Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A – 07th October 2022

Akram Nadwi
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Sit down wanna go more hammock Hola, yo, burger, everyone. Welcome back to our long awaited q&a Which this q&a is hosted by s&m hosted by me every hook normally every Thursday 6pm. UK time I know we've had quite a long break handler the things that asI have been quite busy. And also, I think we've just had some technical issues. It's been a small break, but inshallah we're hoping to

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continue with this session for 30 minutes. And thereafter hopefully, Inshallah, we'll go back to our normal routine of it being every Thursday at 6pm in sha Allah. I know we've had a lot of questions from you. We've received questions in the past few weeks to be asked at this q&a. So we'll try our best and we'll go from the top in Sharla and try and ask, answer the questions just in order of whoever's asked him. So if you're on Facebook, please just comment in the comment below and I'll be able to see it from my side likewise on YouTube and Sharla. Just come in your question. We'll try to take as many questions as we can, although sometimes, if a question is too long, or it requires more

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time, we might refer you to a previous q&a chef has had or a previous class or article is written. So without any further ado, Inshallah, we will go to our first question. And also sometimes we have very similar questions that are asked every day. So if the if we do miss your question, it might be because we've already addressed this many times Central. Let's, let's

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see, okay, this is an interesting one we normally

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Okay, let's take it so we have a question from venue chef and Benny is asking

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I have a job offer as a software developer at Netflix international tool development, is this halal? Or would it count is helping in sin because Netflix hosts videos and movies of all kinds educate educational entertainment and documentaries, but of course, at the same time

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because it's a Netflix is a very broad thing, there are many different types of content somehow on some Hulen

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so yeah.

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I hope

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hopefully I've explained this thing. Many times, what we need to learn is that you're responsible for your director or transaction or your direct services to for example, Tesco, the supermarkets, they sell all different types of things, there are some Harar some haram and you work there. So you get salary for what you work. So it's a huddle for you what they do so many things, some will be allowed some be haram they are responsible for that similarly for example, somebody winterize a taxi and people who are the taxi to go to Matthew they go to public they go wherever they want you know, they will respond to for what they do the taxi driver you know he is being paid for what he has done

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he has taken people from one point to another point to similarly when you work on a for any company, you know, you get for what you do, what they do you're not responsible for that is similar to that why we allow people to work in the banks and that door banks actually mostly they deal with the interest with injury but no you work there as an accountant or something you know on the counter and you are paid for what you do so that halal for you, but most of the things that they do could be halal or haram for them. So everybody's responsible for the things that they do directly otherwise every business everything somewhere is connected to something haram so if you do like that then

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everything haram so always keep in mind that when you look at your work if you do something good with honesty and you're paid for that it is halal for you what they do your companies or those who employ what they do they are responsible for that

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okay, just before we take next the next question share I did have a look on Facebook and YouTube and the camera quality is just come up very very blurry. So if you give me one minute share, I'll go into your computer. Just try and play around with the settings and let's see if we can fix it so if you just bear with me for one minute each other.

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Okay, I have played around with it. I don't know if it's improved anything, I think it might be a problem with our streaming service because from your side shift your camera's clear, I think for everyone else has come up blurry. But I mean, as long as we can hear you to others the most important thing. Okay, let's move on to another question.

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Let's see. Okay, we have a question here. So Ali Khan is majoring in learning the Tafseer Bates better than any other knowledge, like learning Hadith or other Islamic knowledge like IP that and how about worldly knowledge like business or communication etc

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another thing is, in all the sciences,

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some of the of them are directly connected to the Alibaba, Alibaba, the most important thing that people do directly so whatever connected to the Alibaba that is the most important to that actually, you give a greater reward you know more than anything else. And then there are something which helping further Alibaba. So you know, whatever could be you know, good, directly connected to your why bother?

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That is the most important thing, you know, whether it is a secret the Quran, but actually in a more

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focus should be on the Quran itself rather than a tough seats, where if the Quran, the Hadith, sometimes even also the fact these things actually people need more essentially that, you know, they focus on other things, because believers, they live in this world. So they have jobs, they have business, all those things for earning money. So these things are not directly connect to your brother or indirectly, do you get rewarded for that as well? Because, you know, if you don't earn money, how can you help yourself and your family to do why bother? So people should work out to do things in the balance. You know, just focus on one thing will harm in your life, and also your harm

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arriva as well. So I don't really think that I can I know the answer in more detail, but people's personal life differ from everybody else. Maybe for some people, it was designed to be better than Islamic sciences, for some people in some areas, because some type could be there's no Muslim Doctor somewhere. And there's so many moves diesel therapy. So yeah, in that area, it is better, you know, to study the medicine, so you've got to help people. So it depends on the context of the people where people live, but generally, whatever is helpful to you or why bother? That is more important.

