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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show you live in right now but you're not you might not be alive tomorrow. It's a very serious issue. Fun and Games playing that Xbox all day are chasing that man or woman party and all the time and you forget about the reality so many distractions so many distractions and you forget about death the reality of it forget about paradise we should have our hearts attached to and you forget about the Hellfire is real. We're gonna be talking about how is your end going to be? Are you preparing for it? Are you just hypnotized? Memory mesmerized by the delights in the fastest is

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world. All this and more with Shaykh Abu Toba here on the deen show. And we also got a special guests is going to pop in

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so tight don't go nowhere. We'll be right back. This is the theme.

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This is the

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this is the

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this is the

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Assalamualaikum waalaikumsalam Allah, peace be with you in the mercy of God Almighty Allah. And you know what? This topic a lot of times, you know, you think religion is kind of like in this society is taboo. Some people you know, it's something personal is between me and God. But these are real issues. def is a real issue. Islam is something beautiful is logical. And it's the fastest growing way of life in the world today. It has the proofs and truth that is indeed a divine system, a way of life from the Creator. And it's based on knowledge that you come to it and you examine all this a book that's been unchanged, the Quran and we can go on and on, we cover so many topics. And it just

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gets you constantly to reflect about what we're going to be talking about the end tells you what the purpose of life is, and to prepare for the end paradise of the Hellfire to dare judgment. Now, before I open up this topic, I just want to tell you a real story that enticed me to do this program. You know, we know some of the youth they get caught up in tantalized and into this lifestyle, Facebook, texting all day, taught men and women talking to the man the man chasing the girl, young kids and getting pregnant and going to these parties sneaking out and that's exactly what happened. Some of these youth, there was a story in the one of the Chicago newspapers of a

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group of kids, two boys and I had four girls in the back. They snuck out most of them they went to a party. So two three in the morning happens around that time. They get in an accident the parents who are thinking that the kids are in bed sleeping, now they get a woke to the phone call that their child is in a coma one's actually dead, others in critical condition. So it's sad to say that even after this, some don't wake up, some you get their attention, and now they're listening. But then again, the lifestyle overtakes them, the bad company, and now they're like to Popkin 50 cents, you know, when they got shut up, and they're like, feel untouchable. You know? So they got bragging

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rights? Right, right. Right, right. So we really want them to reflect. So we can talk about this issue the seriousness of death, and doing righteousness living a righteous life. So you don't get caught off guard and then the Angel of Death snatches your soul and you end up in the hellfire. What an awful destination awful place to be. What are your thoughts on this year? I'm the loadable army and while I was listening to you, here, two things came to my mind. Allah says in the Quran, l kulu. laughs in the echo to remote. Every soul will taste death. Everybody is going to die one day. And that's the reality. That's reality. And a lot of young people believe that. Not me, not yet because

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I'm young, not me, not yet, we think is something far away. It's only for old people or somebody else. Or it has to be in you know, sadly, you know, when they hear something happening over in other countries, they believe Oh, it's we're in America, we're in the West, we're in Europe. We're safe, as though death doesn't come in these places. And the other thing when you mentioned the purpose of life, you know, my collateral general insane Dahlia Do you know

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except to worship Me,

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or law tells us the purpose of life is to be the slave of Allah to

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slave for law. So that's what what I do and I say I say what that's what I do. That's what I thought about when you said that you know that the interesting drill that we were taught was the you know, the imagining yourself dead you know, that was the, the the famous drill that paint the picture now paint the picture you said picture yourself dead. So, you know, give us a visual you Okay, so

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right now imagine just your name, you know who you are Eddie, McGillis, Abu Toba, you know, john, Gary, whatever, you know, Dennis on how to make a team a you. You know, Eunice, any one of you people that you don't imagine yourself dead right now we're at your funeral. We're at your janessa. Okay, you're laying there, just lay down right now put your hands over yourself, you know, and lay there and think for a few moments. Now. Just do this with your imagination. And imagine now your book is now closed. And everybody is walking away from your grave? What are they saying? Even if you don't care what they're saying? What does that book read? What do you want? If someone wants to

