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Can Muslims Visit the Places of Worship of Non Muslims

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Zakir Naik

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Next question from Hillel Ahmed from Noida, India. And Muslims go and visit the places of worship of non Muslims

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depends upon what is your purpose to visit the places of worship of the non Muslims. If you are going to know what the religion says so that you can do both out to them, it's perfectly permitted. I've visited various places of worship I've wanted to various temples, many, I've gone to various churches, our discussion with the priests with the pundit, my main purpose for Dawa, if you go for sightseeing, thinking it will benefit you in understanding Islam better and knowing the wrong thing what the norm was not doing it is permitted. But if you go to a house of worship of a non Muslim, like many Muslim politicians do in India and in other parts of the world, that they want to show

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that they believe in other religions. So if they go for the inauguration of a temple that's totally prohibited. You cannot go to inauguration of a temple and many Muslim politicians go to show that okay, we are secular, it is haram. You cannot endorse a place of worship of the non Muslim you cannot endorse a temple or a church. So if you are going to show to the people that you believe that the other religions also correct and visit that place, it is forbidden. But if you are going to understand the religion better so that you can do Dawa, it's perfectly alright. If you go for sightseeing. As long as that sightseeing doesn't take you away from Islam and Islam is strong and

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you understand the non Muslim religion so that you can reach out to them. It is perfectly fine to visit the places of worship of the non Muslims.