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Okay, let's take another question. Whereas even a lot of questions that I know, these have been asked before, so I'm going to try and take some questions that are more

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that haven't been addressed. Okay. So 30, half is asking, who is a prime? Exactly referring to by the term, a Lydian FSL. Cool. I can't see the text properly in verse 20. is all done through the search there? Are they among the believers? And if so, how do they deny Matt is in religion as this verse mentions, to get the Boonah at the end, besides in the previous verse, Allah compares the movement with the first step saying they're not the same.

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You're far sicker, in the Quran has been used

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in very severe meaning, that the real meaning of FAFSA, in the federal how they do.

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The folk have said there are people who are coffee, don't those who don't believe, then there are people who are believers, and that there are Farsi, Farsi or those who are believers but they commit major sins definite put the lie, or they don't play, they don't fast, too. They're still believers. They're faster. By the Quran faster, does not mean that in Quran Fassett means the one who breaks the covenant of Allah, Allah has made comment for the people in the break. Today. They are, you know, Kuffar the unbelievers. And among the unbelievers are very dirty, they, you know, they don't care about the community, about the Promise of Allah. So that they are the first to philosophy, the

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term very severe, you know, they're basically like, a coffee, you know, they don't think they don't believe in Allah. Or maybe they believe, but the reject a no, he's a prom. He's a he's a covenant and they don't care about his commands.

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These are the people they're very civil. They're like, people of the Hellfire.

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Okay, let's take a question from Ibn Mohammed who is asking about verse in

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if I'm not mistaken

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Very good.

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Okay, so this is certain. He's asking about the parts of versus dedicated DNA you are off Neff Allah, you vain? He's asking, Does this mean that the wisdom of the hijab is to protect women against objectification and sexual harassment from men?

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Yeah, you know, that

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is what Quran is saying is that when there are no women who are, you know, corrupting the society. So you can see from even their dresser, they don't care. So people, you know, sometimes they pass on sentences against them, sometimes more than that, because they know these are para to women. But those people who care themselves into production, they, you know, they come out, you know, in modesty, even from the clothes, so people are careful, you know, people don't want to, you know, harm anybody like that. So, that are the believing women, when they go outside, they put on a jilbab so they're putting on jilbab affirms their piety, you know, not necessarily the Quran said the

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party, the real thing, not the cloth, butter, it affirms Sakura Danika dinner and you're often going to put on jilbab that you know, nearer that they are now recognized that they are a very pious people for them to nobody can harm them nobody can pass on the sentence the harmful Syntel said oh, you know come nearer to them with any bad bad behavior with the wrong intention then be careful to dare to general in the society if the you know, people are pious

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but sometimes people could be targeting those who have got you know, jilbab you know, for some reason they hate Islam or Muslims so in those cases, you know, people have to know that you have to be careful that sometimes being recognized as believing women and a past women could be harmful to you by does not mean that you've told yourself cover yourself, but you know, don't become so of yours that people can target you easily

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Okay, does that hurt? Let's move on to another question.

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Let's have a look.

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Okay, this is a very short and simple one. Junaid is asking is smoking haram or Michael.

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The thing is that you know the awareness of Hautala the myriad things, he does not use the language of FOCA use the language of the people. So, if you ask a doctor, what is smoking they will say the harmful to your health to that verse you understand that what he should say to people you know smoking harmful to the people in or to always use a legal term is very dangerous because who's going to define it and therefore the people differ because some people will say smoking Nakuru some people say to the macro to hurry me some people say haram so people find all those words but their technical words you know they have to be defined properly to I will say that when you teach people

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don't use religious terms in terms of the fifth all the time use the language that people use say that is smoky the harmful to you harmful to your health, you know are set waste waste of your money explaining the language of the people that's the better or under not use the word haram and all these technical words very very except very rarely generally further prevent the wind when of Carozza you know about the one product NASA while Hara what Quran says it no matter hombre wala Maestro what are the sub what are the RAM ridges soon to why the rich dirty in avoid it because it makes people near to shaitan I got to stop to see what I did not use the word haram rather than