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summarize your life and say what you what did Edie stand for? You know, what did he leave behind? Where were you? You know, that that is a very, you know, tremendous, you know, understanding that you have to get get out of that point. You know, you have to try to understand, this was my whole life. I'm not promised tomorrow. What did I leave behind. And another interesting thing when we were riding in the car over here, you know, when you were playing that, that audio, it reminded me that when you die, the thing that you die doing is the thing that you're resurrected doing. And sometimes we hear that, and we don't understand in what context that means. That means if you died, and you

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were at the club dancing, when you wake up Yokoyama, you're going to be dancing, and you're going to continue to dance, you're not gonna be able to stop dancing. Now they say, look, I like to dance. I mean, resurrect on what I like to do, they rise seriousness, you're gonna be naked, uncircumcised, dancing, and going dancing over to your, your, your, your, your call your his sad, to your record being reading. So when you get caught before Allah subhanho, wa Taala, you're going to be doing that, particularly D, at that time, uncontrollably. And it's like, self evident of what you're all about. It's going to display what you were. But again, the mentality is not there for young people,

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because they think that's cute. Sometimes they think that is funny. They don't realize that, you know, life is a gift.

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And that it can be very short. We only live in like 80 something years now. That's not that's if you make it to 80 years, right? I mean, that's, that's the average longest stuff. I heard from any mom that you know, there. It's not, they're not very more old people. They're very more young people. Yeah, that's the thing nowadays, you know, that thing? You know, I remember, you know, growing up in New York City, you know, to be old, was, you know, very difficult. There was a lot of, you know, to make it to 20 make it to 21. You are Oh gee, yeah, you know, I had a list of friends that I, you know, we used to keep about 31 dead, or in jail, doing life in prison for killing somebody, or for

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doing some stupid things like that. And after that, we stopped counting. So people are younger people are, they should be feeling happy that they don't have that type of violence in their lives, that causes that type of death, but they are doing things their own selves to oppress their own souls. And, you know, really, the solution is Islam. But some people think that I gotta get right to get with Islam. But that doesn't make sense. You got to get with Islam to get right. You know, and they think that it's something that's not cool. There is nothing cool except for Islam. Otherwise, you're foolish because you can't make decisions that's based on wisdom and knowledge, except that

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Allah subhanaw taala gives you that wisdom and knowledge and the only the best wisdom and knowledge there is in the Quran is in the soul of the prophets of Allah. So anybody wants to be cool, then they should practice Islam. It is the coolest thing. You look fly. I look fly. We you know the way what other religion? Can it be that you grow a beard, and that's part of your deen. Everybody knows the guys with the beards look good. whatever religion you wear your clothes, your bag, they look nice on you, you know, you have wisely covered up. Nobody knows what your lady looks like you have many children. He named the names of the best people who ever lived the names of the Prophets, if

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they're men, the names of the Sahaba yachts and other famous women with their with their women, you know, and not that you're restricted just to those names. I mean, this is the best Dean, you know that you can have. You can have more than one wife, whatever religion allows you to have that. Everything else is you know, you have this this crazy stuck like you don't drink wine. It makes you sick Anyway, you know, you don't get drunk and get hot.

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Because it makes you lose your mind going to those clauses not allowed. You can't say you enjoy that. You wake up with a headache, you wake up sick. At the end you still feel empty, empty and that's what this is slam gives you It gives you that sense of peace through submission through certain you know surrendering, giving up, giving up giving up and we want everybody to give up. And that's to the one who created you. And we right back with more here on the deen show sit tight. Let's see what everyone's talking about.

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ashampoo Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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But the argument here is that God out of his love

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because in all honesty, if you really want it to do something, you're gonna find a way where there's a will there's a way Absolutely.

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There are a few problems here. Why were people of generations and generations and generations being told to worship one God, ask God for forgiveness, ask him for for salvation, seek His mercy, no one else's.

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So he picked up the Quran, which is the last and final testament the last and final revelation.

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I was 16 years, eight years inactive reserves and eight years.

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But bottom line is that I'm an ophthalmologist. I'm a specialist in cataract and refractive surgery. I'm the medical director for major ISIS.

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These are not God. God is the one who created everything in this universe. That's the one I'm going to worship and prostrate to how can you go wrong doing that?

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Don't believe it? I'm you're out of Islam, and I'm in the top 10 reasons why Jesus cannot be God. Let's get right to it and not be gotten number 10 number 10.

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Back here on the deen show, and we're talking about how is your end going to be? Are you going to be resurrected? Are you going to be brought back up dancing with holding a 40 ounce holding a whiskey bottle? Or you know what?

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You're going to be resurrected? In St. Jude and prostration in St obake? Allahu Allah bake. Doing good knees doing goodness. And that's what we want to encourage people to really reflect about this. Now we talked about the story of the youth and surreal story and there's so many more.

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were deaf. That's something that we think is far away. It just is maybe in the show is over, you know, you you walk across the street or you have a heart attack, just like that, and we'll take it from here. The woman we're listening to that story, she actually went to Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam. And then she got enticed, and what sort of parties to the wedding. Continuing on with the story. How'd that go? Well, there was a Lebanese woman, Lebanese woman, and not that I raised makes a difference, but just to help understand the culture. Yeah. Young lady. She went and made Hodge, you know, she was out there going to the clubs and partying. And then she said, You know what, I

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want to be a hedger. It says, a high position in the Islamic world, you know, and so she went, made her Hodge, she came back from Hodge and said, I'm clean my life up now not and I'm a hugger. I'm not going to go to parties. I'm not going to go to clubs, we're going to read and everything, but she's still a young lady and a young 20s. And around that time, so then her friends are getting married, some of her friends and they said, Look, I know you're hygena but just come to the party. You know, the things that we have in our culture, sometimes they totally come to the party is a wedding is lawful, but the party that they have with the dancing with the men mixing with the females, and this

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type of things, she knew what was there? And she said, initially, she said, No, I'm not going to go, you know, I'm 100 not have a reputation have the honor of being a hugger. I don't want to go to this party. But you know, again, the bad companionship, they kept, you know, come on one time, one time, you know, back in the days of school for for the good old times. So she came to the party, she came to the party, not initially thinking that she was going to get involved in the things that were going on at the party. Okay, just to come to show her respect. So when people say all the time

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then her favorite song came on the song that she was no Oh, that's your song girl. And they started to encourage her get up just you know, just dance, you know, you know how you used to do it. She got up to dance and she had a heart attack. She got to dance to one last time. And that was her one last time. I was at one last time finish. And she had a heart attack and she died at that. And, you know, a lot of times we see people at the Kaaba, they're making dua, they're saying and you know, if you sit there at the Kaaba, up close, people are saying things like, you know, what, if I, if I if I go back to that those types of deeds caused me to die, just take my soul off. If I if I go back and do

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those sins again, you hear them saying that, you know, at the gate, the gate at the door

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When you're done, or accepted when you're hanging on to the Kaaba, and maybe I, when I, when I heard about this lady, I said maybe she was one of those people that we saw at the Kaaba asking Allah not to let them do sins again, and take their soul and everything like that. But sometimes people take this as a joke and think that okay, I said that, but I didn't really mean it. And maybe that lady's do I was answered. And then at that moment, she, she passed away. You know, we have a lot of things that the young people are involved in. I'm sorry, no, no, I want to just add time. And sure, we got so many points we want to cover tell us. So what we learned from this is that companionship, but now

