Best Time In Life To Seek Repentance

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What Is The Best Time In One’s Life To Seek Repentance? – Dr Zakir Naik

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If we could just now clarify what is the best time in one's life to seek repentance? Is there a best time Indeed, Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter number four was the myth 17 that Allah accepts the repentance of the person or Denison in ignorance, and he asked for forgiveness quickly. Allah subhanho wa Taala is most merciful and is the most knowledgeable and wise. Now you're based on the commentary of this verse of the Quran. According to Mujahid, alive Muslim, he said that the sin in ignorance means that any sin done knowingly or unknowingly, unless the person does not come away from the sin, it is an inherently

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that means all the sins ALLAH forgive as long as a person depends quickly, as far as quickly is concerned according to haason bursary, well have mercy on him, he said quickly, he means before that, and Bassman life is at him. He said quickly here means that before a person has a sickness, which is mentioned in the hadith of a beloved Prophet, Muslim, salaam, Remi, the book of applications, how did number 3537, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept the repentance of his servant, till his death rattle begins, that means till the time he goes on his deathbed, unless he is in the last stage of life, meaning the deathbed that the only time and love and not accept the

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dependence anytime before that he will accept. So that means all the scholars and MSC degree that quickly here in this Quranic verse surah, Nisa, chapter four verse 17, means that we should ask forgiveness before that. Allah says in Surah zomer, Chapter 39, verse 54, to 58 it says that, don't do Lord and repentance before the penalty comes before it's too late. Unless your soul says

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that I have done a wrong deed.

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And I mocked or the soul may say that please give me one more chance. But it'll be too late. Allah says in Surah reknown chapter three, verse 1900. That when the time is over, when the time on the deathbed has come and then you say that all last minute Allah give me one more chance, and unless that it's too late, they cannot bend the chance given. So the time for repentance should be that if anything is done in ignorance, you should repent as soon as possible. And Allah Spano tala from his mercy with bounty He will forgive you