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Quran use the word that you know to dirty you can see it I to go to harm you so avoided to similarly My way is that whenever you explain to the people anything you know, explained in people's language, don't use a religious term or terms of the Folk higher mufti, because that does not take anywhere. Even the societies where people say it's smoking, haram, people smoke it, they don't care about the religion, but if people hear that even the word macro will very, very bad for them. So don't use the word Nakuru. Haram. Just say it is bad for yourself. And even if not about a particular that Lisa is wasting waste of money

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Okay, just talking to her and Chef NetSim. I have a question that was asked just before last week's q&a. So I'll try and answer that. And Shauna, a few questions regarding Amara, but the questions are quite similar.

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They the question is asking one in terms of someone doing Amara on behalf of someone else, can this person be alive or dead for you to do more on behalf of them? And regardless of what the answer is, can you also do on behalf of more than one person, say, for example, your mother and your sister or your mother and your brother?

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Nothing either. If some buddy has got Amara, obligated upon them, they must do themselves. It was sooner or whatever, you know, to just sooner bitten by them, oh, there it is farther away, do they make another to the hombre they must do themselves? Oh, they're the hygiene, they must do themselves. When people have died now. Now they can't do so then their families they can do on their behalf. The people who are alive, you can do on their behalf nothing like if somebody had done height, no, do nothing on their behalf. Not longer on their behalf. But if they're able, they should go themselves. So that, uh, keep in mind that you do you know, on behalf of the people things, if

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they're unable to do if it's a father, if it's not a father, then you can do it in one Onra you can't make so many people one on one on behalf of one person. But if you are in the same journey, you can make two or three formulas, you know, for everybody, or you can just say that, you know, you do an omega and then we have to offer them you can make go for all the people in why'd you do tawaf, you know, for different people. My preference is that when people go for the Amara, in one journey, don't do more than one Agra, but you can do Manitoba

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and Dusseldorf on the behalf of other people, that's, that's good. And you also can make dua for them. But anyway, the summary of the matter is, if anybody on whom has obligatory or somebody has made another father or mother, so you got to do on their behalf if they're alive, you know, if they have to do themselves.

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And chef says if one's mother or father is alive, and there may be too unwell to perform a little homage, is this and

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if it is somebody unable and there's no hope for recovery, then you can do on their behalf. Okay, that makes sense. And just one more question. They're also asking, Is it is it a thing to be able to do throw off on behalf of someone? Or is it just I want to hedge

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just did I'm trying to say in history of Amara do tawaf on behalf of the people you can do the VA file on behalf of anybody cut the half to half act independently but that you can do on anybody even those who are you know have not done that you can do to off on their behalf to tawaf is good to do on the behalf of the people and they make dua for them.

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Okay, that makes sense.

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Let's have a look.

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At this a very hard the reason why I didn't take your question at the beginning is I was almost certain we asked this question before, but no worries, Inshallah, we will take it to Chef and maybe you can give us some more benefits. Very high is asking, can we actually make the art for our kids to become pious because I had children have their own destiny and it's predestined. They will be okay, the end of it doesn't make sense.

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Don't worry about destiny, that Allah knows he has power. You will need to do what Allah commands you. Allah has commanded us to obey Him, we must obey Him. Allah has commanded us to ask him we should ask him and ask him for yourself for your children or for your parents for everybody. You ask him what he's going to do up to him, but you must ask and when you asked he gives it not a major in haha, he still did that he knows best. So I don't understand why you mix into different things. I will have so many articles on that. read them to you will become very clear. Don't worry about the career. You know, tackle it from Allah subhanaw taala he does whatever it like he's the one who runs

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the universe, but He has commanded you something when he commands it means that he's going to listen to you if he commanded you to do to our Dudhwa and you will see the why is the best thing that people can do to make dua for your children, for your parent for your brothers sisters, for all Muslims, and first of all personnel who benefit from the one who make dua to you know and just saying that you get sent to what you ask for your brothers or sisters or anybody else. So people should not hesitate to make dua how a lot don't worry what Allah does. All Weather worry about what you need to do you need to do it bother obedience and ah

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okay, we have a question for

