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AI: Summary © The importance of healthy eating is discussed, along with the need for personal gifts and the ability to achieve happiness through personal accomplishments and experiences. The speakers emphasize the importance of following one's gut and avoiding negative emotions when working, while also emphasizing the importance of being realistic and not afraid of what comes next. They also mention a goal for " cartomancy work" but are hesitant to share it until they have a better understanding of the topic.
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Definitely who want to stay in awarness to beat us up bill. What are we learning today on fusina? I would say it Amanda miyetti villa, Villa OMA Eucalan Farah had

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the loved one they would actually watch the run up to our sole, Allah mausolea company. Mohammed can also lead right here no idea why he met me to Medina and my graduating brother Ba, ba in the hierarchy, me Karim Allah.

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Allah Allah wa alayhi wa sallam was Shabbat or in the third to have coulomb deserting, betta. But

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for now, under that, Oh praise be to Allah, His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worth your fortune and Mohammed Salah audio cylinders last combined. Messenger. My brothers and sisters, today, the day of evil AHA is one of the it is the greatest day in the year. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a young meeting Allah, yo, the greatest day and Allah Subhana Allah Allah is Allah, Allah Subhana Allah have chosen this day to be the greatest state of the the grid state of the EU and the day where people

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sacrifice their

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sacrificial lamb. What is we known as alcohol ban, or, as some people said poor ban. And this is a great day. That's why it is highly recommended during the day of read. And the days after it we call it a young tertiary of the days for the tertiary. And the Muslim scholars debated since the time of the companions Is it two days after eight, so it will be Saturday and Sunday. In this case, it will be Saturday and Sunday, or it is three days after a young tertiary of three days after a young tissue so it will be Saturday, Sunday and Monday and Monday and majority of the companions and the scholars have agreed it's three days after the Eat three days after the eat. So these are known as

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the days of judiciary. And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a young Tishri killing worshipping particularly latika these days are days of celebration. Where do you remember ALLAH SubhanA? Allah Allah? You mentioned Allah azza wa jal. That's why it's highly recommended during these days to say, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Camila Al hamdu, lillahi cathedra. Or some kind of money who could Ottawa see that? Hola, hola, hola, como la la. And this can be said after each and every prayer, so many people do. And during the daytime as well, during the daytime as well, wasn't too long of a young man to do that. Remember Allah subhanaw taala certain days. And so

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many said, these are the 10 days

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and the days of judiciary, which is the three days after that eight. And also, he said some of our understanding, a young attorney will show you all the things of proving Allah and eating and drinking. That's why so many Western scholars have stated that during these days, you're not allowed to fast you're not allowed to fast because it's considered part of the date part of part of the A part of the UI. And in the case of Philips, that these are the days of eating and drinking.

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It is highly recommended today, since we have already approved to eat and we had the whole part hamdulillah is to make sure to bring happiness and joy to yourself and your family spend good time with them inside which is a great scholar, he wrote a book

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which is a biography of the scholars and follow up means that out so we start with the level of the companions and the level of the young companions and the level of the older type of eating successors. Then you have the young tightening so they are like leveled when he talked about the paragraph of each and every one and he wrote a wonderful

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writing about the prophets of Salaam, sila. Anyway, the point is in his book he reported that the Companions used to give and read to the children they used to give them gifts and these to give them money as a form of gift can also and may have been reported something similar to that

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as well so you have this practice for a very long time that people give gifts to their children, give gifts to your neighbors, and part of the gifts you do come in for you to do as part of your own healing, or you offer it to Allah subhanho wa Taala today, and in the midst of Allah Allah Saddam said, the best thing that you can please also come out with today is to offer the orbit. And you can offer today over the next three days, Inshallah, to add. And it's highly recommended to do that during the daytime, not the night time.

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My brothers and sisters, for those who have made the command outside knighted states, as you know, that is not

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permissible during the 10 days of the picture, to cut your hair or to take anything from your mail, this rules come to an end after solidarity. So even if you're preparing for the sacrifice tomorrow, or two, three days later, it will be taken in unless you yourself good to sacrifice an animal in Houston. Tomorrow after tomorrow, you cannot shake, you cannot train, you cannot cut your nails until you offer your appeal. If you are doing it personally, here in Houston.

