Ali Hammuda – The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as if you can see him

Ali Hammuda
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He was the Imam of all Imams and the greatest of all creation, a man whom Allah Almighty had completed his outward and inward splendor.

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Let's not deny it and bury our heads in the sand and pretend that outward appearance doesn't matter, it does matter.

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And that is why Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Who decreed that all of the Prophets and Messengers would be upright, and would be handsome, and would be the fullest of men, physically speaking, and inwardly as well. Allah knows this is the nature of man.

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He judges she judges by appearance. It is true that when you see a person who is beautiful physically, but when you see their bad manners, they look beautiful. They look ugly. However, when you see somebody who is beautiful in manners, and beautiful in appearance, then the circle of love and attraction is complete. Thus Allah would decree that all of the messages will be the finest of men.

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And our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the finest of them all. A quick description of his appearance.

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How did he look Allah He Salatu was Salam. I share with you the words of those men and women who saw him

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and you will notice that between the lines you read not just a description, but you read obsessive love.

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Look at the words of Khabib nomadic a companion who saw him What did he say in description of the messenger? sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He said Can anybody use Allah Allahu Allah he will send them either solar.

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Eastern our our Jew who had cut and know what you hope to cover. He said whenever the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would smile on

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his face with illuminate his face would radiate as if it was part of the moon.

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Abu Huraira the Allahu Taala and

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he would say canon the VU sallallahu alayhi wa sallam abbia Blanca and NEMA see him in Finbar, the messenger SallAllahu Allah he was sending him was white in complexion.

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It was almost as if He Allah had fashioned him from silver

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Jabiru somewhere he would say.

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Right to Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam feel at hand. I once saw the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the night when the moon was full and the sky was clear for Jay Powell to unveil the Eden cover and I began to look at him and look back at the moon and look back at him and look back at the moon. Why didn't he hold that on Hamra? At the time he was wearing a red garment where either who I am the edge melamine and Kumar and I came to the conclusion that he is far more beautiful than the moon.

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What about the description of Allah? Who would say your Ion Cannon maybe he was Allah Allahu Allah he was sending mirboo Aha, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was of perfect human perfect proportions.

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Meaning not too tall, not too short, not too wide, not too slim Mirbeau and of perfect proportions. And I once saw him wearing a red garment, Mara at Shea uncut to accent I mean, who in my life I have never seen anything that was more beautiful than when

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I leave you still have to assume a man whose face was rounded like the moon. His color was as some have described was a Harvest Moon whitish with maybe a vanilla tint to wit with a reddish tint as well in his trips. A man whose eyes were intentionally dark and the light of His eyes were intensely white so that when he was looking around, you know that he was looking at you. A man who was white, he was mouth was perfect very wide so that when he speaks he is clear and eloquent. There was no ambiguity in his speech. His eyebrows were finally arched and his eyelashes were long and his hair would reach down to his earlobe, sometimes to his shoulder. I think he's salatu salam, the finest of

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all men

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are more so lamela in in Allah

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would carry a container, carrying or catching the droplets of sweat for Wheeling of the forehead of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was taking his siesta nap. He woke up and he saw her with a container, catching the droplets as they fall from his head. He said almost Elaine, what are you doing? She said Messenger of Allah, we take your perspiration and we mix it with our scents and it becomes the most amazing of all fragrances alayhi salatu salam and I said no Malik who served him for 10 years. You want a description take it from a man who served him for 10 years.

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He said Mama says to hurry Iran well I didn t version earlier and I'm in Cafe Rasulullah sallallahu. In my life, I have never felt any silk or brocade that was softer than the palm of the Prophet Muhammad. So

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Obama when he was

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when I send them to Rocky Hancock to hear a booming rehire, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and in my life I have never smelled a scent that was sweeter than the natural body scent of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, but he would say, one of the younger of the companions.

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It was the habit of the prophets that I sent him when he would come out of the masjid the children would come running to him.

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And so he would come to them individually and pass his fragrant hand over their faces, one after the other. Look at the Rama look at the mercy. Jabra said and I was waiting and it was my turn, and he passed his hand over my face. He said, I will never forget how it felt. the coolness of it can Nima Raja whom in the tar it smelled as if he had just removed his hand from the bag of the perfume Senate. And he slid out to Sudan. Cold And subhanAllah Han Alvin sent it.

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And perhaps maybe we will conclude with this. The most remarkable description we have of him has come to us by virtue of a

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of a woman. It's always going to be the case. But she was an old woman Alhamdulillah give her an excuse.

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This is the name of an old lady called all barbered and Hosea.

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And this happened when the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam was migrating from Mecca to Medina, Makkah had rejected Islam. He wouldn't sit idle, twiddling his thumbs, he would search the world to present the religion. No obstacle is too great for a Muslim when Allah is his Lord. And so he makes his way immigrating from Mecca in secrecy all the way to Medina. He had nobody with him by the way, with the exception to Abu Bakr, Siddiq and a non Muslim Abdullah he ignored it and lazy his guide.

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They needed provisions. They came across a tent in the middle of the desert, they need to eat they need to drink something to help the wayfarer proceed. They came into the tent, an old lady called OMO Baba Imara to junk the strong woman who would help the Wayfarers.

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They said to her Omar but are you able to assist us?

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She said My Allah I have nothing to offer you on this day.

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And so a sheep caught the attention of our beloved of Allah Allah. He was in the back of the tent. He said, What about the sheep that I see at the back of the tent? She said, this is a very weak sheep. The reason it is here is because it's too weak to go out and grease. It has no milk dried up years ago. He said do you give me permission to try she said Go ahead. So he went inside and this woman is observing,

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documenting, marveling.

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He knelt down next to the sheep. And he began to make dua to Allah Jalla Drago. And then all of a sudden the other began to grow in size, filling with milk Subhanallah and he began to milk and the first person who drank was the woman.

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And then he gave his companions to drink including the non Muslim. And he left a lot of milk for the house. And then he was the last person to drink Ali, he's salatu wa Alayhi Salatu wa sallam. He then took a pledge of allegiance. She took her shahada, she realized who was in front of her and they continued their journey to Medina

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later on in their day and the day her husband Abu Muhammad comes back home and he's a sees this milk all over the place. So behind Allah, He said to move out of this goodness of his hair was milk, where did it come from? She said Lau Allahu Allah and Muhammad Rouhani. And she said, No, no, by Allah. A very blessed man passed by today.

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He said, Give me his description or

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listen to her words.

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She said there are two words you will invite here

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is I saw a man

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have a glowing appearance.

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A big, glowing radiant in his face. Has an unhealthy, perfect in his proportions.

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limb to eyeball. So, while I'm Tuesday rebei He Salah he was not ruined by an a big belly.

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Nor did he have an overly small head will seem rather he was a very handsome manner. Fee ie he died. His eyes were intensely dark, where he has fatty he walked off and his eyelashes were intensely long. Were feasible to him. And his voice was very husky. Well feel on all things so far, and there was length to his neck. We're feeling here to hear listen to this, my dear brother

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We're filming here at HCA and his, his His beard was full.

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His beard was full.

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And then she said as meaning finally arched eyebrows,

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and then she said in samatha insalata for ally Hill mcaro even when he was silent Subhan Allah she is describing his silence as well. When he was silent, he was so dignified.

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We're in Kenema Santa Hua Allah on behalf but when he spoke, he was overcome with grande jaw and, and Splenda.

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ajibola Nursey what other homies died? He was the most handsome and beautiful er of men from a distance. What Allah who was and whom in curry but the sweetest and most gentle from upclose who will Montek and his speech was so nice fosmon It was so clear. La had the rune wala Tessier, you didn't think that his speech was too long, nor was it too short? Can a mnemonic Hazara to pneumonia had Darna his speech were like pearls falling off cascading from a string Rabban, a man of perfect proportions. Now yet Semyon tolling wala Dr. Hemo I don't mean this or you did not think that he was too tall, nor did you think him too short, was known by intervals Nene for who were unbearable.

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selasa T Mandara anois Sandholm kodra. It was like looking at three splendid branches but he was the most beautiful and radiant of those branches.

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And then she concludes by saying who forgot we have a phone and he had companions who are surrounding

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into Kalamata Bardo, in a company if he instructed something they rushed to fulfill it were in Amaru external in authority, he when he spoke, they paid attention to every one of his words. My forward on mass showed on vision 100 He was well served and well attended, although I never saw him frowning once, nor did he miss out anybody in the gathering.

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Now, you know, like you said, all that that that is the man we've been hearing about in Mecca who claims to be a prophet.

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And it's been my intention to go to him and meet him. And I intend to do so if I am given strength alone.

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