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On heed, who is asking how can we operate in a society completely infested with corruption. In my country, we can't literally get any kind of civil service without bribe and it's being an open secret. You know, there are millions of the things that you can do without any corruption. If you do all that rightly so, they are where you are overnight are forced to do corruption, Allah will forgive you, not fear of Allah. Nobody can control your heart really love of Allah. believe in Allah believe in the Day of Judgment, respecting people being tied to that people spending money on the poor people, enveloping the people, in saving people from their gender teach teaching people

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teaching how to draw bother. If you think really, that I might mention millions of the things that the people can do without anyone interfering with them. without anybody affecting you, you can do so much, then we'll be the few key things where you know, you have no choice if you have no choice, or not, where is it at? No, if there's no choice, or lover forgive you, but do all this nicely. But the problem is people become concerned with few things where they have problem or rest of the thing but they don't have problem. They don't do real curar properly. Who is going to stop you from reading Quran understanding the Quran reading the Hadith, sunnah understanding it fearing Allah loving Allah

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loving the people looking after your parrot looking after the people. You know, even unbelievers, if they are not refined, you can help them your neighbors. There's so many things you can do. You can earn good deeds all the time. They mention the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So all the way to worry about that is where nobody interferes. Do nicely where people interfere and divorce you and you have no choice that Allah will forgive you in short.

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In sha Allah,

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okay, let's see. And we have a question from what class I don't know if this answer maybe requires more time but we'll see in sha Allah he's asking you can explain this verse in total hydrogen, Walmart also Namyang Corbelli Komatsu in one and a billion in either terminal crochet upon or feel me Yeti.

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This versatility very clear, and people have made it so wrong. I have written an article on that in Arabic, if you know Arabic and you can read it, but summary of the matter is, you know, people who set Amana here, Minister Allah to read the Quran. So whenever a messenger comes shaitan personally, the mouth and corrupts is the worst. He said the wrong things, and curved revelation, so dirty, not merely an Arab, don't use the one in the meaning of reading. You know it this verse is very similar to many verses in the Quran, what is said, that whenever a messenger comes, and the messengers have some, you know, a plan, that they want to make people become believers, they want victory for Islam,

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they want another religion to prevail to their the plant, they work hard for that to whatever they do this shaytan pusa have taken that path to shaytani will make unbelievers to do enemity, to fight them, to abuse them to do this. But then the other day, if Prophets and Messengers they remain patient and firm, they will be victorious fires of Allah who

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removes what shaitan puts on a lab because you know, a lot of words become, you know, dominant that actually every time is very nice. If we started teaching, like I start, I teach, there are so many problems, people will accuse you or abuse you. That will happen, then you have to be firm and patient, keep working until you will become victorious. Same with the prophet of masala. Listen, you know, his preaching is a teaching he was a very big believer, but in a Shaitan in a mix are believers to have enmity against him, hate him, and so much problem until he is forced to do Hijra than defy Tim Butler bodhran who had so many, until Tynecastle when he the one who victorious so

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that the meaning meaning is that whenever we sent a messenger of Prophet shaitan put ports of tickles problems in their path and then a loss how to remove those problems and and then the profit and loss and just that you can be curious.

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Okay, just up your heart. Let's see, we've got three minutes so we'll try and take one or two more questions.

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Okay, someone is asking for advice share on the pursuit of seeking knowledge. I mean, he's saying I'm a student of Quran and Hadith. After every 15 and 20 days after getting ready to study with urge, hope and respect, prospect. I faced laziness and studying and one type of disappointment. How can I overcome this situation?

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focus on my purpose and goal. Wonderful. hatherleigh has a very human being, you know, with certain abilities, and he wants you to use those abilities that ever he said the law, the Santa Fe asset that we have made human beings, the best structure, your butter building, you have got abilities, all those things, then but by using them is difficult, there is a lot of Kalapana in Santa Fe covered, we created the mankind in suffering and hardship. It's very, very difficult to to do this good. It always you have to make effort.

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And now you're asking me, you know, I feel lazy. So what should I do that the answer is Don't Don't be lazy, just be strong. Remove the laziness, because that what your test is, in that easy laziness will come but you have to force yourself

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as much as possible. Sometimes, you know, some, sometimes easy thing is that a mix some parties, you know, some they say that, you know if I don't study between Maori when I shot this subject, I will pay 10 pounds into charity and you will see, then then you can do it so many ways. Really, you can't force yourself, by the way that to force yourself. That actually reminds me of my daughter, Fatima. Once I asked her that, you know, what is the best thing that you learn from me? So she said that the best thing I learned from you is that you always say force yourself that doesn't want anything really that you have to force yourself in that no other way. There's no door that I say to you, even

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though you have to say it to force yourself a laziness is not an excuse. Laziness really is a defect. Bird minor, too. You have to work on that yourself. Nobody else can make you active you have to make yourself happy.

