Solution for the Muslim Countries being Boycotted, Blacklisted, Blackmailed, Threatened or Attacked

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The third question from Mohammed Siraj Dean, Lahore, Pakistan.

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Most of the Muslim countries in the world are facing problems. They are being put on sanctions being boycotted. They're being blacklisted, blackmailed, threatened or attacked. Muslims in most parts of the world are being humiliated. They're being persecuted, oppressed, and even lynched. According to you, what is the solution?

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I do agree with this brother mama Sirajuddin from Pakistan, that unfortunately today we find in the Muslim ummah, most of the Muslim countries, they're being blackmailed, or be blacklisted. Their sanctions have been put, they're being threatened, they're being attacked, for no fault of this. Muslims are being humiliated. The rights Muslims are being lynched. What is the solution?

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According to me, the solution Allah gives in the Quran is Surah Moran. Chapter number three was 203. Allah says that what the symbol be Abdullah Jamia will

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hold all together strongly to the rope of Allah and we're not divided. If the Muslim ummah is united, then inshallah will be a strong force and no one will be able to pull. Yes, the problem today is that the Muslim ummah is divided. And we are not close to the Quran, sunnah. The only way that Muslims can be righted is holding the rope of Allah, the rope of Allah. It is a Glorious Quran. And authentic hadith of masala Sana. So if all the Muslims hold strongly to the Glorious Quran, which is the last and final revelation of last minute Allah and the things of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that are there in the say, Hadith, if we hold strongly to this, and if you're united,

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then we will be a strong force today. There are about 2 billion Muslims in the world, out of 7.7 5 billion human beings in the world, more than 26% of the world population today. They are Muslims.

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If you see the example of China, China, about 1.4 billion, approximately 18% of the world population today, they are a big fish. And they're so big that the live bother about the left of the world

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did themselves a 1.4 billion, do you know whatever social media that is there throughout the world to influence in the world, but it's not influencing China, because they're banned Facebook, they're banned YouTube, they're banned Google, they have their own alternative there, Baidu. They're not WhatsApp, they've got WeChat. So they have got their own alternative and 18%. According to them, if, if a big chunk that that isn't today, they are number two in the world.

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But in many aspects, the number one, and the way they are developing, coming from very low, the way they have come up in the last few decades is phenomenal. Because the United, so we have to take the good points. There are many negative points of China. But the good point is the United and they themselves are a big force. So my soul dad, even America is afraid. What my suggestion is that the Muslim should be united, they can have the country no problem. But I the whole issue of United today, we have the United Nation organization, you know, whatever your MSA, most of them fall except the big superpower, the five or six countries which have got the veto power. Besides them, everyone

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has to follow. If they don't follow them, the two is the arm, they put sanction. They put embargo. And they they have arm twisting policy for their own benefit. If they want to attack if they want to take for Iraq, they create false, the big superpower America and UK. They create false evidence and they attack

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attack Iraq. Not that Saddam Hussein was a very good Muslim. But what right did America USA and UK to attack it off?

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And after the attack Iraq was was the word was before what was the Muslim doing? They were just sitting they were fighting among themselves. V Muslims should be united whatever said and done. First of all, we should remove let our differences aside and we should unite. We may not agree with certain policies of the other Muslim country, but on the basis of Quran and Sunnah we should unite and we should have our own United Muslim organization like they have you know, we should have viewable

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all the 57 Muslim countries should have united forget about what we have in the past. We have some organization but they are not effective at all. Because they're controlled by one or two. We shouldn't be united

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On the basis of Quran, if we are united on the basis of Quran let Quran be a constitution. Practically not theoretically. There are some Muslim countries theoretically Quran in the Constitution. But most of the things which Quran prohibited goes on in that country. It's only for theory, we should practically have Khurana the Constitution and of united and we should have alternative, like how there is a World Trade Organization WTO we should have a world trade Muslim organization, WT Mo.

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And I'll give you an example. We Muslims, we have the GCC Gulf Cooperation countries, the six countries,

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Saudi Arabia,

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Kuwait, UAE,

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Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, these six countries are close to each other, and they produce oil, they've got petrol, and if they fight among themselves, the others will take advantage. So many years back, they made a cooperation, Gulf countries cooperation, so that they can fix the price, so that everyone benefits in this way, not only should we have for the Petro, we should have for palm oil.

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The two Muslim country with produced majority of the export palm oil is Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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These two countries.

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So if all the Muslims come together, we'll have control over palm oil will have control over natural gases will have control over petrol, if all unitedly will be a big force. And if someone tries to bully us, all of us will be united. Unfortunately, today, many of the Muslim countries are helping the enemies of Islam in attacking the other Muslim country because they want to have an upper edge against the Muslim country. It is totally random.

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One Muslim countries being partnered with other non Muslim country to overpower the other Muslim country. This is totally not allowed. We should be united, we may have our differences. But just because we want to prove that we are better than the other Muslim country, we are thinking to it that we are spending money to destroy our Muslim brother. Today we have some of the Muslim countries are spending billions of dollars to destroy the other Muslim country just because they want to be superior than the other Muslim country. This is against the principle of Islam. If all the Muslim countries unite, whether big or small, with the powerful or not. If all unite if we have a united

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army, a Muslim army of all the countries put together then no one will be able to blackmail us. You know that Allah subhanaw taala has given us the black gold.

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We have to well, if unite, we should use this world to promote Islam not to destroy Islam. So this is there, then we have all the international organization if they're the WHO World Organization, we should have a World Health Organization W M H O. And these health rules should be based on Quran and Sunnah. Unfortunately, we are blindly following the rules made by the non Muslims. Some may be correct, some may not be correct.

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So if we have unity amongst all the Muslim countries, all the 57 Muslim countries, more than 2 billion Muslims, if they're the Interpol International Police, there should be an Islamic poll, Islam poll that Islamic police

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if we have unity in all aspects of life, and if some Muslim country is breaking the law of the Quran and Sunnah the other Muslim countries can get together and correct the Muslim country. Why should we allow the non Muslim to interfere in the affairs of the affairs of the Muslims? So if we have an internal check amongst ourselves, and our constitution shouldn't be Quran and the Hadith, if we follow this Inshallah, within a few years, within a decade, Muslim country will be on the top. And irrespective of what's happening today we find the question posed about the Muslim leaders and Muslim countries today, there is one silver lining, the silver lining is that there is a Hadith

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there the prophecy of our beloved Prophet Musa al salam, that towards the end of time, and if you go on my Facebook, I started a series of the signs of the end of the world, minor signs and major signs. And there are more than 80 minor signs out of which there are approximately 45 that have already occurred. And there are approximately 40 that are pending not yet occurred. And then there are 10 major signs, but towards the end of the world, a beloved prophet muscles and prophesies that may the left arm will come. If alpha rumble comm where the alarm middle alarm would be the leader and the Muslims would rule the world for seven years. That would be the golden year.

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As for the Muslims and that time inshallah they will follow Islam and the beloved again would be revived and that time whether you want it or don't want it I want you to don't want it, this would be the best time so there's a silver lining I only pray to Allah subhanaw taala that means we live till that time

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when big live film come so that we will support him

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and a beloved prophet masala Salman given Bashara that that group of Muslims that will support me the salam, they have been promised paradise, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that me he come during our time during my time, and I will be the first person to support him and would love to see how Islam flourishes. And we wait for the time till the time he comes. We don't know how long will it take?

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Few weeks, few months, few years few decades Allah Allah, what we should do. We should follow Quran and Sunnah and feed to it that we force our leaders to follow Quran sunnah, and the Muslims should united on the ban of Quran and say howdy, inshallah again, will be a superpower