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the thing is, how do you because the satanic forces are working, so many people want to change, they see this lifestyle shallow, it's hollow, there's no, you know, there's some fun, but it's, it's like eating that that sweet, a strawberry is poison inside, and you're poisoning yourself, you're getting those black stains on your heart, but now you're switching over, we know assisters she wears her job, she's changing, you know, she's listening. But then, you know, the the righteous people turn the corner, she's on Facebook, she's texting, while she cannot leave those elements, the lifestyle that have such a strong impact. And she's more fearful about what they're going to say how they're

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going to view me. And mentality, which is that what how do you eliminate yourself from that there's a big, you know, it is another, you know, evil companionship we talking about nowadays, you shouldn't be worried about the cook. See, the thing about it is on the last day, when you know when I said imagine yourself dead, what I'm saying is, imagine now for yourself, your book being read, if you think someone is bad, and you talk bad about him, then you get his bad deeds. If you don't give him if you give them his good your good deeds, or you don't have any good deeds to give him, you're going to take his bad deeds. If you worry about what people are saying, you know, then this is Rhea.

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Now, even if they're not listening to you, or watching you, but if you think they're listening to you, and watching you, and so you react because of that, then you've done an act because of them, because you see them not because they see you. And again, this is a type of shirt. The bottom line is that people should remember two things, their purpose of life is that they want to impress Allah. That's it. Impress Allah. And that doesn't mean you can't be cool, and oppressing Allah, Allah made the life easy for us, okay, and gave us everything that we could do to be easy. If you don't know, they gotta ask the people that do know, so they can help you find a cool way on Islamic way to do

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it. And you have to remember that you will stand before law, you're gonna die, you're gonna die, all of a sudden, it's not sudden, there's no no letter in the mail, no letter saying on this day is coming this hours. Now it's going to happen all of a sudden. So you know, you have to be careful about what you're doing. Because the deeds are summed up by the last of them. So the more you know, now, not that person is hearing this. And now it's different if that person didn't hear this, or didn't get the truth delivered to him. But if they hear this now, they're more accountable. Is that right? Yes, you're accountable in Islam, ignorance of the law is an excuse. But then again, there is

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criminal negligence. And then once you do know your expect, that's what the balance is, you know, on set up the monster team is the balance between those who did know like the Jews, they know better, but they choose not to do they choose to do what they want to do. And the Christians who don't know necessarily, but they try to do things without any knowledge. The Muslim is between those two extremes. We're not extremists. You know, we don't do what we don't know. And we do what we do know. So we stop where our knowledge, you know, ends but we work to the extent of what we know. So we're held accountable for those things that we know a few more few more points. Now the Facebook and a

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lot of these other media outlets which obviously there can be a lot of good done from you I invite people to the truth on it. You can you know,

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girls should put their face on the face but what do you think now? You know, you got these young women also and they're exposing themselves and out there striking a pose and you know, chatting with and it's different for guys, you know, the guy if a guy put his face on the face book, there's no harm the man's face is not you know, it's not so beautiful. We're not that handsome anything like that. But a woman her whole thing is out of even her face. Yes, a woman's face in her hands can be but what type of person is looking at this Facebook, you don't know you have the perverts and the straight people and someone sitting there drooling over you how many times we'll be seeing just in

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the in the Craigslist. Those ladies the guy was looking at these ladies on Craigslist, then following them up and raping them. Okay, following them up and killing them five murders or something like that happened on Craigslist. They had to change the whole way they do it because people you putting your advertising yourself. No, this is not long for the ladies to do this. Even with the niqab, the eyes look so beautiful out there and and the niqab looks just as bad as without the niqab. You know and what is the purpose again, the intention of putting your face on this, this thing

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It's not a, an outlet for you to try to get married to that way. Okay? You know, yeah, it should be some shyness you don't throw your whole self out in front of the whole world. So the whole life is revolved around getting the attention pleasing your Creator, and not the people in this click, or people from this lifestyle that are going to clubs and you know, following JLo and Britney Spears, you want to follow the way of the best example ultimate, all the profits in the last in front of Mr. Center mankind and this is how you can be successful. You know, the only success you know the only success is through following the Quran. Allah says in the Quran, Allah has no meaning the believers

