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The speaker explains the process of a zero diet followed by three days of sugar management. They emphasize the importance of staying in one's comfort zone and consulting a physician if necessary. The speaker also emphasizes the need for all individuals to be advised on their diet and to seek medical advice if necessary.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you, and may it emanate from within you may that vibration of truth really come out. In this next phase, I am welcoming everyone to nourishment. It's been a little while and it's great to be with everyone, hang on, let's see if we can get this just a little bit better. There we go. We have been apart for some time, so that you could benefit from bringing these things into your regular repertoire. If you're just joining the show. nourishment is about bringing light into our diet light into our body, hence the word enlightenment, how do we get light into us, you're gonna be seeing these on me and have the balls inside it's part

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of an upcoming project. For postures of supplication. If you have broken antennas on your radio, it won't get the right signal. So let's we'll talk about that in a little while. That's the answer to these. But I thought that you were getting the waters and the salads and not eating too early in the morning, getting plenty of fruits up until 1012 o'clock, not eating, not eating till you are full, enjoying every bite, seeing the difference between ritual eating, and nutritious nutrition based eating. A lot of that takes time it takes willpower. And in my opinion, it takes failure. Like you have to do it fail and be like all Yo, I tried that it didn't work. And then you have to go back,

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and then it starts happening. So that's why all of these shows all of whenever you're catching this, whether you're catching in 2017, or in 2024, I want you to recognize I did these components two years ago. And then that's what brought us here. So I'm not giving you the advice and saying, Hey, try it out. I'm saying introducing the salads and not eating in the morning and having the fruits I did it, and I failed. And then I tried again. And then I failed sometimes. And then I traveled, then I got up in the morning in an angry mood, and I ate something out of out of the plan. And you know what? When he said, Hey, let's just start again, redo. So I placed this out there to those of you

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who are following it live to say, look, you're going to fail, you're going to wake up be like man, should I drink juice and have fruit or have pancakes? And yeah, you're gonna go for whatever your program. So that's where suna supplement is going to come in. I'm going to talk about that momentarily. But I thought coming up here on our third minute, let's change it up here in nourishment. And that was the idea how about you and I go through a bit of nourishment together? We go through the transformation together? What am I talking about? Let's make nourishment live or live? Or watching us as a recording. Let's do this incrementally. Let me cut to the chase because

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I'm not doing well, in talking to the camera today. We usually do these live right guys? Can't you tell them a little off? Because you're not here. I'm recording this. So I'm trying to remember that we're together on this. So let me talk to you and get out of my head stuff that Allah may you have a light and everything you're doing. I'm sharing my life with you. Here's the idea for nourishment in our third minute. Let's start dieting dieting together so that we can experience things and go to a zero level and then start building from there. Let me let me tell you what I'm talking about. I don't know whether we're going to do this three days at a time or 10 days at a time. It's really up

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to us as a group. And it depends on how you want to do this. So I'm going to say that the person who's trying to use this as a course, do it 10 days at a time. But for recording purposes. I may go from three to seven days like this. How about we start out with everyone choose a single addiction? We're all hooked on something guys. So I'm gonna go from the range. Could it be pornography, marijuana? Could it be any form of pot hookah? So those might be really taboo for some of you. But then can we go up to the next level and say, I'm going to cut out of my binge watching Netflix or Instagram. And then you keep going. Wherever you find yourself putting a lot of energy, the one

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thing that you're like, hey, if I get rid of this one thing, then my whole life would be better. For those of you who are trying to cut the music. We'll go three days without music. So the idea is I'll pick my thing. Then for three days together. The nourishment vlog will stay with you and I'll just be like, Yo, I'm feeling this way. This is what it's like. So this first three days, I know that it's going to be tough because if you're not smoking pot or you're trying to give up pornography I'm trying

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To come up with something, it doesn't have to be sugar because we'll do sugar together. But if you're a heavy snacker, then Okay, cut the snacks. And we're going to try to do this together. That's the first part of the idea. So let's say we get through these first three days we identify the thing might be something that you give up something that you're like, Hey, I just can't do this, okay? For three days, you acknowledge, say, you're not going to give up something for three days, you acknowledge, I'm an addict to this, it's tough to say, My dear friend, but you got it, you got to start somewhere. So we'll start by saying for the first three to seven days, yeah, I'm hooked on

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this thing. So at least you'll recognize how much that thing's taking up your life or your thoughts. Then I thought, why don't we start cutting salt for three days? I mean, come on, we can fast. So I think we could do this, then I'd love to that I really liked that to become for a week, can we cut sugar added sugars for a week, and we'll talk about each level and I'd like to write it out. But can you come along? I didn't want to make this an all talking point. But this is what it's turned into. Three days, we cut our addiction, and then we try to stay consistent, then let's go through different diets together. I'd love to go vegetarian with you for a week. I'd love to, if we want to

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get that far out. Sure. I'll go vegan for a week with you guys. Well, I'll fast I'll do a juice fast a juice fast. So it's up to us right now. Let's start building I am going to go pull up my notebook which I have ready with me here. I wanted you all to be able to see this right here is my

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this is my like, basically my dream box. Everything that I manifestation box is how I construct reality. So in there is my journal for several things. Hope you could hear that in. There's my general journal for several things. But let's start this together. What do you want to fast from?

