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The speakers discuss the importance of finding happiness and avoiding the "enjoyment of life" in relationships. They stress the need for people to find their own happiness and avoid Best wishes.

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It's a sharpie. So understand happiness and what you do for happiness you can enter some of the technology chansey

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happiness or you can use market

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to pocket for happiness

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Same thing with the the more work that I run my love and mercy that will strengthen describe for example someone's house and saying

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where can you buy we'll have the address

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who sells muscle who has muscle mass

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when we get

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to Mankato, how do we provide both

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how do we take

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none of this works? Yes, you want to get married people will say Happy married life, when you get all of those three combined on this, if you realize wish it was late, and I want those when we get through some think about the last part of that class. In fact, I wrote it down in the valley color if you go here indeed in his assignments, for those who can reflect for those who can pick

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thinking is so imperative would be would be

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when we ask to them, what do you think about

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talk to a man I want you to think what exactly do you think about

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if you want to make some analysis, how many of you

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actually have something to think about in

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the way because before the good things right? That means they will look at each other and

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when somebody asked their spouse What would you think of me

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What do you think I am

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what do you think I am

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I am labor

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you know that men were going to manage this for many reasons.

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Some people it is

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I need somebody to talk to me. So that's one of the reasons sometimes is to fill a gap that's missing to your life to not compete you also better to compete you sometimes is because we're

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going to put dependence that some people in this calculation okay this person family has money but

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then as part of the money that will rub off on me, so that

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does what

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he does he

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is encouraged to print out when he leaves

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one contract

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calculating and calculating they're thinking of each other as goldmine their fear of each other as to the path to riches before they cannot get rich wait

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for what I'm saying is looking for one another. That is one What do you think of yourself? What do you think of your partner? What do you think of this money? We assume his money? What do you think? what I expected at the end to ask him what do you expect to hear from him?

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It's after them someone will not ask what do you think about

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like ATM

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we're gonna buy the need money you don't ask him any money whenever you need low, you will tell him to indulge

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in that we don't have this money. Please let us not

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let those returns over and over again. Now let me ask you to close over what I was going to speak about.

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Are you ready?

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We'll have to wait.

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Nobody can guarantee happiness as you put it there.

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You love

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assumption is workers have mindsets that are not correct. He won't listen to people will look at each other.

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For ages wish they had married somebody else

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out of the peacock reproduce.

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is a

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is a BA

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assumed was what he says people will just assume that we are talking about the gender that supposed to lead a peacock is a

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peacock, and SP him. So he will say how does he peacock reproduces, who can say these things to those who is the key here, not only me.

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That's why

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they call me but indeed in this aside for those who think

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for those who think

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for those who reflect on

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deep thinking and reflection

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into polygamy, they talk about polygamy, that we look at the death this bullying happens when a man man is more than

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two feet apart. Now.

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We see

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come to these walls.

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When we look at the pacing of polygyny place, that's a lot you will that he has reserved for putting in place. And when Allah says these things, he's not talking about everybody

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in the suppose those who can greet and those who should please, and those who have the circumstances and conditions and if

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you want me to say it again.

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It is not for everybody

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does get married is everyone.

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Some people

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cannot be

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can't keep a woman out to them

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in front of us.

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He can take care of

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You can keep the ride with a sociopath.

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Some people are not caught up for you does that some women are not caught up for

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It is sooner to do full complete.

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Now when come to this originally, there are rights. There are judges, there is possibilities. There are heavy moves to carry. For those who can carry for those who can afford those who have the position to fight to

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welcome for equal sides. What are the conditions is very broad is

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for those who can read and refuse to read. They really answer

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for those who can read but they're afraid of doing it. It will between them and Allah because everybody's happy the workload you're as well as some of their wives,

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their wives, it depends on what's within them and their wives within them.

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So in other words, the rights and responsibilities that we have to look for when it comes to polygyny is exactly same right? And it was great to have this peace of mind tranquility that was described and then the no mercy they were talking about. Repeated there can be love without mercy.

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Cannot be mercy without love. If you want to put love and mercy in every relationship, whether it is polygynous or it is

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monogamous, interesting to work with is going to work fine. It is really faith that you meet in a world where I'm looking for that you get it we'll go searching for

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it is where you're coming from. Determine

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the returning the ship that determine what to do.

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Is it we think we have something inside why is that processed in our brains, and then what we understand determines our response to it.

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Remember what we discussed last week,

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before the last about

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when will be mentioned as to

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as he does with grasses

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are very strong, because the whole tree

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and the shrubs and the plants, they all respond to his faith okay.

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Whereas this green is green

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or B means Does anybody know?

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Right was the snail

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is made of grains of wheat as pasture

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even pass through in flower garden, this way you can

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even pass through the latrine

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so that those who will be destroyed and destroyed by one path, and those are going to be the same

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thing history

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was the means

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whereby a person's true will determine was me because things were delegated

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in class or for lack of personal people. They depend on

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how he behaves and how he reacts or not that type of people

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will come and see how people practice is wrong. It is not the polygamy is nothing wrong.

