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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Maulana

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Muhammad where Allah Allah He was happy as marine. You're most welcome to another episode of our program Ramadan love. Today I want to look at how love is connected to good deeds and how good deeds are love how they work hand in hand, or Nutella tells us concerning fast in the month of Ramadan. Allah says yo listen Amano kuchibhotla como siyam Kamakura La La Vina mean cabela con la la quinta to cool. All you believe fasteners will prescribe for you as a composite duty, the way it was prescribed for those before you saw that you may be God conscious. Who are those before us that Allah is talking about? The recognition of the fact that Allah has created so many people, nations

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tribes and races and Almighty Allah says number verse of the Quran, the evenness inocula comienza carrying on with Ruben wakaba he Lolita arrow foo inac, Roku marine de la Coco, all human kind of critter into nations and tribes are created into males and females so that you may recognize one another. So that you may know very well, that the best amongst you is the one that is most God conscious. And that is to say, according to what Allah says in verse 48, we Allah says local ninja anime attend wamena hijjah for each and every race, every nation, every tribe, every community, for all of them, Allah has given them their laws to follow their orders to follow womenheart and has

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given them their ways of life. While sha Allah if Allah revealed, ledger, Allah como mata wa*a, who will have made all of us to be only one that is we do the same thing the same way, without any difference amongst us. bodies. So much like a rainbow, we have different colors, and we'll all beautify the sky, in our various ways, is so much so like so many stars in the sky, one star will not make the sky just like one tree wouldn't make a forest, Alice Meadows to have different temperaments, different attitudes, different abilities. He has given us different gifts and talents. For what reason has he done so? Allah says, Well, achillea Bulacan FEMA,

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this has to be a test for each trial for us and everything he has given to ask, if you are talented is a trial and your trial is likely going to be from that talent. If you are blessed with wealth, it's a trial. And most likely, you're trying to become from the wealth that you have. If you are healthy, your trial may be from your health. And if you have worldly things, your trials we all come from these things that Allah has given to you. But Allah says in this same verse, Allah says first tabula rasa, all of us should strive towards good deeds. Everyone should strive to bring to bear to bring out all of the goodness that has been given to them. Your goodness is an Amana two from all

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major Allah. And this Pharaoh Allah is talking about, Allah wants us to strive. Allah wants us to even compete in goodness. And the greatest of all these goodness as we have been looking at in the Quran, is the love of Allah, Allah. We all have different temperament. But the love that we must show is a test from Almighty Allah. How much do you love others around you? How much of goodness Do you give to them? There can't be love without his highroad without his good deeds, just like there cannot be good deeds thus devoid of love. Allah do combine love and mercy in the Quran. Allah says, Allah by an Akuma what the Torah, there can be no love without mercy, and there can be mercy.

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Without love. We cannot qualify or quantify what you do as good deeds. It was not done out of love, love of Allah and love for humanity. And we cannot accept it as something that is done selflessly. If you didn't push it off with love that's supposed to be so love is the greatest of the goodness of the Lord Allah has given to us. And this is a very special blessing for all of us, regardless of where we are from our nation's tribe or raise, love is central to all of us and is the greatest goodness that we can share with others. Let us do our best in this regard. May Allah make it easy for us. See you again next time. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah