Persons who are ill are exempted from fasting

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Regarding a person who is a bit incapacitated due to illness, headache or stomach ache, they also exempted from fasting. The people who are ill.

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They're exempted. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah. Chapter number two was the 185. That if a person is ill, and traveling, he can make up his prescribed periods of day of fasting later on. But that does not mean if a person is suffering from a headache, or a stomach ache, or a cough, he should not fast if a person can fast. If we think it becomes compulsory if I'm too fast, the only time he's exempted is if fasting becomes difficult due to his illness. Or if he fast, his illness would be increased, or his health would deteriorate. Or it's compulsory for him to take some medicine duties unless then it becomes primary. Otherwise for small issues or for small reasons like

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cough, like coal, like headache, like stomach ache, fasting is complicit. And the reason Allah Spano tala has exempted those people were ill, so that Allah Subhana, Allah does not want to put a burden. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was the 195 that do not make your own hands, the cause of your own destruction, if I will, and if I know that fasting is going to cause a loss for me, will iterate my health, it's likely myself. So unless it is private, so if I know fasting will deteriorate my health, then it becomes private. Similarly, Allah says in the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was a name that kill not yourselves, for Allah subhanaw taala is the

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Most Merciful. So causing a loss or a damaged your own health yourself is prohibited in Islam. This exemption is mainly for those people for whom it is difficult or it will deteriorate the health not for small ailments. Okay. We should be very careful to make sure illness is reasonably severe then