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The transcript describes the importance of fasting in the month ofams for growth and healthy life. It emphasizes the need for growth and development, balancing bodies and minds, and staying under the soil. The speakers stress the importance of learning to stay under the soil and balancing one's love for humanity.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Peace and blessings be upon each and every one of us is another beautiful day in the month of Ramadan. We are most grateful to Allah who has given us this opportunity to fast and to be amongst those that witness this month of Ramadan. And that takes us to what Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, when Allah says for manga he D'Amico Masha hora folia Zoo, any of you that should witness this month of Ramadan, let him fast or any of you that should see the month, the moon cited lesson first. And of course you see if you are alive in the month of Ramadan and you are healthy and you are able to do so you should go ahead and fast. What

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about this shahida what is it that we witness in the month of Ramadan to witness the month of Ramadan means that you have been alive, your life has been spared to witness the month of Ramadan. And when you fasten the motto Ramadan, so long as you are alive, you know that the next thing you should do is to keep growing. Growth is why we are here just know where we started from. We started from in existence and we are here to exist. We have been given the opportunity to come to this world if not would not have known anything like growth. There was a time when we're not that good mentioned Allah says Allah. Allah Allah in sunny hidden Amina de lamb yakushi, Amma skura, there

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have been a time you know existence that were nothing that could be mentioned, were nothing that could be named. And as Allah will it was somewhere before we're born, where were we before we're born? What were we before we're born? Why would your father or your mother, if your parents didn't come together? Would you have come to this world? If these were not your parents? We know how busy you are now.

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Where did you get the line from? Where did you get the opportunity from? We they were born. That was the day our days of existence on earth started to count. But we had been existence even before then, we actually came from somewhere. We arrived on this planet at a point in time. And as we're here, we like hit the ground running, the cells of our body did not stop growing. Our fingernails continued to grow even when we never thought about it. The hairs on our bodies continued to grow, even when we are not thinking about it. Allah has food and set everything in place. And we have been raised by Allah to grow from childhood, up until the act of adulthood we are now and so they after they were

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witnessed sunrise and sunset, day after the we have seen things happen around us. Things happen to us. And things happen about us. And things happen for us. of all of these things allow us put in place. There's a special mention of anybody who was able to witness the month of Ramadan, the issue fast in the month of Ramadan so that you can continue to grow not only bodily, you could nourish yourself good food and drink. But with what are you going to nourish your soul, if not too fast in the month of Ramadan. Fasting is what nourishes our soul and make us to grow spiritually fast is what makes us to be strong and tough, spiritually faster is what makes us to be balanced as human

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beings that is comprised of both body and soul. To love is to grow and to grow is to love of all things we grow in, we should learn to grow in love. And this is the essence of our thriving on us. We are not only here to survive, we are also here to thrive, we are here to develop We are here to move, we are here to fast. And don't forget that to grow and to develop requires certain things for the seeds to grow and develop. It has to learn to stay under the soil. It has to be disciplined enough to remain on the sand. The seeds that will germinate should remain there and not to come out intermittently to see what the life is all about. You may have to stay in the darkness for a while.

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You may have to go through the inconveniences. For a while. You may have to discipline yourself to remain where you are so that you can grow from wherever you are planted. And so as we move up in life, trying to grow, trying to be we're supposed to be thriving and striving to become better people. We should understand the balance in everything else. We must balance our bodies and soul. We must be disciplined enough to stay in the darkness for a while before the light comes. Any fruit that's going to be sweet may have to be better for you.

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While you may have to be green and unconceivable for some time, it is with patience and discipline. If you can still stay stuck and attached to the tree, you will likely get to the extent where you become ripe enough and you'll be able to be useful for others and others will block you and they will eat you and they will benefit from you. And they will help you to disperse your seeds. And then you have the generations to come, having grown and developed not just bodily, but also spiritually. Love is growth and growth is love. Let us learn to grow in love. As we grow and develop. Let our love and affection for humanity continue to grow from day to day in strength from strength to

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strength and from darkness to light. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah