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Can Hand Sanitisers containing Alcohol be used to prevent Coronavirus COVID 19 Infection

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

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Episode Transcript

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Can we use sanitizers? This is a question from Maha boon. How will other data Manila dish? Can we use sanitizers in this crisis, which are made up of 63%? Alcohol?

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I'm aware that most of the sanitizers container called every few which don't have alcohol. Can you use it?

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and alcohol, as Koran says in Jeremiah, chapter five, verse number 90, that you cannot consume alcohol. It's a sentence and we agree with it. But this is usually for medical purposes. Most of the places when Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah, chapter two, verse number 173, Jeremiah chapter five, verse number three, in Surah Anam chapter six, verse 145, and nl chapter 16, verse 115, that if you do it out of compulsion, Allah is a monarchy. That means you're doing it for medical purpose. Now, when we are using a hand sanitizer to kill the germs, it's for medical purpose. And we know that if it contains alcohol, the chances of it dying is very fast, it is

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perfectly permitted. If you have hand sanitizer, we doesn't get dinner call if it is free to use it. If not, because you know drinking alcohol, it means you're killing germs using alcohol, to kill germs on your hands on your body. Like when taking injection, the doctor put spirit on your skin to kill the germs or why disorder was there. Similarly, if you use this, it is perfectly fine, but see to it that you don't eat immediately after that. But other than that, if you're going to eat your food, you can very well wash your hand with the hand wash. And today many of the hand wash the antibacterial, they even killed the viruses and it says keep it on hand for 10 seconds. 15 seconds

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divided by the who is that keep it for 20 seconds before you start washing your hands in the water it 20 seconds from the time you pour the liquid so to the time you wash your hand that is 20 seconds, so it's perfectly fine. But be careful that when you're eating you wash your hands with soap