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Slava rahmatullah wa barakato. Louder. Can we have the volume? A closer? Yes. His name is Satya, where he is working as a sales executive. His question is, has seen a big white screen over there, which states, we condemn terrorism. He has a question about which terrorism it exactly means whether it is government terrorism, or a group terrorism or immediate terrorism, or terrorism, which happened in 1992. December six, which world media has projected? Or the terrorism which has happened in Iraq? He has a team to sign over there. But he has got confused water ism, it means this aka Lucha

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brothers asked a question that there's a big banner put their way that he finished a campaign. And people have told me they have got 10s of 1000s of families a campaign. It's mentioned on the title he condemned terrorism. So is asking which tells them Do you condemn? Do you condemn group terrorism? Do you condemn political terrorism? Do you condemn media terrorism? Do you condemn terrorism which happened in 911? Or do you condemn the puja terrorism brother, we condemn all terrorism

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whether it be political terrorism, whether it be media terrorism, whether it be 911, whether it be Gujarat, whether it be Babri Masjid, all these terrorism's anyone taking the life or terrorizing any innocent human being, we condemn it. Terrorists means a person who causes terror. So any human being, terrorizing an innocent human being, we condemn it.

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And Quran clearly says in Surah majda, chapter number five was number 32. If anyone kills any other human being, unless it be for murder, or for spending corruption in the land, it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity. And if anyone saves any human being, it is as though he has saved the whole nation. So anyone killing any other human being, whether Muslim or non Muslim, it is prohibited in Islam and even killing any innocent human being, whether Muslim or non Muslim, it is prohibited in the Quran. The Quran says it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity. And if anyone says any other human being, whether Muslim or non Muslim, it is as though he has saved our

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nation. So we condemn all sorts of terrorism, anyone that terrorizing innocent human being anyone, whether it be the government terrorizing innocent people, whether it be the media, whether it be 911, whether it be Bosnia, whether it be Afghanistan, whether it be Chechnya, whether it be Iraq, all these killings. But if you have seen my talk, is terrorism, a Muslim monopoly, have proved there, that terrorism is a monopoly of the politicians.

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And something is called like white collar terrorism. You might call it terrorism. They do it with cluster bombs.

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They drop cluster bombs, the bomb goes down. And there are multiple bombs coming on innocent people. The country which is the weakest in the world, Afghanistan, America sending cluster bomb, this is why it call it terrorism. We condemn that to

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whether it be in Iraq, whether it be in Palestine, any innocent human being being killed in the world, whether Muslim or non Muslims. We condemn it. And we want this to stop as early as possible. I hope that answers the question.