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Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of pause and embracing reality in achieving success and happiness. They emphasize the need to pause and reconnect with oneself to discover one's passions and see new possibilities. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of balancing work and spending good time with family.
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Why are we always busy? We're always busy chasing deadlines and dreams, so much so that we forget to live in the moment to enjoy the simple things of life. We are always busy filling our calendars and our minds, we neglect to nurture our relationship, to give and to receive love in kind. We are always busy seeking success in seeking fame, busy wanting to pay bills, so much so that we lose sight of our true selves to play the worldly game, the game of men alive, and the joy of having a spouse, we are always busy. But what are we busy for? What do we do when we are busy, we need to pause and reflect. To find our inner core, we are always visible we can choose to slow down to

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appreciate the beauty of life, to smile instead of to frown. Sometimes we need to pause to take a break from the noise, to listen to our inner voice so that we can find our true points. Sometimes we need to pause so that we can breathe.

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We can breathe when can breathe in the fresh air, so that we can appreciate the beauty around us to show that we care for the people around us. So that we can breathe the fresh air and appreciate the children, the wife, the husband that will have the families that we have, and we'll be able to show them the love and care that we promised each other. As at the time we were getting married. Sometimes we need to pause to reconnect with ourselves to discover our passions. In order to fulfill our purpose. Sometimes we need to pause to remember what matters most in our lives, to cherish our loss wants to live in the present, not in the past and not been worried about the future. And then

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we need to pause because having a pause is not a sign of weakness. Because its source of strength. Pause is not a waste of time, it's a gift of opportunity. Force is not a lack of ambition was the mark of wisdom. Pause is not in surrender to destiny or to fate was the choice of freedom. So when we pause, we give ourselves the chance to see things clearly. To feel things deeply, to think things differently. When we pause we open ourselves to new possibilities to new perspectives to new insights. When we pause we empower ourselves to act intentionally and to speak authentically and to live meaningfully. So pause is not an escape from reality. But pauses and embrace of reality. Force

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is not an end in itself was a means to an end but pause is not in luxury for the few was in necessity for all of us. Pause is not a burden to be what he joined to share.

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You might agree that knowing how to balance work, our relationship is not as difficult as we both think it is. You only need to have the right mindset to understand that it's not just for you to be busy, busy, busy. You have to ask yourself What exactly are you visiting? And whatever you are busy doing is it worth to sacrifice your family with. Now if family is very important to you, you must strike a balance between being busy and spending good time with your family is Boss Boss

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when he proposed

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