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Today in the lead, I mentioned something. And this is a habit that I do every year, that during our shop, I always emphasize on a concept that I would like to be the concept of the upcoming year, something a theme for the next year, a big goal that we all want to achieve together as a community, something that I will focus on during the year, I will inspire my team and my brothers sisters who work with me in the messenger and who attend to the messenger to focus on that big goal. And I would like to see this also having an every house hole in every house in our community, something that we all try hard to achieve as a community, inside our homes and inside of our community. And the theme

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that I have mentioned earlier this morning, it was about to happiness, that we would like to make the 2030 is the happy year that happens something is easy to achieve. I know that there are so many of us who maybe have a hard time, maybe they don't have a good job, maybe they have a trouble with their family, maybe they lost a loved one. Maybe they're having a financial year any struggle, or maybe struggle with a teenager or struggling with your parents, or maybe someone that you love who passed away or whatever the situation is. And some you can think bigger, like looking at the Muslims word and what's happening in the Muslim world. I will be starting saying how can we have happened to

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obviously all these problems. Let me tell you something, that happiness doesn't mean at all that you live a free of problems happens, it doesn't mean that you love a free of struggle.

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Even when we consider a happy marital relationship. Sometimes we read the book of pornography. And he said, I cannot read for example, or so and so scholar spent 40 years or 20 years with his wife, they never had a fight. They never had an argument in the house. You know, they never got mad at each other. I said to myself, good for him. You know, but it's not the reality. Maybe the second, I don't think that person's been with him in a person's life for 20 years or 40 years. I mean, it's very hard for me to take it personally but it means definitely be held very good relationship. But to have this ideal perception that you can live a life that is not like Erica having no single

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problem. Yeah, thing that we saw some that never had this American relationship. And maybe some of our southern has been behind important sometimes our issues she said, Would you sometimes had like any

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up bad at the profit center. So then she said yes. I said I will the whole day. I wouldn't mention the process of internet, even when they want to say something I'll say the Lord of Musa or the lord of Ibrahim. And the process of going to sit I know when my wife was mad at me when she said the Lord opposes the Lord. She wouldn't say the more with Muhammad. He's me that's natural. And it is was a very happy relationship. What I'm trying to say, living a happy life doesn't mean that you don't have a struggle of Allah. It doesn't mean that you will live a life free of challenges No, because these challenges and struggles of life never meant from Allah subhanaw taala to weekly

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but never meant to make you a weak person. Actually, these struggles these challenges in life, it's always make you a strong person. Remember that only dead fish, dead fish swim on the street. That's the only time the fish will go in the street. Otherwise, the fish will always goes against the current to keep it alive. That's the natural, that's a natural phenomena, that this struggles and challenges alive. It just keep you alive. It keeps you strong, it keeps you it keeps you fresh and alert. And believe me, Allah subhanaw taala knows how much he can go there. I was handled, it knows how much you can, you can take. That's why the prophets of southern said in the middle

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of the night, our test people according to their faith, their ability of resisting the struggles.

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And when Allah subhanaw taala raised the level of test a little bit, it means he intended good for you to raise your level and Paradise and to raise your level in this dunya by making you a stronger person, a stronger person, my brothers and sisters,

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being happy doesn't mean that you only care about yourself. So as long as I'm happy, I don't care about others no happiness never mean soldiers, it means that you really start with yourself, because you cannot make other people happy or to contribute to the happiness of others. If you are from an inside defeat, if you are from inside up. So

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this concept of happiness, it's 100% an assignment concept. It's 100%, one of the ultimate goal of Islam. You believe it or not, that one of the goals that Muhammad says I'm keen to start one of the goals of the Sharia, I'm going to start to establish a happy family, to have a happy individual, to have a happy community and to have a happy life and have the end. And life after for each and every one of us. Even happiness, ALLAH SubhanA either mentioned or something, he will do word the people of paradise with it. It is something that people of paradise with the word with. I was kind of like I said about the people of paradise? Well,

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no Dalton

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somebody need to control the kid, like

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was that must have happened without

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that up to God.

