should sleep all through, we should wake up and rise up and begin to replan our lives because almost a quarter, quadrille far to the power and grace of Allah and Quadri also refer to the destiny that all of us carry all around us. You may not be able to predict what's going to happen in future, but you may begin to prepare for what you want to see happening in the future net of major cities of the road and wait for things to happen to us in life, who should begin to happen to things that we want to happen, is it now you tell Allah all you

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And you begin to rearrange and you read your destiny so that your universe will be a much better one for you. Let us wake up in the net of power and read it our destinies is the month of Ramadan. And this is a sign of love from Almighty Allah. Allah loves us all. And that's why he has given us this night. Let us make good use of it and come out from darkness and come into the light Assalamu alaikum