Give Attention To Moments Of Joy – Vlog 17 – 40 Days To Umrah

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While a Kumar rahmatullah wa barakatu. Peace be upon you around you and may emanate from within you. 16 Flog 16 O'Meara prep in Nolen it is beautiful this morning hummed Allah a little bit more nippy, I hope that you got a little bit more awareness of what you eat and how you eat it and how you chew.

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For me on my site, wherever you are, I'm about 10 days away, I want to start discussing moments of joy. Well, I'd like first I'd like to discuss joy in general. And once we understand joy, and give it some right, then let's talk about times that we can have joy, I'll catch up with everyone on the other side. It's some loose ends that I wanted to wrap up on, we were talking about getting our stomach back into a form of Saddam, you want to keep a healthy stomach, you want to keep your stomach like, you don't want to be full, because you want to be able to experience a moments of joy, not just moments of full belly. So one of the things that I was discussing, were these mashups,

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they're a little baby food packets, a Yes, baby food, because if it's good for a baby, then just imagine what it can do for your belly. Really, something takes the edge off of when you want something sweet. It will replace sugary drinks, but then also will give you a little bit of a give you a little bit of weight in your stomach. So you don't get that starving feeling. And it satisfies the needs to get your veggies in and a little bit of a fun way. So mashups are a great way to go. And then as you spend a little bit more time now, start finding things that you enjoy. I know it's only been a day or so. But when you do eat something, do you enjoy it, when you eat something

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healthy? When the when a cracker breaks are something, what do you do? How do you feel? So do your best.

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So what usually happens is, joy comes by happiness or moment of pleasure. And when I say joy, if you automatically have a negative connotation that it has to involve a sin. And I really think we need to define define define the word joy. But I'll put you in perspective for the next few days. Why are we constantly in a state of darkness and sadness, and we look for the next entertainment, the next

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thing to lift us up, as opposed to being not enjoying, but being in a state of joy. And then kind of watching yourself to see, well, what's taking me away from that state of joy, and then identifying those things, and then closing them out. I eat, why not be happy and be in a state of joy all the time? Because if you can't do it, now think about it. We're going to Omaha. I mean, you get to the house of Allah and everyone does the same thing. They're like, will I feel it?

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And the question is, have you taken the time to appreciate yourself to have joy in, in something as simple as Look, that's the rental I got for today. I thought about it, it was a moment of joy. But I think the word is

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being aware of joy, and then paying attention to it. I want you to start enjoying things around you moment by moment. Even if it last for a second like that felt really nice, or that tasted really good. Or I love the way the sun feels on my face. It's a moment of joy. And that's really what I'm asking for right now. I mean, I'm hoping you've been doing your tour Raka and I've been trying to walk as much as I can, even while we talk so you feel inspired. But the real question is, when will you give yourself permission to have joy. So that's something we're going to be discussing. I had a great opportunity today to to roll out my legs my back. And if you're doing I mean if you're keeping

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up with that, I don't know if I need to include that in the vlog all the time. But make sure you're using those lacrosse balls make sure you're using your back roller. Tell me if you're feeling any differences, but for now, let's have some joy.

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Ya don't need to see my face. In the last clip I mentioned getting a good car being a source of joy. I think I missed my own point there. Joy is that joy is is this is is enjoying the company of the people that we keep enjoying the day that Allah subhanaw taala gave us and not necessarily just worldly items. So I'm gonna close it out for today Allah him on him now rich than our economic Cerulean fusina I feel the transformation. I definitely feel the benefit for 30 Am I've been rolling my back out. I feel stronger, healthier. The kids say I feel softer and that I'm nicer at home. So try to make your own list of things that are joyful.

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throughout the day but even if you could attend to that joy one out of five times not just knowing that it is beautiful outside but then taking a moment and feeling that joy appreciating that sunset just that one minute of joy Take care everyone I'll see you in the morning was set Amati ecomarines Allah