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The first alarm was a pass to the wrong places. And then they told me to something else. And that's where afraid of Republican, so many horrible experiences. So many bad things are happening. But don't get it twisted. It is not allowed that is wrong is the people that are not amongst those coming

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on in classes and fans of all

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these men that come from the other side of

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enormous Manhattan. It depends on what's the eighth

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intimate moment

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without stepping down the grid.

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We know the candle from the other side, right? I don't know when

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the CETA what we eat is, is the

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one or the other in the form of wounds. The reason that they cannot win

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if you can keep a

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one to

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one or someone who wins when men will also the things we eat, whether we ask

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whether they experiment, wherever you eat, it will determine what goes on.

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Sometimes in marriages

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and express love, you will find love in your marriage. That takes two to tango. Wanting to find someone

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to walk in it looks like

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we are going to do is

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how much

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too long

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at least

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is what well, because money will also be coming

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through. So what comes out of the marriage, what comes out of the life or work out comes out of the happiness so

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They will depend on the distance that is your partner. So be very cautious and be very observant. Be very careful also, I know that I know.

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Many people will have low Islam, men who have an idea for what love is like

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when people have seen people look before, but for some, it's unique in fantasy, because

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they're unlikely to understand what they're talking about

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what we do for them now, we should go sprinkle them

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with more

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to sit down, you need to do things together, you will talk and talk together.

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God is when

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he doesn't lose,

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appreciating what we are

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very bad, we need

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a pathway that is positive.

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Because we let somebody else

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for now you give them flowers and be given something I just got back

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from that. So generally, what I've been trying to say

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is the fact that Happy Monday live, calm.

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And if you

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think we can reflect deeply, we can have a good understanding of each other.

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And let me say this,

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when you saw happiness, they will recognize it.

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Some of you

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will, because of our

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experiences were found in life, you will recognize it. Many of you have hope and love and care. But the man that is so loving and caring

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Are you showing

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them love?

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What what I will do?

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I will talk to

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you I will use your intelligence.

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What is wrong with your psyche? Do you see happiness? or happiness? You'll recognize

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happiness, okay produce happiness? Can you sacrifice anything for happiness? Can you sacrifice your elbow for happiness?

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Because the work will be happening. Many people today are depressed when we're not happy.

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When we feel worried, when people feel disturbed, some people are doing contemplating suicide, because they didn't find happiness.

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thoughts, the model make you happier you will be

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become happy.

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The moment you start having children they used to be happy before they have children and they are not happy. This wonderful heavy house I live

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in the city they should be happy they got the CPA

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understanding of this person's overlap and see the size of a ladder.

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To find happiness, even in the least expected. What are small it is what it is you see happiness, you find happiness, you recognize happiness, are you able to keep the happiness

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is not enough to give you is powerful. The dream is another thing if you know how to keep it. If you know how to save it, if you know how to maintain it, if you know how to sustain. If we live more happy married life chances don't freeze and we're going to put

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that our child's to life that are trying to manifest

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happiness, every form of happiness for life or for life itself. You will always have

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to sacrifice and hold on to that happiness regardless of the tribal fibers. Are you ready to behave in Allah and standard Allah and

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we're not getting it reciprocated

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Are you ready to surrender to Allah and seek happiness from Allah? Do things that you need happiness

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without forgetting that Bobo is a man, that is a source of unmet one.

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In now that we're talking about the right month we are talking about because like she said, one of the things

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I want you to see.

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And I believe strongly that Allah will answer your prayer, induction God, you have to make up your mind that you want to be happy, by all means.

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You want to be happy, and we're ready to be happy. And we're not waiting for somebody else to make you happy. You will begin to find the source of your happiness from

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Allah that you find within yourself. I told somebody sometime ago, that even ancient Greek from inside it means it means life. For the ancient Greek from outside, it means that

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when a good from inside, it was the cheap, it's really cheap, is my thought to come up in Chico is ready to meet oxygen. And then see the chicken with the egg from inside and the pumps are alive. When you are waiting for somebody else to pick it from outside. They are moving to

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the time because it may not be mature enough.

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In other words, seek happiness from within.

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Seek, manage with trust.

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And by obedience to Allah, and then seek your life in Allah come to life in the act of Allah.

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medium, you're ready to make happiness. You're ready to make a marriage

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and you're ready to live a life in the rest of our lives. And you see what the two factor is worth?

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the winner this one's a plemmons and the best

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is E ratios right for this E ratio for banks. Did you get that just now? The project took about enjoyment was it enjoying

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the enjoyment by keeping money by fighting by

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a train and assembly.

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Please enjoy your life. Enjoy your marriage and enjoy your happiness. With more enjoyment comes without sacrifice. You have to make the sacrifice, seek knowledge

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and good security think very deeply about it Dotto before we even can do that. Take

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up your time.