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What a noble thing was over with Allah subhanho wa Taala giving them no grace in their faces was slow happiness and

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Allah Subhana Allah said above the believers in

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living abroad, we are living in an age, which is one of the meanings of it, I have anyway. And this happy life is not only in the Alpha, it's in the dunya and I was kind of added another person some of the Meccan he described that he said

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Subhanallah what that meant me lasagna, I mean, literally a wooden farewell Walkman. venography and never have to think that they will live in a good life. That's right, brothers and sisters, happiness will be achieved First and foremost, by being closer to US, Canada, the real meaning of happiness will be achieved by knowing us.

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By worshiping Him, by committing yourself to Him, the closer you come to me because he is the source of all happiness and

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these hearts in the heart in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala our hearts in the hands of Allah, He can turn you because the happiness comes from within.

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And it's in the hands of us kind of Allah he wants to turn with certain way he will do. So the more you come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, the more tranquility you will have, the more you will be more contented with this life and that will lead to happiness.

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When Allah subhanaw taala describe those who fall away from Allah they just keep on remembering women are all about victory those who turn their back to Alaska

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for a shutdown bunker with actual real world piano to the left in the slide, launch and sell

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an Alaska and the other person scrape the profile above the chest he said can I need a miter saw to center it so

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that their heart and their justice so tight, so tight?

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You live in misery. Don't be

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deceived by a moment of joy that you see here and there by some of the year only by some of the people who are not unbeliever or a wrongdoers, I was trying to warn us from being deceived by this. He said, Can I have one Makati nobility in a couple of things build up? Don't be ever deceived by the kuffar. How wide How time flies in the heart. Don't think that this is why maybe you think this way. But that was a really lovely Shala I asked him and never put anyone in that position. But if you switch place, if you will cross the line to the other side, you will know how miserable the says that you live in your soul is not attached to Allah Subhana Allah, to live a life where you the

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basic things you didn't know who your Creator base, are, you have completely wrong idea about the nature of your soul

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and your body,

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and even know what's the purpose of your life, and what will happen to you next.

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And one of the things that's helped us to be happy.

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Being an optimist optimism, it's a, it's a wonderful thing. It says it's an attitude to bring happens to the person that you almost see light in front of you, even in the dark smoke, that you all see opportunities in your difficulties. optimism, that is one of the character of the characteristic of Muhammad Sallallahu

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as important, so hey, what can you do, you will still allow yourself, he loved optimism. So that

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one of the things that how you to be a happy person is to be always looking forward for something, have something to look forward to all of us work towards a goal. One of the things that is so many people don't feel happy, and they're not happy in their life, because they don't have something that they're looking for every day when they woke up in the morning, you are everywhere walk out and go to the same job to the same routine. And that's it. But there is nothing I'm looking forward to achieve. I don't have that big goal in my life.

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You know what, let's assume you're a teacher and you go to a school, we will be your garbage every day and just you know what I have to three classes to teach? No, you should have a goal. You know what my goal every day when I go to this job is to achieve 123 I want to make something different for myself. You know, one of the most important questions to ask yourself whenever he doesn't need to have a job as so many of these young people like him who get job these days, suddenly told me I got a job. I said all of a sudden think about not what you are getting out of your job. Always think about what you are going to become.

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After we accept this job. We're going to become what kind of person this job will make you.

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And the goal that you see in everything that you do in your everyday work, I don't pretend every one of us

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is even a father to one day would be a fault. Instead of just having a you looking forward for something you will not achieve by being a father figure or being a mother, how your family will fit. What's the goal that you achieve by having this person in your life your spouse,

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you'll always have something you looking forward to achieve financial goals, but religious goals and so forth. And that will turn your life around and you will turn your life around.

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one of the thing that I would like to share to say about there's so much to be said about the stock, but the point they said that it's a secret to happiness.

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Sometimes you know what

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you need to relate to follow your heart.

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Follow your guts.

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You know so many times we just idolize things and keep it so logical. I'm not saying Hey, Gong is legit, I'm fine with that. But those who almost calculated like, you know, one plus one equal to one and deal with life in the jury in any way like this. So many times be complained about being not so humble. You know what sometimes you need to follow your gut. You need to follow your heart.

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You know I have this good feeling about it. I just want to do it

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and and see when you do that. When you do that. You will feel good about yourself.

