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either be an arrow

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or a shield. But don't be a target. If you are not an owl, and you are not issued, then you become a target, who is an easy target. And instead of someone who is easy to criticize someone that's easy to cheat someone that is to steal from a person that easily fooled a person that's easily that people can easily take advantage of. Don't be lazy. Don't be a soccer that people say don't be somebody that can be easily duped. That means we're a target. Don't be a mark. Somebody will mark you down and wait for them to harm you. Don't be a sitting duck. Don't be a pushover. Don't be an easy mark. Don't be an easy pickings. Don't be an easy prey.

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Don't, don't make yourself a loot. Don't be a target for people to loot you. Don't be a loot. Don't be a fool. Don't be a tool. Don't be a toy. Don't be a stooge. Don't be an object. Don't be a pawn that people play with. Don't be an instrument. Don't be a subject, don't be a puppet.

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Don't be target.

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Whatever it means to you for someone to be puppet. It means some other people have looked at you from north to south. They have carried their weight you are weightless.

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You are empty. They are just like a feather. And when you are a feather, they will be tempted to blow you and see how the wind will toss you around.

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If you are afraid that people will treat you like a lightweight and they will toss you around as they want. Don't be a softy.

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Don't be gentle. Don't be nice. You can be kind. But don't be a softy that people can target you and they come there and they rubbish you don't be escaped got one who are looking for a scapegoat. They will not pick their mate. They will look for a soft target. If you're a soft target, you will be the scapegoat.

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They say people are making noise.

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Let's show example to order so they will not make the one they give knocks on your head.

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don't be a scapegoat. Don't be a doormat, that everybody will walk their feet on.

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If you lie down, or you lay down, or you stay down before you step on you.

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Don't be a victim.

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And look, you cannot be a victim. If you're an accomplice. Don't let people look down on you to the extra they make you a victim.

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And don't be vulnerable. Don't be a walkover. Don't be dead meat. Don't be a recipient recipient of insult. When people are looking for those people, they will throw your phone up. You shouldn't be the one they will look for. They will look for when they know you can do nada.

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Whether or not you can do thorough whether or not you cannot do anything better than it does, right?

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Don't be the recipient of people's insults.

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Somebody wants to try to do make you to be the source of joke. Why? Because we target you an easy target. Don't let people make you a recipient of abuse. When people have some abuses. They want to abuse somebody they want to kill someone. You have to derive somebody don't abuse somebody fresh abuse, the kind of insults that I've never used before. Brand new, they just move from Qatar do carry it in their hands like this, and they've been looking around for you. You are the one everybody wants to do so because why target

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stop being a target. Either be a weapon, or be a shield. If you are neither you beat target. Don't be innocent. Don't be innocent in the sense of ignorance or naivety. Stop looking innocent. Stop looking like a weakling. Be strong. Be determined. Be confident. Stop looking like a certain target don't look like Everybody's Fool. And don't let people make you a laughingstock. Don't be an object of mockery. Anything that will make people to mock you rise up

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and traverse it.

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Don't be the one that will be left behind. And don't be gullible person. If a gullible person will be a target. Don't be a hostage to some people. People will hold us for ransom. People will hold us hostage called Why target?

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Both metaphorically and you know, in criminology, don't be a hostage. Don't move around places where people target you stop displaying so much wealth and offense at a place where some who can plot to keep

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If you

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don't subject yourself to things that are difficult to attack, you, don't be a sport for some people.

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They just want to try and then they see you as somebody they can try.

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No. If you make yourself to be a target, you plan on that dog up as part of walk up a booty for young people, you'll be a sacrificial lamb. For some people, you'd be an object of scorn and odor of content and object of disdain. A person of God is shown an object of physical

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if you make yourself a target, people will attack you. No matter how good no matter how nice, what are smart, no matter how intelligent you are, if you make yourself a target, you are going to be a spot for people is the law moving around advertising yourself that they should target you even the way you moved when you walk. If you don't work with confidence, people will attack you because you're a target. If those people confidence to target you, because why target they will attack you.

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Whether in marriage or in friendship, or in any situation, even your piece of work. If you are the one that is walking around like a sacrificial lamb do dumb all the work for you, because you are the target. And don't be zero.

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If a zero person, you will be target. Now you can you can visualize this in your head. Now you know, this target thing they drove, there's a circle, there is another ring outside, there's an outward circle is all zero and zero or one zero.

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If it's zero, we are going to be the most appropriate target for people.

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both literally and metaphorically.

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Don't be zero, it is zero people that people take advantage of the 02 that we could do, right? Don't be zero is soldier has target

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towards the enemy.

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An angry person is targeting somebody to vent his anger upon

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the targets of his students is to achieve the goal of passing the exam. The target to a politician is a success of winning election, the target of a doctor is to treat the patient and get more patient, the target of the mother is for their children to be successful. The target of an attractive lady is to get a good husband,

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the target of the look

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the target of the smile of the opposite sex to one another is not to get each other. If you can judge a book by the cover, they should be able to be brought in by the lava.

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The targets are for novice when they look at each other is to be able to get each other into their hearts into the arms of one another.

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So the summary of all we are saying is be either an arrow or a shoot or LCB target. Stop looking.

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Stop looking like a weekly. Be strong. Be determined, be confident

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