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have become successful. Every time we say in the den hyah Allah, Allah hi lol fella come to success, the success, you know, men, whoever or you tell our pseudo you know, whoever is already obeying a line obey His Muslim, his current affairs 1000 other human he has already achieved the highest aspiration he could possibly hope to achieve. There is no real success in the dunya or the hereafter without following the way of the Prophet salallahu. Salam. Yes. Okay. And I promise that we have a surprise guests. Oh, yeah, yeah, he's gonna be on a second. Tell us now we you know, we're optimistic people. I mean, when people talk about death, a lot of times people make a joke to change

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the topic, because it gets a little depressing. But we're optimistic that look, we're going to do the best that we can and we got paradise, we got paradise, God willing. That's what we're striving for. So it's a it's a call for people to race for not just the lights of this world. But for the delights of paradise. Not only what you can do that, obviously is by pleasing your Lord and doing righteous deeds, right? Well, you know, the life doesn't end for us again, our reality is different. In this life, we know that death doesn't end our existence. It just takes us from one existence to another existence. That's what that's what we have to realize, you know, that our life in this world

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ends, but our life in the hereafter in the next world, even in the grave, our life doesn't end, you know, we're still doing things and have another existence that we're going through. with Erica.

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I just had to stop being just the mother talking here.

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Well, what I'm gonna say is, guys hear me, everybody. Hey,

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he's telling me that we're almost out of time, but tell us I heard that three things follow you to the grave. And you can't take all of them. Can I take all my toys and my money will go to the grave. Okay. Alhamdulillah that's very, very important question, Abraham. The important thing to recognize is that when you pass away, the first of your good deeds, your bad deeds, your deeds are going to follow you to the grave. Okay. Your any good deeds that you taught somebody some knowledge that you gave somebody, the humbler that's gonna follow you. Okay, some sadaqa some charity that you did an ongoing charity that's gonna follow you. And if you have a child, a child, a righteous child, okay,

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you're married?

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Or I want to get married? Yeah.

00:23:19--> 00:23:23

Yeah, we will try to get you a wife or something like that. And

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then if you have a righteous child, a girl a boy, they make do it for you. You know, that's the thing you can benefit your your deceased, your loved ones, once they pass away by making do offer them and also by doing charity for them. Like if you give charity for yourself, you can give charity for your deceased relatives as well. You know,

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next time maybe I'll come back. Thank you for having me on.

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Your dream home and you've got your dream car, but you're gonna get old and things gonna happen to you in your life. And then what have you got, at the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going to die and we're going to meet our Lord and He is going to judge us. It becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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It's killing of innocent human beings.

00:24:23--> 00:24:25

human life is precious.

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Abraham. Well, that was our special guest and thank you for being our guest. We got a mighty love rewards you I mean, thank you for the great advice, medical AFRICOM. We are Thank you. And that is it for this episode of the D show. How is your end gonna be all that partying, all of those good times. And then what you forgot to reflect you forgot to prepare. Just like that person that examination you didn't study then what you don't pass and this is the ultimate

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test that we have to pass the test of life, living life how the creator wants us to live, doing His will not our desires. chasing that boy that girl outside of marriage, Facebook all day listening to Lady Gaga lady Google 50 cents, Britney Spears, all that other nonsense is taking your mind away. And you're not reflecting about the purpose of life, the seriousness of life. And that is what we're here for trying to have you think about these serious matters how is your end going to be when you fall in the gray when you get put in the grave and the dirts in your mouth and is done you can't go back? You can't go back not even to see a good word. And and all you're doing now is saying curse

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words. Islam is inviting you to somebody that's so beautiful to establish a relationship with the one who created you and to do righteous good deeds to do righteous act good action so you can develop yourself to be the best human being that you can be. Continue to tune in next time for another episode of the deen show. Until then, peace be unto you