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And I just thought that I almost wish to do that. I almost want to do this. Maybe I see with a silly example. But every governor why I walk in I drive by

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The Hilton Hotel in Natural England. You know, I've seen this change in the water and people go on and I see the currency two $50 or $6 You only think about making money family needs that $6 Or maybe they can save this for this, you know, for for my tuition. You never know how risky this throws people talk about how dangerous but inside your gut say, You know what, that sounds like fun, fun thing to do again this weekend.

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Yes, I'm gonna get some daughter's call. But you know, that sounds like a good thing to do. Just do it. Just go through it. Otherwise everything by calculating it too much. Sometimes that's a secret of happiness, just to be a happy person. And follow your heart follow what you wish

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and suppressing his wishes and what your heart is telling me all the time all the time wouldn't make you a very happy person in life. But also follow your heart and not using the logic all the time is something other than extreme and not calm for now.

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Saw it was gonna be them having to do it yourself be

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on set

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that one of his best joys.

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In this life.

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He mentioned three things. One of them is to have good friends.

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And he is absolutely right.

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One of the things that really making a habit person is making good friends.

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You know, most of the happy people have friends. Do you remember when you were kid, you're much happier.

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I know. Because you can have so many problems other people care about you. But one of the reasons that were kids used to be very happy because we have more friends than what we have today.

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college town that's a fun time, happy days to just have good friends in college. Unfortunately, the more we grow older, the more we neglect our friends, and we leave our friends.

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In one of the things that make you happy person is to have good friends. The more you make good friends, the more you will be happy person.

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Well, things that I believe it's totally up to make you happy smile.

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Smile as much as he can be like your product.

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Every time he was seen he was smiling, even in the most difficult types of hours, always have this smiley face on him so long as

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jabber said I sent him in the process of more than 100 times in return better. He was smiling. Another person, another job that actually said, I met the process. And every time I hit the processor, I found him smile every single time.

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Can you imagine that? In the face of Allah, I will send them right there on one line. She was asked about the processes inside this house, which is a beautiful question because he can be a good person you have to

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you know, outside the house, the nicest guy ever, inside the house alongside

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you know, don't ask. So who else was asked? How is he inside the house. So I feel like that love and he said he was outside of the inside? The most cheerful person I've ever seen in my life.

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Kind of kind of I fell NASCI ha ha roba he does on the liberalism. And he was always in service for his family. You always hold his family and take care of his own affairs.

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What kind of equipment the attorney, what kind of yesterday would have said, you have to sift through what you're selling. Oh, so

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one thing that I believe is how to make us happy people

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is to offer us grateful.

00:24:30--> 00:24:32

thankful to all spent time in all situations.

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And every thing having to be grateful and thankful to Austin about say the community. And that's the idea. I couldn't do it if it wasn't for nothing. The first verse that you face when you open the Muslim

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because that's what's made you a happy person to realize this fact that Alhamdulillah in all circumstances, because it may be so sudden said I

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Typically movement either in the envelope

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used by that anything happened to make up to her, it's always good, all standard for you.

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If it's good, you're grateful and thankful Allah give you something God hardship, calamity strikes you, you're patient with it, I was trying to reward you and make you grow stronger

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or grow.

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So every situation that you're playing, it's a win win situation, it's a win win situation.

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So let's go small thing that really helps us to keep us happy. May Allah

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grant us is dunya and the alpha and there is more to be taught about this concept things related to it, inshallah over the but I wish that we really take this call suits and to meet that commitment and to think about how can I make this a hobby for me and my family. And please share it with you. Share it with your brothers and sisters shares these goals shared the results with us. We're all welcoming you open up to share your positive experience in the masjid or you email it to us to share it to the rest of the community along the way. So you can go down to what I found

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was a key having a woman's occur and 21 or whatever, a lot more finical meaning on me now, when students do not want

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to email me now whether we are collaborating or whether we are having a good amount of focus on Allina Yaffe after you log in and say, okay, that generic Wi Fi turned out. No, I mean, I will never allow that to happen. Erica, how are we gonna be cartomancy work? Well, somebody got mad at me and I'm humbling. yourself be Bucha psycho