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Okay, and shall I feel like we've addressed most of the questions there were one or two that require much more time to be answered. So chef, I think we'll leave it there in sha Allah. It's so nice to have you back here and in sha Allah, we will continue next week, same time, same day in sha Allah so as an outcome, Chef inshallah we'll see you next week and thank you for taking your time out to benefit us handling. Okay, inshallah. Just quickly everyone else. We have a few announcements. So anyone here who is oops, let me just remove the question Chava.

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Anyone here who is familiar or unfamiliar with SRM Institute,

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we just started our new academic year just last Sunday handed in that so anyone here who is a student or familiar with us, our induction course induction day was last year Hamdulillah. Our first day of term is this Sunday. I know I've been slowly making a one off announcements about our Islamic scholarship programs. At SLM Institute with Chef Akram is a principal and the co founder of along with his daughter, and she's added in six.

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This is a last time maybe one more time I mentioned this, but we really have the first day of tennis starting this Sunday. So if you may have maybe been interested maybe tickling the idea in your head of potentially joining our programs.

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You don't want to start behind you don't want to start too late. Everyone that starts this journey studying soak knowledge, you want to start the year on a good note ahead of your classes prepared. So Inshallah, if you are interested, please do head on to our websites on the screen slm.ac.uk. And you can then see the different programs that we have. We have a program for everyone. If you're someone who has no background, learning Arabic, no background in Hadith, or an Islamic Studies, anything of the sort, but you can just about maybe read Arabic scripts, but you can't understand it. That's completely fine. You qualify for our foundation, your program. This foundation, your program

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is for people who are too busy to kind of they can't abandon their responsibilities and study abroad and study Arabic or something studies for a few years. Our programs are for people that are busy, they have responsibilities, they can't give up everything but they want to make the effort to study some acknowledge. So maybe you're you've kind of been on the fence. Just find out more give us a call give us an email or send a send us a Facebook message to find out more in sha Allah because our induction day was very, very successful is very nice. We had very large amount of students who got to meet their fellow classmates got to meet their teachers got to meet him. I cannot even start the

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year on a good note.

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So yeah, in sha Allah and if you can't commit to any of this anything of the sort we do have courses that shall come now that we will be starting this Sunday as well. So he will be continuing his course from last year which is a detailed study of Bihar in Tirmidhi. And this course will be throughout the year but it will be every Sunday.

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Just maybe I think it's two or three hours. You can see the details on our website in sha Allah. Likewise chef resume tips to

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sudo sudo su allocate chef, this is a continuation of last year to see if you have any questions. Maybe you are a student of ours last year and you want to see if he's starting from the beginning or continuing from last year, you can find out give us a call Inshallah, you can find out what the syllabus will be like what to expect from it. This will just expect to view one or two hours on a Sunday. And it won't be every Sunday, it will be for a few months in sha Allah. So it won't be a lot that's required of you. But you can still benefit from Chef Chrome. And maybe if you're not able to attend any of our classes, maybe you're financially in a tough position. Just join our q&a is in sha

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Allah or benefit from the chef's knowledge on our YouTube channel. We have some of our other ASI teachers there as well, who are also students of Chicago midway. And I think I will leave you there in Sharla. Apologies if we miss your question. Sometimes we get a lot of the same question. Sometimes we get questions that are very deep. They require a lot more time. And this is only 30 minutes. It wouldn't be possible for chef to address every question and give it it's your right. So sometimes we do miss them. But we have a lot of resources available on our website chip has many articles that he's written over the past 1015 years. We have an on demand platform where we have

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many courses into SEO classes done by Chef

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we have an Instagram channel we have our all of our videos on YouTube, all of our previous q&a sessions. So there's a lot available for you. You can have a look through there and see what you can benefit from inshallah I was so boring you and Sharla hopefully we'll continue next week. I'm not sure when the time changes in the UK but it will be 6pm UK time in Charlotte on a Thursday. We will see you then in Charlotte. So now I go everyone

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