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Choose your thing? And then what diets do you want to try together? Don't want to necessarily do like paleo. Let's open that up. So when I said vegan, that's, that's a that's a type of diet. But if you say vegetarian, I'll go with you. If you say no dairy for seven to 10 days, let's do it. And then let's see what happens. Oh, I want to add one more thing. How about we those of us who are at that level, it's not a positive thing. Who are into like the artificial sugars? US diet soda people, right? The the I'm not gonna have sugar, but I'll have the artificial sweetener that's 22 times sweeter than

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sweeter than sugar. But I don't feel okay about that. So sorry, if I know you're like, Brian teeth, don't grind your teeth. Let's do it together. And then as we get off, anyone wants to try coffee I did that one wasn't that bad. But it's always that first day you wish someone was there with you. So let's take nourishment up to the next level, where we're going to be trying different diets to cleanse us down to a zero level. And once we can get deep into our gut, once we can connect back with the solar plexus and the energy centers in our body. I'm telling you that you'll be able to phase anything you want back into your diet, but then it's up to you. It's your body's gonna be

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like, but why would you make me feel that way? When I don't have sugar. My joints don't feel all swollen. When when you don't eat those processed foods. My skin feels fabulous. I feel so much fuller, I have so much energy. When I don't have dairy. I don't feel bloated, and I go to the bathroom quicker. It's saving me time saving me the morning routine. And I'm not unpredictable. So it's like, look, let's take the journey. Yeah, I might get if the word is okay with you guys. I'm gonna get pissy, which is what I want. I want to figure out what part of me is addicted to the sugar to the salt to the fat to the butters. And then let's see if we can just go on a simple, maybe we'll

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go down to a juice fast and then see where that takes us. I mean, I'm gonna throw this out there in the ninth minute. You guys know that after vegetarian veganism. Then there's also breatharians. Right people who are blessings called breatharians. Those who only breathe and yeah, I'm throwing the Kooky stuff out there for what it might feel like. But if there's an option and a benefit, let's open our bodies up to that. And I want nourishment to be there with you holding your hand going with you right along the way. So let's get started Beeson. Lucky to Allah, put down in your comments what you're going to be doing, and I'll be doing my best. We're going to start right now. Let's identify.

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I can say a YouTube usage. I can say.

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I don't want to just say social media because that's what we're doing together. Right? But this is life changing. So

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Social media versus Hey, that that kitten is really cute, right? And that Instagram scroll. I'm at my 10 minutes friends. I hope that this was a little bit more than just a talking head that you'll come with me little bubbling here. Pardon. You'll come with me and we'll be able to.

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To go through this step by step together. I put myself up for myself up here and accolade wall, each one of these is going to be each block is going to be a trophy for what? What's coming up. Please, if you want to beat something, you're going to need a tribe. Come join us on beating the drum. Let's even if you are my medical marijuana smokers, my hookah smokers, even if you're for everyone who's like yeah, it's not that bad. It's one TV show. I only watched one season, like whatever the inner excuses

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I'm asking you to, I'm telling you, let's go out of our comfort zone, you're not going to get sick. If you don't do it for three days, you're not going to your hookah abilities are not going to go away for three days, you'll feel a little bit better, and everyone at the get go whatever you're gonna let go of that's letting go of control. You're gonna get kicked back your knifes your anger. So I'm asking, please stay hydrated with lots and lots of water. And please get rest. Like you don't need to sleep on your face for 12 hours. But when you get anxious Oh man, I want to go do that thing. Just give yourself some time to rest and chill. I'll see you all on the other side was salam

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aleikum wa rahmatullah the next installment of nourishment. That's us and we are going to be selecting different diet patterns and we're going to be walking through them together. If you have any dietary issues, please consult a physician. If you're going to be making any major changes or a diabetic and you're going to start juicing, be aware of the sugar contents. There are ways to balance that out. So mad love to everyone please use this to your benefit not to hurt anyone for healing purposes only.